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afterlife and other stories...
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Wow, simply, wow. This is so gorgeous. Brilliant colors and I love the simplicity.
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I have no words to describle this beautiful simplicity. The colors are gorgeous, the composition as well.
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it's amazing, reminds me of the lion king ^^;
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we are a hyperdimensional beings incased in a body.
all beings have a higher dimensional state in which they came from and which they will return.
you will see all your pets, all your loved ones again.
check out near death experiences sometime! :)
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You believe that? For me, I want to believe but I'm not really sure :/ I just want get out of this world of hell.
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hey, i dont believe anything. ive had a near death experience. i go from direct experiences and also research. no wishful thinking here. youtube: pim van lommel on some good un-biased objective research. take care friend.
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gorgeous photo! ^-^
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You have been featured here: [link] :heart:
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I know a guy who did a prismacolor drawing of this photo recently.
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@ first.. i just add this pic into the collection.
but i cant help. it was so good! perfect. i want to go there to relax.
a place that is hard to find i guess...
is this real or do the minor or major Enhancing.. please tell me .... thanks!

then they are many comments so i dont know if you are gonna reply. (:
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this is just an illusion :) thanks!
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Colours,Colours,Colours. Superb.
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This photo is featured here: [link]
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Damn nice u did here! :clap:

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Really beautiful. I love it.
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