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Kyle Warren, AngelZoneOCT Ref

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Name: Kyle Warren

Alias: Reaper-07

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Age: 33

Occupation: ALOS Mercenary, Squad Commander

Height: 6'

Weight: 170 lbs

Hair: Gray, cut short

Eyes: Blue

Skin: White

General Attire: Clothed from neck down in black combat gear. His pistol is holstered on his right hip, shotgun on his back, and his knife on his left hip. He keeps various equipment and extra ammo in a duffel bag he keeps slung over one shoulder.

-Trench Knife: About six inches long, honed razor sharp regularly. Kyle uses it for deadly hand to hand combat. Sheathed on left hip.

-Pistol: Twelve shots, optional silencer available for use. Holstered on right hip.

-Shotgun: Twelve-gauge, short range. Devastating stopping power. Slung from his back.

-Grenades: Only has two. Will be used sparingly. Clipped to the back of his belt.

Extra Equipment
-Night-Vision Goggles: Fairly self explanatory. In the duffel bag.

-Silencer: Used for his pistol. In the duffel bag.

-Rope: 20 ft of thin rope. In the duffel bag.

-Extra Ammo: Kept in the duffel bag. 

Strengths: Kyle has been on dozens of missions as a special forces mercenary. Marksmanship and close-combat-fighting is right up his alley, and his keen mind allows him to adapt to ever changing situations. He has few qualms and is not above playing dirty and taking advantage of weakness on his enemy's part. 

Weaknesses: Kyle has absolutely no understanding on magic. None. He also has a limited number of supplies that he'll be forced to use sparingly. Kyle also has his mission in mind, so he'll do everything possible to protect Project PESTILENCE, even at the cost of his own health. And, despite his high training, Kyle is only human. 

Likes: The mission, weapon maintenance, practice, a stiff drink

Dislikes: Failure, leisure time, whiners, being abducted by strange inter-dimensional falling stars

Personality: A very serious and stoic man, Kyle keeps his emotions carefully in check, believing them to interfere with a mission. He tends to be blunt and directly to the point as often as possible, and rarely shows affection outside of a very select few friends in his service. Even then, he tends to be stoic, conversing quietly about past missions and future plans. Kyle tends to work out problems quickly and as efficiently as possible, and easily adapts to a rapidly changing situation with his usual brand of stoicism.

Brief Bio: Kyle Warren was once a well-known assassin, proud of a very high success rate. Until one mission, where an innocent woman was killed and he was captured while trying to finish the hit. Kyle was soon freed from the prison by the ALOS, a large mercenary group that offered him a position within their ranks. Within a year, Kyle was leading his own squad within the group, aiding the group in stealing and profiting from experimental technology and weapons. Recently, Kyle was part of a strike team that managed to capture and spirit away a large case simply dubbed "Project PESTILENCE", and was in the middle of transporting it to a safe and secure location.....

a gruff, scruffy soldier for :iconangelzoneoct: tournament

ref drawn by the ever fabulous :iconandyetnobananas:
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