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The group quickly arrived at a few small tennis courts, the sergeant wheeling up a bin of several puffy somethings, as well as a couple rackets. “Alright, hoofball’s a pretty complicated sport, so we’re going to start you out with something easier. You’ll get some practice batting these clouds around, and no, you don’t get to use your diapers yet. The rackets should be good enough for now.”

Looking over the crowd, the sergeant called up two other ponies, giving them a racket each and setting them on opposite sides of the net. He bounced a cloud up into the air before smacking it towards one of the ponies. They began to volley the cloud back and forth, waddling around in their puffy diapers.

“Dash, Fireworks! You’re up here!” He called them over to the next court. Dash waddled over, a rather chipper pegasus bouncing on her rump behind her. “Alright, bounce it back and forth for now. Whoever gets the longest volley gets an extra treat at lunch tomorrow.”

Bouncing the cloud up, he smacked it towards Dash, who quickly swatted the cloud towards Fireworks, who bounced on her rear to return it, a rhythm quickly growing as they batted it back and forth.

Dash dove to the left to make one hit, then had to scramble to get the next one as it went a long way to the right instead.

She could see this was good training, it was making her think about where the cloud was going and when she'd need to move to intercept it. It was a pity she couldn't use her padding to do the job, but it was still giving her rump a very pleasing waddle…

As she kept going, however, she noticed that the cloud was getting larger. Every hit seemed to make it grow, just a little, and where it had previously hit the centre of the racket it was now hitting the entire racket at once.

It was looking darker too, and then with a tiny crackle of thunder it began to rain.

Dash nearly missed her next shot, and the rain as she hit it passed briefly over her suit – making it a little damp, seeming to make it swell up slightly.

Fireworks hit it next, producing another little shower of raindrops in all directions, and Dash waddled to hit it again

It was definitely getting bigger, with the cloud this time bulging around the sides of the racket and making Dash wetter than it had the first time.

Dash’s waddling was becoming steadily slower as the raincloud grew larger, her suit starting to slosh a bit as it filled steadily more with rain. Fireworks seemed to be having a bit more trouble too, though it didn’t show as much due to Dash often lobbing the cloud right back to her, allowing her to continue to bounce in place as she batted left and right. Dash panted from the effort of running back and forth across the court, the cloud now looking like a properly sized one and needing quite a bit of effort to smack back in Fireworks' direction.

The cloud bounced once on the ground, Fireworks jumping up to return it. As she swung her racket, though, the cloud let out a jolt of electricity, zapping Fireworks and freezing her in the air for a moment before the cloud smacked into her. She fell to the ground, the cloud starting to pour rain down onto her suit. It swelled quickly, growing quite sloshy and puffy as she rocked back and forth on her rump. Despite her now sodden condition, Fireworks didn’t seem too upset about it.

“Nice work, Dash. Go on and hit the showers, that’s all we’re doing today!” The sergeant said as he waddled over, watching as Fireworks playfully splashed about below the cloud.

Dash didn't need to be told twice, and waddled – and sloshed – her way over to the shower block.

There were several Shadowbutts already there, laughing and joking about something that had happened at practice, and Dash watched as one of them waddled into the showers and turned them on.

To her surprise, the Shadowbutt just showered in their suit. It immediately got wet and began to swell up, their diaper growing faster than the rest of the material, and they began to scrub with an oversized brush without being bothered by it in the least.

“Hey, silly filly,” one of the other Shadowbutts said. “Here for a shower?”

“Well, yeah,” Dash agreed. “But – so we seriously just go in like this?”

“How else?” the Shadowbutt asked, and used his diaper to smack her on the rump – producing a loud slosh sound. “In you go, come on!”

“B-but-” Dash stuttered, then got slosh-bounced again and the warm water over her was turned on.

It was lovely and warm, warmer than she'd expected and much more comfortable, and her suit swelled up more as the water filled it up. She could feel it soaking through to her coat, making her feel cozy, but at the same time she could feel her diaper growing rapidly as the water flowed into it.

She blushed as she realized the sound of the water was making her want to use her diaper, and her first attempt to discreetly cross her legs produced a loud squish-slish-slosh.

“Hehe, what’s that for? You’ve got a diaper on, don’t you? Besides, it’s not like you’re not wet already!” One of the Shadowbutts teased, poking Dash’s swelling diaper as she sloshed her own left and right in the steady stream of water. Dash’s blush just grew brighter as she uncrossed her legs, which only allowed her diaper to swell larger as she was no longer squeezing in on it. Dash tried to hurry out, but found herself hesitating. The water was quite warm and cozy… and she’d only just gotten in.

“Not so fast! You haven’t gotten a scrub down yet!” One of the others said, tugging Dash over. The pony began to scrub a bar of soap around Dash’s suit, getting it slick and sudsy, several large bubbles floating through the air as Dash bit back a gentle coo of enjoyment. She couldn’t help but lean into the scrubbing, loving as her diaper was pressed and squeezed around. She watched as another pony washed themselves off, only to tug open the neck of their suit. Water flowed down into it, their own diaper growing even quicker as they gained a bit of pudge from the water pooling in the belly of their suit.

They let the neck snap back with a splash, giggling and massaging their sloshy suit belly as the warm water continued to flow down around them.

The Shadowbutt who'd originally pushed Dash into the showers bounced into her, producing a loud squish and a splash, and Dash noted that he'd begun to swell up as well – all the Shadowbutts in the showers getting larger and larger, just like her own suit was getting bigger and bigger.

“We need to help the new silly filly get all squeaky clean!” another Shadowbutt called, and Dash gasped as two Shadowbutt butts squeezed her from either side.

They relented a moment later, but two more squeezed her from front and back, and then the two from before squeezed her from either side, and they set up a rhythm of squeeze-release-squeeze-release which made the rising water churn around her and the water in her suit slosh back and forth.

Bubbles rose up from the churning, pumping motion of the diaper-butt Shadowbutts, growing larger every moment as well, and there seemed to be less and less room. Dash began to feel a little dizzy, as if she was going round and round as well as Shadowbutt butts going in and out, and everything got faster and faster as the water level got higher and higher and the bubbles got more and more frothy-

-Dash stumbled a little in the corridor on the way to the dorm room.

Her suit was dry, and clean, and fluffy and toasty warm. And she was a little indistinct on how...

Rainbow shook her head, trying to clear her mind, which still seemed like it was full of frothy, sudsy Shadowbutts swirling around her…

She took a few steps forward, trying to remember where she was headed. Well, she was in the dorm building… and she usually showered right before bed, so…

Shrugging, figuring she didn’t really have any better reasoning, Dash began to waddle back to her dorm, burying her face a bit into her suit as she enjoyed how warm and comfy it was. She was soon pushing open the door to her dorm, only to find the room was rather bare compared to the night before. She looked around, confused, before a bit of rustling brought her eyes upward. Shadowbutts were all hanging from perches in the ceiling by their tails, ruffling leathery bat feathers as they snored.

“Wait… did I go in the wrong…?” Dash turned around to leave, only to find herself face to face with Moonbeam. “Uh, sorry, I think I’m in the wrong dorm.”

Moonbeam just smiled sweetly, stepping up to Dash. “Nonsense, this is where you slept last night, isn’t it? Come on, it’s much too late for you to be up, you have a big day ahead of you tomorrow!”

“But – um… hold on,” Dash began, realizing she was sounding a bit like Fluttershy, then tried again. “I… didn't sleep like that last night?”

“Well, Shadowbutts all sleep like that, so you must have done,” Moonbeam told her pleasantly. “Come on, now, it's time for bed!”

Dash yawned, wobbling a bit on her hooves – it was late – and decided to think about it another time. Or… wait…

“Here we are,” Moonbeam added, pulling something from behind her back. It was a thick, fleecy outfit, though Dash couldn't tell all the details. “In you get – forehooves in here, that's right.”

“Are these pyjamas or something?” Dash asked, dutifully stepping into the forehooves of the outfit and putting her head into the neck section – puzzled as to why the zip went up her back where she couldn't get at it. “It seems really cozy...”

“Of course it's cozy,” Moonbeam agreed, helping Dash's hind legs into that section, then doing up the zipper. “Let's have a look at you.”

She produced a mirror, and Dash did get a good look at herself – at the Shadowbutt-themed sleeper, with a large flap at the back held (barely) by a row of four buttons and a set of snug bat-wings covering her own feathery-wings to keep them warm.

She turned a little, getting a better view, and as she did she noticed that there were several long straps attached to the legs. “This looks kind of odd,” she said, holding one up.

“It’s to make sure you’re safe and snug, silly! Now, cross your hooves, please,” Moonbeam requested.

Dash wasn’t really sure if she should. It seemed snug enough as it was, and something felt off about the design of the sleeper. But before she could realize it, she had already obeyed, and her hooves were wrapped snugly around herself. Moonbeam pulled the straps on the ends of the sleeves tight around Dash’s back, Dash hugging herself just a bit tighter as they were secured. She wobbled a bit on her hind hooves, her diaper rustling as she tried to keep her balance. “Careful now, don’t want you falling to sleep before you’re up in bed, now!” Moonbeam teased.

Dash tried to tell Moonbeam that hanging upside down wasn’t really a bed, but she couldn’t bring her suddenly tired self to do so. She yawned widely as Moonbeam flew up to pull a perch down for Dash. With swift motions, Moonbeam tied Dash’s tail in a knot around the perch, giving her a gently hug. “Nighty night, Shadowbutt!” She said, before releasing the perch. It went whizzing back up to the ceiling, Dash finding herself yanked upwards with it. She gave a soft yelp of surprise as she suddenly found herself dangling above the ceiling in her puffy attire.

“H-hey, wait!” She tried to call after Moonbeam, but the captain had already left the room, leaving Dash to hang in the air. Dash scrunched her muzzle, swinging back and forth a bit as she tried to free herself. What kind of pony would call this a bed? This was silly! The only bit of comfort she was able to gain was noticing the poster she had picked out had indeed been pasted by her hanging spot, upside down so that it would appear right side up to the inverted pegasus.

Dash shifted a little, bouncing up and down as the perch wobbled a bit, and yawned. The poster of a Shadowbutt squishing Spitfire swam up and down in her vision, and she heard a faint hiss in her ears before a soothing voice began whispering just at the edge of her hearing.

She heard 'relaxation', 'sleep' and 'sweet dreams', and wondered a little muzzily if the idea was to make sure she got a good night's sleep so she could be a good Shadowbutt the next day. Then she wriggled in her plushy straitjacket, each tug just making her hug herself more, and blinked again before yawning and starting to drift off.

Despite her misgivings, this seemed to actually be pretty relaxing now she was giving it a go…

As she stared at the poster, it was almost like it was moving in her dreamy vision. Like the Shadowbutt was bouncing up and down, squishing the Wonderbutt more and more, and she wasn't sure which one she wanted to be more…

At some point in the night, Dash drifted half-way back to wakefulness. Words seemed to swim through her head one at a time, letting her assemble them into thoughts which were almost the only thing in her head.

Good, Shadowbutt, for, momma.

Happy, to, be, a, Shadowbutt.

Shadowbutt, loves, nice, soft, cosy, warm, crinkly, suit.

Dash mumbled and shook her head, yawning as she slowly began to wake back up. She was still dangling upside down in her harness, her legs wrapped up snugly in her straitjacket. She kicked her legs, her diaper crinkling softly as she did so. There was a sudden whistle tweet, causing her to jerk around with surprise, swinging back and forth and bumping into the other Shadowbutts around her.

“Come on, up and at ‘em, we’ve got another big day! Up, up, up!” The sergeant shouted. The other ponies around her untied their tails and fluttered down from the rafters. Dash was left swinging about, shouting after them.

“H-hey! Get me down from here!” Dash jerked around. As she swung about, the knot in her tail come loose, and with a flump!, she fell to the ground, bouncing off of her diaper. She landed in front of the sergeant, blushing brightly.

“Very funny, you’ll get to play games when you’re an actual Shadowbutt. Now hurry up!” The sergeant undid Dash’s straps before turning around to lead the others out of the barracks.

Wobbling a little, Dash hurried to catch up. The other ponies were waddling more-or-less in step, and Dash automatically fell into step with them – her diaper wiggling back and forth in time, watching the padded rumps in front of her swing back and forth.

Back and forth… it made her blink, then stare, something about the rhythmic motion causing her eyes to glaze over as her focus narrowed to the Shadowbutt butts swinging across her vision.

When the one just in front of her stopped moving, Dash ran into it with an oof. She blushed about her facefull of fluff, then looked around to see where they were.

“At last!” the sergeant said, glaring at her, and Dash blushed again at being the centre of attention in such an uncomplimentary way. “I hope you're going to pay more attention to your cartoons!”

“My what?” Dash asked, still confused.

“Your instruction video,” the sergeant repeated, turning on a giant screen against the wall.

Even before she looked, the musical theme at the beginning was enough to draw Dash's attention like a magnet. She felt she had to watch, to learn to be a good Shadowbutt, and when she caught a glimpse that was enough – it felt so good to watch and stare, she had no reason to do anything else.

Dash watched as the colors blended together to make a rather alluring blur. She swished her tail about as she stared up at the screen, a few of the other Shadowbutts making similarly amused remarks. The video showed several Shadowbutts bouncing along on their rears, diapers crinkling and releasing a cloud of foal powder every time they landed. The musical jingle began to die away as the screen zoomed out to show the Shadowbutts had been bouncing on some rather puffy letters spelling out ‘advanced techniques’. The voice over from the previous video came back, sounding as soothing as before.

“So, you’ve made it through basic Shadowbutt training, you must be quite proud!” (And Dash most certainly was) “You think you’re ready to take on the challenges of a real Shadowbutt?” The class nodded in unison. The voice chuckled, as if reacting to them. “Hoho, slow down there! You’ve still got a few more things to learn before you can start playing with the big kids! For starters, you’ll soon meet with some of the cheerleading team.” The video showed a few ponies in attire that was somehow simultaneously puffy and yet rather revealing. “These will be the ponies cheering you on during the games, and the ones leading the cheers for the audience!”

As if they could hear the voiceover, the cheerleader ponies perked up before starting to move in formation.

“That's right, that's right!” they chanted, not quite in unison but close, and bounced butts together in a back-and-forth sequence.

There was a short pause without any voices, and then the puffed-up cheerleaders flicked their tutus all together.

“Who's the type of poofy pega-foal who's got the skills to send the ball into the goal? Who's the first choice for crinkles and for struts?”

They looked out of the screen. “Let's hear you say it with us now-”

“Shadowbutts!” the trainees chorused. Dash was as loud as any of them, and proud for joining in – feeling like she was a good Shadowbutt for doing so.

“That's right!” the narrator agreed. “But any Shadowbutt has to know more than the basics to be able to work with their cheerleaders. Let's see them show off a few dance moves now, so you know how to work them into your routine!”

The cheerleaders shook their pom-poms and poofy behinds before forming a pyramid. The one at the top posed, then jumped off and bounced along the floor on their poofy diaper.

There was a subtle change in the cartoon as the bouncing cheerleader became the focus, and diagrams appeared to show how to best butt-bounce for as long as possible.

A small dotted line followed the pony’s bouncing, each time she landed, the video slowing to show just how she landed, her diaper squishing beneath her as she grinned widely, giving her rump a small shake before rebounding back up, foal powder rushing out of her diaper as she bounced along. Dash watched with rapt attention, wanting to know how to be the best butt bouncer she could! After all, she was the best Shadowbutt, she’d show all these other foals what a big bouncy rumped baby she could be!

“When it comes to crinkly rears, all the Wonderbutts do fear, for we’re the best at bouncing, and fluffing, and pouncing!”

The two cheerleaders now at the top wiggled their rumps back and forth as the one below bounced back up. The cheerleaders began to flick their padded rears up and down, catching the first cheerleader, only to bounce her back towards the other. Just like the Shadowbutts passing the ball around, the cheerers expertly tossed the pony between them as the screen zoomed and slowed once again.

Dash focused intently on the way that a cheerleader would angle their diaper to take the impact. There was a definite springy squish in, a pause, and then a bounce out again as the two diapers rebounded back to their original shape and launched the bouncing pony.

As the cartoon continued, Dash also noticed that the orientation of the incoming pony mattered as well – it was a cooperation, not just one pony working on their own!

Sure she could be the best partner, no matter which position she was in, Dash paid as much attention as she could to everyone at once. The music helped, repeating over and over so it was at the same point of the sequence every time a pony hit or diapers squished in or the bounce completed.

Then it moved on again, showing the three cheerleader ponies coming together and bouncing along in unison to a Shadowbutt. The Shadowbutt looked odd, and Dash wasn't sure what it was for a moment before realizing their diaper was tiny! Barely half an inch thick!

“When padding settles down, no Shadowbutt should frown!” the cheerleaders chorused. “For we're the poof brigade, and here to save the day!”

Surrounding the poor low-poof Shadowbutt, the trio of cheerleaders were joined by three others to form a hexagon. Then they began spinning the Shadowbutt around, bouncing his diaper once each in a rapid sequence that went around and around and around.

As the Shadowbutt spun around, the whole scene began to blur just a bit, making it harder to tell what exactly was happening. Even as the Shadowbutt was bounced and smacked gently about with the cheerleader’s rears, he seemed to be spinning faster and faster! And as they did there were several pomf!s, Fwoomp!s, and Flooff!s as the Shadowbutt’s diaper began to swell. Their rump ballooned out, allowing the cheerleader’s to bounce their own diapers even more forcefully, giggling as they bounced on their hooves to keep the beat.

Dash’s eyes spun as she tried to keep up with everything, and despite how quickly it all happened, she was sure she could repeat the trick if she needed. Heck, she wanted to try it out, right now! Even if her own padding was already properly puffy, a Shadowbutt could always do with more bounce in their bottom!

The screen’s color blurred together more, soon becoming nothing but a spiral of Shadowbutt tints, with the occasional hint of puffy, crinkliness from the sounds of diapers swelling and crinkling about. Dash grinned, giggling as she rocked back and forth on her own padding, thoroughly enjoying the show. That is, until she heard a few slightly odds sound on top of all the crinkles…





The sound might not have distracted her, except that the cartoon came to a close at almost exactly the same time.

Shaking her head a little, Dash refocused on her situation – and realized her diaper felt warm and damp and squishy.

“Mff...” she blushed, realizing she'd been squishing her wet padding and hadn't noticed her wetting herself at all, then saw that most of the class were in the same situation – possibly all of them.

“Good!” the sergeant said, leaving it ambiguous as to whether he meant the wetting or the reaction to the cartoon. “Now, time for your breakfast! Shadowbutts have to stay well-fed and hydrated to be effective!”

“But-” Dash began, her blush deepening. “My diaper's wet...”

“Do you think the Wonderbutts are going to let you change it?” the sergeant demanded.

“Well… they might?” Dash said. “I thought we did…”

“Then you're going to be better than them by playing no matter what state your diaper's in!” the sergeant told her. “Still, you do clearly need a new diaper and a new suit, so lay down over here!”

Gratefully, Dash trotted over to the changing table – had that always been there? - and lay down on it, ready for her suit to be unzipped and replaced by new ones from the pile next to the table.

Much to her surprise, however, the sergeant began simply putting a new diaper over the top of her suit.

Dash was going to protest, but as the diaper was wrapped around her flanks, she couldn’t help but enjoy how thick it was, how the extra padding only served to spread her hind legs even wider apart. She blushed and scrunched her muzzle a little, watching as the sergeant puffed several large plumes of foal powder onto the rump of her suit before folding and securing the second diaper. As Dash was about to push herself up, though, the sergeant pulled over another thick plush suit, tugging the hind legs over Dash’s, soon left to yank and pull as the suit reached the ridiculously oversized rear Rainbow was now sporting.

“Mmffff, ooofff… this all comes… from wetting your diaper too much!” He grunted a bit, making little progress as he struggled to squeeze Dash’s rear into the suit.

Dash grunted and huffed a bit in response, crossing her forelegs and pouting. “It comes from the Shadowbutts not making their suits big enough!”

Dash watched as the sergeant managed to pull the suit over her padding, the rest practically slipping itself on as it folded over the bit of puff from her first suit. Dash wiggled around to feel the soft plushness squeezing in on her, making her grin as she bounced in place. She wiggled her hooves, feeling them restricted slightly by the suits, but not minding that compared to the warm hug she was getting from them.

“Alright, off you get.” The sergeant said, pulling Dash up onto her rear before bouncing her towards the door.

Dash had to wait outside only a few minutes before the sergeant came out, which was good as she spent a couple of those minutes just trying to get herself to sit on a chair.

Eventually, the sergeant came out with the last Shadowbutt to be changed, and blew her whistle. “Come on! We're doing a practice game against the main team!”

“Wait, what?” Dash asked, waddling along behind with the others – staring absently at the butt of the Shadowbutt in front of her. “The main team?”

“Well, how else are you going to teach trainees?” the sergeant asked rhetorically. “We've done the first stage of the training, now you're going to be learning the advanced material!”

Dash could see a problem with that, but squish-waddled her way along with the group anyway, and between the rhythmic hoofbeats and the squishing and wiggling and butts, she sort of forgot her objections.

“All right!” the Captain said, getting their attention. “It's time for you babies to really show what kind of Shadowbutts you are!”

She indicated the area of the pitch. “You're going to need to be at your absolute fluffiest and puffiest to do well today, so let's hear some Shadowbutt chants!”

“One! Two! Three! Four!” the pegasi cheered, and Dash hurried to join in. “Our poof might just reach the floor!”

As they chanted, their diapers bumped together, crinkles joining in the rather silly accompaniment of their song. Dash continued the chant, rocking a little on her hooves as she imagined her puff swelling that big. It certainly was almost thick enough to reach the floor at this point! She’d barely be able to waddle if it could! She giggled, turning to rub her diaper against Lightning’s as they cheered, a few noticing the main team doing the same… though even with how thick the rookies’ diapers were, it looked like nothing compared to the main team’s! How could they walk in so much fluff? It was enough to soak up a whole lake!

