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“Pizza ad… generic political flyer… credit card offer to 'occupant'...”

Mao shuffled through the debris left after his four-day trip away from home, shaking his head. “The post brings all kinds of rubbish some days...”

His thick otter-tail drummed absently against the carpet as he slid the adverts and stuff aside, then paused as he examined the final piece of cardstock.

“Your application has been accepted,” he read off. Turning it over, reading the back, his eyebrows raised.

There wasn't much sign of this being a scam, or trying to get money from him, at least not from what was there. It simply said he'd been accepted to take part in a class on social interaction – a topic which he was interested in – and that the first week of classes were free, but after that participants could pay to continue.

It wasn't some kind of ridiculously generous free ride which instantly made you suspicious, but nor was it something which would ask for money the moment he got there. Already feeling well-disposed towards it, Mao checked the time it was going to start, and confirmed to his satisfaction that he wasn't going to be busy.

It couldn't hurt to go along and check it out, and it wasn't all that far either – he could walk, and if it turned out to be a waste of time he'd just enjoy the walk home.

Putting the card into his pocket, Mao briefly wondered when he'd applied in the first place – then shrugged it off. It had been a hectic week last week planning for the trip.

The day of the first lesson came around not long after, and Mao made his way through the streets to the address on the card – checking it a couple of times to be sure he was headed to the right place – before finding exactly the right door and knocking twice.

Mao was buzzed in by the receptionist – a smartly dressed Mienfoo – and followed her directions up a flight of stairs and along a hallway, then finally entered the classroom.

“Ah, there you are!” said a cheerful Goodra at the front of the room, waving. “I'm afraid you're a little late, but we've not started yet.”

Mao blushed, wondering how he'd managed to be late, and looked for a seat. That brought his attention to the room as a whole, which was really quite odd.

It wasn't laid out like he'd imagined, with tables and sensible chairs. Instead there were some slightly oversized-for-adults versions of school desks, complete with built-in chairs, and now he looked at it the whole of the room was much more in line with the 'primary school classroom' look than the 'adult continuing education' he'd expected.

Still, there were several empty seats, and Mao slipped into the first one that came to his attention before looking around at the other-


Mao did a double-take, looking at the otter in the seat next to him. “Rennie? You're here too?”

The other otter smiled. “Yep! Long time no see, huh… how unlikely is this, we both ended up in the same class?”

“I guess, yeah, it is quite a coincidence,” Mao agreed, a lot less than half his attention on the others around the room – a couple of foxes, over in one corner, and three avians of various types up near the front. “I didn't think you'd come to a social interaction class.”

“A what?” Rennie asked, sounding confused. “This is a class on home clothing repair… isn't it?”

“That's not what my card said,” Mao replied, getting his out and examining it to confirm what he'd thought. “See?”

As Rennie looked, however, the Goodra clapped her paws together. “All right, class! It's time for the introduction video for everyone who's new to this!”

She did something with a remote control, and a projector hummed into life on the ceiling. It threw light onto the whiteboard as the rest of the room's lights dimmed, and after a few seconds a film began to play.

Mao looked up automatically as the cheerful music sounded out and a happy voice began to talk to them. “Hello to all of you, and thank you for choosing Active Retraining for your continuing education needs. Before we begin the lesson proper, we'd like to get you all introduced to the fundamental rules of taking part in an Active Retraining classroom. So sit back and relax.”

A little dubiously, Mao sat back in his seat, half-paying attention to the video.

It was all the standard kind of stuff he expected, kind of boring really, and some of the things it said – at great, painstaking length – were simple enough he'd have thought them self-evidently obvious.

The classroom was an environment for learning.

Nobody should feel uncomfortable.

Acceptance was an important part of being open to new learning.

Mao tried to stifle a yawn as the presentation continued, fighting to stay awake as the simple but tedious material continued.

It was important to be understanding.

When in class, you should follow along with the lesson.

Everyone should be happy in their body and in their clothes.

Being good felt good.

Being good for teacher felt good.

It was good to obey teacher…

...Rennie yawned, smacking his mouth a couple of times as he slowly woke up, and blinked the sleep out of his eyes.

What had he been doing?

Wait – he'd been in class. He'd fallen asleep in class!

Yawning again, he looked around to try and see if anyone had noticed him – only to stop, and stare, as he saw some very odd changes.

The classroom itself was mostly the same, and so was the teacher, but instead of three birds up near the front there were three oddly puffy looking Pokemon – a Pidgey, a Starly, and what looked like a Fletchling, all of them wearing the same kind of clothes.

The more Rennie looked, the more he felt the whole thing was very odd, but then he noticed something odd about his paw – it was a bright yellow! And he wasn't in the same outfit he remembered wearing – and, now he was paying attention, he felt all warm and fuzzy all over, as if he was wearing something thick and soft and cozy from head to toe!

“H-huh?” he asked, out loud, and glanced over at Mao – only to see something even stranger. Sitting in Mao's place was a cute and very fuzzy, plushy-looking Dewott, wearing a little boater hat and little glasses and a schoolgirl dress – and a satchel, too, to complete the look. And, visible under the hem of the very short skirt of the dress, a pair of thick, cushy diapers, with stockinged legs vanishing into them.

“Rennie?” the Dewott asked, in Mao's voice, and Rennie realized suddenly that it was Mao – just in some kind of plushy-feeling suit. “Are you a Floatzel all of a sudden?”

Rennie looked down at himself, seeing the same girly uniform dress and the same diapers as Mao was wearing, and a Floatzel-y body as well. He prodded it experimentally, feeling the material of the suit squish inwards at the same time as his mittened paw squished, and blushed deeply.

“What's going on?” he asked, noticing the two foxes over in the corner were now a soft, fluffy Vulpix and Braixen. “Mao, what happened? Why are you a Dewott?”

“Quieten down, now, class,” the Goodra instructed.

Rennie blushed, feeling really bad for being caught out… but why should he feel like that? He wasn't a schoolgirl!

...schoolboy! He meant schoolboy...

The Goodra-teacher started up another video. “Now, class, our first lesson is on proper behaviour in class! Since some of you seem to need a reminder...”

She smiled, not unkindly. “That's all right, though, I'm sure you're all just not in the swing of things yet.”

The video showed a three-two-one countdown, then began in earnest – portraying a class populated by a cartoon Dragonite teacher and a half-dozen Pokemon in sweet little dresses, also all depicted as cartoons.

A narration began, explaining how the most important thing to learn was how to learn! It highlighted two of the Pokemon dilligently taking notes and watching everything the teacher did, putting their paws up to answer questions, and the soothing narration informed them that these were the good students.

“Mao, what's going on?” Rennie whispered, though his voice was quiet – not wanting to interrupt the video, as the Dragonite teacher told her students that they were doing a good job!

“I don't know,” Mao whispered back, also focused on the cartoon.

Then it moved to another pair of students, who were quietly talking among themselves whenever the teacher wasn't speaking – still paying attention to the lesson, but only really doing it so they could say they were doing it.

The narrator told them that these students should pay more attention, or they weren't getting the most out of the lesson, and both Rennie and Mao blushed as they realized it might as well have been talking about them.

Finally, it went back further to the back of the class, where two more students weren't even trying to pay attention. One of them was making jokes all the time, the other was laughing at them, and the narrator sadly said that students like that were being very foolish – they were wasting the teacher's time, and they were wasting their own time.

When the animation finished, Mao was left with a strong conviction that he shouldn't be like those students. He should listen to learn!

The Goodra teacher walked around the class, putting out questionnaires, and placed some pencil-crayons down as well to use to fill them out.

“Now, class,” she said, heading back to the front. “I'd like you all to do this questionnaire to see how much you've already absorbed about the subject. Just do your best!”

Mao raised his padded-up hand. “Um...”

“Now, now, dear,” the Goodra chided. “Wait until I call on you – good students don't interrupt. Now, what is it?”

Blushing, Mao asked. “Um… why do we have pencil-crayons?”

“That's so we can tell who has answered each one,” the teacher told him. “Well done for asking such a smart question!”

Mao smiled a little, feeling reassured.

“Mao,” Rennie whispered to him. “What's going on?”

“Well...” Mao replied, blinking.

He… for some reason, he hadn't been wondering that, too caught up in what was going on. In listening to the lesson.

But Rennie was right, something really odd was going on.

“I don't know,” he whispered back. “Something? But… how did we get dressed in these?”

He tried to concentrate, to ignore the nagging voice telling him he had to pay attention to the lesson.

“How are you doing, girls?”

Mao jumped, startled. “H-huh?”

The Goodra tutted. “Oh, dear! It sounds like Maowott and Float-Rennie are having trouble concentrating! That's not a good sign, I was hoping you'd be focusing more on the lesson – you don't want to miss anything...”

“Well, n-no,” Rennie blushed. “But...”

Goodra turned her attention to him, and he subsided with a mumble.

After a few seconds, the teacher relented. “All right, girls, I know you're excited to be here. Just make sure you do your best on the questionnaire, now.”

Mao picked up his pencil-crayon and began marking the boxes, filling out one multiple-choice bubble question after another.

It was actually kind of soothing, and it did feel right to do what the teacher said.

Once they were done, the Goodra-teacher took the papers in and began to mark them. Simple music played as she did, not much different from the music that had been the soundtrack to the earlier video.

Rennie leaned over to Mao, trying not to blush too much – and feeling a little bit naughty for talking in class, an odd thought that he found it hard to avoid focusing on. “D-did she call you Maowott? And me Float-Rennie?”

“I… think so,” Mao agreed, whispering as well.

“What should we do?”

Mao frowned, clearly thinking hard, and wiggled a little in his suit.

“Just… don't make a fuss, and look for a way out?” he suggested.

“Maolly!” the teacher called, making them both jump. “Float-Rennie! Remember, good girls don't talk out of turn in class!”

Rennie blushed, feeling very naughty, and wondered why – barely noticing at first that he'd been referred to as a girl, though once he did that was just another reason to blush.

It was only a couple of minutes later that the Goodra told them their scores, praising the trio of avian Pokemon for their good attention to detail and giving both Rennie and Mao calm looks.

“Don't worry, girls,” she told them, patting first one then the other on the head with a faint pomf-crinkle. “You'll get the hang of it.”

While Rennie tried to work out what she meant by that, the teacher was already starting up the next video.

“The first lesson was about manners,” she said. “The second lesson, meanwhile, is about comportment – how you present yourself to others, not just by behaving well but by creating a positive impression.”

The cartoon figures appeared again, this time standing behind their desks. Another figure came in – a Kirlia – and she stopped just after coming in to curtsey.

As she did, the Narrator told everyone that a curtsey was a much better way of showing respect than a bow. It informed them that the only reason not to curtsey was because of wearing trousers, but that otherwise you could curtsey just fine.

