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Gea and Uranus

The primal gods of the Sky and the Earth, I've always loved Gea (or Gaia) and Uranus, how everything came from them (titans, giants, monsters, gods). Many myths in different cultures include a love story similar to this one, but not with the later tragic stuff with Cronus castrating his father (yeah) and Aphrodite basically being created within the foam of the sea when Uranus' b**** fell into it :omg:

Anyways, I really love this couple and I coloured and old sketch I did sometime ago because a friend asked for it. I hope she enjoyed the result and that you like it too :hug:
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Love your designs for them, and excellent, lovely detail of her standing on his feet. That's so sweet, and appropriate since the Earth is suspended in the sky, of course!
I dunno if it ever was a love story. Gaia created him as a consort, he imprisoned his children in her. He's basically the reason why the Olympians have family issues
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The Titan and Olympus family is one HELL DRAMATIC family. 
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Beautiful! You are so talented!! La la la la Gaia is absolutely gorgeous! (Btw, I love the clothing)
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That's really intense and sweet 💙💚. My Ancient Greek teacher explained us this and the other storus from Hesiod's "Teogony"this morning: impressive number of incests...
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The colours here are amazing, she looks so serene too :)
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Glad you like it! :aww:
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My Greek Mythology OTP is Orion & Artemis
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One of my favourite couples, too! Let's see of I can post something about them hehe
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Thanks a lot :hug:
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I love this! So glad to see you're drawing again. I love their clothes!
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Thank you sooo much :aww:
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OH MY GODS! They look gorgeous! 😍💕💕💕😁
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Thanks a lot, friend! :hug:
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This drawing is gorgeous.  These are Greek gods? Impressive.
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Greek gods, yes, the primordial ones in fact. Glad you like them! :aww:
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i think they loved each other at first, but then the things with their children happend and that was the end for them (mostly for him).... but i love the picture ad that's all that matters :)
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Thank you sooo much! Yes, I love Greek myth stories because of the tragedies but sometimes it is certainly sad...
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This is beautiful! I love Uranus and Gaia as well <3 I'm glad to see you're posting again on dA
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Thank you so much, so glad you like this! :hug:
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