“We! Love! To! Be! As padded up as we can be!” The teams finished their chants, the main team expertly timing their final note to a bounce off their padded butts into the air, their wings unfurling as they took to the skies. The rookies did the same. All except for Dash, that is. As she went to leap into the air, she realized just a moment too late her wings were stuck under her suit. While the others began to circle above her, she flopped onto her front, grunting a bit as she fell with a flump!

“C’mon, Dash! Into the air!” Moonbeam yelled from the other end of the field.

Dash wiggled her rear as she tried to push herself to her hooves. “I can’t use my wings!” She complained.

“Nonsense, that’s never stopped a Shadowbutt before!” Moonbeam replied.

That seemed even more wrong than the rookies facing the main team, but Dash couldn’t put her hoof on why. As she pondered, one of the cheerleaders bounced over, holding a rather large tank in her hooves. “Don’t you worry, Dashie! The puff patrol’s on the job!” She laughed, sticking a hose down the back of Dash’s suit and cranking open the valve on the tank’s top.

Dash blinked, startled, and tried to wriggle free reflexively. That did almost nothing whatsoever, however, and the tank's contents hissed into her suit with ease.

At first Dash wasn't sure what it was, except that it was kind of cold and seemed to be gas, but then she noticed her top suit was starting to bloat outwards!

There were only cuffs at the ankles of her suit, not full on mittens, but it didn't seem to matter as the swelling continued – little puffs of gas escaping around her neck, but nothing that could slow the flood of gas into her increasingly rounded and inflating suit.

One of the other Shadowbutts bumped into Dash with his butt, making her bounce sideways, and she noticed that each bounce was longer and higher than the previous one.

“Wait...” she said, suddenly realizing. “Am I about to-oo-ooh!”

Dash realized it was helium, her voice becoming slightly squeaky from the leakage, and she floated upwards so she was at the end of the tether line provided by the hose.

The helium continued to flow in for almost another minute, until finally the valve on the tank top was closed. The cheerleader bounced up to remove the hose, and another Shadowbutt sat on top of Dash's rump to keep her close enough to the ground rather than flying off into the air.

“All right!” Moonbeam called. “Let's go!”

For a moment, Dash wondered how she was possibly supposed to participate. Then two Shadowbutts came down from above and bumped into her, knocking her towards the ball, and she realized – she was going to be played by her teammates!

Dash floated towards the ball, drifting slowly upwards as she did. A few other Shadowbutts followed her path, bumping their rears into hers at regular intervals to keep her headed downwards. Dash stretched her hooves out, reaching to grab the ball, only for one of the players from the main team to whizz by, snatching it up with their tail. “Hey!” She shouted, rolling over onto her back to watch as the player zipped past a few of her team mates. A couple of her teammates attempted to flank the Shadowbutt on either side, only for them to take a quick nose dive and pass the ball to another player, causing the two rookies to smack into each other with a puff.

Dash wriggled her legs around, trying to swim through the air back towards the ball. Another teammate came up and bounced their butt into hers, sending her careening off in some random direction. She grumbled, biting back an insult as her suit squeezed her snugly, the pudgy belly pressing into her forelegs as she tried to reach down and grab a flag. She just managed to get a grip before pushing back off towards the ball. By now, however, the opposing team had managed to fling the ball towards their goal, a buzzer sounding as they scored a point.

Lightning took the ball and bounced it on her rump a few times before smacking it towards Dash, who reached up to grab it, managing to catch the pass, only to be sent spinning head over hooves from the momentum.

“You're doing great!” the training sergeant called from down on the field, though Dash only caught a glimpse of the non-com. “Keep it up! And keep her down!”

Two Shadowbutt trainees tried to hit Dash at the same time, knocking her much harder towards the ground than they'd been planning and accelerating her spin. Dash yelped, trying to keep a hold of the ball, and felt an all-over tremble as she bounced off the stadium floor.

A Shadowbutt came in to tackle her, but they'd judged it wrong – hitting Dash in the side instead of managing to get her ball, sending her bouncing away towards the side of the arena and heading upwards rapidly.

“Drops!” Lightning Dust called, and slammed her butt into Dash. The impact knocked Dash spinning again, and she could only just tell what was going on as Raindrops (?) hit her from the other side.

The two pegasi bounced Dash back and forth between them all the way up the field, then slammed her into the goal, and Dash stuck in it with a fwoomp – though she did manage to get the ball through, scoring a point for the rookies.

The main-team 'butts quickly took possession of the ball again, and the play moved back up the field – making Dash yelp and wriggle, trying to get out of the goal she'd stuck in.

“Hey!” she called. “What about me!”

Dash wriggled around in the goal, her suit and diaper squeaking and crinkling loudly. Once again, a cheerleader came to her aid, looking at Dash’s stuck butt. “Hmm, this seems like an awfully puffy predicament. But we’ll get you back in the game in no time!” Dash tried to turn her head to see the cheerleader, but her suit and rear had swollen so much she couldn’t see anything past the goal but her overly puffy rump.

Her face turned a bright red as she felt the cheerleader’s diaper press into hers, however, rubbing and crinkling as she tried her best to shove Dash through the goal. “Mmpphh, h-h-hey! S-stop! The other way!” Dash cried out, but her complaints fell on deaf ears. The cheerleader giggled, bouncing her rump a bit firmer into Dash’s, humming some kind of jovial tune about stuck butts, puffy shoves, and freeing Dashies.

As she was stuck, several more buzzers could be heard as the main team scored against her own. Grumbling, Dash tried not to think about how much they would be losing by. As if to make things worse, Dash heard a slow rumble above her, and a few rain drops began plinking softly down onto her muzzle.

“For thick, swollen diapees! Will free our helpless Dashie!” The cheerleader cheered, bouncing her butt against Dash again, her suit squeezing through just a bit more, squishing Dash’s forelegs out to allow her to squeeze her own puffy suit in embarrassment.

Slowly, inch by inch, Dash squeaked and creaked her way through the goal. Eventually, she was nearly there – and feeling the rain rain down on her more and more – when there was a booong as the ball hit her on the rump just above her tail.

That did it. She shot forwards, flailing about, and was bounced off by the crowd and up into the air. The overinflated pegasus bobbed along, trying to get some kind of control, then suddenly went shooting off to the right as a strong breeze caught her.

“Hey!” Dash called. “Hasn't anypony noticed me? I'm blowing away!”

Even as she said it, however, she hit a cloud and bounced off with a squishing doing. That sent her flying into another cloud, and then another, flying from fluffy white cloud to soggy grey cloud to sparking black thundercloud and back almost as fast as the ball changed hooves (or padding) in the game below.

Eventually, Dash realized she was starting to drop back towards the ground – her plushy outer flight suit so soaked from the rain that it was overwhelming the helium.

“Whooaaaah!” she cried. “Hey, somepony get me more helium or something!”

Dash sank lower and lower, squeezing the swollen diaper between her legs as the others flew around her. Despite their sloshy padding, the Shadowbutts were able to maintain their elegant maneuvering, spinning and twirling through the sky as they passed the ball and scored point after point. Her teammates, on the other hand, were only sloshily bouncing into each other, thrown off balance by their soaked diapers. Still lower Dash sank, grumbling as she tried to break her wings free to maintain lift, but it did nothing to help.

“Oops, you’re looking a little low there!” Yet another cheerleader had arrived (was it a new one? Or had it been the same one each time? Dash had no clue), clutching another tank in her hooves. She shoved it towards Dash, causing it to sink into her suit as the nuzzle pushed its way into the front of Dash’s diaper. She clung to the tank desperately, even as the hiss of air could be heard and diaper she was wearing ballooooooned out. The cheerleader watched, gauging when to take the tank away, only for the ball to come whizzing by and smack her back towards the ground. Dash was stuck floating in the rain, the new burst of helium quickly overcoming the weight of the water and lifting her higher… and higher… and higher!

“Heeeeeeelp!” Dash cried as she went soaring up towards a stormcloud, still clutching the tank. With a pomf and something almost like a slurp, Dash bounced off the cloud only to be pulled inside. She was surrounded by sloshy, almost plush like fluff, rain pouring down on her suit from all directions. She tried to shove the helium away, but the water flowing down into her only made her sink lower, leaving her clutching the tank in fear of plummeting towards the earth again.

A roll of thunder coursed through the cloud, Dash’s diaper tingling as the cloud rumbled and shook, squeezing her tightly as her suit swelled ever bigger…

Dash heard a ripple of thunder, then a sound a lot like a thunderclap but much softer and closer. She twisted as best she could, and saw there was a tiny little tear in the shoulder of the suit.

It wasn't all the way through, but it showed the suit was under serious strain.

Another roll of electrical charge pulsed through the cloud, making Dash wince and squirm, the helium competing with the water to make her suit swell up more and both of them making her squirmy and tingly and both comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time.

The strain got greater and greater, pushing in on her at the same time as it pushed out, and the cloud's charge got greater and greater… until, suddenly, there was a BANG!

-Dash staggered three steps, fell back, and landed on her soggy diaper rump on the soaking wet pitch.

“Huh?” she asked, confused. “What happened?”

“You just turned up in a lightning bolt!” Moonbeam told her. “Big cloud overhead, getting ready to thunder and lightning, so we called the game off… then, bang, it exploded, and you came down in a flash!”

She poked Dash's rump, which she realized was the inner suit – the outer one having exploded without trace. “Looks like you might need a change before bed, rookie!”

Dash blushed brightly, pressing a hoof down into the front of her diaper. She nodded a little, getting to her hooves, wobbling a little as she recovered from the shock. Waddling after Moonbeam, it wasn’t long before she found her way inside, climbing up onto a changing table as Moonbeam proceeded to unzip Rainbow’s suit, pulling her damp diaper and suit aside before wrapping a warm, dry one around her hips. Dash blushed lightly as she was just as quickly suited back up, feeling extra cozy and warm in her diaper and suit… she wondered why she hadn’t done this before, these diapers were just so comfy… She looked at Moonbeam, still a little confused as to why she hadn’t received the layering treatment again. As if she could read her mind, Moonbeam patted Rainbow’s rump, helping her off the table to waddle back to her room. “You’ve got a big day tomorrow, gotta give you enough room to swell, don’t I?” She teased, poking Dash’s belly.

Dash blushed and nodded in agreement. As warm and as snug as thick diapers were, she always enjoyed having more room to grow… She stepped into her barracks, slipping on the straitjacket as Moonbeam tied the straps tightly, hoisting the pegasus up into the rafters just as she had done the night before. “Sweet dreams, lightning butt.” Moonbeam teased before fluttering back to the ground. Dash wiggled in place, burying her face into her suit as she quickly began to drift back off to sleep. She wondered a bit on what exactly Moonbeam had meant by a ‘big day tomorrow’…

Dash didn't remember any dreams, but she did remember an odd thing which might have been a dream. Bouncing up and down, floating in and out of awareness, she heard words that drifted into her ears and formed sentences only after she'd heard them all individually.

Love, to, show, off, Shadowbutt, butt.

Love, to, show, up, Wonderbutt, butt.

Shadowbutts, rule.

Wonderbutts, drool.

Good, Shadowbutt, for, Shadowbutts.

The poster on her wall seemed to distort, getting alternately larger and smaller, and the Shadowbutt-squishes-Wonderbutt on the image seemed to be so right, so right, so right…

Dash's memories of being a Wonderbutt changed, without her noticing – being a good Wonderbutt team member changing to being rebellious, or making mistakes, or even being a Shadowbutt instead.

Snuggling into her suit, Dash mainly smiled, wondering what tomorrow would bring.

“All right, come on!” the sergeant called, making Dash jump – bouncing up and down in her harness. “Big day today! Let's get you all changed and ready for morning lessons before the game!”

Wriggling about, Dash fell to the ground with another pomf!, as well as a light squish from her diaper. She hurriedly threw off the jacket, not even noticing that the straps should have prevented her from doing so as she waddled after the others. Her diaper squished with each step, soaked from the night before. Dash paid it no mind, though. She was a foal, foals wet their diapers at night, this wasn’t news. What was news was a game today! A real game! No more of the kids’ stuff, she was actually going to play in a game!

But, before that, was morning lessons. Dash tried to collect herself as she crawled onto the changing table, as if she had done this a hundred times before (well, it certainly wasn’t her first time). She bounced in place, eagerly awaiting what new stuff she was going to learn, not to mention the game! She squeed, wrapping her hooves around her puffy Shadowbutts uniform before bouncing towards the lecture hall, following Lightning who was eagerly bouncing on her own diaper towards the hall as well.





They bounced into the room, squeezing their diapers into the seats as they waited eagerly for the sergeant to arrive.

“All right, rookies,” the sergeant said, waddling into the room in her own thick poof. “Let's get you ready with some special refresher lessons!”

She activated the projector, which started off by just showing a white screen.

“What's the most important part of a Shadowbutt's equipment?” she asked.

“Diapers!” Dash called, along with the rest of the class.

“Good!” the sergeant agreed. “Now for a harder one – what's the size of a Shadowbutts team?”

There was a pause, and some muttering, but then Dash realized – she knew this one!

“As many as we can get away with!” she said, sniggering at the thought of surprising some Wonderbutts with that one.

“That's right!” the sergeant agreed. “One more – how poofy should your diapers be?”

“Trick question!” all the rookies chorused eagerly.

“That's right, there is no top level poof!” the sergeant nodded. “Now, pay attention to this film!”

She waddled off, and the film began.

“All right, sport!” it announced, showing the Shadowbutts logo – then showing several, spinning around one another in a complicated spiral pattern. “It's time for the real reason you're here, sport. Sport!”

Dash’s eyes glazed over a bit. Despite how enthralled she was by the movie, it was as if she couldn’t quite keep total focus on what the announcer was saying. She got the message, whatever it was, but Dash wouldn’t have been able to recite any line he had said if her puff depended on it! Thankfully, it didn’t.

“Today’s your first day on the field against a real team. You’re going to be going up against… the Wonderbutts.” The music turned a little more sinister, a couple of the ponies in the audience booing as the puffy rumps of the Wonderbutts waddled on screen. Dash stuck her tongue out at the screen, wobbling on her thick diaper as she imagined squishing a Wonderbutt beneath it.

“The Wonderbutts pride themselves on being the best team in Equestria… but we all know that they’re nothing compared to the puffy rumps of the Shadowbutts! Still, they won’t lose easily, so here’s a few tips you’ll need to keep in mind for your first game against these sloshbutts…”

The sound of a descending whistle could be heard, the Wonderbutts looking up, only to yelp and try to run as a large puffy number 1 fell and squished them. “Rule 1: Stay puffy. The Wonderbutts might be thickly padded, but they’ve barely got half the poof of the Shadowbutts! And the more poof you’ve got, the better you’ll fly! Show off that puffy rump at every chance, and you’ll soon have the crowd cheering for more Shadowbutt swellings!”

Dash flicked her rump back and forth in anticipation, and the announcer continued. “Rule 2: play the game to the full.”

The picture changed, showing four Wonderbutts – two flying along, one hovering in place, and one with the ball.

One by one, the Wonderbutts ran into problems – one of them being squished between two Shadowbutt butts, another getting butt-checked in the butt to knock them off course, the stationary one being landed on by a particularly large Shadowbutt, and the one with the ball having a Shadowbutt sit on their face, making them steer off course before being tackled by three more Shadowbutts.

“Remember, if you win, that makes it all worth it,” the narrator went on. “So get involved! Butt bounce, rump flounce, and above all make sure you keep the Wonderbutts in trouble! If they complain, they're whiny crybutts and deserve it anyway!”

Any thought Dash might have had that that was playing dirty was washed away by the voice and by… something… about the movie, so she just nodded eagerly.

Dash’s tail flicked back and forth as she watched, bouncing a little as she tried her best not to jump out of her seat. Come oooon, she wanted to play! She had to show up those big Wonderbutts what a real puffy rump can do! The screen changed once again, this time showing a Shadowbutt watching a few Wonderbutt cheerleaders bouncing a pony up and down on their rears, only for a few Wonderbutts to swoop by, snatching them up in a thick diaper net and bouncing them between their own cushy rears. “Rule 3: Stay focused! Those sneaky Wonderbutts aren’t above the tricks we use, and they love to catch Shadowbutts in their own puffy traps.”

Dash nodded, though she did wish she had a big cushy diaper to fall into like that… She shook her head. No, those were the Wonderbutts! She didn’t want to be caught by them! The Shadowbutts would be sure to give her plenty of padding when she won anyway…

...Dash blinked, and suddenly she could hear the roar of the crowd.

“Huh?” she asked. “Weren't we in the pre-match?”

“No, silly,” Moonbeam replied. “Match starts in ten seconds! Now, go out there and win this for the Shadowbutts!”

“Got it!” Dash agreed, full of dedication, and when the whistle blew she shot into the air!

Or… tried to. Actually it was more of a waddling bounce, but it got her airborne, and the first thing she saw was Soarin' coming in towards her with the ball bouncing between his hooves!

Seeing a chance to start off her Shadowbutt season with a good move, she flipped forwards and used her bulky diaper to butt-bounce Soarin' towards the ground. The ball went with him, but Dash's fellow Shadowbutt Night Daze caught it and snatched it away from Soarin'.

The Shadowbutt cheerleaders were waiting for him, and as Soarin' reached ground level he was bounced from Shadowbutt to Shadowbutt. After three or four bounces and puffs of powder per cheerleader he tried to break away back into the air, but two of the cheerleaders had a Shadowbutt-themed giant diaper ready for him and caught him in it in a trice.

Now too heavily padded to fly, and with his wings held in place anyway, Soarin' groaned in annoyance.

Dash giggled. It looked like the Shadowbutts were off to a good start!

Dash zipped after Night Daze, keeping a close eye on any Wonderbutts that might try to swoop in unexpectedly. She spotted Surprise attempting to dash in from below, but Dash quickly positioned herself above the pegasus and bound her wings to her sides. She fell quickly downwards, her diaper smooshing into Surprise’s face and sending her tumbling back to the ground. Surprise managed to gain her bearings and flap up before she fell into the crowd of waiting cheerponies, but she swiftly came to a stop as she glanced towards the Shadowbutt side of the stadium. Several fans were waving about brightly colored flags and ribbons, giving the illusion of a shimmering, shining surface across the stands.

Surprise’s flaps slowed as she stared at the spectacle, soon lazily drifting up and down in place. She giggled a little, finding the patterns oddly enticing. So much so that she didn’t notice as a Shadowbutt with a particularly large diaper flew above her.

He shook his rear left and right, smacking it with a hoof to make it roll with thunder. His padding began to swell up, only for water to start leading through and rain down atop Surprise. She shook her head, looking down as her own suit began to drink up the water. Flapping helplessly, it wasn’t long before she was sent plummeting down towards the field as well, soggy and overloaded with rain.

Dash spent a moment to chuckle at the result, then shot after Night Daze to cover her. The bat-pony was out of range, however, and got caught by a surprise tackle from Hotwings – knocking the ball out of her grip and into the air, before Hotwings darted after the ball and took it.

Wheeling, Dash followed the Wonderbutt back into the Shadowbutt half, keeping an eye out for any teammates she could work with for an intercept. She spotted one of the male pegasi on the Shadowbutt team lining up to charge Hotwings, and quickly judged that Hotwings was going to dive to escape.

Putting on a burst of speed, she butt-bumped Hotwings up just before the feisty Wonderbutt was about to dive. The move completely threw her off, and Hotwings was hit with a massive powder puff bomb which left her coated almost completely in pastel white powder.

Looking dazed, the Wonderbutt sank towards the ground, where the cheerleader ponies were already moving a crib into position to catch her. Dash watched, grinning, then whirled to follow though on the attack move as Night Daze came shooting up to take the ball again.

Spitfire was still out there, biding her time for now…

Scanning the field, Dash couldn’t help but let her eyes drift back down to the ponies below her. Each was being attended to by a few cheerleaders, all chanting and bouncing on their diapers as they popped large bottles of milk into their captive’s mouths. She blushed, giving a bit of a whine as she stared jealously down at them. All those Wonderbutts getting to enjoy the Shadowbutt’s treats, it was hardly fair!

Dash was jerked out of her stupor as she felt something bounce against her own padding. Thunderlane was attempting to smack Dash down towards a group of his own cheerleaders, who were waiting expectantly with an outstretched diaper trampoline. Dash yelped, spinning about in the air and bouncing her rump back into Thunderlane. The two began to fly backwards, their diapers crinkling and puffing out clouds of foal powder as each struggled to force the other down to the ground. Thankfully, Dash had a trick up her sleeve.

Huffing, she wiggled her rump as a hiss could be heard just above the crinkles. Her padding grew as she wet it, spreading her legs wider and squishing into Thunderlane’s further. The Wonderbutt struggled to keep up his pushes, but soon Dash’s padding dwarfed his, and with a rather sloshy, squishy smack!, he was sent tumbling down to the ground. A cheerleader pony jumped up, popping a hose down the back of Thunderlane’s suit, which quickly began to swell and squeeze him tightly. Tied to the ground, he bobbed in the breeze as cheerleaders worked to paint him as their new parade blimp…

Hauling herself back up into the air, rather slower than she'd come down, Dash looked for where the ball had gone. She'd heard the cheer go up for a point scored by the Shadowbutts, but then another point by the Wonderbutts, and as she glanced around she saw Spitfire herself snag the ball and head for the goal again.

Moonbeam waved signals to the other Shadowbutts still on the field, and Dash watched as they started to narrow Spitfire's options. Closing off going left, right, up… pretty soon the only route Spitfire had left was one which dodged left, right, and went directly underneath where Dash was hovering right now.

Grinning, Dash stopped flying.

She dropped out of the sky, landing with her soaked poofbutt Shadow-butt-butt directly on top of Spitfire. The orange Wonderbutt fought clear, dodging easily, but Dash had snagged the ball – and, as Spitfire came in to retrieve it, Dash snatched a little cooling fan from out of her suit and pointed it at Spitfire.