Rennie blushed at the thought of coming into a class, stopping, and curtseying right in front of everyone – especially because it would expose the silly outfit he was wearing, even more than it would otherwise!

It sounded like it wouldn't be a huge pain – maybe even kind of enjoyable – but just the idea of being like that in front of so many people was just so blushy and Rennie didn't know how to cope with it!

The video changed to show another example, with the Kirlia walking across the classroom with a book balanced on her head, and the narrator said that it was good to show you were able to be so delicate and precise if you wanted to.

Rennie wondered about that as well, imagining making a mistake and the book falling off and making a noise and getting everyone to look at him!

Mao reached out absently to pat his plush-suited hand, and the simple contact helped Rennie calm down – just a bit.

He felt funny as well, when he imagined doing those things. Like it would be really good to know how to do them, once he'd learned, making him feel… pretty…

Once the video was over, and while Mao was still feeling oddly bubbly and giggly about it, the Goodra invited them all up to the front to practice.

Walking in their plush, padded, crinkly suits felt very difficult, but at the same time it felt snug and strangely comfortable. Not really sure how to take it, Mao blushed – a little giggle escaping his lips for just a moment.

That got him a nod and a smile from the Goodra, making Mao feel all fuzzy and happy – a brief thought that he was a good girl drifting through his mind – then she took a book, carefully placed it on his plushy hood, and patted it.

“Across the room, now, Maowott dear,” she said, pointing to the far side of her desk. “Make sure you don't drop the book!”

Mao tried, and got about halfway before the book fell off with a whump onto the floor. Bending down to get it and sticking his rump out – making him blush when he realized what he must look like in his diaper – Mao managed to retrieve the book, waddled back to the teacher, and she put it on his head again.

The second time Mao moved slower, remembering what the video had said, and made it all the way to the far side of the room.

“Well done!” the Goodra praised. “Very proper of you! Now, come back over here, and we'll see how Float-Rennie does!”

Mao giggled at the approval, glad to be a good girl, then watched with the rest of the class as Rennie did his best.

Unfortunately, he just wasn't as good at it as his friend. He stumbled a few times, sending the book falling to the floor, and had to bring it back each time – getting more and more flustered every time,  nervous and worried about the whole situation.

The birds giggled a bit, until the teacher shushed them, and Mao felt awful as he watched his friend getting all worked up – then stepped forwards, and gave Rennie a quick calming hug.

Startled, Rennie dropped his book on Mao's foot, but the plush around Mao's paw was so thick he barely noticed.

“Don't worry too much,” Mao advised, taking Rennie's forepaw and squeezing it quickly. “Stay calm, take your time.”

Rennie nodded. “O-okay...”

Mao picked up the book, and put it back where it should be, then stepped back a bit to watch.

This time, Rennie got it just right.

After a few more repetitions, and some practice curtseying as well, Goodra told them all to go back to their seats.

She stopped to give both Rennie and Mao little gold stars, praising 'Float-Rennie' and 'Maowott' for their good manners and cooperation, and Rennie giggled a bit before stopping and blushing.

It did sound nice to be praised, but…

He shook his head as he sat down, trying to identify why he was so scatterbrained, but before he could think much the next video began.

As the test pattern played, drawing his attention, Rennie heard Teacher tell them that the next lesson was about another way to be good and look good. Rather than being about behaviour, it was about how they dressed – how sometimes the simplest signals from the simplest items of clothing could have a really big impact on presentation.

She stepped to the side, and the video began.

It started off by showing several stick-figure Pokemon meeting someone. Some of the Pokemon were wearing simple clothes, some were dressed in suits, and some were wearing elaborate outfits – dresses, blouses, hats and so on.

The encounters played out differently, with one of the simply-dressed Pokemon and one of the suit-dressed Pokemon looking happy afterwards. But four of the five elaborately-dressed Pokemon seemed very happy, and the fifth one was at least content.

The voice over explained how Pokemon who took pride in their appearance and who dressed to impress would always get a better reaction. They'd be more confident, and more competent, and that would mean the people they met would react better to them as well!

It went on to talk about how wearing good outfits was fun, as well, and comfortable – how a dress would give someone freedom of movement, how cute bonnets could keep the sun off, how ribbons allowed a Pokemon to express themselves, how diapers were oh-so-soft to wear…

It was all simple and logical and persuasive, and Float-Rennie – no, just Rennie! - listened avidly, nodding as the voice told them that frilly outfits were better because they showed how much care you took, and how good little girls always picked outfits which emphasized just how good and little and girly they were.

Rennie nodded along with the whole thing, sweet music flowing through his mind…

It was good to dress up, and it was both practical and fun… he had to admit, it did sound nice, but the idea of standing up in front of everyone wearing a silly outfit… but it wasn't silly, now, was it? It was just what he should be wearing…

Next to him, Maowott wasn't facing nearly the same internal conflict. The idea of wearing cute dresses and diapers and all sorts of cute girly outfits did make him frown, a bit, but the music and the sweet happy tones all helped to wash that away and make him feel eager to dress up and look pretty!

As he thought about that, giggling slightly, another idea popped into his head – he could dress up Float-Rennie, too! Then Float-Rennie would look cute as well!

That was enough of a good idea to make Maowott hug himself, eager for the video to be over so it would be time to try out the lesson!

After several more minutes, mostly taken up with examples, the video ended and Goodra-teacher told them to get started.

Maowott got up, picking up some of the clothes in the basket Goodra-teacher had left on the desk next to them, and inspected the two choices of skirt. “What do you think?” he asked, holding them up. “Float-Rennie?”

“H-huh?” Float-Rennie replied, sounding a bit dazed, then realized he'd been asked a question and answered quickly. “Uh… well… I guess the one with the pleats is cuter?”

“Great~” Maowott sang, putting the pleated dress on the desk. “And what about these?”

Rennie looked at the two pairs of panties, then frowned slightly. “Mao… what's-”

“I'm Maowott, silly!” Maowott told him, waving a finger in Rennie's face and smiling. “Now, come on, we've got to do the lesson!”

“But this isn't-” Rennie began to protest, frowned more, then tried again. “Mao...wott… I think there's something weird going on.”

“Just pick, come on!” Maowott told him, and after a moment Rennie selected the panties with yellow fabric and a printed pink seashell pattern.

“Now can we talk? Wait… why are you..?” Rennie asked, as Maowott picked out his own choice of blouse and bonnet.

“It's the lesson, remember?” Maowott replied. “Pokemon who take pride in their appearance do better!”

That made Rennie stop, confused, and he had to admit that that did make sense – and he did remember the lesson, which explained the whole thing.

It was all a bit strange, but could he really say he objected to the idea of dressing properly?

“Well, I-” he began, then stopped as Maowott selected a big diaper. “Look, there's something really odd about this school and-”

“Up you get!” Maowott interrupted. “It's time to get that cute school uniform replaced with something much cuter!”

“That sounds like a good idea,” the Goodra teacher agreed, startling Rennie who hadn't heard her approaching. “Doesn't it?”

Rennie turned, blushing. “M-miss! I mean, uh...”

He trailed off, stammering a bit, and the Goodra gave him a warm smile.

“It's okay to be nervous, Float-Rennie, dear,” she assured him. “But good girls should follow the lesson guidelines. Don't you want to get good marks?”

Put that way, Float-Rennie couldn't really come up with an objection. He had a vague feeling objection might be something he should do, but that was about it.

“...Float-Rennie and Maowott!” the Goodra teacher invited. “Come on up and give us a twirl!”

Maowott waddled her way up first, curtseying to the class, then twirled around to show off her outfit.

She was still wearing her school uniform, apart from the satchel and shoes, but a whole new outfit was over the top. A pair of cute little blue shoes with crossing-and-recrossing ribbons going up her ankles were on her bootied feet, tied off with bows about halfway up her calves – thanks to the dilligence of the Goodra teacher earlier, doing up the shoes Maowott was still too clumsy to get on herself. Under them, a pair of stockings were visible, stretching all the way up to mid-thigh and straining slightly to hold in all the poofy plush.

Further up, Maowott was also wearing a powder-blue one-piece leotard, with straps going over her shoulders and a tight blue main section reaching down to her waist. The waist itself supported a loose little miniskirt, far too small to cover her diaper but loose enough to come flicking out as the otter gave her twirl.

“Wonderful!” Goodra applauded, and the rest of the class clapped as well. Then the teacher's voice turned ever so slightly chiding. “But what about Float-Rennie? Shouldn't she be up there as well?”

“Oh!” Maowott realized, gasping. “I'd better get her!”

She waddled back down to their place, and took Float-Rennie's hand. The other otter tried to resist, but Maowott gave her a few reassuring words and a quick hug, and Float-Rennie hesitated a bit before leaning back into the hug and relaxing.

Thus calmed down, Float-Rennie came slowly up to the front with Maowott beside her.

Float-Rennie's outfit was certainly more involved than Maowott's was. The Floatzel-dressed ott had no specially picked shoes, but instead she had a big, frilly dress – one with a pink skirt and lighter pink poofy shoulders, and with white ruffled petticoats and a creamy yellow blouse and apron.

There were other touches, too, like a headband with two bows on it, and the outfit was completed by an extra-thick diaper clearly visible below the layers of frothy petticoat.

“Aww, how lovely and cute!” Goodra pronounced, applauding.

Float-Rennie blushed, trying to hide behind her plushy paws, and Maowott gave her another calming hug. “It's okay, Float-Rennie,” Maowott reassured her. “We're just here to see how cute you look, not to judge!”

Slowly, Float-Rennie lowered her paws, her blush subsiding a bit, and she took Maowott's paw in her own for support before doing a slow twirl.

“Such good otts,” the teacher praised them both. “Good girls.”

After the impromptu fashion show, the students retook their seats – with a little more difficulty in some cases, due to the much-increased bulk on display – and the Goodra teacher started the next lesson.

This one showed the same cartoon-y depictions of the students as before, now stepping out onto a dance floor.

It explained how dancing was an activity with all sorts of benefits. Not only was it an elegant, refined activity, which would make others think the better of you, but it was also something which taught those who took part in it several useful skills.

The ability to follow instructions precisely, and to move with deliberation.

It made those who took part fitter, and let them get into better shape.

It allowed those with lovely outfits to show them off.

Float-Rennie blushed deeply at the thought of dancing in her dress! It would be very blushy, and at the same time it was something which did sound kind of nice… but she didn't want to do it without Maowott, because the other otter made her feel more confident, and dancers needed dance partners anyway.

That was something else the lesson said, that good girls learned to be friends by dancing with their friends.

As she shifted, Float-Rennie became more aware of her diaper for a moment, and she wondered slightly whether it would be easy to dance in such a thick pillow of padding. But the moment passed as she remembered that the teacher knew best, and that teacher-Goodra wouldn't assign them things to do she knew they couldn't do.