The fan whirred to life, the trio of rotating blades producing a shimmering spiral image on them, and Spitfire's wings and jaw went abruptly slack.

Looking down, Dash butt-bounced Spitfire a little to the left – aiming her for the prize the Shadowbutt cheerleaders were just unzipping now.

Spitfire simply hovered in place, occasionally mumbling something about ‘puffbutts’ and ‘crinkles’ to herself. Dash continued to make minute adjustments before hovering above Spitfire. She looked out to the crowd, smirking as she waggled her rear left and right, tail swishing across her bloated padding.

“One two three four! The Wonderbutts will bounce no more!” Dash cheered, the crowd quickly joining in. She squeezed her padding between her legs, grinning as it squished satisfyingly, Spitfire still dazed.

“Five six seven eight! For out new mascot, we can’t wait!”

Dash flapped up a bit higher, making sure to aim herself juuuuuuuuust right as she continued the chant.

“We Shadowbutts are just the best! As Spitfire will surely attest~”

Spitfire nodded dopily, not really knowing what it was she was agreeing to, but whatever it was, it had to be right.

“She'll! Love! To! Be! A Shadowbutt thick as can be!”

And with a pomf-squish, Dash dropped down, smacking Spitfire to the earth. With a gasp of surprise, Spitfire had just enough time to register the falling sensation and Dash waggling her butt happily above her before she fell into something thick and puffy. Black, crinkly material hugged her from all sides as Dash dropped down beside the cheerleaders, who were quickly zipping up their prize as a few wandered over with pumps, bottles of foal powder, and extra diapers.

Night Daze snatched up the ball and went to go score a preposterous number of points – bouncing the ball in and out of the goal with the help of one of her teammates – but Dash wasn't paying attention to that at all, focusing much more on the ongoing process in front of her.

Spitfire was being snugly zipped and taped into the outsize Nightmare Moon mascot costume the Shadowbutts had brought along, an enormous and poofy thing which gave Spitfire a diaperbutt the size of a small garden. The extra diapers were taped on top of that, with the pumps increasing the area and the springiness even more, and other Shadowbutts making sure it was properly loaded with powder for the celebration at the end of the game.

After several minutes, with the Shadowbutts having scored something like two hundred goals before their scorers got bored, the whistle was blown – it was the end of the game.

Dash cheered, already anticipating what was to come as the whole Shadowbutt team crowded together in front of their mascot plush – whose wearer was so burdened down with padding and crinkles she could barely move, able only to wiggle her tush back and forth slightly.

The team looked between each other, not caring as somepony was hurrying out with a trophy to take. “I’d say the honors go to our newest member.” Moonbeam said, smirking lightly. Dash let out a cheer of delight before flopping onto her butt to bounce up onto the mascot’s rump. A floof of nebula-like foal powder rushed out of their mascot’s diaper, Dash eagerly bouncing up and down on Nightmare’s rump. Grabbing her hind hooves, she hummed and laughed and cheered, bouncing up and down and up and down with poof poof poofs!

Their mascot waggled its rump a bit more, soon more members of the team joining to bounce up and down on Nightmare’s butt as the suited pony started to flick her rear up to bounce them even higher.

Dash laughed, hugging herself tightly as she bounced. If the Shadowbutts were this fun, she was looking forward to quite the enjoyable season…~
Dream Cycle - Rainbow Dash (2/2)
Rainbow Dash is in the Wonderbolts! Or Wonderbutts, she's a little unclear on that one.
But the Shadowbutts seem like they have their own ideas on her career path...

This is something a little different. It's a story I've done with Mintycandy, and is part of a series - but each part is focused on a different character (or characters) and will be posted as a separate story.

The cover art is by Mix-up… , AKA Amalgamzaku

It features diapers, odd logic, and things like that.

To answer a question I've been asked, I will be putting the full version of the cover art up (on FA) once I've posted the six stories which correspond to it.

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Rainbow Dash trotted happily up the steps of the Wonderbutt stadium.

She wasn't considered ready to join in all their displays yet, but she was learning – and at least it meant she got to attend all their shows! There was no way work could get in the way of a Wonderbutts show if work was a Wonderbutts show!

For a moment, she wondered why something about that had sounded slightly odd, but she shook her head.

She'd always wanted to join the Wonderbutts, hadn't she? Anyway, she needed to stop woolgathering and get to the stands.

As she trotted out into the arena, she saw that the seating was quite full. Actually, it was very full – every seat she could see seemed to be occupied.

Shifting in her snug Wonderbutts suit, Dash wondered if she should try and pull rank, but then realized that that wouldn't be very good manners. Instead she began trotting along between the banks of seats, looking for a free one.

After a minute or so, and getting more and more concerned, Dash noticed another pony was trotting along beside her – and he was wearing a familiar Shadowbutts uniform.

“What do you want?” she asked, a little confrontationally.

The pony simply gave a friendly grin, or, at least as friendly as one could give when wearing the angry goggles of the Shadowbutt costume. “Hey, didn’t mean to offend, but you’re not getting any seat wandering around like this, the place is sold out. But one of our members got the feather flu, so we’ve got an extra seat. My captain wanted to offer it to you, as an act of good faith, y’know? Seems only fitting, given that we’re playing you guys today anyway.” The pony said.

Dash looked the Shadowbutt up and down, somewhat suspicious. Since when were these Shadowbutts good sports? And if the stadium was sold out, why the heck didn’t Spitfire save her a seat? Still, she looked back out over the crowd as they all talked amongst each other, eager for the game to begin. If she turned this down, it looked like she was going to be sitting on the stairs for the whole game. And she certainly wouldn’t look like a good Wonderbutt acting mean to the other team…

“Alright, but don’t think this means I’m gonna be cheering for you guys today!” Dash said. The Shadowbutt just waved a hoof, chuckling before turning around to lead Dash to their seats.

It took a couple of minutes to reach the reserved seats in the Shadowbutt section, and by the time they got there the game was about to start – so Dash didn't turn up her nose at sitting with a couple of off-duty Shadowbutts, and just plumped her plump rump down on the seat.

“So, you're the big new recruit for the Wonderbutts?” asked the Shadowbutt mare to her other side. “We heard a lot about you, you're supposed to be really good.”

“Well, yeah,” Dash replied, feeling smug despite herself.

“How good are you?” the stallion asked, sitting on her left side – his suit plump enough that, together with Dash's suit and the other Shadowbutt's suit, they were all pressed lightly together.

“I don't want to boast,” Dash lied. “But I'm pretty good.”

The mare nodded appreciatively, then looked suddenly worried. “Oh, I didn't realize it was going to be this sunny… here.”

She passed the stallion a billed Shadowbutts cap, and put one on herself.

Dash looked up as the game began, but the sun got in her eyes and made her squint. “Damn it...”

“Something wrong?” the stallion asked.

“Oh, I can't see the game,” Dash explained.

The mare to her right side offered her a billed Shadowbutt cap, just like the ones she and her friend were already wearing. “Here.”

Dash glanced down at the cap, reluctant to put it on. She was Wonderbutt, not one of these pompous puffy Shadowbutts! Still, her eyes were already watering a bit from the bright sun, and she didn’t want to miss any of the game…

There was a sudden fanfare as the cheerleaders began to fly up to the center of the stadium, the crowd roaring loudly with excitement. Deciding she had no choice, Dash slipped the cap on to block out the sun. It’s not like it was that obviously a Shadowbutt hat anyway, no pony would notice!

She didn’t give it much more thought as the show began to start either, instead watching as the Wonderbutt cheerleaders flew in formation, shaking their thickly padded rears around in time with the music while chanting. Dash joined in, the Shadowbutts around her jokingly booing as they performed.

“What a bunch of sog-butts!”

“Nuthin’ but foals!”

Dash stuck her tongue out at one of the Shadowbutts sitting next to her, only for the stallion to do the same as the Wonderbutts began to take to the air with their cheerleaders.

With her vision shaded by the bill of the cap, Dash was able to spot a couple of the Wonderbutts she'd trained with as they flew in formation over the arena. But then the Shadowbutts took off, surrounded by their own cheerleaders, and Dash switched her attention to them.

“Now that's more like it!” one of the Shadowbutts by her said approvingly.

“Look at the poof on them!”

Dash looked closer, more interested in the Shadowbutts than their Wonderbutt counterparts.

...after all, she was finding out about what the rivals, the Shadowbutts, could do! She was taking this opportunity to see if there were any secret tricks! So she focused on the Shadowbutt cheerleaders as they shook their butts around, chanting together.

“Shadowbutts have all the fun!”

“Come to the dark side, we have cake!”

“Shadowbutts are Shadowbetter!”

The mare next to her gave her a nudge, breaking her concentration, and Dash looked over. “Huh?”

“Why aren't you singing along?” the Shadowbutt asked.

“What, with the Shadowbutt songs?” Dash replied, confused.

“Of course! Here, you probably need the lyrics sheet,” the mare realized, and handed her a Shadowbutt-branded programme for the event.

Opening it, Dash found to her surprise that they did indeed have the lyrics of all their chants printed on a sheet inside. They all sounded kind of silly, though.

Her eyes trailed along to follow the lyrics as the Shadowbutts continued their chants, all the ones around her swaying a little in time as they cheered. Dash obstinately refused to join in, though. Even if everypony around her was singing, she wasn’t a Shadowbutt, and there wasn’t any way they were going to get her to cheer for the other team!

Dash crossed her forelegs and leaned back in her chair with a harrumph-pomf. With nothing else to do, her gaze travelled back to the Shadowbutt cheerleaders, some of whom were now bouncing a one of the Wonderbutt’s mascots between their puffy rumps, their skirts flicking up to reveal the thick diapers beneath them.

Dash found herself wishing she could be up in the air showing off her own puffy butt. That’d show those Shadowbutts, the Wonderbutts were the puffier ones! Besides, being bounced around by their padded rears didn’t look all that bad…

Dash shook her head, trying to get the thought out of her mind. The Shadowbutts around her had started to quiet down as the cheers ended, a few referees flying out to begin the game of hoofball as each pony took their places on the field.

“Now you'll see how Wonderbutts do proper pamper playing!” Dash said cockily, ready for an epic victory to reassure her that Wonderbutts really were the best. She leaned forwards a little in her seat, though that did make her suit creak and crinkle against the Shadowbutt suits pressing into it.

The game began with a bang, and Dash cheered as the Wonderbutts got the first hit – but then, much to her astonishment, the Shadowbutts started to get control of the play! First they bounced the ball between their rumps, using the springiness and puffiness of their diapers to get much better ball control than the Wonderbutts were managing, and then something happened she didn't quite see and Soarin' ended up nearly flying into the ground.

Groaning, Dash leaned forwards a little more, until the stallion spoke up. “Is something wrong?”

“I'm just trying to see what's going on,” Dash explained. “It's kind of hard to see from this end.”

“Just use some binoculars,” the stallion suggested, holding up a set with the Shadowbutts logo on them.

“Ehhh...” Dash said, not sure whether to accept, but then there was another cheer from the Shadowbutt end and a groan from the Wonderbutt side, and she didn't even know what it was this time.

The Shadowbutt cheerleaders started shaking their rumps again to celebrate a point, and Dash took the binoculars so she'd at least know what was going on.

Dash managed to spot Spitfire zipping through the air after one of the Shadowbutt players who balanced the ball expertly on his puffy rump. Spitfire spun around, attempting to snatch the ball up from the Shadowbutt, only for the player to flick his rump and send the ball flying towards another player. Before Spitfire could react, she dove face first into the Shadowbutt’s rear, a cloud of foal powder puffing out as she connected. There was a collective groan from the Wonderbutt side of the stadium, the other half laughing loudly as Spitfire shook her head to try and clear it.

Dash wasn’t paying much attention to her anymore, instead following the ball as one of the Wonderbutts managed to intercept it. “Haha, take that!” Dash cried out, watching as the Wonderbutt flew back towards the other end of the field.

As they approached the goal, however, a Shadowbutt swooped in, causing the Wonderbutt to skid to a half mid-air, the ball rolling off their rear as they tried to avoid smacking into the opponent’s puffy outfit.

As the game continued, Dash was momentarily distracted by the sound of slurping beside her. She looked down from her binoculars to see a Shadowbutt, one that looked awfully pudgy for an all star player, greedily gulping down something from a Shadowbutt printed cup. The Shadowbutt blushed a little, offering Dash some popcorn. “Sorry, games make me hungry…”

Dash hadn't been thinking about that, but as soon as the topic was broached she realized that she was actually feeling quite hungry herself. “Thanks,” she replied, taking a hoof-full and crunching it down.

As her attention went back to the game, she kept absently taking a few bits of popcorn at a time from the container. It helped her feel better about a game which was definitely not going well for the Wonderbutts.

She focused her attention down to look at the Shadowbutt goal, and blinked as she saw that the Shadowbutt occupying the goal position was so bulky it would be almost impossible for a ball to get past him.

Before she could ask whether that was legal, the stallion to her side groaned.

“Somepony must have messed up the rain schedule,” he said, indicating the sky, and Dash looked up to see ominous-looking clouds gathering.

“Aren't they going to stop them?” Dash asked.

“No, this is an all-weather match,” the mare told her, shifting to look at Dash and emphasizing further how thick their suits were. “They'll just let it rain on us. That's why everyone's putting on their ponchos.”

She pulled a folding poncho – one marked with the black-purple and lightning bolt of the Shadowbutts – and put it on as she spoke, and Dash could see everyone else nearby was doing the same.

“I, uh, don't have a poncho,” she said a bit lamely.

“You can borrow one of ours,” the mare suggested. “I've got one spare.”

Dash slipped it on without thinking, tugging the plastic down over her diaper as the sky darkened further. A few of the Wonderbutt cheerleaders looked about nervously as they watched the clouds gathering, but the Shadowbutts looked as calm as ever, still chanting and shaking their pompoms around. Dash felt a drop of water on her muzzle, and soon rain began to cascade down onto the stadium. The chubby pony beside Dash tried to munch down some of his popcorn, while shielding it from the rain.

Dash watched through her binoculars, occasionally shaking drops of water off the lenses to get a clear view. The Wonderbutt’s rumps were starting to balloon out, their diapers soaking with water as they flew after the Shadowbutts. The Shadowbutts, on the other hand, didn’t seem to be affected by the rain at all. Even as their own rumps swelled up, they continued their deft maneuvers around the slowing, soggy Wonderbutts. The Wonderbutt’s cheerleader’s diapers began to swell too, while the Shadowbutts laughed and bounced their own rears into the opposing team’s mascots.

“Looks like the Wonderbutts are all wet!” They laughed, the Shadowbutts scoring yet another score.

What was the score, anyway? Despite following the ball, Dash hadn’t really been keeping track of the score that well. She looked over to the scoreboard, only for her jaw to drop.

53 to nothing?! What the heck were the Wonderbutts doing out there?!

Fortunately for Dash's pride, in a sense, there were only another dozen or so points scored by the agile Shadowbutts against the increasingly soaked and sluggish Wonderbutts.

Then the half-time bell went, and the referees – all wearing striped rain coats – huddled up to confer.

Dash winced as she saw Spitfire go splat on the ground, no longer able to fly with the weight of her diaper weighing her down, and then the referee huddle broke up.

“Attention!” one of them called, his voice resounding in the stadium. “Due to the weather problems and the… extremely one sided score… the second half of today's game has been rained off with the Shadowbutts declared as the winners.”

Dash groaned, but couldn't really disagree. She had to admit, the Wonderbutts hadn't done very well today, while the Shadowbutts had been all kinds of awesome!

As she realized what she'd just thought about the other team, the snug-suited and above all dry mare next to her said something Dash didn't quite catch.

“What was that?” she asked.

“Oh, I was just wondering,” the mare began, a little slyly. “Whether you wanted to see what it was like on a winning team.”

Rainbow Dash was about to retort, but after the game they had just watched, she couldn’t think of any witty replies. She instead decided to slink off to the locker rooms, grumbling a little bit to herself as she pushed past the puffy outfits of the Shadowbutts.

She stepped into the locker room where the other Wonderbutts were busy slipping out of their soaked uniforms and sloshy diapers to replace them with thick fluffy ones. “Guh, what the heck happened out there, guys? Do I need to get back to cheering you on to fly better?” Dash tried to joke. None of the team looked very amused, and Soaring trotted by, his diaper squishing around loudly.

“Sure, if you haven’t already switched teams. By the looks of things, you’re already halfway there.” He said. Dash was momentarily confused, only to look down and realize she was still sporting all the Shadowbutt memorabilia.

“Oh, geez, I’m so sorry, I didn’t…!” She tried to make excuses, throwing off the cap and poncho as she stammered.

As she put down her Shadowbutts binoculars, the door to the locker room swung open again – admitting a Shadowbutt, who managed to almost completely hold in her mirth.

“What do you want?” Spitfire asked, sounding more than a little surly.

“Oh, nothing you need to worry about,” the Shadowbutt said, coming more fully into the room and revealing her rank flashes – which told the observer in the know that she was the captain of the Shadowbutts. “I had a deal for you.”

She indicated Dash, who was in the process of discovering she'd put on a Shadowbutts wristwatch at some point and wasn't entirely sure how to get it off. “Two of my side-benchers took a shine to this one, and I want her on my team.”

Spitfire frowned. “A trade? What do we get, then?”

“Forty fluffy towels,” the Shadowbutts captain suggested.

“It's a deal,” Spitfire said immediately.

“What!?” Dash demanded, looking up from her foreleg.

“Dash, it makes sense,” Spitfire reassured her. “We'll all be doing remedial training, but the Shadowbutts are more advanced at the moment and I don't want to delay your first real time working for us.”

“But… I won't be...” Dash began to protest, then shook her head – not entirely sure what she'd been concerned about. It all seemed perfectly sensible now.

She shrugged, looking over to the new captain. “So, uh… I guess I’ll just follow you, then?” She said. The captain nodded and trotted out of the locker room, Dash following close behind her. As they headed out, they passed by a few more Shadowbutts bringing in the agreed upon towels. Or, were they diapers? Dash hadn’t really been paying attention to what the two captains had been talking about, and while the things being brought in were certainly thick enough to be towels, they looked awfully crinkly…

Dash tried to push the thought out of her mind. It didn’t matter, really, now that she was with… “Say, what’s your name?” Dash asked as she waddled after the Shadowbutts captain.

The captain flashed her teeth in a beaming grin, her sunglasses shimmering despite the lack of real sunlight outside. “Captain Moonbeam, and don’t worry, we’re going to get to know each other very well soon enough~”

“Right,” Dash nodded, nodding a few times more than were really necessary before realizing what she was doing and stopping. “Sorry about that, I must be having trouble paying attention...”

“Well, that's something you'll have to work on,” Captain Moonbeam said. “Now, we'd better head back to the Shadowbutts training area.”

“Right!” Dash said again, deciding to commit to this whole transfer thing. “So, where is your training area?”

Moonbeam smirked. “About that… it's a secret.”

“Yeah, I know, but where is it?” Dash repeated.

“That's a secret,” Moonbeam told her again, and produced a small blindfold. “So you're going to have to wear this when we go there...”

Dash looked at the blindfold, then at Moonbeam. “What?”

“We wouldn't want to show just anyone where our secret base was, would we?” Moonbeam asked reasonably. “They might copy all our secret moves. And since you don't know, you'll have to wear a blindfold.”

Dash frowned, first wondering how that could make sense, then thinking it over again and wondering why she'd had a problem with it.

“Okay, I guess...” she said, taking the blindfold, and slipped it over her eyes.

It blocked her eyesight almost completely, with only a dim glow showing through at the edges.

“All right, come on!” Moonbeam added.

Dash attempted to waddle after Moonbeam, only to bump into the wall. She rubbed her muzzle, a blush crossing her face. She heard Moonbeam chuckle, only to place a hoof on Dash’s back. “Alright, alright, I guess I’ll have to lead you there myself. I guess I forgot normal pegasi don’t have echolocation.” She said, leading Dash along. Dash tried to look around, but the only difference she could spot under her blindfold was if she was looking directly at the sun. She resigned herself to just following Moonbeam’s occasional pokes and prods to get her moving in the right direction.

They were walking for quite a while, Dash wondering just how far away this practice field was, and that it just felt like they were walking around in circles.

It wasn’t too much longer, however, before Moonbeam stopped, and Dash bumped into her padded rump. “Alright, rookie, we’re finally here, you can take the blindfold off now.” Dash happily complied, glad to be able to see again. Upon removing her blindfold, she was greeted with the sight of a massive training field, full of obstacle courses, a few bleachers, and a large headquarters at the center. Part of Dash noticed they seemed to be standing on a cloud isolated from just about anywhere else, but they hadn’t flown at all while Moonbeam led her here. She shook her head, figuring it wasn’t something to bother worrying about as she began to make her way along the path through the training grounds.

“So, uh, what's first?” Dash asked. “I mean… is there any paperwork or anything? Because if there is...” she shook her head. “Nuh-uh!”

Moonbeam laughed. “No, there's no paperwork, we're a bit less formal about that side of things. But we do need to get your uniform changed – after all, look at you!”

Dash looked at herself automatically, and she had to admit that she was dressed as a Wonderbutt. “Yeah, I guess it doesn't really fit...”

“Not at all,” Moonbeam agreed, leading her through one of the doors. “Ah, this is Dreamy Duvet, he's our costumes pony. Dreamy, do you have Dash's Shadowbutt outfit ready yet?”

The other bat pony nodded, vanishing into some stacks of clothes, and Dash waited patiently.

After a moment, though, something occurred to her. How did this Dreamy Duvet know what size she was, or even that she was coming at all-

“Shouldn't you be getting ready to change?” Moonbeam asked.

“H-hey, I'm – my diaper's dry!” Dash replied quickly, train of thought lost.

“No, I mean so you can put on your new costume,” Moonbeam elaborated. “It's time to zip off that Wonderbutts costume and put it away.”

“Oh, right,” Dash said, blushing, as she heard Dreamy coming back with something soft and plush.

Dash fumbled around for the zipper on her Wonderbutt outfit, but no matter how much she ran her hooves over her costume, she couldn’t seem to find it. How the heck did she get this thing on, anyway? While she fumbled, Dreamy gave a mildly exasperated sigh, shaking his head a little. “These Wonderbutt costumes always stick. I don’t know how they can get away with this! I suppose we’ll have to go with plan B.” He trotted up to Dash, who was still struggling to find any means of removing her suit, and suddenly flipped her onto her rump. As she fell onto the floor with a flump, Dreamy got to work sliding the rear legs of the suit over Dash’s, quickly coming to the bulge of Dash’s diaper. He grunted a bit from the effort, tugging and pulling the surprisingly stretchy suit to get it to fit over Dash’s butt. “It all comes… guh from having too thick… diapers!” He said, finally getting it over Dash and sliding the rest of it up Dash’s belly.

Moonbeam gave a mock shock of surprise. “Dreamy, I’m surprised at you! It’s just your fault for not taking the proper amount of puff into consideration!” Dreamy simply pulled the plush Shadowbutts outfit onto Dash, zipping up the back and leaving the pegasus stuck rocking on her rear.

“Alright, I suppose that’ll do for now.”

Dash was left looking a little puffier than she ought to have, with the plushness of her Wonderbutts suit under the Shadowbutts one, and her legs spread even further by the wide rump.

Blushing, she struggled a little as she got herself upright. She staggered a little, not expecting the extra unbalanced weight, and tried to flare her wings a little.

Nothing happened, her wings covered over by plush, and Dash looked back over her shoulder as best she could. “Uh… what happened to my wings?”

“I'm glad you're eager for practice, but we're not ready for that yet,” Moonbeam told her firmly. “It's late already, and we've got to show you your induction videos into the team as well as get you set up for the night – if there's time, we might be able to do some practice today.”

“But aren't I going to need my wings anyway?” Dash asked.

“Come on,” Moonbeam told her, ignoring her question. “Hmm, I wonder if there's still time for you to take part in the new team chant...”

“Hey, aren't you listening?” Dash demanded, then went back over what Moonbeam had said. “Induction videos?”

“Yes, of course,” Moonbeam replied. “There's a lot to learn about how a team does things, and of course you need to know how the very best team does things! But we don't have time to explain it all in person, so you're going to get the basics from a video. This way!”

Dash trotted after Moonbeam, not really having much a choice in the matter. Moonbeam headed down the hallway of the training base, soon coming to another room. This one looked like a mini theater, a few plush chairs spread out in front of a projector screen. Moonbeam motioned for Dash to sit as she wheeled an old projector out into the middle of the room. Dash sat down in one of the seats, the sides squeezing comfortably in on her diaper.

Moonbeam dimmed the lights and flicked the projector on, the soft whirring filling the room as the video began to play. It showed a stadium packed full of ponies, all waiting eagerly for a game to begin. Only seconds after the scene began, several ponies began to rush onto the field, their uniforms and swollen rears quickly giving them away as Shadowbutts. The crowd ‘ooooh’ed and ‘aaaaaah’ed, watching them soar about in formation.

The ponies flew around before diving down at the camera, pulling up at the last second and freezing to show the trio zipping through the air. A voice spoke up, in that cheesy, old-movie style of sound.

“Congratulations! You’ve been picked the join the elite of elite flyers, the Shadowbutts! I suppose you’re quite excited to learn what comes next.”

Dash found herself nodding a bit in response as the video continued.

“Well, now, the Shadowbutts are the best flying team in Equestria,” the voice went on, with the film showing images of the Shadowbutts performing tricks and bouncing around a large, padded ball. “That means you'll have to work hard to be worthy of joining them.”

The voice paused for a moment, then the film switched to showing the Shadowbutts doing different things – marching along a path with their rumps swaying back and forth on the screen, then sharing an ice cream and some fizzy drinks, then doing a dance. “But it's not all work for the Shadowbutts! Shadowbutts are a team, and the most important thing is to be a team player – and that means you do what other team members do, both on and off duty!”

Dash nodded again, finding all of this perfectly sensible.

She did wonder why she kept thinking of other words, right in the middle of the sentences. She'd be watching and listening, then it would be like a word just… popped into her head.

Like when the narrator said that she had to 'do what other team members do', and she found the word 'obey' springing to mind instead of the first 'do' and 'say' in place of the second.

Dash absently sank back in her seat a little, her thickly padded rump cushioning her as she did.

“Remember, Shadowbutts do everything for a reason, and a new Shadowbutt has to realize that even if they can't see what the reason is,” the voice said, soothing, and Dash nodded again.

The movie continued, showing Shadowbutts running through an obstacle course with amazing skill. All but one, that is, who was stumbling a bit as they tried to keep up with the others, only to end up stuck in a tire swing, their padded rear shaking around as they tried to squeeze through. “Whoa, hold on there, kiddo! Being a Shadowbutt takes some time, you’ll have to cover the basics before you get to do the fun stuff! But don’t sweat it, every Shadowbutt makes a few mistakes, all it does is make them seem a bit cuter!” The Shadowbutt in the swing blushed brightly as another pony pushed on her puffy rear, sending her swinging back and forth.

The scene cut to what looked like a dormitory, ponies waddling around in their bunks. “You’ll want to get acquainted with your new home, you’ll be here for a while! Don’t worry, the other Shadowbutts will be more than happy to help get you set up.”

Dash’s mind wandered a bit, thinking about what she’d be getting ready to do. She couldn’t wait to run that obstacle course, she bet she’d set a new academy record! And she’d be the puffiest and fluffiest foal around!

“…did you get that?” The voiceover said, and Dash’s attention was immediately drawn back to the screen, catching a glimpse of what may or may not have been a pony being stuffed into a snug straitjacket. She fidgeted, hoping she hadn’t missed something important, and paid a bit more attention as the video continued.

Despite Dash's decision to make sure she didn't miss a thing, she had a bit of trouble remembering just what the movie actually talked about.

There was some more stuff about proper behaviour, and a few more of those odd words that just popped into her head, but honestly it seemed to be kind of boring and Dash sort of zoned out for that bit. She was still watching, still taking it in, but none of it really registered with her.

Then it finished with a section which was about… something? It might have involved the Dizzitron? Anyway, that bit was done, and Dash sat up slightly as the title card came up – 'chants!'

“Every Shadowbutt knows the Shadowbutt chants off by heart,” the narrator said. “Well, almost every Shadowbutt, that is. As a learner, you might not know them all just yet.”

Dash blushed, wondering if she'd missed something, but the voiceover kept going. “But as a learner, you'll need to make sure you learn them all as quickly as possible! Let's try one!”

The view on the screen changed again, showing a rear view of four Shadowbutts standing side by side. Their tails were flicking back and forth idly on the opposite beat to their padded rumps, and words appeared at the bottom of the screen with a little bouncing Shadowbutt animated there as well – waiting to jump onto the first of the syllables and signal the beginning of the chant.

Then it did, and Dash rushed to join in.

“One! Two! Three! Four! Our poof might just reach the floor!”

Dash happily chanted along with the video, watching the pony carefully to stay on the beat. Though that was a bit difficult to do with the Shadowbutt’s rumps swaying left and right, drawing her eyes up away from the little pony as she watched them swing and bump lightly into each other. She almost missed as the pony jumped to the next part of the chant, starting a little later than the video did.

“Five! Six! Seven! Eight! When it comes to diapers, we can’t wait!”

Dash found herself bouncing in her seat in time to the chant, giggling a little as the Shadowbutts turned to bounce their diapers into each other, crinkles accenting the song as the pony bounced along, looking rather puffy and a bit more like a bouncing ball. The pony flopped on its belly along the next verse, Dash rocking back and forth as she chanted.

“Diapers, blimps, and plushies too! We love them all and so will you!”

Dash nodded, her mind already thinking about being a big blimpy Shadowbutt for the crowd, showing off her puffily padded rump. It’d be just like the Wonderbutts, but bigger! And flashier! And so much cushier!

The bouncing ball that still looked a little bit like a pony reached the fourth pat of the chant, and Dash joined in as the chant reached a conclusion.

“We! Love! To! Be! As padded up as we can be!”

On that final word, the viewpoint of the film seemed to rush towards the Shadowbutts as they all wiggled their rumps. The marker bounced off the exclamation point at the end of the lyrics, and hurtled towards the camera – seeming to land on it, making the screen go entirely dark before the projector stopped.

Dash blinked, suddenly feeling like she had no idea how long she'd been watching the film.

“Did you get all of that?” Moonbeam asked, and Dash nodded hesitantly. “It's all right if you didn't, it's just the first time you've seen it.”

“Yeah, but… um...” Dash tried, then stopped – not sure how to avoid digging herself deeper somehow.

“Let's get you off to the dorm,” Captain Moonbeam added. “Up you get! Shadowbutts aren't slowpokes!”

Dash squeezed out of her seat, noticing her diaper seemed a little bit thicker than it had been when she had started watching the video. She waddled after Moonbeam, who led Dash through a few hallways where other Shadowbutts were starting to turn in for the night as well. “Here’s the learner’s dorm. Oh, don’t look so grumpy, we all have to start somewhere. I’m sure you’ll move up quickly with the basic training you’ve already done with the Wonderbutts anyway. Though you might find our basic training to be a bit more… intense.” Moonbeam grinned, and Dash thought she may have been waggling her eyebrows, though it was hard to tell behind the shades she wore.

Dash waddled inside where a few other Shadowbutts were already getting into bed. She made her way to an unoccupied bed, noticing it looked rather plain considering all the other extravagance the Shadowbutts had shown so far. Still, the pillow looked rather comfy, and the blankets were especially thick and cozy. Dash crawled into her bed, yawning as Moonbeam hit the light switch. “Lights out everypony! I want you up at the crack of dawn tomorrow! No dawdling!” She said.

Dash yawned, surprisingly tired for the little she had done today. Her eyelids grew heavy as she began to drift off to sleep…

Fweeeeee! The sound of a whistle piercing the air made Dash sit bolt upright in bed, though still a little groggy. “Come on, rookies, let’s move!” The Shadowbutts drill sergeant said, and soon everypony was hopping out of bed and hurrying out the door.

Dash brought up the rear, her rear wiggling back and forth as she waddled after the others, and took her place at the end of the line.

“All right!” the drill sergeant began. “Let's see how much you've learned so far!”

That made Dash blink – surely there hadn't been any lessons? She didn't remember any!

“On three, do the Shadowbutts team chant!” the sergeant ordered. “And shake those rumps in time! Come on, get them shaking!”

Trying to do as she was told, Dash duly started wiggling her padded butt back and forth. It was a little irregular at first, but before long she was in time with the other recruits.

“One, two, three...” the sergeant counted them in.

“One! Two! Three! Four!” Dash chanted, the voices of the others overlapping her.

It was oddly easy to recall the words, given she'd only heard them once.

“Our poof might just reach the floor!” she continued, turning to bounce her diaper into the Shadowbutt beside her just as the video had, both of them crinkling as they continued the chant. As they did, Dash couldn’t help but notice her hind legs seemed to be spreading a bit as she chanted. Looking around, she noticed the other’s padding seemed to be growing ever so slowly thicker too, now moving to the next part of the chant. Dash bounced her rump against the ground, swishing her tail back and forth across it as she sang. Well, she supposed, she did say her poof should reach the floor, and the best way for that to happen was if it became thick enough to do it, right? Of course, even the Wonderbutts appreciated such thick fluffery!

She pushed the odd swelling sensations out of her mind as she bent over and shook her padded rear high in the air with the others, finishing off the chant. The sergeant looked rather pleased, or at least as pleased as a drill sergeant could look. “Not bad, but that was the easy part. Now get your butts over to the obstacle course! On the double!”

Not sure which way to go, Dash went along with the flow of the rest of the group. They went left, right, left, then she lost track, and soon all the trainee Shadowbutts were lined up in front of an obstacle course.

There was a set of hoops to walk through without tripping, then a collection of low walls to get over. There was a rope section, a climbing rope, and then an inflatable section which seemed to include narrow tunnels to squeeze through and slides to climb up.

It was a little hard to see after that-

“Go!” the drill sergeant called. “Cadet Dash, you first!”

Dash gulped, and waddled forwards.

Almost immediately, the hoops gave her problems. It wasn't too hard to reach from one hoop to the next, but the bulk of her thick padding made it harder than she'd prefer for her to lift her legs out of them and so she ended up nearly tripping over several times.

Stumbling out of that one, she crouched a little and pushed herself up the first of the walls. Her push got her forelegs over, but her hind legs didn't get any traction, and she wobbled there for several seconds before managing to fall over the low wall.

The new Shadowbutt let out an “oof” as she fell onto the ground, struggling to make it back to her hooves. “This ain’t a rest home, Dash, get your rear in gear!” The sergeant shouted. Dash rolled onto her front and pushed herself back up. She backed up towards the first wall, determined to get a better running start this time. She began to canter towards the second wall, if one could call her silly waddling a canter, and leapt forwards, just managing to clear the second wall, but still flubbing the landing and stumbling forward unprofessionally.

Shaking her head, she made one grand final leap for the third wall, which seemed a bit taller than the others now that Dash thought about it. Her hind legs scrambled against the wall, her diaper crinkling as the wall squeaked before she hoisted herself over and fell to her hooves. She hurried over to the next portion, standing on one end of a pit full of what looked like little plastic balls. She looked at the ropes dangling over it, a little nervous. If she had her wings, she could do this no problem! But now…

Dash backed up, wiggling her rump a little bit before leaping forward. Her hooves wrapped around the first rope, her momentum carrying her closer to the second.

She managed the tricky switch from the first rope to the second, but almost immediately she realized her mistake – she'd ended up with the rope wrapped around her diaper, which was distracting, but also meant it would be hard for her to get it off again!

She reached for the third rope, and snagged it, then tried to disentangle herself from the second rope without letting go of the third.

The tension between the two ropes made her flip upside down, and she dropped out from between the ropes – her last-minute grab for the third one only managing to spin her right way up again as she hit, but then she slo-o-owly ground along through the plastic balls to reach the far side.

Hauling herself out, she looked at the furrow her rump had caused and cringed slightly with embarrassment.

A shout from the drillpony made her jump, and she went for the climbing rope next – somehow ending up tangled up in this one, too, and dangling upside down from her ankle.

“This ain't no bed-time rest!” the sergeant harrangued her, then poked her with a hoof and made the rope unravel. “You'll have to come back and learn this one later, just go on to the next for now!”

Dash wriggled about, swinging in the air for a moment before somehow managing to untangle herself and falling onto the puffy mattress below the rope with a flump. Blushing brightly, she ran around the obstacle and tried not to think about what the other rookies were giggling about as she stepped up to the inflatable tubes. The first one was thankfully low to the ground, allowing her to easily slip through. A series of puffy rungs allowed her to climb up the first tube with ease, where she came to the top of a large puffy slide. Dash was a bit confused how this was supposed to make her a better flyer, but the thought was quickly stifled as she shrugged. It looked fun, and the Shadowbutt captains surely knew what they were doing.

She jumped up into the air, landing on the slide and rolling down with a prolonged ssqquueeeeaaak~. Giggling, she flopped forward, only to spot the sergeant and immediately jump to her hooves to regain her composure. She hurried towards the next slide, which now forced her to climb up the slippery smooth squeaky surface towards the top tube. She bounced upwards, her hooves slipping a bit against the vinyl, but the slide was thankfully not quite steep enough yet to cause to roll back down. As she reached the top, she squeezed in, noticing this tube seemed a bit smaller than the one before it…

Wiggling as hard as she could, Dash worked her way into the squeaky tube… then stopped moving.

She wiggled again, trying to keep going, but the hold the sides of the tube had on her own sides (and diaper) was strong enough that she couldn't quite get enough traction to move.

Taking a deep breath, then letting it out to try and shrink herself down, she tried again – moving a few inches, then sticking fast just like before.

“What's this, cadet?” the sergeant demanded. “Are you slacking off again?”

“mmf...” Dash mumbled, not sure what to say.

The sergeant did something she couldn't quite hear – and certainly couldn't see – then gave Dash a whack on the diaper, which pushed her out of the tube like a cork out of a bottle.

Sprawling out at the bottom of the slide, Dash shook her head – trying to clear it after the unusual trip. She looked up, and saw that the next part of the obstacle course was a set of several dozen tightly-spaced foam pillars.

It looked like there might be enough space for her to squeeze through the grid, so she got moving – waddling up to one of them, then beginning to move slowly and carefully through.

She weaved her way through the pillars, her rump bouncing lightly against a couple of them. As she pushed against one to squeeze through another gap, she felt something bap against her diaper. Blushing, she glanced over her shoulder to see one of the pillars wobbling around on a spring. Rather than coming to a stop, though, it seemed to have just as much, if not more, momentum from when she had pushed it. The pillar bopped against another one, which sent it wobbling around to hit another, and another, and another. Dash suddenly felt another pillar bump her side, sending her flopping back into yet another pillar.

She fell against the squeaky pillar, squeezing it to try and hang on, but she was instead flung to another, her diaper bouncing off it and sending her reeling to another. She struggled to maintain her hoofing, completely lost as to which was she was supposed to be heading in the first place. She simply pinged off another like a pinball, tumbling around as she ricocheted left and right. With a particularly hard smack on her rear, she was sent flying forwards, faceplanting into an inflatable mattress, only to rebound off of it and sail towards the next obstacle. Dash only got a faint glimpse of what looked like several large Shadowbutt patterned beach balls dangling over another pit before she was sent bouncing off the first one.

Limbs flailing, Dash tried to control the direction of her bounce – in any way she could, trying to make sure she would land on the next large bouncy ball.

She landed on top of the second one, which was good, but she landed hard enough to bounce upwards instead of just coming to rest. She looked down, trying to see past her diaper, then adjusted her trajectory slightly to bound onwards onto the third ball.

After the third ball came the fourth, but she hit that one so badly she bounced back into the third, and then from there went sideways to another ball entirely.

That one she balanced on the edge of, bounce almost gone, then crouched a little and tried to launch herself back to the main path – only for the bulk of her diaper to rob her kick of almost all its momentum, leading her to fall the four feet to the pit itself.

Much to her surprise, the pit didn't seem to be full of anything painful. Instead, it was soft and warm, almost cozy, and white and fluffy enough it took her several seconds to realize she was sinking.

The drill sergeant came flying over. “Well, cadet!” she said sternly. “That wasn't terrible, for a first showing, but not good enough!”

She produced a mirror from nowhere, holding it up to show Dash herself – including the soft, plush sheep costume she was wearing over the top of her Shadowbutts uniform.

“You'll wear that while your fellow cadets do the course!” she announced.

Dash’s face turned a bright red, looking down at herself as she tugged at the plush material hugging her snugly. She swam towards the edge of the pool, struggling to lift herself up as she kicked her legs and wiggled her small fuzzy sheep suit tail. She sat down beside the drill sergeant, comforted slightly by the plushness of her diaper giving her a good seat.

She watched as the others went through the obstacle course. Some were doing just as poorly as she had done, falling over themselves and tripping on the bulk of their diapers as they attempted to navigate the puffy course. Several ended up stuck in the tubes and needed to be smacked out just as Dash had. A couple others, however, made Dash look like an absolute foal! They ran through the course in no time at all, deftly dodging obstacles and skillfully bouncing on their hooves and diapers to make their way towards the finish.

Her face burned brightly as she tried not to look at the ponies, instead focusing more on another mare who had managed to fall into the pit of puff as well, climbing out with an embarrassingly thick sparrow suit on.

The birdsuited Shadowbutt sat down on her crinkly rump to watch the rest of the obstacle course attempts, and Dash reluctantly looked to the far end of the course – where the Shadowbutt Cadets who'd completed the course were being congratulated one by one as they arrived.

That just made the former Best Young Flier (who was now dressed like a Very Young Flier) blush harder, and by the time the last had been congratulated and they all came marching back over to the plush pool she half-wanted to crawl inside her suit and hide from everypony.

“And, last of all, our silly fillies and crinkly colts,” the drill sergeant announced. “I hope you've learned your lesson!”

Dash wasn't quite sure what the lesson was, but she nodded anyway – eager to get out of the suit as fast as possible – and the sergeant began to unzip them, one at a time.

The stallion Shadowbutt to her left was handled first, his owl sleeper-suit removed to reveal a still-thickly-padded pony beneath, and then the sparrow to her right.

Dash was done last, and breathed a sigh of relief upon being removed from the soft, warm material – though she couldn't help but feel faintly nostalgic, as well.

“Time for lunch break,” the drill sergeant told them, and Dash blinked.

Had it been that long already? Well… maybe it had, the obstacle course had taken a long time...

Dash waddled after the others, who were headed towards a collection of picnic tables. Standing beside it was a stallion passing out large paper bags filled with food. Dash scratched her head as she waited in line. Shouldn’t this place have a canteen or something? It was pretty weird eating out in the field like this. She took her food and headed towards one of the benches, sliding in beside a pony who was already greedily chewing down on his sandwich. Dash pulled everything out of her bag, a hay-flower sandwich (with the crust cut off), a big box of apple juice, an apple, a small bar of chocolate. Dash’s stomach growled and she began to wolf down the sandwich, wondering how she hadn’t noticed she was so hungry earlier.

Another pony sat opposite her, one of the ones that had finished the course in record time. “So, you’re supposed to be the big hot-shot from the Wonderbutts. I should’ve expected as much from a team of sog-butts like them,” she said, snootily. Dash glared at the Shadowbutt, noting her teal coat and orange mane. The pony looked familiar, but Dash couldn’t put her hoof on why…

“Pffft, it’s only ‘cause they think we’re not good enough for our wings yet. I’d fly circles around this place if they actually let me play at the level I’m on.” Dash bragged back, taking a drink from her box of juice.

The other pony opened her own bag, starting with the bar of chocolate, and Dash tried not to show her reaction. It was hard to know just what to think about that…

She shook her head slightly, then the other pony spoke up again. “So, what are you good at?”