Next to her, Maowott was eager to get started – wanting to show off, to waddle around in a dance with her bestie and show how much better she was at butt-wiggling otter dances than anyone else in class!

The lesson was fascinating, telling her just how important it was for good girls to dance, and she didn't even want to blink – not wanting to miss a moment!

When the video ended, Maowott barely had time to blink and refocus on the classroom before the music started up again. This time it was Goodra-teacher, putting on a music CD on an old-fashioned stereo in the corner of the room.

A happy tune played from the speakers, one which Maowott vaguely recognized as the opening bars of a nursery rhyme, and the three avian Pokemon from the front row got up at Goodra's invitation to stand in the front of the class.

The teacher skipped to the next track, another nursery rhyme, and all three Pokemon began to dance together. They formed a line, trying to move in perfect synchronization, but after only a few seconds the Pidgey began to make a mistake.

The Starly tried to copy him, but by the time that was happening the Pidgey had sped up to try and catch up to the Fletchling – and the Fletchling slowed down to try and match the Starly, and within a few seconds they all bumped their crinkly butts together and fell down giggling.

“Silly billies,” Goodra giggled, and helped them up. “Let's try again, okay?”

Watching them dance, Maowott held a paw in front of her mouth to avoid giggling herself. It was so funny watching them prancing around, crinkling and wiggling!

“Hey,” Float-Rennie whispered. “What dance are we going to do?”

“I don't know,” Maowott whispered back. “Sssh! You don't want to be a bad girl!”

Float-Rennie blushed, and looked at the teacher. She was looking right at the Floatzel, and did so for just long enough to make her nervous before smiling and turning her attention back to the Flying-types.

Float-Rennie's blush got worse. She was so sorry for almost being a bad girl!

After a few more minutes, the three avian Pokemon were pronounced satisfactory and went back to their seats.

Goodra called Float-Rennie and Maowott up next, and Maowott gave Float-Rennie's plushy paw a squeeze before walking up with her to the front of the class.

The track which came up was a sweeping, gentle one, and Maowott knew just what to do. She raised both paws over her head and did a waddling step-by-step twirl, making her miniskirt flutter up slightly as she did a ballet move, then slid one foot-paw smoothly along the floor to do the splits.

Or that was what she tried to do. In fact her foot-paw slid out from under her and she landed with a floomph on her thick diaper, but it felt close enough, and Goodra-teacher smiled at her so it had to be right!

“A wonderful start, Maowott,” Goodra told her. “What do you do next?”

Maowott smiled, realizing what the teacher was getting at, and waddled back over to where Float-Rennie was standing.

The Floatzel was looking nervous, shifting from paw to paw at the thought of going up in front of everyone, and Maowott gave her a quick hug.

“Come on, it'll be fun!” she cajoled.

Float-Rennie blushed, slowly hugging back, then frowned. “Are… are we dancing together?”

“Yep~!” Maowott assured her, taking both of Float-Rennie's paws – one right up next to their chests, the other out to the side. “Just follow me...”

She waddled back a few steps, leading Float-Rennie out onto the cleared dance area, then began to dance in a stately – if wobbly – way with the Floatzel as her partner. Their diapers wiggled cutely as they waddle-waltzed, moving in rough circles, and Maowott smiled happily as Float-Rennie's nervous frown cleared up.

The Dewott loved it when she could help her bestie relax!

After a few minutes of dancing, and sitting down, and waiting for the other two foxy Pokemon to finish their own waddly tango, Float-Rennie was surprised when the teacher didn't put on another video for them.

“All right, girls!” she said instead. “It's time for lunch!”

Float-Rennie did like the sound of that. They'd been in class for… a while… and she was feeling both a bit hungry and a bit thirsty, after all that dancing!

The Goodra teacher went around the class, putting paper bags on their desks, and Float-Rennie opened hers quickly to see what was in it.

“Miss?” Maowott asked, paw up. “Can we talk during lunch?”

“Of course, dear,” the teacher told her, smiling. “Well done for asking.”

Maowott giggled, then turned to Float-Rennie. “What have you got?”

“I've got… some fishsticks!” Float-Rennie told her, taking them out of the bag one at a time. “And a juice box… a pot of Poke Beans… ooh, a Poke Puff!”

“Snap!” Maowott told her, beaming.

“Class, remember, save your Pokepuff for last,” the teacher told them. “I've got some warm Moomoo milk to have with them, but it'll get cold if you have it now.”

The Poke-pupils all nodded, a few crinkles arising from their diapers, and then Float-Rennie began nibbling on a fish stick.

It was very tasty! She didn't notice how she deftly slipped it into the muzzle of her suit to reach her own mouth, just snacking away at the fish stick like it was the most natural thing in the world.

The two Water-type otters had three fishsticks each, and they vanished in a fairly short space of time – interrupted by sips of their juice boxes, which had been opened for them by the teacher after a few clumsy attempts with their plushy paws had failed.

The Poke Beans went next, one at a time with as much daintiness as they could manage, and every time Float-Rennie dropped one he felt like a quick giggle about how funny it all was. He managed to resist the urge, but Maowott was less restrained and giggled herself silly when she spilled Poke Beans down her front and had to get help.

Eventually, the two besties came to the end of their pots of Poke Beans, and Maowott put up her paw again to ask for the milk. Goodra praised them both for being good girls, making Float-Rennie blush and Maowott giggle, and passed each of them a nice glass of warm milk.

The Pokepuff and the milk went together absolutely perfectly. Neither of them remembered having anything quite so sweet and tasty as the Pokepuff, and the warm Moomoo milk was so warm and creamy and soft that it half seemed like they could just drink that and never need to eat anything.

Eventually, however, both came to an end, and the teacher went around with a damp cloth – catching any milk or crumbs that might have gone astray, and reassuring them that it was okay if they needed a quick wipe from their teacher.

Once they were all nice and refreshed, the collection of Pokemon all watched avidly as the new video started up.

This one began by showing them a row of seven Pokemon, all wearing diapers – a Starly, a Pidgey, a Fletchling, a Floatzel, a Dewott, a Vulpix and a Braixen – as the narrator informed them in a calm, soothing voice that wearing diapers felt good.

Float-Rennie wiggled a little in her seat, feeling the diaper crinkling against her otter butt, and smiled at how true that was.

It did feel good! The nice teacher was so clever for knowing that. But then, teachers did know best.

The voice continued, explaining how it was important not to leave in the middle of a lesson, and that was the other reason they wore their diapers. Good pupils loved their diapers because they were comfy, and because they looked pretty, but their diapers also let them stay in lessons all the time and avoid missing anything!

Float-Rennie nodded, absorbing that. It made sense!

The voice also reminded them all that it was perfectly understandable and normal to use diapers, and that they should just go if they felt like it… or even if they didn't feel like it, too.

She frowned, wondering how she could go if she didn't feel like it, but kept watching the video in case it offered a clue.

It didn't really help with any great new insights, and despite wanting to pay as much attention as possible Float-Rennie found herself drifting off.

It was almost like there was a colourful pattern in the background…

...and she realized suddenly that her diaper felt awfully warm and a bit soggy!

“All right, class,” the teacher said, clapping her hands. “It's time for the practical lesson in changing diapers! You should already have your partners, so come over here to the changing tables!”

Maowott giggled, not unkindly, as Float-Rennie tried to squirm up onto the changing table.

As the plush Floatzel slipped a second time, Maowott leaned in and booped the nose of the other otter. “Looks like you need some help!”

Float-Rennie blushed, then nodded, and let Maowott help her up onto the softly padded table. There was a very faint squish, and Maowott patted her bestie's diaper before getting to work.

First she slid the extra-thick diaper and petticoats of Float-Rennie's dress-up outfit off, then untaped the actual wet diaper and took it off. Float-Rennie blushed, hiding her hands behind her big thick paws, and Maowott suppressed another giggle before folding up the wet diaper and disposing of it.

That video had really given her a good grounding in how to change diapers… but hadn't she already known how to change diapers? Maowott thought about it for a moment, then shrugged it off as unimportant.

Because what was important was making sure Float-Rennie was nice and clean and snug!

She hummed to herself as she wiped, then powdered, and finally taped on a nice big diaper with a fishy theme on the front! Then she helped Float-Rennie put her petticoats and her second, larger diaper on, before helping her down and climbing up to take her place.

Float-Rennie was still a bit flustered, and almost made a mistake when doing Maowott's new diaper – first she nearly forgot to take Maowott's cute ballerina outfit off, then she stuck the diaper tapes to the landing area early and had to hastily pull them off again before making the whole diaper unusable.

She was blushing by the time Goodra came over to see how she was doing, and Goodra gave her a quick hug before carefully walking her through the steps of the diaper change.

Float-Rennie got a reward of a hug for being a good girl, and so did Maowott, and the two otter girls giggled as Goodra gave each of them a shiny gold star for paying attention in class.

By the time the other Pokemon had been changed, however, Float-Rennie was starting to yawn, and that made Maowott yawn as well.

“Aww, it looks like it's nap time,” Goodra cooed. “Isn't that right? Who's feeling sleepy?”

Maowott put her hand up, and Float-Rennie followed suit a moment later.

The soothing music teacher had set playing in the background was making her feel very sleepy, and she yawned a second time before bunking her eyes with a paw.

“Over here, girls,” the teacher Goodra told them, focusing her attention on the otters first. She led them to a big pile of blankets and soft furnishings at the back of the classroom, and fluffed out a huge futon almost seven feet across.

“Here's where you two will be napping today,” she said, taking care to emphasize how soft it was, and Float-Rennie crouched down to stroke it.

“It's so comfy...” the Floatzel breathed softly, then began to lie down.

“Now, now,” Goodra-teacher chided her. “Remember, good girls change into their pyjamas before bed!”

“Oh!” Float-Rennie gasped. “Sorry, miss!”

“That's all right, dearr,” Goodra said, giving her a quick hug. “You'd better get dressed, though.”

She revealed two big, plush-looking pairs of puffy footie pyjamas, both of them made to look like Dragonites. “One for you, and one for Maowott!”

Float-Rennie took one carefully, finding it already unzipped, and put it down before starting to take her dress off. It was a bit embarrassing to get changed in front of everyone, but everyone else was doing it too so it was fine...

Once they'd dressed, both Maowott and Float-Rennie felt lovely and warm and cozy and sleepy. Snug in their fresh poofy padding and their toasty new footies, first one and then the other yawned before lying down on their futon.

The teacher walked over to settle the others, then came back and laid a nice thick blanket over them.

“Sleep tight,” she said.

Float-Rennie drowsily raised a paw. “Miss?”

“What is it, dear?” the Goodra asked.

“Can… um… can I have… a soft plushie to snuggle?” Float-Rennie asked, blushing.

“Why, of course,” her teacher assured her. “You have a lovely plushie Dragonite to snuggle right here!”