“Flying!” Dash said, a little offended that the other pony – something Dust? - had needed to ask.

“I doubt it,” Dust dismissed. “Anypony who can fly should be able to manage something as easy as that.”

Dash was about to retaliate, but the stallion next to her put his hoof on hers. “Nope,” he advised.

Deciding to listen to that advice, Dash looked around at the other ponies having lunch. There were plenty of cadets, all wearing uniforms similar to her own, though there were also a couple of more experienced Shadowbutts among them. Dash also caught the eye of one of the other mares – Puddles? Raindrops? Something like that – who seemed grateful for the attention.

Halfway through her apple, the pegasus suddenly realized something was odd. She could swear the pony she'd sat next to was an Earth Pony, or she could remember that at least, but when she looked at him he was a pegasus like everypony else in the Shadowbutt training academy.

Blinking, Dash wondered if she'd had enough sleep, but then the sound of a throat being cleared made her look up towards a small dais and see several senior Shadowbutts filing onto it.

The Shadowbutts formed a line, captain Moonbeam stepping forward as a hush came over the crowd. “Welcome, Shadowbutts! I hope you all had a productive morning of practice! Since you’re all still settling in here, we figure it’s worth going over some of the basics to make sure you know how everything works.”

A couple other Shadowbutts stepped up, turning to allow everypony to get a good look at their uniforms. “These ponies are your senior officers. You’ll do as they say, and any complaints can be taken up with our ‘suggestion box’ here…” Moonbeam produced a pacifier, a couple members of the crowd chuckling, though it was clear Moonbeam wasn’t joking.

“As for each other, we’re a bit more… lenient. Rough play is expected, and encouraged, so long as nopony gets hurt. Pranks, puffs, and practical poofs are fair game. So long as you don’t get any of us involved.” Moonbeam said. Dash nodded in agreement, though she couldn’t stop part of her wondering how one of the officers would look stuck under the swollen diaper of a cadet…

“Now!” Moonbeam went on, making Dash jolt a bit. “You're all going to get a chance to personalize your sleeping area a bit, and one of the main ways is that you'll each be allowed to pick a poster. Just let us know which one you want, and it'll be put by your bed ready for you.”

She nodded to the other Shadowbutts behind her on the dais, and they began showing the posters off – two or three at a time.

Dash stared, looking first at one poster and then another and another.

There was one with a Shadowbutt bouncing off the ground and another Shadowbutt with their rump, making them look crinkly and cool at the same time. There was another one which showed a thickly-padded Shadowbutt, even thicker than any of the ones Dash had seen so far, with the slogan 'never change', and next to that was a Shadowbutt butt in a thick diaper right up against the viewpoint with tail curled and tossing to show it was moving.

The pegasus barely noticed that the slogan on that one was something like 'Be A Good Butt', before another one distracted her – this one a smirking Moonbeam posed in the middle of changing a blushing Shadowbutt, with the legend 'Moonbeam Is Momma'.

Dash blinked slowly, feeling oddly woozy, as poster after poster went past her vision. It seemed as though she was barely noticing any of the details, and at the same time was absorbing every detail-

-and she felt a sudden rush of cold liquid in her diaper.

She let out a soft ‘eeek!’ of surprise as she looked down at her padding, which grew soft and squishy as it absorbed the liquid. Several giggles and chuckles met her ears, Dash peeling her eyes away from the admittedly enticing sight of her padding swelling to see Light-something-or-other leaning back as she laughed. She was still clutching an empty cup of water, pointing at Dash’s squishy rump. “Heehee, looks like we’ve got a squish-butt!” She laughed.

A few others chuckled as well, Dash’s face turning a bright red as she tried to tug on the waistband of her diaper through her thick suit, but wasn’t able to get a grip through all the fluff. She shifted left and right, feeling her diaper squish softly as she tried to look for some way to get back at the mare. Unfortunately, she had already finished off the rest of her juice, and wherever the pony had gotten her water, there didn’t seem to be any more around. Dash grumbled a little, crossing her forelegs and trying not to think about it. She’d get her back, just she wait!

The showing of the posters had finished, and others were starting to waddle forward to pick theirs out before heading off to the next bit of training. Dash stepped towards the stage, scanning the available posters to pick out her favorite. It was quite hard to choose, all of them showed the coolest of the Shadowbutts on display! She eventually closed her eyes and pointed to one, knowing she wouldn’t be able to pick one out on her own.

Opening her eyes she found her hoof pointing towards a poster of a Shadowbutt’s large diaper squishing a thinly padded Spitfire under her rear.

“Excellent choice~” Moonbeam told her, smirking, and Dash quashed her initial reaction – not wanting to sound ungrateful by changing her mind.

Besides, it was a good picture, too – it showed a Shadowbutt squishing a Wonderbutt, which was just what she'd been thinking about.


Deciding to think about that later, Dash nodded. “Uh – can I, I mean, how do I get my diaper changed?”

“We only change Shadowbutt diapers when necessary,” Moonbeam told her. “Off you waddle, now, time for your next lesson!”

Dash wanted to protest, but by the time she knew what to say Captain Moonbeam had moved a little way off. Then all the other Shadowbutt recruits were on their way to their new lesson, and Dash had to follow along.

“Time for tug of war practice!” the drill sergeant pony announced, in the kind of voice drill sergeants always had. “Break up into teams!”

Dash looked around, trying to find someone who looked cool enough to work with, but by the time she'd finished looking the only choice left was the Lightning pony from before.

Dash groaned internally, waddling over to Lightning. The pony was still smirking, occasionally glancing down at Dash’s wet padding. “Come waddling back, huh? I suppose we’ll do better with all that water weight giving you some more anchoring,” she snickered. Dash didn’t respond, instead trotting over to the first rope opposite a pair of ponies that looked like they belonged more running a spa than training to be Shadowbutts.

She picked up the slack behind Lightning and chomped down on the rope while Lightning dug her hooves into the ground a bit. The drill sergeant raised a flag high up into the air before letting out a long tweet on his whistle and waving the flag about. Dash and Lightning began to tug and yank on the rope, the other ponies doing the same.

It was hardly a competition, Lightning and Dash were able to easily pull the two ponies towards their side. Dash swung her rear back, trotting slowly backwards and trying to ignore Lightning’s own puffy rear pressing up into her chest as they tugged.

With another whistle, Dash and Lightning released the rope, causing the other ponies to fall over themselves onto the ground. Dash stood a little taller, grinning at their victory. “See? I toootally got this under control!”

“Don't get complacent, girls!” the drill sergeant called. “All right, another go!”

“This'll be a pushover – er, pullover?” Dash shrugged. “Whatever, we're going to win!”

As they took up the rope, however, they noticed that the two other ponies now had much thicker diapers – easily three or four times the previous thickness, if they had to guess.

“Uh...” Dash began, a little uncertain. “Are we sure-”

“Begin!” the drill sergeant whistled, waving his flag, and Dash and Dust began to pull again.

This time it was much harder to make any progress – the other ponies still weren't pulling, but their diapers let them just sit on the ground and still keep the rope from moving except one slow inch at a time.

Dust's padding pressed into Dash's chest as she pulled, then another pull and it was right in Dash's face – making her splutter. “Hey!”

“I'm trying to win here!” Dust replied.

They let off their pull for a moment as they bickered, and as a result the rope went slack – and, with the sudden release of tension, the other ponies began to roll away from them, pulling the rope hard enough to make both padded-up blue pegasi yelp and clutch at the rope.

Dash and Dust were pulled into the air, the rope whipping back as they flew along with it. As they soared through the air, however, the other team rolled a bit too far back, flailing their hooves in an attempt to steady themselves. With a pomf, they all fell into a puffy pile, the sergeant blowing his whistle before Dash and Dust fell back to the ground. “Dash and Dust win again!” He declared. Dash shook her head, still dazed from the impact and unsure if she’d heard the sergeant correctly. It didn’t help Dust’s padded rump on her head was muffling the sounds a bit. Did they really win? It certainly didn’t seem like that should have ended in their favor.

Still, Dash wasn’t going to complain if it meant they could move on, Dust rolling her way off of Dash as the two stood back up. They brushed the dirt off themselves as they trotted over to the next team, each pony wrapping their hooves around the rope. Dash looked up at the last second to see their next competitors. Four rather absurdly padded ponies waggling their puffy rears left and right as they prepared to tug on the rope.

“Wait… four? But that’s not-” Before she could finish, everypony began to tug on the rope, the material seeming a bit stretchier than before. Each team moved slowly further and further away from each other, the “rope” pulling more and more taut.

The rope creaked and groaned as it got longer and longer, stretching more and more, and got visibly thinner with every step – the same amount of material moved into an increasingly strained shape.

“Put your pamps into it!” the drill instructor called, waving his hoof, and Dash pulled harder.

Then, with a sudden twang, the rope snapped back to the shape it had started with. All six ponies were pulled together into a heap, and the rope flew off to land at the hooves of the instructor.

Dash groaned, finding herself underneath three of the four ridiculously thickly padded other ponies – almost entirely hidden inside their poof – and shook herself, trying to get out.

“Mfff!” she protested.

“What an 'orrible bunch!” the sergeant yelled. “That's not what I want to see from some proper Shadowbutts! I'm going to note this on your record!”

“Mff!” Dash complained again, trying to get the other ponies off her. Her wiggling about did make one of them roll down the slope of the 'mountain' of Shadowbutt, but she only got relief when the rest of them reluctantly stood up.

As she was freed, she saw that Dust had been watching the whole time.

“Come on...” Dash sighed. “Why didn't you help?”

Dust shrugged. “Didn't feel like it.”

“Over to the next session!” Moonbeam called. “Quick as you can waddle!”

Dash grumbled and began to waddle after the others, hoping the mark on her record wasn’t anything too bad.

Dream Cycle - Rainbow Dash (1)
Rainbow Dash is in the Wonderbolts! Or Wonderbutts, she's a little unclear on that one.
But the Shadowbutts seem like they have their own ideas on her career path...

This is something a little different. It's a story I've done with Mintycandy, and is part of a series - but each part is focused on a different character (or characters) and will be posted as a separate story.

The cover art is by Mix-up… , AKA Amalgamzaku

It features diapers, odd logic, and things like that.

To answer a question I've been asked, I will be putting the full version of the cover art up (on FA) once I've posted the six stories which correspond to it.

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Applejack waddled along, only for the ground to suddenly sink a bit beneath her hooves. She stumbled backwards, falling onto her rump as the floor sank further down. It was quickly apparent by the sight of the other end of the floor rising up that she was balancing on some large stone beam. She tried to climb forward, but the stone was smooth and slippery, and several times she was sent sliding back to her end. She grumbled, forced to crawl slowly up, up, up towards the other end. As she lay atop it, however, the stone refused to budge despite how easily it had shifted from her weight alone on the other side.

Applejack grumbled to herself as she lay on the stone, wiggling her rear left and right. In all the fuss, she had forgotten just how much water she had drank back in the other chamber, and it was starting to catch up with her. A pressure was building between her legs, and she wasn’t sure what to do. Until she remembered she was wearing diapers, and chuckled to herself again. What else was she supposed to do, that’s what diapers were for, wasn’t it? She gave a sigh as she wet her padding, feeling it grow warm and the inner diaper swell ever so slightly from the dampness. It was this swelling that caused the stone to move downwards a bit, as if Applejack had just grown heavier… well, hadn’t she? Bloated diapers weighed more than dry ones… right?

Deciding the fundamentals of complex physics were more trouble than they were worth, Applejack did her best to wet herself a second time – to tilt the beam down by sheer sog!

It quickly became a challenge she was determined to beat, so she suckled hard on her pacifier to get better concentration and urge herself more towards wetting. It seemed to help, and she let go twice more in quick succession – not really sure how that worked, but not really caring either so long as it moved her closer to her goal.

The balance beam creaked a little further down with each wetting, before stabilizing still too high to let her through, and Applejack groaned around her pacifier before sitting down with a squish.

She just needed one more wetting… so she needed to think about something that would help her wet.

Perhaps it would help to think about waterfalls? Maybe the water puzzle she solved earlier?

That would do!

Applejack began to daydream about the puzzle, flowing waterfalls, rushing rivers, jets of water splashing onto her padding and making it swell as her fluff guzzled it up… She thought of rainstorms and floods and hoses, her legs spread slowly wider and wider as she wet her padding again… and again… and again. It wasn’t until her muzzle pressed up against the wall that she noticed something was amiss. Opening her eyes, she found the doorway a couple feet above her, the platform having sank too far from all her wetting. She scrambled back to her hooves, forced to jump up to reach the doorway. Thankfully, there was a vine that allowed her a bit of extra grip, though even climbing that still led to much diaper waggling and squishing as her hind legs struggled to hoist her up to the hallway.

Applejack wiped her brow from the effort, suckling a bit on her pacifier as she looked over her shoulder at her diapers. Despite how thick they were, it was quite obvious they were wet, now bloated to nearly twice their original sizes. Her tail was wrapped up in a large amount of fluff, and her legs had to lift high into the air to allow her to move anywhere. The embarrassment of it all, however, only made Applejack grin a bit to herself. Just imagine how any other adventurer pony would’ve given up on the first task! They wouldn’t have gotten such thick, cozy, squishy diapers! Only she was brave enough to delve so deeply into the dungeon. She turned about and began to slowly move forward, still suckling away happily as she made her way to the next room…

As smug as she was, she almost didn't notice the four small objects on the floor. Stopping just before she would have stepped on them, Applejack leaned down to look closely – though her wet diaper acted as a kind of counterweight, lifting her up and making it much harder than she was expecting to look down at the little piles of fabric.

In the event, however, she realized they all had little labels describing what they were, and leaned closer to read them – as the Booties of Comfort +1.

Comfort sounded nice, so she duly slipped them on – one hoof at a time – and moved her hooves around to feel how comfy the result was, pressing them against the floor a few times to feel how much softer they made the hard stone before continuing onwards.

It was only a few cozy minutes before she reached the door, and opened it before waddling into the room with a swagger. That soon ended, however, as she heard a rattle from to her left.


She looked to the side, and saw it – and it didn't quite look like she expected, but after a moment she realized it made a great deal of sense. After all, it was called a rattle snake, so why would it be anything except a plastic toy rattle on the tail end of a plush snake body?

Another rattled from the other side, and she jumped slightly.

Applejack watched as a few more rattlesnakes slithered out into the light, their tails shaking back and forth quickly as their plush tongues flicked into the air to smell her. She carefully took a step forward, breathing deeply to try and relax. After all, they weren’t that dangerous, just a few snakes. She wasn’t Twilight, after all.

As she walked further into the room, however, more and more snakes appeared from the gloom. The surrounded her, shaking their tails and coiling in on themselves as she stared at them. She tried to shake her head, but that only seemed to make the rattling noise worse. Her eyes roamed around the room, which seemed to swim before her from the slithering of the snakes’ colorful bodies and the constant wiggling of their rattles.

A soft squish could be heard among the rattles as she fell onto her rump, her eyes still stuck to the snakes as they slithered about. A few began to coil around her hind legs, curling up closer to her and pressing their plush bodies into her diaper. She blushed a bit, gently nudging to try and push them away, but it did little to dissuade them.

Trying to focus, AJ did her best to ignore the rattling and the shifting of the snakes. She took a step, then another, but then a rattle right next to her made her look to the side as a particularly large rattle-snake shook its tail at her.

The sound echoed inside her mind, and she blushed – oddly enough, she wasn't afraid of the snakes so much as she was interested in them. The idea of looking closer, even playing around with one, just didn't seem to want to go away – and with every shake and rattle it was harder to focus on just walking (or waddling) across the room.

She managed another uncertain step as the rattles shook around her – visible in the corners of her vision, audible all around her, coiling around her Booties of Comfort and squeezing them temptingly.

It couldn't hurt to just sit down and play for a bit, could it? Just playing for a few… hours… or days… until she got bored?

Applejack closed her eyes, focusing on suckling her pacifier instead, and waddled slowly forwards in the direction she was fairly sure the door could be found.

She took a few more, slow steps forward, her legs growing heavy as a more snakes wrapped around them. She dared another glanced down to them, and found herself unable to help smiling at them. They did look awfully cute, and those colorful patterns were so intricate and soothing to look at, she found herself slowing even more. One reached up and bit into her tail, its rattle shaking as it tried to pull itself up around her.

Her rear swayed side to side as she continued forward, still wondering if she should stay. It wouldn’t hurt, would it? They looked so cozy, and comfy, anypony would want to just scoop them up and snuggle them as they coiled so tightly around them, wouldn’t they?

She almost tripped as her hoof stepped on something soft, and a particularly loud rattle could be heard as a snake as thick as a tree trunk coiled up on itself, eyeing Applejack warily. She stared up into its eyes, barely even noticing as other snakes began to slither up to her, one poking at her rump and slipping between a few of her diapers. She giggled, wiggling her rear as she felt the plush snake slithering between her padding, tickling and squeezing her rear.

Applejack sort of lost track of time, and distance, and anything other than colourful eyes and scales and the endless rattling, rattling, rattling…

...until she tripped over something on the floor, waddling a few steps and nearly falling over.

Looking back, she saw that she'd tripped on the threshold of the room. There was a large rattle-snake coiled up at the edge of the room, tail shaking and rattling and eyes dancing with coloured light-

-and she looked away, blinking, as she felt a bit of a dizzy spell coming on.

Blushing, she wondered for a moment how long she'd been stuck in the room, but there wasn't really a way she could think of to tell. She shook her legs, trying to get the rattle-snakes clinging to them to fall off, and then waddled onwards with the dizzying rattling fading slowly behind her.

It felt like there was still something squirming around inside some of the layers of her padding, but the rattle sound was muffled by the thickness of the diapers so she could still concentrate – sort of, at least.

Felling proud for having made it past the sneaky snake trap, Applejack strutted on into the temple ready for anything… well, anything that didn't require her to move fast, at least, as her strut had quite a waddling sway to it provoked by her thick diapers.

Deeper into the dungeon Applejack delved, shivering a bit from the cold as she waddled onward. She soon came to a large circular room, glancing around as she found, much to her confusion, that there was no exit door.

“Consarnit, don’t tell me somepony else has already got the treasure!” She said to herself, crossing her forelegs and falling back onto her diaper in a pout. Then again, this room didn’t look all that much like a treasure room. Something had to be wrong here. Her eyes travelled upwards, noticing the room was domed, with something like a small tunnel at the top. Did she have to climb up there? Even if she could reach, would she be able to fit through such a thin tunnel?

She wandered towards the center of the room, gazing up at the tunnel to try and discern what to do, when she heard a soft grinding sound as her hoof sank into the floor. She lifted her hoof off the pressure plate, gulping and glancing over her shoulder as the door behind her suddenly slammed shut. There was a moment of silence before Applejack felt something pouring down onto her.

She glanced up, only to cough, splutter, and back away as sand began to drop down from the top of the ceiling, slowly filling the room…

As Applejack moved, the room began to sway back and forth. Only a little at first, but the stream of sand falling from the tunnel in the ceiling began to waver – oscillating back and forth, forming an elongated pile rather than a simple round one.

The swaying made Applejack frown, wondering what was going on, as the sand built up and up. Something felt unstable here, and she began to waddle around the room as she tried to work out what it was.

Her movement made the swaying increase, and increase, until suddenly the room tipped past a balance point – and swung dizzyingly around her, sending her bouncing butt-first off the wall of the room twice. Her enchanted booties didn't have the grip to let her cling to the steeply tilted floor of the now-inverted dome, and she finally ended up sliding down to the pile of sand – now stuck in the tunnel she'd seen before.

On contact she disturbed the sand a little, winding up stuck with her hind legs buried in the sand and her diaper just at the top edge of the tunnel.

“Oh, come on...” she groaned. “This ain't a trap, it's more like some kind'a art project...”

She had to admit, though, it had certainly caught her.

Applejack struggled to remove herself from the tunnel, but her wiggling only managed to dislodge a few grains of sand as her diaper was stuck rubbing up against the tunnel. She grumbled, trying to find somewhere on the stone that would allow her to pull herself through. Her hind legs attempted to push back, but with the weight of the sand, they were only able to budge a few millimeters.

The sand flow hadn’t seemed to stop, however. After a few minutes Applejack was sure the sand was pressing more heavily down on her rear, squeezing her diaper slowly further into the tunnel. Applejack struggled again, wishing she could see the end of the tunnel, but was, utterly, thoroughly, stuck.

She let out a grunt of dissatisfaction, trying not to think too much about how good it felt for all that fluff around her rear to be squeezing and squishing into her tighter and tighter. She inched forward just a bit more, the sand still filling behind her, when she felt something soft brush against her hooves.

Applejack peered into the darkness, trying to figure out what she had just bumped was. She inched a bit more, only for a soft rumble to be heard. The sand had filled the room behind her completely, and yet whatever mechanism the room had was still pumping more in. She felt the pressure above her grow, and grow, and grow, until…


The change from stuck to not-stuck was so sudden that Applejack felt like she'd been fired out of Pinkie's party cannon, or something like it. She hit the odd soft obstruction at high speed, ending up completely tangled up in it, but it wasn't held in the tunnel nearly as strongly as she'd been and the force of her momentum pushed it entirely out of the tunnel as well.

Applejack fell through the air for a few seconds, getting a confused impression of her surroundings, then landed with a thump on a pile of soft material – it felt like pillows or something – and rolled over and over down it to fetch up at the bottom.

“Whoo...” she mumbled to herself, a little indistinctly. “That was one wild ride...”

Picking herself up, she looked around at the area – which was, indeed, covered with pillows, though they had a fine dusting of sand on them as well.

As she turned, however, she caught sight of her hoof – which led her to look closer, baffled.

There was a purple paw on her hoof. On all her hooves, in fact, and further inspection showed her that she was wearing a complete dark-purple sleeper from head to hoof. With four cats-paws on her hooves over her enchanted booties, a pair of decorative wings on her back, a tufted tail twitching behind her and even some costume jewellery incorporated into the outfit, she was unmistakeably costumed up as a sphinx.

On a second look, however, it made a lot more sense. She was sneaking into a temple, after all, so this would be good camouflage – and it was comfy, too. (Burglers were supposed to wear cat-suits, and this was sort of like a cat suit.)

Applejack didn’t bother to question the suit as she prowled ahead, though she did shake one of her hind hooves a bit in an attempt to dislodge some bit of sand that had gotten stuck between the toes. The padded soles of her suit’s paws muffled her trotting as she continued through the temple once more, sure that she had to be approaching the center soon. The halls were growing steadily darker as fewer and fewer torches hung on the wall. She squinted, trying to see into the gloom ahead of her, only for her hoof to miss the ground, and send her falling forward.

It was a thankfully short fall, and a rather comfortable one as Applejack bounced across something rather springy. She shook her head as she came to a stop, lowering her eyes to the floor to try and make sense of what she had just landed on. It was difficult to tell in the dim light, but from what she could feel through her suit, it was silky and smooth, and was very stretchy the more she bounced on it. Glancing about, Applejack tried to spot some way out of the room. Far up in the distance she could just barely see the glimmer of torches through a hallway located closer to the ceiling than to the floor.

“Consarnit, can’t anything in this dungeon be properly designed?” Applejack mumbled. She leapt into the air a few times, her forelegs waggling desperately, but there was no way she would be able to reach it from her current height. With each jump, however, the springiness of the material beneath her kept lifting her slowly higher and higher, and soon Applejack was bouncing about, soaring through the air as she jumped on the trampoline to reach her exit.

Each bounce seemed to make the suit just a bit tighter and snugger, which made her inclined to just keep bouncing more and more, the torches at the exit going up and down in her vision as she bounced higher and higher in sequence.

The two little lights kept her attention, making her bounce higher and higher, steadily putting more and more energy into each bounce than the previous one, and Applejack sort of lost track of why she was bouncing a little bit. She knew that she was bouncing, that that was what she was supposed to be doing, and the why she was bouncing dropped out of her memory slightly…

It was just too much fun to bounce! Bounce more and more, the springy trampoline below her absorbing all the energy of her landing and then bouncing her up again with more force than ever, and her snug kittysphinx suit all around her keeping her feeling snug and safe-

-until she bounced just a bit too high, and got stuck on something hanging from the roof.

It was almost like a reverse trampoline, a springy layer of something, but it stuck to her suit and stopped her from falling back down. Brought out of her reverie, Applejack looked up in surprise to see what she was hanging from, and caught sight of a lattice web of closely-spaced strands hanging like hammocks from the ceiling.

Applejack struggled against the sticky material, tugging and pulling with all her plushly cocooned might. All she managed to do, however, was jiggle and wobble around on the web. Though the web seemed to be shaking a lot more than it should have from just her struggles alone…

Applejack tried to twist her head to look behind her, but the web kept her well in place as she got the distinct feeling something was looming above her. The web’s shaking came to a stop, and Applejack could have sworn she heard something rather… squeaky.

Suddenly several legs reached around and grabbed her, their thick, air filled vinyl pressing tightly into the captured pony. She resumed her struggling, but was finding it rather difficult to maintain it against such an oppressive puffy force.

The legs squeezed and ran themselves over her, and Applejack felt her suit tightening even further. Rather than her suit fluffing up as it had while bouncing, however, she was just able to see plush threads wrapping themselves around her, squeezing worringly comfortably into the bulge of her diaper and pinning her forelimbs to her sides. It wasn’t long before Applejack was wrigged through the web above her, held tightly by what she could now see to be an enormous, creaky, inflatable spider.

“Darn it, let me go!” Applejack demanded, wiggling as hard as she could to try and get out and making the puffed-up-plastic of the spider's legs squeak as they rubbed together.

That only seemed to help by producing sound, however, and apart from that her efforts were in vain – making the web bounce a bit, but not helping her get away in the slightest.

The spider continued spinning web around her diaper and lower body barrel, pinning her in place, before weaving thick plush-thread mittens and booties around her existing suit mittens and booties and tying them all together with more of the thick plush threads.

Applejack was juggled about by the strange arachnid critter, which tied her pacifier's ring to a necklace so she wouldn't lose it, and then found herself abruptly having to deal with a milk bottle stuffed into her muzzle by three of the spiders' eight legs.

The milk was a bit bland, nothing amazing, but it was warm – and it tasted better and better the more of it Applejack had, making it a little hard for her to come up with good reasons to not just suckle and forget everything else for now...

Eyelids lowering, Applejack just stared forward into space as she drank more and more, unable to focus long enough to think of why she didn’t just want to relax here. The milk was warm and tasty, and she felt so snug wrapped up in all that silky fluff surrounding her. Her belly bulged a little bit as she drank, slowly filling up with milk from the bottle that seemed to empty much more slowly than it should have. The big puffy spider rolled onto its back, slowly rocking itself in its hammock-like web, which only made Applejack more and more sleepy. The steady rhythm of the swaying, along with the milk and the occasional squeaks from the swollen spider all lulled her into a sense of security.

She squeezed her legs together, feeling an all too familiar pressure building once again. And soon a hiss could be heard as she wet her padding, a dopey smile crossing her face as she felt the padding bulge beneath the suit and bindings, swelling comfortably between her legs.

Muzzy and vague, Applejack felt a blanket of silk being drawn over her to cover her up, and yawned – then yawned again, snuggling against the squeaky spider a little as she drifted down into slumber…

...when Applejack blinked, it was later, but she didn't know how much later. The spider was gone, and she was snuggled against a great big knitted-silk toy crocodile in the spider's hammock.

A pacifier was in her mouth, the same one from before, and she suckled on it a bit before starting to think properly and looking around – then down at how she was snared in the spider silk.

It looked like she might be able to get the silk mittens and booties off, if she worked at it. And the bindings holding her forelegs in place had been loosened as well, to fit the crocodile in, so she might be able to do something with that as well.

Still quite dizzy and dazed from her experience, it didn't cross Applejack's mind that she was putting serious thought into how to escape from a 'trap' which wasn't much more sophisticated than putting a foal in a crib with a blanket wrapped around them to keep them warm.

Regardless, Applejack pondered and puzzled, occasionally wriggling a bit within her bindings. On top of the trap simply binding her in place, the most difficult portion of it was figuring out how she was supposed to properly resist how warm and cozy it was. And she certainly wasn’t going to leave behind her new crocodile friend! He could help her on all sorts of dungeon delving adventures in the future!

Thankfully all of her wriggling and squeezing of her toy was loosening her bindings bit by bit. The web jiggled and bounced, Applejack struggling to free herself when there was a sudden snap!

The web around her came loose, and Applejack fell on top of the knit crocodile with a flump. None the worse for wear, though a bit giggly at the silliness of her escape method. But her crocodile was already proving useful, just as she knew he would.

Slinging her crocodile over her back, Applejack waddled forwards, her hooves slipping a bit more with the silk booties on them. Not that she minded it all too much, since they were keeping her warm, and it’s not like she needed traction for much of anything anyway.

Sliding a little as she waddled along, Applejack divided her attention between looking for the right route to take through the temple, the proper snuggling of her crocodile companion, and suckling on her pacifier. Doing all three took a lot of her concentration, and she wasn't quite sure which routes she was taking on the places where she got a left-right choice or that sort of thing.

It probably didn't matter much anyway, right?

After turning right, left, maybe right, possibly left, middle, and then picking the big smily cat mouth out of three big doors with faces painted on them, Applejack came to the top of a long slide that vanished down into darkness.

She wondered if she should send the crocodile down first, but hadn't come to a decision when she stepped just a little too close – and slipped on the smooth stone floor, sliding forwards enough to reach the slide and go slithering down with a muffled yelp!

At least she managed to keep a hold on her toy, though, as she descended into the very heart of the temple...

With several poofy puffs of foal powder and crinkles of her diaper, Applejack went whizzing off the end of the slide and bouncing across the floor. She once again landed in a pile with her plushie, but this time it was the knitted animal that was smushing the foal. Applejack gave it a squeeze and stood up, looking around as she gave a few more suckles on her pacifier. It certainly seemed like she had made it to the end, considering there were no other doors beyond the slide she had just come down (and wished she could climb back up and go down again).

More captivating, however, was the object in the center of the room. Standing on a raised dais, with sunlight somehow streaming down from above to illuminate it was surely the treasure she had been sent here looking for. The legendary Iwannabottle, glistening and glittering in the light.

Unfortunately, some nasty pony had decided the best place for it was the top shelf of daises. And no little foal could hope to reach that high!

Applejack harrumphed and crossed her forelegs, staring up at the treasure. Her mind raced with means of reaching it, but each one seemed like it would leave her just too short to get it!

Looking around for a clue, Applejack considered all the things around her in the room. There had to be something she could do...

After more than a minute, she spotted something up near the ceiling of the room – it looked like a high swinging bar, about ten feet long, though it was currently stuck in place.

Tilting her head, Applejack thought through what she'd be able to do if she got up there. Maybe she'd be able to make it come loose, and then she could swing back and forth on it to get to the bottle!

It sounded like a good plan to her, and she hugged her plushie toy more-or-less on principle.

So she needed to get up to the top of the room, to where the bar was fastened. The only question she had for the moment was, how could she get up there?

Applejack’s eyes continued to wander around the room when she spotted a small patch of the floor that looked just a bit bouncier than the stone surrounding it. Waddling over, the floor gave way beneath her hoof, causing her to slip forward and fall to the center as it flopped beneath her. She looked up to see she was just beneath the long bar. Getting to her hooves, she jumped up in an attempt to reach the bar, her legs flailing about as she did. With each jump she started to spring higher and higher, the floor acting like a trampoline. She struggled and wriggled, but soon her hooves managed to just barely reach the end of the bar, wrapping around them.

Applejack clung to the bar, feeling both triumphant, and a little confused. She wiggled and kicked, trying to dislodge the bar in some manner. Her rump swung back and forth, back and forth, crinkling all the while as she struggled. The stone shifted slightly, and her efforts redoubled, her rump wiggling more and more.

With a sudden clunk!, the stone came loose, and the bar dropped down from the ceiling by a chain, Applejack losing her grip and falling on top of her crocodile, squishing it beneath her big poofily padded rear.

Shaking herself and getting up, Applejack then nearly slipped off as her slick booties slid on the stone. Deciding to just crawl for now, she moved a little gingerly along the bar and felt it gently tilt downwards.

It refused to swing back and forth, like she'd hoped, but it was lined up with the bottle! She could just move along and get it!

Collecting her toy, Applejack began to move along – only to find the bar tilting a little too much, making her stop before the angle got too much and she found herself sliding off and falling to the dais below the one she wanted. She blushed at the thought, then shook her head and tried to think.

It was tilting, so she needed it to tilt less. But what did she have that could act as a weight, to tilt it – of course!

It seemed so simple once she realized it. She'd have to leave her nice soft crocodile toy on the other end of the seesaw, and then she'd be able to reach the bottle without falling off!

Satisfied that she had the right answer, she put the plush carefully in place and gave it a pat – then squirmed along the seesaw, ready to reach for the bottle and retrieve it.

As she crawled along the post, however, she found herself climbing upwards, rising up above the bottle and looking down at it. She attempted to reach around the bar, giving a grunt of annoyance as her hoof just barely seemed to miss it. She glared back at her croc plushie, making a note to chastise it after this adventure for eating so many fish and getting so fat!

While she was looking down at the bottle, however, Applejack suddenly remembered one of the previous rooms. If she’d been able to weigh herself down then…

She squeezed her padding, wiggling her rear as she slowly let out a sigh of relief as she wet her padding. Slowly it ballooned out, spreading her legs as her padding grew soaked. The sound of grinding stone could be heard as Applejack was slowly lowered towards her prize, her hooves stretched out with anticipation.

And not a moment after she’d grabbed the bottle, her plush crocodile came loose, slipping down the bar and smacking into her diaper to send her tumbling down to the ground.

After tumbling over a couple of times and landing on a pile of softness, Applejack held the bottle triumphantly. Her quest was complete!

She took a suckle from it, eyes fluttering slightly at the taste, and hugged her plush crocodile to her as she drank down the magically warm, creamy milk.

As she did, however, she began to frown. Something didn't seem right…

She racked her brains as she suckled, trying to work out what was wrong here, then slowly started to realize.

When she'd fallen, she'd landed on some softness, and she'd assumed that was her plush croc. But she was holding her plush croc, and she could still feel the softness underneath her.

That had to mean… she was on something else!

Wiggling a little as she tried to turn over, Applejack saw a blue plush hand come snaking up towards her. She tried to do something to escape – without stopping in her drinking from the legendary bottle, as it was too nice to stop even for a moment – but by the time she'd begun rocking back and forth enough to try and turn over, the strange beast that was Ahuizotl (or a plush version, at least) plucked her into the air with a smirk.

“My, my, who do we have here? A rather regal sphynx by the looks of things!” The plush Ahuizotl said, poking at Applejack’s crinkly tush. She wriggled in the air, still suckling at the bottle as she looked the large beast up and down.

“Nah a sfinx, ah’m avenerur!” she mumbled around the bottle.

“Are you sure? You certainly look like one! And you even have a crocodile. You do know how much a sphinx enjoys those, don’t you?” He said. Applejack squeezed her plush again, shaking her head. Though she really wasn’t sure why she was. It did make sense, crocodiles and sphinxes lived in the same places, right? And she was wearing a warm plush sphinx suit too…

She scratched her head as Ahuizotl placed her on his back, still unsure of what to think about what he was saying.

“Perhaps you just need a small reminder. I’m sure you’d make an excellent dungeon guardian in training…~”

The idea seemed to work, fitting well into Applejack's head, but she still frowned – thinking something was a little off about the idea. It felt familiar, but… hadn't she come here for some other reason?

“After all,” Ahuizotl went on, catching her eye with his own. “A temple guardian gets to play with everything the temple is there to protect… doesn't that sound right?”

It did, and Applejack nodded drowsily.

She liked the sound of being able to play with all sorts of treasures. And she belonged in temples… and hadn't she just been testing the traps to make sure they worked?

That sounded sensible. It wasn't like she was there to steal anything, after all… was it?

Deciding that sounded completely reasonable, Applejack nodded one more time before drifting off to sleep – secure in the knowledge that she would get her proper training in being a temple guardian tomorrow.
Dream Cycle - Applejack (2/2)
This is something a little different. It's a story I've done with Mintycandy, and is part of a series - but each part is focused on a different character (or characters) and will be posted as a separate story.

The cover art is by Mix-up… , AKA Amalgamzaku

It features diapers, odd logic, and things like that.

To answer a question I've been asked, I will be putting the full version of the cover art up once I've posted the six stories which correspond to it.

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“Hoo-wee,” Applejack said to herself, nodding. “Now that there's a fine abandoned ancient temple indeed.”

She picked up her big hammer, swinging it over her shoulder where it clanked against her armour, and cantered down the slope towards the door. Reaching it in seconds, the doughly Apple-family Adventurer pivoted on her forehooves and bucked the door.

It rang like a deep bell, but didn't open.

“Ah, consarn it,” she muttered. “Worth a try.”

Stepping back a few paces, she examined the temple front. If she was any judge – and she was, the Apple Family had been adventuring around temples since… a while? - there'd be a puzzle around here somewhere. And, sure enough, there were ancient but well-made chains linking to the top of the door through pulleys towards a set of water reservoirs.

It looked like she had to make it so the front two reservoirs were empty and the back two were full, and she could see at least one lever from here. Thus reassured she could get this on the road, the armoured Earth Pony began to trot briskly towards the stairs down to the reservoirs.

Who knew what kind of treasure there might be in here! This might even outdo old Granny Smith's finest spelunking expedition…

Applejack trotted up to the lever to wrap her hooves around it. She leaned into the metal, which creaked and strained as she forced it to the other side of the slot. As she did, she could see a separate wall in the reservoir starting to lower. Water began to flow out of the basin, along intricately carved stone aqueducts towards the front basin. The water in the basin she had just opened, however, was obviously not enough to open the front gate. Applejack pushed her hat down a bit further to shield her eyes from the sun as she gazed about for another lever. Following one of the aqueducts from the front basin, she quickly spotted another basin, with a lever resting beside it.

The earth pony eagerly trotted towards it, only to realize there was no good means of climbing up the short cliff the lever rested on top of.

She tapped her chin, looking about again, only to realize she was standing under a tree that looked to be more vine than leaves. She hoisted the hammer off of her back, stepping up the tree and lining up her swing carefully. Twisting herself about, she smacked the hammer into the trunk of the tree with a powerful crack!, causing the branches to shake and several vines to come loose. One dropped down from the branches, unfurling itself to form a makeshift rope dangling within easy reach of the clifftop.

Stepping up to it, Applejack twisted the vine around her front hooves before carefully shimmying her way upwards towards the next lever. The water from the first had already flowed out, leaving the lower basins half full and the door to the temple open just a few inches.

It took a minute or so to clamber to the top of the tree by vine, and by the time she reached the top Applejack was very carefully not feeling envious of ponies who could fly or teleport, like Rainbow Dash or Twilight. Or Pinkie, but what Pinkie did didn't bear thinking about too closely.

Shaking her head, Applejack made her way over to the lever and gave it a good hard shove. It moved with reluctance, creaking loudly before finally giving way, and the basin emptied itself into the one she'd already emptied before flowing on down into the ones which hauled the door open.

Even from here, Applejack could see the door opening further, just enough to let her make it inside. It didn't look like there were any more reservoirs within easy reach to drain, so she shrugged before heading back over to the tree she'd climbed. She slid down a vine to reach the bottom, cantered over to the door, and worked her way under the door with a shimmy and a wince.

Inside, she looked around before nodding to herself – this was clearly one of those high-end ancient abandoned temples, the ones with enchanted stones on the ceiling so you could see where you were going. It even had the name of the temple, picked out in light stone on the grey background – Applejack's ancient Maresopotamian was a bit rusty, but it looked like it was the 'high chair temple' of 'padda-mea-thicka'.

Applejack frowned, trying to remember that particular ancient god, then shrugged. It didn't really matter, anyway – she could see the way deeper into the temple, so off she went.

She tried to push away the tiny bit of her brain that seemed to take a cue from Twilight by chastising her from raiding tombs of ponies she had never heard of, figuring she could look it up later. Besides, temples no one has heard of have the best treasure, and she wasn’t going to let anypony get their hooves on it before she could! She trotted down the halls eagerly, though not so eagerly she forgot to check for raised platforms and holes in the wall. The last thing she needed was an arrow poking a hole into her hat or giant spinning blades to cut her fancy climbing gear to ribbons.

Before too long Applejack found herself stepping up to a set of large stone doors at the end of the hallway. After a quick glance to make sure there were no tripwires to disarm, Applejack pushed the door open. The doors led into a small stone room lit by more glowing bricks and the occasional torch. Most of the walls were rather bare, but the one opposite Applejack was an absolute marvel! What looked like hundreds of gems covered the wall, all dazzling in the light, the colors blending to culminate into a… a…

Applejack scratched her head, not entirely sure what to make of the image in front of her. It looked all wrong, with curves stopping and starting halfway across the canvas, gem colors placed seemingly haphazardly across the canvas. As Applejack’s eyes scanned the canvas, she suddenly realized there was a piece missing, and, now that she looked harder, some of the pieces seemed to go together better than others…

On the one hoof, she could just take all the gems and stuff here, and that would be a fairly nice haul. It looked like about a week's work for Rarity's gem-finding spell, and Rarity never did do a week's work with that spell in one go.

On the other hoof, there had to be more deeper into the temple, and it looked like this might be some sort of puzzle to open the way. That was a common thing in places like this – it wasn't really very convenient while the temple was being used, but it was pretty neat when they were abandoned like this.

Tongue sticking absently out, Applejack took a step back as she tried to work out the best set of moves to do. So that one had to go there, and that one there, and…

After a minute or so of looking at the pattern of the gems, absently noting how twinkly they were, Applejack trotted up to the picture and shoved part of the picture. It slid smoothly into the new position with a faint grinding noise, and the Earth Pony adventurer nodded to herself before moving the next one.

As they moved, the gems glittered and shone – drawing her eye, making it a little harder to remember the carefully-worked-out plan for how to get them into the right layout.

“Ah can just keep goin' until it looks right,” Applejack said to herself.

Her mind drifted as she began to slide the tiles around haphazardly. Every now and then she might be able to tear her mind away from its focus on the shimmering of the gemstones and try to formulate a plan once again, but it would soon drift away once she got a few moves into it, and leave her back to absentmindedly sliding pieces back and forth. If it wasn’t for the suddenly loud clunk and the refusal for the tile she had been about to slide to move, she may not have realized she had solved the puzzle at all. She took a step back, staring up at the image created. It was still a bit hard to make out what exactly it was supposed to be. The gems glittered so brilliantly that it was difficult not to simply get lost in their colors. It didn’t help that the first thing that popped into Applejack’s mind was an absolute absurd ideas as to what the picture was. After all, they didn't get that thick, how would anypony waddle around in them if they did?

The sound of stone grinding against itself met Applejack's ears as the mural began to open up, revealing yet another passage behind it. What caught Applejack’s attention more, however, was the treasure chest that lay on a small raised pedestal in the middle of the hall. She eagerly dashed over to it, her hooves scrambling at the lock for a moment before she managed to undo it and lift the heavy top of the chest open. Peering over the edge, Applejack could almost hear a few rising notes of anticipation as she reached down, hooves wrapping around her prize before turning about to hold the thing up in the bright light of the room.

Sitting in her hooves was, not some priceless ruby or mound of gold, but something thick, white, plush, and awfully… crinkly.

“What the...” she said, turning it over just in case she'd got the wrong impression.

No, this did seem to be just what it had originally appeared as – a plump white diaper, one so much bigger than normal that it looked like it might actually fit her!

Her mind went back to the picture, and she blushed slightly – it looked like she was right about what the picture had been – then she decided to have a look under the diaper, to see if there was anything else in the chest and whether the diaper had been just there as… as padding.