Maowott giggled sleepily, spreading her arms, then hugged Float-Rennie and Float-Rennie hugged her right back. They each felt the other's snug, plushy bulk, and Float-Rennie relaxed by degrees until his eyes drifted shut and he began to breathe deeply and evenly.

Once Maowott was asleep as well, the Goodra smiled to herself before tiptoeing out of the classroom.

It was so nice to see so many cute new Pokemon getting used to their new lives.

She couldn't wait for the next day's lessons. Home-ec classes about tea parties, phys-ed classes on a nice softly-padded play area… there was so much to teach her students, and she knew they'd learn just fine.
Pokemon Retrainer - Mao and Rennie
This is the nineteenth of a series of stories about a villain called the Pokemon Retrainer, who specializes in not training Pokemon so much as REtraining them... into different Pokemon.

The latest two victims are  stormdragonblue's Mao, and  pantsuneko's Rennie, who went to a class.

This one in particular was based off a picture series by the two, from which the thumbnail has taken some imagery.
Kurama's Gift
This one is a sequel of sorts to my earlier Two Vixens story, though reading that one should not be necessary.
In this story, the Nine-Tailed Fox decides to use his not inconsiderable power to give both Naruto and Hinata a nice, thoughtful, rather lewd gift... one which he's sure they'll enjoy. Eventually.
The cover art is by Stargatemorro (from FA), for which I am very grateful.

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The apartment door creaked.

“Just in here,” Mara said, the Flareon flirting her bushy tail to one side.

“Huh, nice place,” her companion observed. He slipped through the door, stood there looking around while Mara closed it behind them, then turned to her.

“What's with the big plushes?”

Mara looked to where the Pyroar was indicating, then chuckled. “Oh, the Sawsbuck and the Stantler? They're just something I got as a gift a while ago, not really worked out where to put them yet. You know how it is.”

“Yeah,” he agreed. “Hey, uh, mind if I get some water?”

“Not at all, Dennis,” she told him. “I'll just put some music on.”

As Dennis got himself a glass of water from the tap, Mara quickly located the playlist she was after and put it on.

Some nice, soothing instrumental music rolled out of the speakers, and even Mara – knowing they were there – couldn't detect the subtle harmonics and hypnotic messages hidden in the music.

Her tail flicked from side to side as she tried to remain composed. This was going to be so important – her first ever solo Retrainer assignment!

Schooling her features, she sat on one end of the couch as Dennis came back from his drink. The Pyroar took the invitation, sitting about the middle of the couch, and flicked his tail up onto the back of the cushions.

“So, how long ago did you move into this place?” he asked, clearly willing to make small talk for a bit, and Mara was only too happy to oblige.

“Oh, about… seven, eight months now?” she shrugged. “I was rooming with some girls I know, before, but it seemed about right to move out now.”

She indicated the plushes. “I got those from them, still not worked out if it was as a kind of prank gift.”

“And the other ones, like that collection over there?” he asked, indicating a whole collection of other plush Pokemon – these ones smaller, and stacked on shelves. Most of them were on the bottom shelf, but the Dialga plush had overflowed to the next one above and was currently being used as a bookend.

“Those I got myself,” Mara answered. “I had them at the old place, I think it's why they gave me the giant ones.”

Dennis laughed, and Mara smiled as well.

Everything seemed to be going just fine.

They talked for quite a long time, ranging over topics from Mara's life and Dennis' career. Mara took care to avoid being too frank about her own job, just answering that she worked in recruitment, and it was only too easy to redirect the Pyroar into talking about his own latest project – something she did find enjoying enough, he was a good storyteller.

It was almost a pity.

Eventually, though, Dennis checked his watch, then stood up.

“Oh, dear,” Mara said. “Time to go already?”

“Yeah,” Dennis nodded, blinking a little. “Whoo, shouldn't have stood up so fast… I shouldn't leave it too late to get back, though.”

“Dear,” Mara chided. “Time doesn't matter that much, does it?”

She tried to hold in her smirk. It was such a happy rush to finally be doing what she'd been training to do!

“Well… uh, I do feel kind of funny,” Dennis admitted, sitting down again. “Maybe I can wait?”

“That sounds like a good idea, dear,” Mara nodded. “Time enough to go home later.”

She smiled at her own cleverness of slipping in the trigger like that, then Dennis frowned.

“What's going on?” he asked. “Why do I feel...”

“Deer time,” Mara replied, deciding not to be subtle any more. “Deer time. Deer time.”

Every repetition made her feel more smug as Dennis' resistance faded, each trigger having the same effect as it made him feel good and lethargic.

“All right,” the Flareon said, some minutes later. “What time is it?”

Dennis frowned, the question seeming to confuse him. “D… d… deer time?”

“That's right,” Mara agreed, smiling happily at the proof she was influencing him properly. “And, since it's deer time, don't you think it's time to be a deer? Time to be a good deer?”

She nodded, and Dennis nodded too – clearly so suggestible from his repeated triggering that she just needed to keep hinting in the right direction.

“And, since it's deer time, it's time to dress like a good deer,” Mara went on. “And don't those plushy suits over there look all warm and comfy?”

That made Dennis frown. It was a little frown, a frown which most of him wasn't really willing to commit to, but it was still a frown – and Mara knew she had to head it off as soon as possible.

“Relax,” she instructed. “It's deer time, time to relax, time to be a deer, time to be calm and soft...”

She picked up one of the plushes, the Winter Sawsbuck one, and showed how it was actually hollow – a thick layer of plush on the outside, and a thick layer of softness on the inside. It crinkled a little as she opened it up, the diaper engulfing the whole waist area making a little sound as it moved, and she left it with the back enticingly towards him.

“This can help with deer time,” she told him teasingly. “It's time to dress up like a deer, time to dress like a good deer, in your warm, comfy deer suit...”

It just felt so good to be doing this – not just good in the sense of having power over someone, but warm and fuzzy at the thought of making someone into a good deer.

Mara nudged the outfit a little towards Dennis, and he hesitantly took it before starting to slip his hand inside.

“Deer time...” he muttered to himself. “Good deer...”

With a slight frown, Mara realized she'd worked in the second trigger earlier than she should have done.

Ah well, at least Dennis was suiting up now. But the Flareon realized that she'd need to be careful – need to make sure her grip on Dennis got stronger, not weaker.

She began to put on the Stantler suit, deciding it would only help if she could get a better rapport with her subject. If he saw another good deer around, it would only help reinforce his behaviour.

Some of the suits Mara had helped to make, or helped to dress other training subjects in, had had things like zips or tapes to hold them shut. For these suits, however, the key was simply in their design.

The back opening was strongly elastic, and once the wearer was properly in place it would naturally be tugged closed as they settled into the soft paws, the comfy muzzle, and the crinkly diaper. Mara could see it happening to the Sawsbuck suit, the back closing up to be nearly invisible, and she smirked.

Dennis was in his comfy suit, so it would only be a matter of time before he was properly retrained.

“That's right,” she said, calmly and soothingly. A tone of voice which didn't threaten, but which just stated facts. “It's deer time, so you're a deer. And you look like a deer, so you're a good deer. Good deer.”

She wiggled in her Stantler suit a bit, feeling nice and comfy, then moved on to the next part of the process.

“You love to move like a good deer, don't you?” she asked. “You like feeling soft and warm in your deer time suit, love feeling like a good deer, because it's deer time.”

Dennis nodded, and she nodded her approval.

“That's right,” the Flareon said, sitting back a little and making the suit's diaper crinkle under her. “Good deer.”

Shifting along the sofa, Mara got a quick look at herself in the tall mirror in one corner of the room. It showed her Stantler suit very well, and it did look cute – she tilted her head back and forth, making the little balls on the antlers sway, and smiled at the look.

Dennis was watching her antlers as well, staring, and Mara smirked.

“That's a good deer,” she said, dividing her attention between the reflection of her own suit and how well Dennis was doing. “You like deer time, don't you? It makes you feel fuzzy and soft and warm… makes you feel like a good deer.”

Proud of herself for doing the right thing, Mara waved her head back and forth again – letting the antlers sway, and murmuring the trigger over and over. “Good deer. Deer time. Good deer time. Relax like a good deer, that's right. A snug, crinkly deer.”

Stantler antlers were hypnotic, right? She remembered learning that once… which just meant she'd been right to put this one on! This was the hypnotist's suit, clearly, not the suit for the victim.

“What time is it?” she asked.

Dennis was sitting back on his haunches, crinkling away and staring at her antlers, and at her words he jolted a bit. “Um – deer time,” he answered. “Good deer time.”

“That's right. Good deer time.”

Mara could see why the others liked to do this. It was so relaxing… almost zen, really.

To see someone being brought deeper and deeper into the mindset, by a hypnodeer like her…

Mara frowned, confused by an odd thought that had struck her, then covered for her confusion by continuing to take Dennis deeper. “Good deer feel snug, don't they? They feel soft and warm… always surrounded by softness… feeling so cozy and safe.”

Her antlers – her suit's antlers – swayed back and forth in the mirror.

“What are you?” she asked him.

“I'm...” Dennis began, then frowned. “Uh...”

“Now, now,” she chided. “That's not what a good deer says. A good deer says 'I'm a good deer'.”

“I'm a good deer,” Dennis repeated.

Trying to resist the urge to hug herself, Mara nodded. “That's right. Good deer. You're a good Sawsbuck, and I'm a good Stantler.”

She had to say she was a Stantler. Now she was in the suit, she couldn't confuse him too much so she had to say she was a Stantler.

It would help to bring him deeper, too, to keep him in a consistent mindset.

“Can the good deer walk over here?” she invited.

Dennis got up off his haunches, and waddled over to her hesitantly – his gaze fixed on her antlers and the swaying, alluring orbs attached to them.

In truth, though, Mara wasn't really looking at him. She was looking at the mirror, which had a much better view of both of them – especially his poofy butt, and her antlers.

“Now, good deer, back over there,” she said, pointing to the spot in front of the mirror.

She got off the sofa as she told him that, and waddled over on all fours herself just as he did.

“Good deer,” she said, mostly to keep saying it. “Good deer...”

Mara wasn't really sure how long she spent sitting there, in front of the mirror, looking into it with half her attention so she could see Dennis' expression as she shook her antlers rhythmically.

“Good deer.”

It took her a moment to realize she'd said it, but it did make her feel good anyway. Just because she was doing what she was supposed to, of course.

That meant she was a- “Good deer.”

It felt nice to say it, and it helped keep Dennis going deeper and deeper, so she saw no reason not to say she was a-

“Good deer.”

The music continued, and one note in particular caught her attention. So she stood up on all fours, and Dennis copied her – swaying back and forth, almost staggering into her until she leaned against him to keep him upright.

“That's right,” she said, half-remembering the patter she'd thought up. “You're such a good deer now it's deer time. But it's been deer time for so long already, and you're so deep...”