“Now ah'm doin' Pinkie's job for her,” Applejack groaned out loud, then looked. All there was was a folded piece of paper, which she opened to read – finding what looked like nothing more nor less than a shipping form. It was in Maresopotamian again, but she could get the basics.

It described the shipment of a chest with one (1) Padding of +2 Cold Resistance to the temple, and Applejack paused in her reading before looking at it again.

Now she thought about it, it was pretty common in ancient temples for the early parts of the temple to give tools needed deeper into it, and maybe that was what was going on here – so she might well have a lot more trouble trying to get through this without the diaper than just putting it on now and getting it over with.

As if on cue, a cool draught blew through the temple’s hallways, making Applejack shiver and bury her face into her chest. She looked down at the diaper again, before eventually giving a slightly reluctant shrug and laying the diaper out. Besides, it’s not like anypony was going to see her wearing it. She just needed the protection, the minute she was out of here she’d take it off and nopony would be the wiser. Setting her rear down on the diaper, she couldn’t help but notice that it was surprisingly soft and springy. Applejack bounced up and down a little bit, letting out a small giggle before she reached down to pull the front up. It took a bit of finagling to pull the two sides up and secure them to the front, not to mention threading her tail through the rear hole, but eventually Applejack stood up, her rear legs spread by the fluff around her waist.

She gave it a few tentative steps, her legs needing to lift high into the air as she waddled around. Despite how silly she was sure she looked, Applejack couldn’t help but grin as she moved to waddle further into the temple. No unwelcome breezes were going to stop her now! She was sure she’ll find the lost treasure in no time!

Crinkle-step, Crinkle-step,

Applejack waddled along the hallway, gazing up at the murals along the walls that depicted a few other ponies in similarly thick diapers, all looking rather pleased with herself. She was too busy watching them that she didn’t notice she’d reached the next room until she bumped rather suddenly into a wall with a puff of foal powder.

Shaking her head a little, trying to ignore how undignified that had been, Applejack looked around at the room.

There were a dozen or so large stone blocks – enormous ones, ones which would take all her strength to shift – around the room, and corresponding holes to put them in. It was, in other words, a fairly classic Sliding Block Puzzle.

The main challenge, it was already clear, would come from the low walls scattered around the room. They weren't high enough to completely stop Applejack from seeing over them, but it would mean some careful planning…

...though not as much as working out which block went in which hole. There were symbols on each block in groups of three – such as a bottle symbol, or a pacifier symbol, or a diaper symbol, but the last one in the set was always a complicated multicoloured spiral which almost seemed to move as Applejack looked at it.

It was all very confusing, and Applejack decided she could probably ignore it. The other two symbols were coloured, and surely there could only be one solution with those anyway?

Pondering that, she waddled over to the first and simplest of the blocks to shift. She took her stance, readying her hammer, then gave it a whack – and nearly fell over as the block moved with startling ease, almost rolling like a die across the room.

Foam! They were made of foam! That was just so silly… but it was also much easier to handle, admittedly...

The earth pony watched as the block bounced to a halt on top of one of the platforms. She hadn’t really seen what the symbol was on the platform, but the bottle block was glowing green, and green was a good color, right?

Waddling over to a block that sported a blue pacifier and diaper, Applejack decided to simply push it along with gentle nudges of her hammer. It rolled easily along the path, bouncing over to another platform, and the block fell into place with a bright blue glow.

Turning happily, Applejack swung her rear left and right as she waddled over to another block, deciding to bouncing this one along by smacking her padded rear into it. The spiral pattern spun as the block was thrown about the room, making Applejack’s head spin a bit as she watched it twirl around. She gave it an extra bump to keep it from falling into a small pit and onto yet another platform. The slot began to glow yellow, which only gave Applejack more confidence. She was probably just overthinking the whole puzzle, she just had to get these in the spots.

As she waddled over to the final one, she turned about, wiggling her rear before giving one strong buck. The block bounced away, careening off of another before flopping over the edge of one of the walls and into a final pit. It began to glow red, leaving Applejack standing a little confused. The blocks were all in place… was there something she was miss-

The rest of her thought was swept away as the ground dropped out from under her.

Applejack dropped through the air for a surprisingly long time. She kind-of remembered that you counted, when something dropped, to tell how far down it was when it landed… but she'd lost count some time before hitting the bottom.

Eventually, she hit something soft with a fwoomph and bounced – once, twice, three times, before finally coming to a halt on a springy surface with an odd feel to it.

It felt a bit like a trampoline, in that it was bouncy, and AJ experimentally bounced up and down once or twice to confirm – but why would there be a trampoline inside a temple?

She looked up, trying to see how far she'd fallen, but the ceiling offered no clues.

“Well… ah guess ah'm down here now,” she decided, and looked around for a door. One came to her attention almost immediately, and she trotted over to travel deeper into the temple.

After several minutes of wandering around corridors, Applejack was no closer to finding a way back up out of the presumably-very-deep hole she'd ended up in, but she did eventually find another of the kind of room she knew had to be a puzzle room.

The odd thing was, there was one wall, and that was completely blank. But the other wall was a mirror, and it was only when she looked in the mirror that she could see the sliding tiles she knew had to be there.

It was a bit odd that there were so many sliding puzzles in this temple, but maybe it was just how they did things here? AJ shrugged, and picked up the pile of foam blocks she was probably supposed to use to climb up to the higher parts of the wall.

She'd have to do the whole puzzle looking at the mirror, it seemed…

Applejack waddled over to the blank wall, placing the block down as she looked back over her shoulder to get her bearings. There was some bright red colored tile she was standing in front of, with a prominent spiral painted on it as well. A similar looking colored symbol could be seen on the opposite side of the wall, about half-way up. Applejack shrugged, wondering a bit why this temple seemed to have matching puzzles and nothing else, but figured she shouldn’t complain if it meant an easier time reaching treasure. Besides, she did fail that last one, she was quick to remind herself.

It took a little while to get her bearings by following her actions in the mirror to make sure she was pushing things in the right direction, but the tiles slid along surprisingly easily, and never threatened to slip back down a notch when pushed upwards, so the physical task was actually quite simple.

At least, it would be if it weren’t for the diaper around her waist.

Applejack let out a small sigh of effort, feeling as if her waddling had become wider as she worked on the puzzle. She looked herself up and down in the mirror, but it offered no clues to her predicament. Her diaper had always reached to her knees… right?

With a satisfying clunk, the last tile slid into place, but, rather than the door to the next room opening, there was the sound of stones grinding against each other as a few more mirrors on pedestals rose up from the ground. A small shaft of light suddenly cut down from the ceiling, though Applejack had now idea how it managed to pierce so deeply into the dungeon. Instead, she grumbled, trying to figure out what this second part of the puzzle was for…

Jumping down from her pile of blocks, Applejack waddled around the mirrors to see if they had any differences to them. She did notice something a bit odd, which was that they were like the funny magic mirrors in fun houses – this one made her diaper look big, that one made her look small – but the main thing she noticed was that one of them could be slid across to interrupt the beam of sunlight.

She did so, and the beam reflected off in a sparkly rainbow dazzle. Applejack was amazed by how beautiful it was, and sort of lost track of time for a moment, then shook her head and twisted the mirror around.

As she moved it, the dazzle faded a bit, until there was a single beam of light bouncing off to hit the side of another mirror. It seemed obvious what she should do, so the mare waddled over to that one – twisting it, producing another dazzle of bright colours which slowly focused down to a single sunbeam.

Applejack wasn't sure how many mirrors there had originally been, but it seemed like she'd moved an awful lot – and seen an awful lot of shimmers of rainbow light – by the time she was down to the last one.

She pressed her hooves against the stone base of the final mirror, giving it a heave to move it towards the beam of light. Her hips swayed from side to side, her diaper’s crinkling echoing through the room as she worked. The mirror thudded into place, and once again another beam of dazzling light was produced. Rather than fly off to hit the wall, the beam landed in the middle of the room, providing a soft glow of light. Applejack found herself moving towards it, not really thinking why, other than that it seemed like a good idea.

With a pomf, she sat down in the dazzling beam, staring up at the lights dancing around her. Her eyes widened as she stared up. Not only was her vision filled with the brilliant rainbow patterns, but from where she sat, she could see every mirror she had placed around the room, and her reflection in them. She stared at the one to her right, watching as it almost seemed to move on its own, giggling and squeezing its diaper between its legs. Slowly, almost unnoticeably, her reflection’s diaper began to swell. The reflection took notice, only to grin wider and squeeze her padding again as her eyes shifted and spun in a wide array of colors.

Applejack looked to another, only to see her reflection bouncing happily on its rear, its own diaper ballooning as well.

She wasn't sure how long she sat, bouncing and shifting and even giggling, but eventually something caught her eye that wasn't the funny shiny colours or the bouncy reflections.

It was lots of dust motes, dancing around her in different colours as the beam of light lit them up. The adventure-pony turned her head, following them, and more motes came – thicker and faster, and bringing with them an oddly floral smell.

She sneezed, shook her head, and really looked around for the first time in a while. The mirrors were all dusty, now, and she didn't think she'd been sitting here for that long… except, now she looked, there was a lot of dust pouring down from the ceiling.

Applejack jolted to her hooves as she realized – there was some kind of sweet-smelling powder coming down in such an amount it was starting to fill up the room!

She then nearly fell over as the unexpected bulk of her diaper almost made her unbalance, and she gave it a confused look – wasn't she used to waddling with it by now? How could it be a surprise?

But the memory of the shiny colours made her think again, deciding to focus instead on getting out of the room – however she could do that – before the foal powder became a real problem.

The explorer spun in place, trying to spot some way out. Already the door she had entered was completely covered in powder, and still rising higher. She gulped, taking a few deep breaths to try and calm herself, only to cough a bit from the powder.

As she looked up, she noticed one of the spouts of foal powder in the wall seemed to be empty. She hurried over to it, jumping up to try and reach it while cascades of powder continued to rain around her, clouds billowing out as they hit the still rising pile. Applejack grumbled, forced to wait as the powder rose ever higher to get a better chance at reaching the spout.

After several minutes of a bit more sneezing and worrying, Applejack began to waddle backwards, quite the feat considering the size of her diaper, before she rushed (or at least, waddled in a manner that was similar to rushing) to the spout. With a leap, her front hooves managed to catch the lip of the wide spout, her hind legs kicking as she pulled herself up. As she did, however, there was a soft thud, and Applejack looked over her shoulder to see her hammer had slipped free from her back and was now being buried in powder. Unwilling to launch a recovery mission, she was forced to hoist herself up.

The spout was surprisingly big, allowing her to crawl through the passageway as the room continued to fill behind her. Her padding was large enough to press into the floor and ceiling of the passage, but miraculously didn’t impede her progress beyond that. Several minutes of crawling finally brought Applejack tumbling out of a hole in another wall, into a room with a treasure chest probably meant as a reward for some other puzzle. Well, she probably earned it either way.

It was the work of only a moment to open the chest, as it didn't have a lock – maybe it was never meant to be locked in the first place – and Applejack's first reaction as she saw what was inside was a confused frown, then a snort.

Lying in the chest, on a little cushion with a multi-coloured pattern, was a large hammer – but one not a lot like the one she'd lost perhaps ten minutes ago. Instead of a hardy wooden hammer with iron reinforcement, this one was a brightly coloured one made of what looked a lot like plastic. In fact, the hammer as a whole looked like it was just a toy hammer, upscaled to the size of the one she normally used.

After thinking about it a bit, though, Applejack decided not to get too bothered about the cutesy depiction. It was a hammer, after all, and she was in need of one of those – and wasn't there some kind of tendency for enchanted stuff to look a bit odd?

She reached in, picking it up, and gave it a few practice swings. It felt a bit light, but not overly so, so she adjusted her grip slightly before swinging it against the wall.

There was a squeaky sound, and it bounced off. Applejack was about to groan about her luck when she noticed something odd – the wall had creaked slowly open, revealing that there was a secret door there.

She glanced between the hammer and the wall for a moment before deciding whatever it was she had done, it had helped. So maybe the hammer wasn’t all bad.

She slung it over her back, making sure to keep it more tightly secured this time, before pushing the door open and trotting down the secret passageway. It was pretty similar to all the other passages she had been down so far. Dark, musty brick, the occasional bit of moss clinging to the walls, and carvings depicting ponies in rather puffy garments along it. What was slightly more surprising was coming to a fork in the path. It shouldn’t have, but it took Applejack off guard for a moment as she tried to decide which way to head. She peered down the left passage, only to see that it looked like a rather short hallway to a dead end.

Trotting a bit closer, she was sure it was a dead end. Or, at least, something that she couldn’t open. A large picture of a pony with… something in its mouth was carved on it, but otherwise nothing could be gleaned as to how she would proceed. Turning about, Applejack simply headed down the other direction.

This hallway quickly lead to a door into yet another puzzle room. Weren’t these temples supposed to have monsters in them too? The room was filled with drawings and inscriptions, much more than any others had been, which only drew Applejack in out of curiosity. Unfortunately, her intrigue was momentarily halted when she felt the ground shift beneath her as she stepped on a pressure plate.

The door behind her ground shut, and something else came sliding down in front of her, too quick for her to react before it was done – a glass wall, cutting her off from the rest of the room in a kind of little glass cage.

Applejack unlimbered her squeaky hammer, ready to try and break through, but before she could put any effort behind it something else started to happen. A hose with a nozzle came slithering down, trembled for a moment, then began to pour out a fizzy, sweet-smelling liquid.

The smell was one Applejack was very familiar with. Cider! The temple was trying to cover her in cider!

It pooled on the floor, slowly rising, and Applejack realized that if it reached her diaper and all soaked in she'd be stuck dragging around some extremely heavy padding for the whole rest of the time in the temple! That would be a problem.

But what should she do instead…

As she thought, she noticed something on one of the wall murals. It looked a bit like a barrel… a barrel of cider…

Suddenly the idea popped into her head. She needed to sort out the cider problem by drinking it! That would prevent her padding getting all soggy!

There was no time to waste, so she took the nozzle in both hooves and stuck it in her mouth to start drinking. It tasted just like her best-quality cider from down on the farm… which was a bit odd, but also nice enough she didn't feel like complaining.




Applejack continued to guzzle away at the cider, her eyelids lowering a little as the warm drink soothed her. Her padding pressed into the glass behind her before sloooowly sliding down into the shallow pool of cider below. Her thirsty padding quickly began to soak up the drink, Applejack having completely forgotten the whole reason she was drinking the cider to begin with.

Her belly bulged a bit as she drank, every little shift and movement she made eliciting a few sloshes from her gut. It wasn’t too long before she found herself giving a soft whine as the cider’s flow slowed, then stopped, leaving her suckling on an empty hose. It quickly retracted and the glass doors lowered, leaving Applejack in a slightly soggy diaper and with a rather sloshy belly.

She tried to rock to her hooves, only for the movement to shake her belly up. Her cheeks puffed up for a moment before she let out a loud belch, sinking into her padding as she gave a sigh of relief.

She managed to return to her hooves and waddle over to the wall to try and decipher the various pictures and texts adorning it. Some looked straightforward, with ponies pushing blocks and pulling levers, but others were a bit more… complicated.

After staring for several minutes, Applejack thought she was starting to see the patterns. There were lots of spirals, of course, which was what the actual puzzle seemed to revolve around, and the rest of it seemed sort of irrelevant.


So she focused on the spirals, which seemed to swim in front of her eyes. They were arranged into odd patterns, odd shapes, and they were all different colours – but, after a lot of careful concentration, Applejack could see three shapes, each in a single colour.

The red one was sort of a shape like a circle on top of another circle, with the top of the first circle touching the bottom of the second circle.

The blue one was a kind of cross shape, made from a line going up-and-down and another line going side-to-side.

And the green one, which Applejack stared at for the longest, was a line near the top of the wall and then a diagonal line down from the top right to the bottom left.

Applejack wasn't sure what those meant, but she was pretty sure it had something to do with those. And there was a circle of ten symbols on the floor in front of the wall, and two of them were the red and the green symbol from the wall!

There wasn't the blue symbol, though. There were some numbers, 0-1-2-3-4-5, then a curly symbol, the green one, the red one, and something else like the curly symbol upside down.

Applejack sat back on her squishy padding, thinking about what the answer could be.

She racked her brain, staring at these odd, non-sensical symbols for what felt like an hour. If that symbol went there, and those symbols went here, then that would mean… what would that mean? She knew she should’ve brought Twilight along, she’d probably have figured out this puzzle in no time! Though, then Applejack might’ve had to share the treasure too. Then, suddenly, after even more seemingly fruitless staring, something clicked. Of course! It was so obvious! The curly symbol and the green symbol had to be combined with the purple symbol and the number 5 to get the petunia symbol, which, when flipped around and counting the number of angles present gave the red symbol and the number 28, which multiplied by the color red gave…

Applejack followed this completely coherent and sensible train of thought, punching in the code on the buttons in the ring around her. Sitting atop the last one proudly, she looked up at the mural expectantly.

It was at least a minute before Applejack realized nothing was happening. Her ears lowered as she pouted a bit, standing up to try and figure this out again. Only for a panel to suddenly open in the mural, revealing a rather anti-climactically tiny box. She stepped up to the panel and opened it, revealing a red pacifier sitting inside the cloth lined box.

Applejack beamed upon finding the treasure. A Pacifier of Eternal Suckling! This was her lucky day! Immediately she popped the pacifier in her mouth, grinning as she gave it a few suckles.

Sucking on the pacifier several times, Applejack wondered what to do from here. There didn't seem to be any other way out of this bit, and the other route had a dead end… with only a picture of a-!


Applejack smirked, glad to have worked out this puzzle. “Ah'm not such a slow-poke after all,” she said, turning to waddle her way back to the dead end. If there was a picture of a pony with a pacifier blocking the dead end, and she was sure there was, then coming to the dead end with a pacifier would be the solution!

That made perfect sense.

She retraced her hoof-steps, proud of herself for managing to remember the confusing route through the corridors of the temple (follow the hallway), and within only a few minutes was stood in front of the picture.

Once there, the crinkle-butted adventurer suckled her pacifier a bit uncertainly. Was there something she was supposed to do, or would she just need to get close enough?

She simply stood looking at the wall for a short while, still occasionally suckling at her pacifier. As she did, she noticed a few of the symbols on the wall glowing ever so slightly. She stopped suckling in surprise, and the glow quickly faded away. She suckled again, and the glow returned. She continued suckling, picking up the pace a bit as the glow grew brighter and brighter, spreading to other symbols on the wall. Soon the whole wall was aglow, and with a loud rumbling, the stone began to slide downwards. Applejack trotted forward as the passage revealed itself, still suckling instinctively on the pacifier.

Standing in the room were two statues of ponies, one of which looked like it was sporting several thick diapers. A circle sat beside the other statues, as if there was meant to be one more that had long given way to the years the temple had sat abandoned. Applejack found herself waddling up to them, looking them over. She scratched her head, a bit unsure of what to do, until she noticed some writing on the floor that looked an awful lot like foalish scribbles. A picture of a diaper and an arrow pointing from the first pony statue to the space where the third was meant to be, along with some kind of drawing that looked like a pony failing to squeeze a smaller diaper over a larger one… but… what did that mean?

Sitting down on her rump, Applejack gave it some careful thought.

So there was a statue with lots of thick diapers, and there was another statue with no diapers, and there was a third statue – or there had been – which had no diapers, but which was supposed to have  lots of diapers on.

Well, surely she'd have to get the diapers from statue one to statue three, but since there was no statue three she'd have to find something else to take its place. Or maybe she could try moving statue two into place.

She took the first diaper off the first statue, easily untaping it, then went to do the second one – only for the tabs holding it closed to flash, showing a briefly-there icon of a padlock before the symbol disappeared again.

Confused, Applejack inspected the one – very large – diaper she'd taken off so far, then put it on the middle statue. It was way too big, and sort of hung there, but as soon as she finished taping it on the tabs flashed and the padlock symbol faded.

So… there could only be one diaper off the statues at any time. But she couldn't put a smaller diaper on top of a larger one, that was just logic.

Applejack decided this one would need a lot of thinking, and sat back on her own padding to consider it.

It really was inconvenient that the third statue was missing. How in Equestria was she supposed to get all the diapers from one statue to another if there were only two to work with? Not to mention all these silly rules she had to listen to. Rules were dumb, any good adventuring pony knows that!

She shifted on her rump, crinkles filling the air and causing her to glance down at her rear… and she only just managing to stop herself from slapping her own forehead.

Applejack shook her head and chuckled to herself. Of course, how could she have been so silly, she could be the third statue! She eagerly waddled over to the first statue, undoing the second diaper and quickly plonking her own rear down into it and securing it to her own padding. It was a bit loose, but the diaper she was already wearing helped alleviate that somewhat.

She went to remove the third diaper, only to pause as she thought. If she took the third diaper off, it wouldn’t fit anywhere if the thicker diapers were already on the other statues! But if she moved the thickest one… She quickly did just that, securing the thickest diaper around her rear, and freeing the second statue to take the third diaper. Now, what would the next move be…? She thought, waddling back and forth with her legs spread even further by the extra padding between them.

After a bit more careful thought, Applejack realized there was really only one possible move that didn't just mean undoing what she'd done. She took the third diaper off the first statue and put it on the second, then began moving the first and second diapers off her padded rump and back onto the first statue.

That took a bit of careful doing, as she got them mixed up at one point and had to 'undo' what she'd just done, but after a minute or two she was set with three of the diapers on her and only two more left on the first statue.

The next step was harder to remember, and it wasn't until she was most of the way through moving the first four diapers that Applejack realized how to do it.

She had to do the biggest one every other move, the next biggest every other move she wasn't doing the biggest, and so on. It meant a lot of taping and untaping diapers, and when it came time to assemble the whole set on her crinkly rear she felt all five diapers plus the one she was already wearing fitting very snugly indeed.

But she did it, and after checking to make sure they were all on she stood in the position the third statue should have been.