Dennis nodded, and she nodded as well – purely to keep her antlers moving, of course.

Good deer kept their antlers moving.

“So it's deer time for good deer,” she said. “Rain, deer.”

Dennis wobbled again, almost knocking her over, and she leaned back against him.

“That's right,” she said, her own eyes glazed now. “Rain, deer… relax, and sink, and rain, deer...”

The… Stantler?… felt herself letting go, felt her bladder relaxing and her diaper soaking it all up. It felt so good, and Dennis must feel so good too… relaxing so much made him so convinced he really was a deer, just like her…

There was a knock on the door.

Mara didn't really notice, too caught up in swirly, sleepy thoughts of being a Stantler, staring at the swinging orbs on her antlers reflected in the mirror.

“Good deer...” she mumbled.

“Mmmm...” Dennis managed, shifting a little and squishing his diaper. “Rain deer...”

There was another knock, a pause, then the door opened.

A Ninetales stepped through, caught sight of the two suited-up Pokemon, then chuckled. Pushing the door closed, the Ninetales wavered like a heat-haze and turned into a Zoroark.

“Oh, dear, Mara,” Circe said, turning the entrancing music off as she walked past the stereo. “Maybe you weren't quite ready to do this on your own yet...”

She sniffed, then got Mara's bag out from one of the cupboards and removed two thick diapers.

“Let's get you two changed,” the Zoroark smiled. “And, hmmm… maybe we'll leave Mara like this for a bit, so she learns an important lesson...”
Pokemon Retrainer - Dennis
This is a new Pokemon Retrainer story, this time featuring the first solo Retraining by a newly qualified Retrainer.
The Pokemon Retrainer organization take Pokemon and retrain them into different Pokemon, and Mara's first victim is Dennis, who came home for a chat.

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About two months before the end of the year, a soft staccato thu-thump sounded on the roof of a house high up in the mountains.

Softhoof the Red-Nosed slowed to a halt, then looked back at the empty sleigh to which he was harnessed and sighed.

This just wasn't good enough.

As a magical flying reindeer, even if a rather soft and plushy one, Softhoof wanted nothing more than to bring the magic of Christmas to the world – albeit in his own particular interpretation. (Everybody wanted to be a deer, right? Of course they did!) But he could not pull the sleigh alone, not to visit everyone, and he certainly couldn't do it and hand out presents at the same time.

Softhoof pranced in his traces, beating a muffled tattoo on the roof of the house, then an idea came to him.

He thought about it carefully, because it wasn't very Christmassy in some ways. But in other ways it was just right, so he nodded to himself before setting off with a clatter of runners and a thump of hooves.

It was time to save Christmas!

“Ah, sometimes this is really worthwhile,” the Red Ranger said, leaning back in his chair and yawning.

Sometimes, being a Power Ranger meant fighting off otherworldly threats that had the strength to destroy buildings. Sometimes it meant trying to resist the influence of a magical dress that made anyone who wore it into the perfect little maid.

But most of the time, the time between monster attacks, it meant a place for five young adults to hang out together without pressure from anyone else – including being able to sleep there, wake up to a well-stocked kitchen, and just laze about a bit.

“Tell me about it,” Blue agreed. “Hey, Pink, thanks for stocking more croissants!”

“No problem!” the Pink Ranger replied happily. “I hope you guys left me some!”

Their morning banter was interrupted by a confused question from Green. “Uh… guys? Who set up the fake chimney?”

Putting down his drink, Blue got up with a groan.

“Let's see what it is this time...”

He wove through the rooms of the Ranger base, and found Green a few moments later.

“Huh,” he said, examining the fake chimney. It was cardboard, painted cardboard, and it was nestled into the corner of one of the rooms so it looked as though there was a fireplace with a chimney there.

Looking behind it, he frowned, then moved the cardboard out of the way.

“Look,” he said, pointing. “Presents.”

“Is this some kind of Christmas thing?” Green asked. “It's a bit early for it.”

Blue shrugged, moving the presents out into the main area of the room. There was a collection of wrapped fabric, two flat boxes, and a half-dozen or so wrapped bottles – all of them in festive reindeer-print paper.

“Hey, guys!” Blue called. “Did either of you get Christmas presents?”

“What, this early?” Pink replied. “No!”

“No, those are for late December,” Red agreed.

“No, I mean… someone left some presents here,” Blue explained. “If it wasn't either of you, it must have been Yellow.”

“She did go upstate last night,” Green agreed. “Maybe she decided to just leave these as a gift or something?”

“Yeah, probably,” Blue decided. “Maybe she thought we'd find them anyway?”

He raised his voice. “Guys, think we should open them?”

“Why not!” Red called back.

“Okay, here we go,” Red said, opening the first of the fabric presents. The paper tore, and out tumbled something that was mostly brown with a few white sections visible.

Picking it up and unfolding it, Red stared for a moment.

“What is this?” he asked out loud.

“It looks like one of those Christmas rompers!” Pink said brightly. “You know, the ones you wear on Christmas to look like a reindeer?”

“Oh, right,” Red blushed, as Green and Blue started laughing. “The kind of thing kids wear?”

“Yep!” Pink agreed, taking the other fabric present and opening it. “And look, there's two of them!”

Inspecting the one she'd taken more closely, Pink pointed out a few of the features – such as the hoof-like felt patches on the stockinged feet, the creamy-white front and the dappled white spots on the back, and the springy fabric antlers that would make it stand up if worn. She also found the zipper, nearly hidden at the front, and unzipped it.

“Huh, this one says it's for medium sized adult males,” she announced. “What does yours say, Red?”

“Uh...” Red checked his own. “It says adult females.”

“Then I'll take that one!” Pink said, and threw the one she had with her at him.

“I don't think I want any of them,” Red muttered, passing the female-fitted one over to Pink, who vanished into her room.

“Wait...” Green said slowly. “She's not going to put it on now, is she?”

“It looks like she is,” Blue replied.

He opened one of the flat presents, finding the box inside it to contain a headband with a pair of reindeer antlers attached to the top. “Continuing the theme, I guess...”

“Maybe she was planning on some kind of joke about it,” Red shrugged, as Green confirmed there were two of the headbands as well. “You guys can keep doing this, I'd better get back to the monitors.”

“Why?” Blue asked.

“Because otherwise I'm going to end up with you guys forcing me into the other reindeer sleeper,” Red said, already getting up.

“There we go!” Pink announced, coming out of her room and striking a pose. “What do you think?”

Blue and Green stared at her, then began sniggering.

“It's really not a 'cool' look,” Blue volunteered. “Despite it being a reindeer. It just looks a bit silly.”

“Yeah, but it's really comfy, and silly doesn't matter that much,” Pink countered, smoothing out the fuzzy surface of the reindeer sleeper. “Okay, I'm wearing mine, you guys had better put yours on too!”

She looked around. “Where's Red?”

“He decided not to get involved,” Blue said, tearing the paper on one of the bottles. “Huh, this is eggnog.”

“It is a pretty Christmassy drink,” Green chuckled. “But maybe we should just have it later, or not all at once.”

“Hey, there's no sign of any threats on the monitor,” Pink pointed out. “And if Red's being the designated Ranger, we can just have a lazy day in, right?”

“Sounds good to me,” Green said. “Where are the controllers again?”

He put one of the pairs of reindeer antlers aside. “I'll put those on some time later...”

“I know where the controllers are,” Blue volunteered, already wearing the other pair. “I just need to go and get them.”

As he left the room, Green opened the wrapping on another one of the bottles.

To his surprise, it was an unopened bottle of sherry. He looked at it, an idea coming to him, then slipped it under the sofa to retrieve later.

The others didn't have to know about it.

“Hah!” Pink crowed, waving her controller about, and Blue groaned.

“How did you do that?” he asked, looking from Pink to the screen. “I could swear I had you bang to rights!”

“That's just how I play,” Pink replied, sticking her tongue out, then took a gulp of eggnog.

Reminded, Blue took a drink as well. It was lovely, creamy stuff, much better than even the already nice normal eggnog they remembered from past years, and every swallow made him feel all warm and fuzzy.

“Another?” he asked.

“Sure!” Pink agreed. “Want us to make it three-player, Green?”

Green shook his head. “No thanks,” he said, in the clear way of someone who knows he might slur his words but thinks he's gotten away with it. “I'll just watch.”

He took a drink from his own glass, then put it down on the tray next to him and giggled.

“He's getting into the spirit, all right!” Pink said. “All right, here we go!”

As the two other Rangers got back into their game, Green retrieved the bottle of sherry and poured a little more into his glass.

It really was very nice sherry, and every mouthful made him feel better than the last.

“Yes!” Blue said, managing to beat Pink this time. “Take that!”

“Decider match?” Pink invited.

The antlers on her sleeper bounced back and forth slightly as she reached down for her glass of eggnog again.

“Okay guys, nothing tonight,” Red called, walking through into the main living area. “I've set the automatic alert, so we can...”

He slowed, staring.

Several bottles of empty eggnog were all over the floor, and Pink and Blue were rummaging through the games cabinet for something they hadn't tried yet. Almost half the presents were in a haphazard pile, and Green appeared to be both very drunk and not trying very hard to hide it.

“Come on,” Red sighed. “Look, guys, it's not actually Christmas. Okay? Maybe don't get so full of yourselves?”

Pink turned to look at him, and shrugged. “It's time off! What does it matter?”

“Well, maybe don't make quite so much of a mess!” Red countered.

“Hey, hey,” Green said, waving his hand. “Red – Red, listen. It's Christmas, right? Calm down a little!”

“It's not even the right month for Christmas!” Red countered, then sighed. “Whatever. But you guys are cleaning this up tomorrow!”

He checked the time, then shrugged. “I'm going to bed.”

After he left, Pink and Blue exchanged a glance.

“Whoo, angry,” Blue chuckled. “Hey, are you going to wear that to bed?”

“Why not,” Pink shrugged. “It's technically sleepwear anyway. Are you going to wear that?”

Blue reached up to the antlers, and looked dubious.

“Go on,” Pink invited, and after a moment Blue nodded.

“Sure,” he decided. “May as well.”

As they headed to their rooms, Green frowned, then picked up the bottle of mostly-drunk sherry from under the sofa and went to his own room.

That night, visions of sugarplums danced in their heads.

Green groaned, drifting awake, and glanced over at his alarm clock.

It said it was about four in the morning, and he groaned again before trying to go back to sleep. He rolled over, which seemed much harder than before, and he caught a faint view of his reflection in the mirror.

Despite his hangover, the sight made him stare.

Barely able to believe his eyes, Green blinked at the sight of an enormous fat bulk under the blankets. Then he tried to jump to his feet, though it wasn't easy – the bulk he'd spotted turned out to be some kind of big plush deer suit, which constricted his movements and made him much heavier than he'd expected to be.

Muttering dire imprecations to himself, Green got up – noticing as he did that his blanket had disappeared. Walking with some difficulty, he turned the light on, and got a good look at himself.

The first thing he really saw was the thick, soft, black gloves on his hands, but the suit did cover basically everything except his head. His feet were encased in softness, and his legs were so thickly swaddled in plush that it looked like he had hooves – marked by a little black area which seemed to be made of vinyl – while his body was heftily bulked out, making him look very fat in a jolly sort of way.

Turning, Green discovered that the suit included a little dock tail, and the sight made him blush. Then he sat down on the bed, wondering what to do and what monster could have done this, and he heard a loud crinkle sound.

Blushing again, Green felt around his lower body. It certainly seemed as though there was something crinkly wrapped around his waist, under the suit, and thoughts of what it might be made his ears heat up.

Weighing the idea of calling for help, Green hesitated for several seconds before deciding he had to – no matter how embarrassing it might be.

“Guys!” he called. “I think we've got monster problems!”

There were a few seconds of quiet, near silence, then a loud thump from the direction of Pink's room. Then some shouting, by the sounds of things both Pink and Blue.

Green stood up again, waddling heavily with the effect of his ridiculous deer suit, and opened the door.

Having the conversation out in the common area would at least let him take some painkillers.

“This is so bizarre!” Pink said, looking at herself in the mirror again. “How does this even work?”

“Monster stuff, like always,” Green replied, half-listening as he swallowed some aspirin. “Seriously, though, you put on a reindeer suit?”

“I thought a Christmas monster would come, you know, at Christmas?” Pink defended herself. “Besides, did you see this coming either?”

“No,” Green admitted, rubbing his forehead with the thick black gloves of the outfit. It had been real trouble opening the pill bottle and getting a glass of water, though he at least had a better situation than Pink – arguably, anyway.

While his suit was thick and plush to make him look fat, Pink's one was almost as thick but had an entirely different target in mind for what it was doing to her. There was the same plump, puffed-up and somewhat crinkly area around her rump, the same colour scheme – brown on her back, cream on her front, going up to the little tail in the same place Green had his – but her hands were covered in the same kind of hoof-gloves as her feet, and the sleeper's hood had become a hood wrapping most of the way around her face with fine reindeer horns sticking out the top and a pair of cute ears to the side, and the bulk was shaped differently – less to make her fat, more to make her figure a little more deerish in general.

And, most worryingly of all, the outfit was trying to force her down onto all fours. It wasn't quite managing to do that, but Pink was having to walk with a stoop and strain hard when she wanted to straighten up a little – and it still meant her probably-diapered rump was sticking up into the air.

“I did think it was just a bit of fun,” Green agreed. “And I thought Yellow sent it as a prank. But if she didn't… who did?”

“The monster, of course,” Blue replied, sitting down in one of the seats with a sigh. “No luck, by the way.”

Blue's outfit was the one which was the least humiliatingly puffy – relatively, at least – and gave him the use of his hands, though they had black gloves to go with the colour scheme matching that of the other two suits.

Blue's outfit was also differently designed, without much in the way of plushy bulk – instead, he was in mostly skintight shiny latex, though there was still a crinkly mass around his waist – and with the hood around his head joining smoothly to the antlers he'd put on the previous afternoon.

“So Red's still asleep?” Green asked, yawning. “After this?”

“I shook him, no luck,” Blue confirmed. “Something must be keeping him asleep.”

Pink fell onto all fours with a whumph.

Up on the roof, Softhoof the Red-Nosed tilted his head.

It sounded like things were going well!

He trotted over to a fine chimney near the edge of the roof, not particularly bothering to pay attention to where it had come from, and began to squeeze his way down it. His plushy body squished into the tight space, producing a few odd squeaking sounds, and the last part of him to disappear from view was his bright red nose.

“It's not coming off,” Blue said, and stopped pulling.

“Well, thanks for trying,” Green muttered. “Ah, at least my head feels a little better...”

He shook his head. “Okay, so none of the outfits are coming off. That's really embarrassing, but what worries me more is that we can't morph or get Red woken up.”

“Or use the computer,” Yellow supplied. “Blue might be able to, though.”

“I'll give it a go,” Blue agreed, and walked – or waddled – into the computer room.

Just after he did, however, a noise drew the attention of the other two Rangers.

Before their astonished eyes, something appeared in the fireplace that had been fake the previous night, but which now seemed to be acting very much like a real one. The object creaked, then popped out of the cardboard – revealing a pair of thick plush hooves, the legs they were attached to, and a large cream reindeer rump with a wiggly tail.

Another creak, this time with a bit of a crinkle too, and a big belly emerged. Then there was a final back-and-forth shake, and the rest of the reindeer monster came out of the chimney.

“What… the...” Pink gaped.

The monster turned to face them, smiling, and his big red nose glowed and pulsed as he wiggled his antlers.

“Hello!” he said brightly. “It's nice to meet some new reindeer!”

“Did you do this to us?” Pink asked, leaning against the sofa so she didn't fall over.

“He must have done,” Green replied, blinking. He tried to look over at Pink as he talked, but the monster's nose was just fascinating. “How else do you think...”

“Isn't it just a wonderful gift?” the reindeer asked. “Don't you feel all snuggly warm for the cold weather?”

“Well… I guess it is warm,” Pink admitted, in spite of herself, then shook her head. “N-no, stop...”

“Stop what?” he asked. “I'm just pointing out how good it feels to dress up snug and warm and be a happy reindeer!”

Pink felt a tingling run down her spine, coming from the antlers on her reindeer sleeper, and it made her feel all soft and warm and… oddly happy. Her gaze locked on the shiny red nose, and she slipped down onto all fours.

“See?” Softhoof asked her, as his horns began to glow faintly – coloured sparks running over them like Christmas lights – and the same colours appeared on her horns as well. “It feels nice and snug and fuzzy.”

He turned his attention to Green again, who was trying to back away, but as he did he bumped into the sofa and fell backwards onto his crinkle-encased butt.

Reaching back up into the chimney while Green was indisposed, Softhoof produced a gift-wrapped parcel. Carrying it in one hoof, he put it down just in front of Green, and antlers and horn glowed more brightly – reflecting on the ribbon straining to hold the present inside the paper.

“Open your present,” he invited. “Don't you like getting presents?”

Green picked up the present, ready to throw it at the monster, but once it was in his grip he hesitated. Then he moved it back, ready to throw, but the moment he did the ribbon burst and a giant plush reindeer-head exploded out of it.

Suddenly Green was holding a reindeer-suit head, one which looked a bit big even for his current overstuffed suit, and he blinked – the surprise breaking through his concentration.

“Ooh, lovely~!” Softhoof announced. “It's the rest of your costume! Have a look inside, it's made especially for you!”

In Green's startled state, he didn't really remember that the monster was an enemy. He reflexively looked inside the head, and once he was looking into it – holding it close to where it would go when he put it on – he simply couldn't find in him the strength to look away…

“On it goes!” Softhoof announced, and Green slowly lowered it over his head.

As soon as he did the antlers lit up in the same rainbow sparks as Softhoof and Pink, and Green nodded – slowly, with a docile acceptance.

“Now, you're one of the reindeer who helps me pull my sleigh!” Softhoof told Pink proudly. “And you are Father Reindeer, who hands out presents to all the good fawns!”

Green nodded again, accepting his new role.

“Okay...” Blue muttered to himself, typing as best he could with his clumsy gloves. “This is just… really annoying!”

He rubbed absently at the antlers on his head, which bobbed back and forth a little, then tried the command again. This time it opened up the secure console, and he shifted to awkwardly using the mouse.

The scanner was just showing an odd snow effect, but as he zoomed out he began to check the density of the interference. That might let him tell where the monster was… but no, it seemed to have thought of that. The whole city was covered with at least some interference, with the strongest point right on top of the Ranger base.

Sighing, Blue stood up.

“No luck,” he called, opening the door, and got a look directly at two padded-up reindeer suit butts. “Oh, real funny… guys?”

“Aha, there we are!” came a voice – and not one Blue recognized.

Pink and Green both turned to face him, and Blue stepped back in shock at the sight of Green's mascot-style reindeer head. Before he'd worked out why Green would possibly be wearing that, he spotted that their antlers were glowing.

His own pair of ostensibly fake antlers tingled, sending sparks of energy down into his mind, and Blue shook his head as he tried to fight off the mental attack.

“It's good to have another reindeer join the herd,” the voice went on, and Blue caught sight of a red light appearing from between Green and Blue.

The light was on the snout of a big, puffy-looking reindeer, and the oddness of it all made Blue stare for a moment – then he suddenly realized the danger, looking away again before he could be trapped by the very shiny nose.

“Don't you want to be a good deer?” the big plush reindeer asked, and the question sent another glissando of tingling sensations into Blue's mind – stronger this time, and seeming to come in pulses as the antlers of his corrupted comrades flashed.

Blue put his hands to his antlers, trying to pull them off, but they were held fast. His gaze went up to the red nose again, and he bit his lip before mustering the willpower to look away – and running for the door.

The move surprised his foes, who didn't make an effort to stop him until he was halfway through. Blue shoved it shut behind him, and escaped into the morning light – his head full of tingles and the odd desire to look at that shiny red nose again…

After a few seconds, Blue realized just what he was – and was not – wearing. He flushed, and made a promise to himself that he'd hide in the alleyway for as long as he could.

And, ideally, look for something to wear over the ridiculous latex reindeer costume.

“That's such a pity,” Softhoof sighed. “I really hoped he'd want to join us!”

His two new minions didn't cooperate, but Softhoof only had a moment to consider his annoyance before there was a wham as a door slammed wide.

Red levelled his blaster and opened fire, and Softhoof yelped in surprise before galloping for the cardboard chimney.

He vanished into it, followed a short moment later by his two converts, and Pink's suit-hoof had only just stopped wiggling in the cardboard fireplace before Red blasted it and destroyed it.

“What a mess,” the Red Ranger groaned. “Blue? You still here? What the heck happened?”

Up on the roof, Softhoof guided Pink backwards towards his sleigh. He picked up one half of the traces and clipped them on, the bells on her new harness jingling faintly as he tightened it, then fitted himself into the other half.

The sleigh had been a one-deer model when he'd gone down the chimney, but that wasn't any particular concern for him.

“In you get, Father Reindeer!” he told the suited-up Green, now essentially impossible to make out under his thick mascot-style plush. Green nodded, his antlers glittering, and squeezed into the open sleigh next to the big pile of presents.

Softhoof checked everything was ready, making his bells shake, then cantered forwards. Pink copied him, and the sleigh slid into the sky with the runners leaving behind a trail of bright sparks.

Red tried to push the piles of discarded Reindeer-themed stuff to the side of the room, shaking his head.

One of the bottles of eggnog nearly fell off the table, and he caught it automatically. It wasn't something he wanted to drink, but it would be good to at least not spill it on the floor.

Looking at all the potentially-corrupting material, he decided to keep to his suit – that way it couldn't get at him. It might be tiring to stay morphed for hours, but he could deal.

As he was contemplating that, the phone rang.

Running to the nearest handset, he picked it up. “Hello, who is this?”

“Red!” Blue said quickly. “It's me – Blue.”

“Blue, good to hear from you,” Red replied, breathing a sigh of relief. “What happened?”

“There was this reindeer monster-”

“Yeah, I saw,” Red agreed. “I fired at him and he ran off, but he took – well, I think it was Pink and Green, if you're okay. They're gone, so you can come back if you want.”

“I still need to get this suit off,” Blue said. “But – yeah, okay, if you've morphed then maybe we can get your Ranger Sword to do something. What's the plan?”

“Well – I'll come out to get you,” Red decided. “Where are you?”

There was a long pause, during which Blue didn't say anything.

“Blue?” Red asked. “Are you all right?”

He turned up the volume, and could hear a very faint jingling sound.

The phone slipped from Blue's gloved hand as the jingling bells filled the air again, making him feel oddly fuzzy… funny… happy. He frowned for a moment, sure something was wrong, but the bells made him tingle from his hooves – toes – to his antlers – head – and made him smile faintly.

As he blinked, shaking his head to try and concentrate, the jingling got louder. A sleigh swooped down to land just in front of him, and his antlers pulsed in time with the antlers on the three reindeer both in front of and in charge of the sleigh.

“You look thirsty,” said the puffy red-nosed reindeer on the near side of the traces. “And you must be cold, too! Out so early in such thin clothes!”

“I… well...” Blue began, and the reindeer stomped his hooves to make his bells jingle in unison. The other four-legged reindeer did the same, and the jingles smoothed away Blue's hesitation. “Yeah, I am kind of cold...”

“Well, that's an easy problem!” the red-nosed reindeer told him, antlers pulsing, and with every pulse Blue felt a little colder and a little thirstier – but, at the same time, a little safer to know this friendly reindeer was here to take care of him. “Father Reindeer can help!”

Silently, Father Reindeer passed Blue a wrapped box. Blue tore the paper off it, opened the cardboard box inside, and found a bottle of reindeer-brand eggnog – already nice and warm!

Thankful for the gift, he drank some of it down, and sighed with relief as the warmth flowed down his throat. He wobbled a little on his feet, took another drink, and felt a warm, fuzzy feeling come over him.

“Do you want a lift?” the red-nosed reindeer asked, antlers sparkling, and Blue nodded. Father Reindeer slid to one side on the bench seat, offering just enough room for Blue to slip in if he snuggled close, and Blue got in – already taking another drink of his eggnog.

Father Reindeer put one plush arm around him, and Blue sank into the soft body of the reindeer sleigh rider – feeling waves of happy tingling flow down through his antlers into his mind, making him relaxed as the antlers began to sparkle and flash.

His own latexy deer-suit began to puff out, a little at a time...

Red looked at the phone, sighed, then put it back on the desk and sank into the chair.

He put his head in his hands. He'd heard bells, then nothing, which sounded as though the monster had managed to sneak up on Blue and capture him as well – if Blue had had to run, he surely would have said something.

After carefully thinking it over, he picked up the phone to call Yellow – still on holiday.

“Hi,” he began.

“It's me,” Yellow replied. “What is it?”

“Some kind of deer monster, I'm afraid,” Red told her. “Big and soft, kind of cartoony in a way. It got the others.”

Yellow hissed into the phone.

“That's not good,” she said. “I'd better come back, then.”

“Thanks,” Red sighed. “That's a load off my mind… and watch out, too. I'm going to go handle things with the college so they don't ask where the others are.”

He ended the call, already thinking about what excuse he was going to use this time. Perhaps something about a stomach bug?

Up on a convenient roof, Softhoof inspected his new recruits with a sigh.

He'd been doing pretty well, it was true, with two full reindeer and one increasingly puffy one, but the problem was he had no full sets! This would make it much harder to set up the reins properly, which was a problem for a reindeer to think about hard and no mistake.

He put a hoof to his muzzle, squishing them together a bit, then shook his bells as he slipped his own harness. Trotting around to Blue, still sitting in the sleigh, he waved his antlers to get Blue's attention.

“Hey!” he said. “I've got a job for you!”

Blue looked up, getting a full look right into the shiny red nose. His expression went dopey and slack, and Softhoof smiled.

“It's a nice easy job,” he went on. “But you'll need to be dressed for it, so you don't forget what you're doing… you've got your horns, which is good, but you'll need your reins too! Father Reindeer, do you have another present for our newest recruit?”

Father Reindeer rummaged in his sack, then brought out a well-wrapped parcel.

“Go ahead, open it!” Softhoof encouraged, and Blue nodded a little absently before complying.

Inside was a fine harness, with blue material making up the straps, and festooned with little silver bells. It was hard to tell at first, but as Blue lifted it out it seemed to be sized just right to fit him – at least, with his outfit as puffed up as it was now.

“Doesn't that look nice?” Softhoof asked. “I bet it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy to get such a nice present from Father Reindeer! Now, on it goes, and then you can go and do your mission for me without getting sidetracked!”

His eyes swirled a little, keeping Blue focused on them as he talked. “You're going to give an extra special present!”

Red opened the base door, went through, then morphed as soon as he was out of sight.

Taking his helmet off and putting it to the side, he sighed. Sorting out the missing Rangers with their college had taken hours, partly just to have the same conversation three times over and partly because of the trip to visit a doctor miles away in the suburbs.

Months ago, when the Rangers had first formed, they'd managed to get a friendly doctor's help for whenever they needed some kind of official justification for not showing up somewhere. He was willing enough to provide them with doctors' notes saying something mundane instead of what had actually happened – but part of the complication was that Red had had to go and visit him instead of handling it by phone.

Still, that was done, and Yellow was going to be showing up before long – tomorrow, actually, once she finally got back to town. So Red just had to spend an evening in, and everything would be fine.


Slumping down in his chair, Red checked for any more messages on the computers – nothing – then shrugged.

Time for dinner.

Blue watched as the lights went on.

Part of him wanted to walk up to the door and ask for help. To get Red to do everything he could to get the suit off.

Memories of Softhoof's glittering antlers swam through his mind, and he frowned before shaking his head – making the bells jingle, and making it even harder to concentrate.

He stilled himself with effort, and took a step forwards – producing another jingle, and reminding him that Softhoof had told him to come back for another present once his job was done.

Another present did sound nice…

Blue took another step, and the jingles resonated in his head – not seeming to go away. He wavered, then turned and walked back the other way.

It wasn't far.

“There you are!” Softhoof smiled, as Blue arrived back at the sleigh. “Did you deliver all the presents?”

Blue nodded, bells jingling.

“Well done,” Softhoof told him with a smile. “Let's see what else is in Father Reindeer's sack for you!”

The entranced Green Ranger – now Father Reindeer – reached into his bag, rummaged around for a bit, and revealed a succulent orange carrot. As it emerged, Softhoof's antlers glowed brighter as he drew on the connections between all of his reindeer – amplifying the suggestion that Reindeer Love Carrots, stronger and stronger.

Blue's eyes lit up, and he took the carrot in both hands before starting to eat. With every bite his bells jingled louder, and Softhoof felt him sinking deeper into the right mindset for a good reindeer.

It was a happy moment.

Red finished his dinner, and took another drink from his squash.

Normally, there was nothing especially inspiring about just having something reheated from the freezer, and today was pretty much the same – except that the drink was really very nice! It was an odd thing, but the squash was much tangier and fruitier than normal.

It was probably just that Red had put a bit more concentrate in than normal, or something, but he'd have to remember to do that in future – it had really spiced up an otherwise morose evening.

He stifled a giggle, then took another drink.

It would be a shame to have some of it go to waste, really…

Red took another swig, then noticed with some annoyance that the drink was pretty much finished.

A little fuzzy, he decided to see if there was anything else to drink. Maybe it would be silly to have all the concentrate, but there were some other drinks in the building.

Like all that eggnog, for example…

After thinking about that idea for a bit, Red decided… it couldn't be too much of a problem if he had the eggnog, could it? After all, if he stayed morphed then it couldn't do that much to him.

Red sipped at his glass of eggnog.

It was very nice stuff! He could see why the others had had so much of it, last night – was it really only last night? - and there was enough left he had no fear of running out.

Licking his lips, he took a big gulp this time, then put the glass down and lay back on the couch.

It was a bit cold, even with his Ranger outfit on, but the eggnog had a lovely warming effect. Still, the warming tingle didn't last very long, so Red started to wonder how he could best stay warm for longer.

Taking another mouthful of eggnog to tide him over, Red looked around the room – then his eyes fell on the second reindeer romper, left in the corner of the room after Pink had offered it to him the previous evening.

Should he?

No, it probably wasn't a good idea. Red shook his head, though something did continue to niggle at him.

Maybe it wouldn't be as bad an idea as all that? After all, the problem last night had been the monster coming in… and if he stayed morphed, in his Ranger costume, then he wouldn't be vulnerable like the others had been.

Still thinking, Red sipped some more eggnog.

It would look cute…

Some hours later, Red yawned.

The reindeer romper had indeed been nice and comfortable, in fact so comfortable it had raised his mood, and he'd sat down in front of the TV to watch a nice film.

It had been a very calming, pleasant experience, especially with a few more drinks of eggnog and even a bit of sherry, and he yawned again before lying down on the couch.

It sounded like too much effort to go to bed… he could just nap here.

As he drifted off, an animated film about reindeer played quietly on the TV screen.

Yellow checked the bus timetable again, then sighed.

After another missed connection, she'd be lucky to get back to base in time for a full night's sleep. Hopefully Red wouldn't mind if she spent a morning recovering from her journey – they needed to stop the monster, but it wouldn't be any good trying on no sleep.

After some odd, fuzzy dreams, Red muttered something before drifting awake again. It was an indistinct, not-really-there kind of awake, but it was enough for him to hear something.

“How are you?”

It was a nice voice, a pleasant voice, and Red smiled. “Good...”

“That's good,” the voice told him, and this time the words seemed to make a little tingle run down his spine. It wasn't much, and he stayed very drowsy, but it sounded nice too.

“Have you heard about Softhoof the Red-Nosed?” the voice asked.

“Mm...hmmm...” Red nodded minutely. “He's a reindeer monster… tries to trick people…”

“It sounds like you do,” the voice agreed. “Do you think he could trick you?”

Red shook his head this time, not seeing a problem with continuing the conversation. “No...”

He was too smart to fall for any of those tricks!

“Oh, but Softhoof is a sneaky reindeer,” the voice said, still calm and smoothing. The room was dimly lit, but it seemed to be getting a bit brighter – and a bit redder, as well. “You might not even realize you're falling into his traps… like drinking eggnog, or sherry… perhaps putting on something a reindeer might wear, or that makes you look just like a reindeer...”

Those words gave Red pause, and he shifted – beginning to feel worried, but in an odd kind of way as if he were a little boy who'd been caught out by a parent.

“Maybe he might even be so sneaky,” the voice went on, more and more persuasive, “that you might not even notice you're wearing a pair of antlers, staring at the red light of his nose, until it's too late to do anything?”

Red mumbled something, blushed, and fell off the couch with a thump. Scrambling to all fours – finding himself wrapped in thick plush – he looked up, and his gaze locked onto Softhoof's swirling green eyes and glowing red nose.

“There we go,” Softhoof chuckled. “Another happy new deer for me...”

“Okay, I'm back!” Yellow called, shutting the door behind her. “There was just problem after problem with the buses and stuff...”

She yawned, putting down the bag of supplies she'd got from the corner shop, then frowned. “Red?”

No reply, so she picked up the bag again and put the contents in the fridge before going to check on the computer records.

“Red, you idiot...” Yellow groaned.

She hadn't had time to watch all the available recordings, but it was pretty clear already that Red had made several foolish decisions – practically inviting the monster in to corrupt him! Though it looked like a lot of his mistakes could be blamed fundamentally on drinking all that eggnog…

Frowning, Yellow got up and sniffed the squash. Now she was looking for it, there was a faint hint of something intoxicating in there…

Screwing the top back on, Yellow sighed. So… somehow the monster, or one of her teammates under the monster's control, had managed to get in here and spike the drinks. That was a problem, and it meant she couldn't trust anything that had been in the base for more than a few hours.

Making up her mind, Yellow got out one of the energy drinks she'd picked up in the shop, and mixed up some coffee as well from the instant she'd got at the same time. Draining the coffee cup, then taking a quick sip of the energy drink, Yellow exhaled as she felt the rush flow through her.

When she morphed, there'd be another big rush of energy too, which would let her fight as well as she normally could.

It wouldn't last too long, and she'd crash something fierce when it all wore off, but until then Yellow had her chance.

After a few minutes rummaging around, Yellow found the pair of antlers left over from the 'presents' the monster had provided as if they were from her. Inspecting them carefully, she put them down on the table with half a roll of twine wrapped around them before going into the cupboard again to look for something she was sure she remembered from last Christmas.

Looking for this took longer, and she finally dug it out after almost twenty minutes – a pair of light-up reindeer antlers from last Christmas. The battery was worn out, but a quick bit of work with a screwdriver had the battery replaced with a new one.

Looking at them, Yellow went over her plan again.

Pretend to be controlled by the antlers. Lure the monster out into the open. Morph and attack him.

It wasn't a very sophisticated plan, but it was the best she could come up with.

Softhoof fussed over the harness of his newest reindeer friend.

With two four-legged reindeer, one two-legged reindeer, Father Reindeer in the sleigh, and himself of course, it was nearly enough – but not quite! He needed one more deer in the traces, so that way he would be able to gallop along in front of two sets of two deer.

At least now he could put Red and Pink nearest the sleigh, then Blue in front of them, and himself in front of Blue, but-

Softhoof left off his consideration when he spotted the door of the Ranger base open.

That last Ranger – Yellow? - came stumbling out, wobbly and distracted and with a pair of antlers on her head, and Softhoof quickly finished clipping Red into place with his big plush hooves before wheeling about and cantering off the rooftop.

Sparks flying from his hooves, he circled once as he headed down to ground level before halting in front of the Ranger.

Yellow tried not to show her nerves.

“I'm so glad you've come to see the magic of Christmas!” the plump plushy reindeer told her, shaking his head and making his antlers shake back and forth a little.

Yellow let her eyes unfocus, watching the antlers the way she was sure she was supposed to be, and nodded.

The monster was still too far away from her. She needed him to come a bit closer, so she could attack his antlers the moment she transformed.

“But you'll want to see your friends!” the reindeer added. “I forgot! They're your old friends, but your new friends as well!”

He shook his rump, hooves squeaking as they hit the ground, and Yellow saw something come shooting off the nearby rooftop.

It landed in front of her with a sliding, skidding sound, drawn by one two-legged rubbery reindeer and two four-legged plushy reindeer, and with a great big reindeer in a puffy outfit in the seat.

All four of them had antlers glowing in a steady glittering sequence as well, and Yellow blinked a few times – fighting the urge to shake her head and clear it.

“Don't they look so happy?” the reindeer asked.

He was still too far away, so Yellow nodded. “Yeah...”

“Such good reindeer, happy and without a care,” he went on. “Because I look after all my reindeer, even Father Reindeer. Isn't that right?”

The other Rangers all nodded in unison, their own antlers bobbing up and down.

“Yes, Softhoof...” Blue mumbled.

“There, see!” Softhoof smiled. “And I bet you're ready to join in too!”

He trotted around behind her, and Yellow turned – making it look as if she was following the lights of his antlers and his eyes and his glowing red nose, though she kept her eyes unfocused, but also ready in case he came too close.

Then something landed on her head.

“That's better~!” the reindeer caroled. “Much more snug!”

Yellow reached up, and found two pairs of antlers on her head – the ones she'd put on, and a new pair already making her feel tingles all down her spine.

“Hey!” she protested. “S-stop!”

“But you agreed your friends look happy, and that you've seen the magic of Christmas!” Softhoof replied, his antlers drawing her attention again – no!

Reaching for her wrist, Yellow triggered her morpher and transformed. “Morph on!”

The flush of energy she expected washed over her as she morphed, but it had an odd tingle to it – one which started at her head, infusing itself into the morphing energy as it rushed over her, and leaving her oddly light-headed.

“Oh, how thoughtful of you!” Softhoof said, antlers and eyes and nose all glowing together, and Yellow reached for her sword.

Her hand failed to grasp it.

Startled, she looked down, and saw just a plushy little black hoof on a brown latex-covered arm. Her other hand was the same, and her chest was covered in cream latex while the rest of her was brown as well.

She noticed the diaper that had formed under her suit a moment later, but then Softhoof's soothing voice spoke again.

“Doesn't that feel so much comfier?” he asked. “Cozier? Feeling your outfit puff up a little whenever those plush hooves of yours take a step?”

Yellow tried to resist, using all her mental strength to fight off his hypnotic words and the sight of his glowing, entrancing antlers, but pulses of calming light took the edge off her rage and reminded her how long it had been since she'd last had a chance to relax.

She took a step back, then another, and Softhoof kept talking.

“Don't you want to say thank you to Father Reindeer for giving you such a good gift?”

“Well...” Yellow wavered, then a pair of mittens came to rest on her shoulders.

She wanted to look away, but she couldn't drag her eyes away from the soothing stare of the reindeer in front of her.

The mittens squeezed both shoulders, making her realize that her outfit was – in addition to being very reindeer-y – a lot puffier than it had been before. Then the mittens let go, and a faint jingling lit sparks in her mind as a harness was strapped around her chest and shoulders and squeezing her diaper.

“Helping bring joy to everyone around,” Softhoof told her. “Sounds nice, doesn't it?”

Yellow nodded, floating on a curtain of soft fuzzy thoughts and happy giggly Christmassy energy.

“That's a happy new deer,” Softhoof said to her. “You're going to have a very happy holiday season~”

Over a month later, Softhoof looked out over the city with a happy smile.

It was snowing, it was nearly time for Christmas, and he was ready to bring Christmas to everyone! With his two two-legged rubbery reindeer behind him, the two four-legged plushy reindeer behind them, and a sleigh piled high with reindeer gifts and Father Reindeer himself… why, they'd be able to visit everyone and give them all a wonderful Christmas present!

That was just how Christmas worked, after all. Everyone was full of good deer.
Softhoof's Ranger Story
One of my Ranger stories, themed for Christmas!
This one involves my monster Softhoof, and the usual group of Rangers I use for situations like this.
It's some time before Christmas, and the Rangers get a very early batch of presents - presents which the cheerful monster Softhoof has sent to get them into the Christmas spirit in time for the holiday season!

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This content is intended for mature audiences.

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Softhoof the Red-Nosed
Reindeer plush monster

A quadrupedal deer plush, about seven feet high at the shoulder, with twelve-pointed antlers and a glowing red nose. His eyes also glow, though more faintly, and with a spiral twist to the light.

He seeks to spread his deer-corruption to the whole world during the holiday season, but just one deer and a sled isn't enough. So a few targets get early Christmas presents...

Corruption methods:

Toy deer antlers which attach to the head and grow a latex-rubber reindeer suit over time (often overnight), which can be inflated to make the victim more empty-headed.
These victims end up two-legged, and take places near the back of the traces.
Deer rompers which feel soft and enticing, encouraging the victim to wear them. Once worn they gradually puff up and turn quadrupedal, making the victim into a four-legged plush reindeer. These victims take up places near the front of the traces.
Reindeer-branded sherry. This is highly addictive, and the victim will drink the whole bottle over the space of just an hour or so (ending up very drunk). Once fully drunk, the next time they go to bed their blankets will turn into a very thick, restrictive reindeer fursuit.
They will become Father Reindeer, who hands out the presents, though Softhoof is always in charge.

As the magic of Christmas is strongest for the young, the victims often end up diapered.

In addition to these abilities, he can control victims by resonating his mind with their antlers and can control anyone by either transfixing them with his gaze or making them stare at his nose. The resonance from the antlers grows stronger the more other antlers there are around, but the gaze and nose effects wear off without direct eye contact.

For those who have already been partly influenced, the sound of sleigh bells helps take them deeper and make them think more happy Reindeer thoughts.

He will tend to target everyone living in a house, and usually starts with houses without genuine childen in. Trancing a postman, he will make them deliver a set of 'early Christmas presents' containing the tools of his corruption.
It is common for him to visit overnight, even if the changes have not finished yet.

He may aim to have up to twelve other reindeer to pull his sled, as well as Father Reindeer. He will always aim for pairs of similarly-attired reindeer.

Softhoof's primary weakness is related to the weather. He is fine in snow, hail or clear sky, but rain is a big problem for him and can send him plummeting out of the sky.
Apart from this, his sled has problems turning when there are too many reindeer harnessed to it, and if the reins are cut then the victims can break out of their mental fugue (though he may then try to bring them back under).
Softhoof the Red-Nosed, reindeer plush monster
Another monster profile, this one done in advance of a hoped-for Christmas story.

The art is by softballoonpony from FA.
I don't submit everything to Deviantart, for a number of reasons - mostly about what's acceptable here.

So, if you've liked my works on here, there's some things you might enjoy on FurAffinity:

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