There was a brief moment during which nothing happened, save for a bit of shifting in place from Applejack as she adjusted to her new wide stance.

Eventually, though, there was the familiar sound of stone grinding against stone as another door opened for her to proceed through. She gave a little cheer before waddling forward, her hips swinging left and right cutely as she continued on through the temple.

Dream Cycle - Applejack (1)
This is something a little different. It's a story I've done with Mintycandy, and is part of a series - but each part is focused on a different character (or characters) and will be posted as a separate story.

The cover art is by Mix-up… , AKA Amalgamzaku

It features diapers, odd logic, and things like that.

To answer a question I've been asked, I will be putting the full version of the cover art up once I've posted the six stories which correspond to it.

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Rarity whistled to herself as she fed the cloth through the sewing machine, then reached for another bolt of the special thick material she was using for the latest commission and didn't get it.

Looking up, she frowned – then checked the drawer, then her desk, and didn't find any of it there either.

The fashion-conscious unicorn let out a loud sigh. “Oh, what a terrible time to run out of cloth!”

Her couch slid into position as she swooned, and she lamented her fate for a little longer before getting back up again.

Now the pleasantries were handled, it was a practical problem, and Rarity began thinking about what else she needed at the moment.

“Well, there's not nearly enough milk in the fridge,” she said to herself. “And I think Sweetie and her friends tried to do some Prench cooking last night, so… actually I should probably just buy a full load of food.”

A few more things went on the shopping list – needles in case she ran out of those, an extra blanket to embroider for the colder nights ahead...

Satisfied that she hadn't missed anything important, Rarity locked the door behind her as she went shopping.

Most of what she was after was a relatively quick job to get hold of, and before long Rarity was entering the final shop on her list.

“What will it be?” the stallion behind the counter asked.

“Oh, just a few things,” Rarity told him. “Fourteen carrots, seven boxes of hay fries, eight tomatoes, and two sticks of celery.”

The stallion gave her a worried look, which then turned furtive as he checked whether anypony else was in the grocery shop. Seeing nopony, he leaned a little closer to her. “We're out of celery,” he told her. “We have some leeks, though.”

“Out of celery?” Rarity repeated. “Then I suppose I'll have to have leeks.”

“Understood,” the shopkeeping pony nodded. “Fourteen carrots, seven fries, eight tomatoes, four leeks.”

The words seemed to echo in Rarity's head when he said them all together, and she suddenly remembered an urgent appointment.

“Actually, darling, I'll be back later,” she told him, already heading out the door.

She needed to get dressed for her appointment.

The store clerk gave a worried nod and continued to look around, feverishly tapping away on the countertop as he did so.

Rarity hurried down the street, wondering how she had managed to forget such an important meeting. She dashed around a corner into a dark alley, her horn lighting up as she conjured up a wardrobe out of seemingly nowhere. It’s a good thing she always kept her emergency closet full of clothes, for such a situation as this! She scanned the items available to her, pushing aside some to peer further in. No… no… goodness, no, that one was completely last season…

Finally satisfied, she selected an elegant evening gown and slipped it on, popping her head through the neck and slipping her hooves through the short sleeves. Checking to make sure the skirt was dragging in the dirt, Rarity slipped on a rather elegant hat as well before shutting the wardrobe and making it disappear in a puff of magic.

She stepped back out into the street, slowing her previous hurried canter into a more leisurely stroll. After all, she didn’t want to attract any unwanted attention to herself. That would be most uncouth!

Rarity headed for her destination, taking the obvious route – halfway down the main street, down a side alley, back out the same side alley, go into a shop for four minutes and inspect their really rather tasteful blown-glass figurines of swans, out onto the street and take the second left…

After several more minutes of purposeful but quite complex wandering, she came to the door of a large house – almost a small mansion, in fact.

The door was open, and an earth pony butler was greeting ponies as they came up to the doors. Rarity trotted up the steps, letting her gown swish from side to side, and got most of the way to the doors before the butler cleared his throat.

“And you are, milady?” he requested.

Rarity answered automatically. “I am the Lady von Pampf, of course. Do you not recognize me?”

“Apologies, milady,” the butler said, bowing and stepping aside – leaving Rarity to wonder for a moment why she had introduced herself in such a way.

Before she could ponder on it for long, however, she passed through the door – discovering it to contain socialite ponies engaged in a party, talking amongst themselves.

Rarity began to wander among the ponies, occasionally stopping to discuss pleasantries with one stallion, or comment on the dress of another. She, of course, never spent too long in one place, lest somepony actually recognize her. After all, the absolute worst thing that could happen at a party like this would be to actually be seen! Rarity paused in her aimless trotting, suddenly a bit confused. That… was how these type of fancy parties worked, right? It must be, why else would she have given such a silly name to the butler? Nopony really wanted to be seen here, they were only here to see if they could find other ponies who didn’t want to be seen here.

As she trotted about, she suddenly spotted somepony else. She wasn’t sure why this pony was important, he didn’t seem to be of a particularly higher class than any of the other ponies here, but something told her she needed to talk to this pony in particular, and soon. She began to trot over to him, still trying her best to not look too obvious before stepping up to him. “Ah, Cuddlesworth, I’m glad I’ve found you! I’m dreadfully sorry our… meeting had to be postponed so.”

“Ah, von Pampf, so long since we've talked,” the stallion replied easily. “Charmed, charmed. And yes, it's a dreadful pity.”

He made a little self-effacing gesture. “Still, what can one do, when duty calls.”

“Of course,” Rarity agreed, not quite clear on what the duty would be but thinking that had to be the sort of thing one said in a situation like that. “Still, one hopes that the duty would be a little less onerous?”

“Perhaps, perhaps,” Cuddlesworth said.

He turned, sweeping Rarity along with him, so they were a little out of the general flow of the fancy do. “Now, I had a few minor issues to discuss with you, my dear.”

Rarity frowned slightly, wondering if she should move on – certainly Cuddlesworth recognized her by her false name, but what if other ponies got a good look at her and realized who she really was? “I'm sorry, but I must-”

“Don't you wonder?” Cuddlesworth interrupted. “How the owner of this mansion made their money? It seems like the sort of thing a pony would want to find out.”

“I…. suppose that's true,” Rarity agreed.

“And, perhaps, if there was a pony who might be able to find out, they should go and find out by day or by night,” Cuddlesworth went on. “Don't you think?”

“Yes,” Rarity agreed again, sure that she should agree with that. Her sense that she should talk to this pony went away, replaced by a sudden insatiable curiosity about the subject they'd been talking about.

“Well, don't let me keep you,” Cuddlesworth went on, and stepped back.

Rarity made her way through the party to the edge, still trying to be as inconspicuous as possible, and reached a small alcove out-of-the-way of the main group. She summoned her wardrobe again, removing her gown, and replaced it with a maid's outfit complete with a short miniskirt and a feather duster.

She wasn’t giving much thought to her choice of dress. It simply seemed the most necessary at the time. And she did need to find out just how exactly this pony managed to procure their money, after all…

Stepping back from her wardrobe, she began to trot through the mansion, occasionally stopping to dust some windowsill or bust of a pony. After all, if she wanted to look the part of a maid, she needed to act accordingly!

As she walked through the mansion, Rarity’s mind began to drift off. Wasn’t she supposed to be doing something? Something that didn’t involve staking out somepony’s house? Was it groceries? No, that couldn’t be it, that seemed much too ordinary for somepony like herself to be doing!

Her daydreaming was interrupted by somepony trotting down the hall, looking her over. “What are you doing here?” He barked out. Rarity found herself at a loss for words. What was she doing here? She wasn’t supposed to be here, this was somepony’s house, she was just here for the party! And why was she wearing such a ridiculous outfit? “Get back to the maid’s quarters now, before Madame Bloompers gets down here and sees you wasting time on dusting when there’s other chores to be done!”

Rarity squeaked and hurried off down the hall. This was horrible, everything was going wrong!

As she turned the corner, she suddenly bounced off of two ponies, who looked down at her through dark shades. “She’s the one?”


“Alright, let’s get her to questioning.”

“Questioning?” Rarity repeated, a little breathlessly. “But I'm just a maid trying to do her job!”

Her plea didn't seem to convince the two ponies, who took her and began marching her through the corridors of the mansion.

There were several twists, turns, long flights of stairs (leading both up and down) and Rarity had a nagging feeling that she'd gone a lot further than should be possible in a building the size of the one she'd seen from the outside – which itself seemed a lot bigger than there should really be nearby…

Puzzling over it, she nearly lost track of the situation – until the shades-wearing ponies took her into a large room, with two seats for them and one with a big adjustable light over it which was probably for her.

“Sit down,” the first pony said, and Rarity sat – fiddling with her feather duster absently.

“Who are you working for?” the second asked.

Rarity paused, realizing that was actually a very good question. She didn't even know whose mansion this was!

“I don't know,” she admitted.

“Why are you here?”

“I… don't know that either?”

“What do you know?” the first pony said.

Rarity was forced to shrug, not sure what they wanted to hear and knowing they wouldn't appreciate her entire life's history.

There was a muttered discussion between the two shades-wearing ponies, and then one of them adjusted the lamp so it was shining directly at her. The other did something with a switch on the wall, and suddenly bright, coloured lights were flashing into Rarity's eyes.

“Alright, I want you to listen to me very carefully…” The first pony said. Rarity gave a small nod as she stared into the colorful lights. Despite how bright they were, she found it hard to look away. Any time her eyes did managed to pull away from them, she just ended up staring back again as a feeling of need washed over her.

“Now, we need…. Investigate…. Puffers gang…. Incognito….” Rarity had a difficult time following the conversation, as if it was full of a bunch of words she didn’t know. She simply stared up into the lights, focusing more on their colorful shifting than on the words being spoken to her…

A moment later she blinked, the lights having been turned off and the two ponies stepping away from her. “Alright, you know your mission, now go deal with the gang. ‘It’s a cold day for pontooning.’” The words echoed through Rarity’s mind, and she suddenly jumped up to her hooves, gave a quick salute, and began to trot back up the stairs. She didn’t even register the rather puffy diaper she was now sporting under the skirt of her maid outfit as it crinkled loudly…

Waddling a little as she trotted up the stairs, Rarity looked around.

What was she supposed to be doing again?

She had to clean up, surely? She was in a maid's outfit, so that seemed like the logical conclusion. But at the same time, she had to investigate a gang, so perhaps that was because she had to clean up in a metaphorical sense.

“Madame Bloompers, just the pony I wanted to see!”

At the sound of a conversation from just around the corner, Rarity stopped – taking a few cautious steps back so she would be out of sight.

She didn't want to run into Madame Bloompers, who would definitely ask her why she hadn't been doing the cleaning! She'd have to put on some kind of disguise…

Summoning her wardrobe, Rarity looked through her choices. All she needed to do was not be a maid, but perhaps she should try something that would let her follow her instructions to deal with the gang?

The conversation between Madame Bloompers and the unknown stallion she was talking to got closer, and Rarity took the first outfit that caught her fancy.

She pulled out a black pinstriped suit and vest, slipping them on and tugging the pants up as quickly as she could. She gave no notice to the fact that rump of her new disguise was at least twice as large as the one for the maid outfit, and forced her hind legs to be spread apart. She placed a hat upon her head as the final piece before waddling back out into the open. Madame Bloompers was too busy chatting away with whoever this new pony was to pay much attention as Rarity did her best to hurry on by.

She slipped out a back door, finding herself standing in a rather dingy looking alleyway. She wasn’t able to pay much attention to it as she began to hurry down the streets of the town, making her way towards the warehouse district…

Rarity pulled out a pocket watch from her jacket, checking the time. It was… 15:72, still plenty of time, she figured before stowing it. She soon found herself standing at the front of a warehouse with a faded sign reading ‘Cream’s Creamery’ above the door. She knocked, and a section of the door slid away to reveal somepony’s eyes staring down at her. “Yeah? Watcha want?”

Rarity's mind blanked for a moment. She didn't think “I'm here to infiltrate the gang” would go down well, but nothing else seemed to occur to her…

“I'm… an inspector,” she said quickly.

“An inspector?” the pony replied. “We don't need an inspector.”

“You don't want an inspector,” Rarity corrected him. “But, dear me, you need one! How else are you going to ensure quality control?”

She spun around, incidentally bumping into the door with the bulk of her outfit. “Why, imagine if you delivered damaged or subpar goods? You could be liable for all sorts of damages! And that's not even getting into the woodworm that's been going around!”

“Well, uh...” the pony began, thrown. “I, guess you'd better come in then...”

His eyes disappeared and the eye-hole slid closed, and a moment later the door opened – making Rarity stagger back a step or two, as she'd still been leaning on it.

She retrieved her clipboard, and began looking around the door, making a few notes. “Yes, this is still in quite good shape… there's some dreadful rust around that lock… and it looks like it swells in the damp, to boot. I'd say you need to get this looked at.”

The guard pony simply stammered and muttered a bit, still a little unsure of what exactly this new pony was supposed to be doing. Rarity ignored him, trotting onwards and making a few more fake marks on her clipboard. “Oh yes… Oh, I see… Hmm, that’s definitely worth acknowledging.” She spoke on, trying to sound as official as possible while going about her business. The pony followed after her, Rarity lifting up a box and giving a soft squeak of fright as a few spiders scurried out from beneath it across the floor. “You’ll definitely want to take care of those.” She said, actually bothering to make a note about spiders to remind herself never to come back here again.

Continuing onwards, she pushed open a door to reveal several burly looking ponies hurrying back and forth, each carrying large boxes around. “Oh my word, and what is this?” Rarity asked, walking up and taking several notes. The pony began to glance about nervously, sweating bullets as he wondered if his bosses were anywhere nearby. Rarity stepped up to one of the boxes a pony had just placed. She let out a gasp upon seeing what was inside. Unfathomable! Inconceivable! The most despicable, horrible, evil thing one could ever create!

“Smuggled baby formula!”

“Who said that?” one of the ponies asked.

Rarity blinked, but rallied. “I'm the inspector,” she explained. “And this is-”

“Hey, stop her!” shouted the forestallion. “She's not supposed to be in here!”

Turning, Rarity tried to gallop away – wondering if she should have learned Twilight's teleport spell – but the thick bulk of her outfit made her waddle, and she stumbled and tripped.

The gang ponies cantered up to her before she could get back to her feet, and two of them took her legs while a third slipped a magic blocker over her horn.

“Well, well,” a new voice said, deeply amused. “What do we have here?”

Rarity turned as much as she could, and saw a mare wearing a slinky dress.

“It looks like we've caught a sneak,” she went on. “Bring her this way, we know how to deal with ponies like this.”

She nodded at the door pony, who was looking shocked. “As for him… make sure he doesn't mess us up with any more accidents.”

“No!” the doorpony cried out. “Please! I'll be good!”

“You will be good,” the mare said. “And nice and well protected, too.”

Rarity was hauled off in one direction while the stallion was dragged off in another. She struggled feebly against the grip of the ponies, but it was of little use. The ponies pulled her into a side room, throwing her unceremoniously into a chair. The slinky dressed mare trotted up to Rarity, looking smugly down at her. “So, you were sent here by the Soggins gang, weren’t you? Spit it out, I know who you work for!” She said smugly.

Rarity simply shook her head, trying to maintain her composure. “I swear I’ve never heard of them before! I don’t even really know why I’m here! I was at a party, somepony wanted to see me, and…” Rarity’s voice trailed off as she wracked her brains. What had she been doing at that party?

The mare just gave a snooty ‘hhmmpph!’ before trotting away from Rarity to the other end of the room. “Won’t talk, eh? Well, that’s just as good, I suppose. We’ll have you talking soon enough, but it’ll be about the Soggins’ secrets once you find them out!” She gave a cartoonishly evil laugh.

“What do you mean?” Rarity asked.

Instead of answering, however, the mare flicked a switch on a nearby gramophone. It began to play, producing a series of odd sounds.

Rarity frowned, wondering why this obviously criminal pony was playing her music instead of trying to force her to speak, but her concentration wavered as the music played – drawing her in, making her feel light-headed.

“That's better,” the mare said, laughing again. “Now those fools won't know what hit them! Why, I imagine they'll be flabbergasted!”

“Flabbergasted,” Rarity repeated, the word sparking something off. Suddenly she knew there was something else she had to be doing, immediately if not sooner.

“Why yes,” the mare agreed. “Those Soggins will be made to marvel at my genius!”

As she gloated, however, Rarity got out of her chair. She slipped off the horn ring with a quick movement, then cantered off.

“What?” the mare asked, turning back to look. “Blast!”

Rarity found a quiet corner, and summoned her wardrobe. She took off the pinstriped suit, and replaced it with an all-over outfit a little like a boiler suit – but much thicker and softer, and with a bulge in the rear which was even larger than any of the outfits she'd worn before.

The word flabbergasted still echoed in her mind, and she knew what she had to do – though she wasn't really clear on the why.

She puffed the wardrobe away and began to waddle back down the street away from the formula warehouse. Her rump swayed from side to side, each step being met with soft crinkles, but Rarity hardly even noticed. Instead she simply trotted through the town, making her way towards the center of town.

Standing in the middle of town square was Mayor Mare, dressed in an elegant sequin dress (one she had actually bought from Rarity), giving a very long, and admittedly dull speech about the importance of lamp shades. Rarity snuck into the crowd, trying her best to avoid bumping her puffy rear into the other ponies. With how large it was, though, this was a near impossibility. Ponies grumbled, moving out of Rarity’s way as she trotted up to the front of the crowd.

As she approached, she reached into a pocket in her suit, pulling out a rather large water pistol. She took careful aim at the Mayor, and pulled the trigger.

Water was sent flying up onto the stage, soaking the Mayor’s face and her dress. She sputtered, shaking her head as her mane flopped about. “What the? What’s the meaning of this?” She looked through the crowd, trying to spot the culprit. “Pinkie, is that you again?”

Rarity turned, canter-waddling away from the stage. She fired her water pistol at another pony as she did, making him yelp in surprise, and the sound made the crowd scatter.

That only led to enough space around Rarity that some of the other ponies in the crowd could actually see her, and one mare pointed a hoof. “That's her!”

“It's not Pinkie!” added another pony.

Rarity began to move faster, her suit crinkling more loudly as the thick butt swung from side to side, and she used the water pistol twice more to help clear her way to the nearest alley.

As she waddled, though, she wondered why she'd just splashinated Mayor Mare. It didn't seem like the sort of thing she'd do.

Ducking into the alley, Rarity quickly changed her outfit again. The thick, soft suit went back in the wardrobe, replaced by an equally thick diaper, and she put on her maid dress again – it just seemed right.

The stampede of ponies chasing after the waterpistolier stopped at the entrance to the alley in a remarkable display of coordination, looked in to see who was in there, then stampeded off in another direction.

A few seconds later, Rarity trotted out of the alley, ready to go to her next assignment.

Assignment? Rarity shook her head. Her next appointment, that was it.

Rarity trotted in the opposite direction of the crowd, brushing a bit of dust off her jacket. She thought for a moment. If that gang had been smuggling foal formula… then somepony in town had to be buying it… and the only ones in town interested in that would be at the Foal Foundation! She began to trot quickly in that direction, determined to get to the bottom of this mystery she had only found out about several minutes ago.

The building of the Foal Foundation rose above the surrounding houses in ponyville, looking distinctly out of place for such a quaint town. Rarity marched up to the front door, only to pause and shake her head. No, no, no, this wouldn’t do at all. She couldn’t just walk in the front door like some normal pony! She was supposed to take the employee entrance for important meetings like this! She quickly turned on her heels and walked around the side of the glass building towards a back door.

Pushing open the door, she quietly stepped inside, her frilly dress ruffling slightly in the breeze as it rushed in the door after her. Now, if she was a super secret illegal smuggling ring… where would she hide?

“There you are!” a mare called, and Rarity jumped.

“Why haven't you cleaned the sixteenth floor yet?” the mare asked crossly.

Rarity stared for a moment. “Madame Bloompers?”

“Don't you give me that!” Madame Bloompers told her. “Now, get up to the sixteenth floor and clean it!”

Rarity bobbed her head, too intimidated (and confused) to argue, and trotted over to a conveniently nearby lift.

Once she was in, however, she saw that there were whole rows and columns of buttons. Three blocks of them, then a gap, then another block.

Inspecting the numbers, Rarity realized that there were floors from one to thirty, and from forty-one to fifty – but an entire block of ten floors was missing entirely!

She touched the area between the two blocks of buttons, and it rattled slightly.

Rarity's horn lit up as she got ready to pull the panel away, but suddenly a thought struck her. Shouldn't she be doing what Madame Bloompers said? She didn't want to get into more trouble!

The conundrum puzzled Rarity, leading to her sitting on the floor – producing a crinkle – and wondering how to solve it.

She tossed the ideas around in her head, trying to figure out what to do. She really ought to get to that meeting, it did seem very important to her that she should be there, even if she couldn’t piece together why it did. On the other hoof, if Madame Bloompers was this fed up already, she didn’t want to get on her bad side! Surely cleaning the 16th floor shouldn’t take that long… right?

Rarity pressed the corresponding button and the elevator began to rattle, carrying her slowly upwards. Rarity wondered how there were 50 floors in the building, it certainly didn’t seem that tall from the outside, but wasn’t able to wonder much longer before the doors opened to reveal the floor.

The floor was full of delicate china pieces, each coated in a layer of thick dust. Rarity give a gulp. Perhaps she shouldn’t have put off cleaning this place for so long… She waddled out into the floor, conjuring up a feather duster as she got to work wiping down a vase as the duster cleaned off a decorative plate.

The vase was easy enough to do, the dust sliding off easily and collecting on her dusting cloth, but then Rarity realized a problem – as she did more dusting, then the cloth would get dirtier until she might be adding as much dust as she was removing.

Deciding to think about it later, she moved on to the next piece – gently removing the dust, diapered rump waving back and forth as she did as she was told. The feather duster moved back and forth as well, just inside her sightline as it cleaned the less-breakable pieces in line with where she was working.

Something about the repetitive movement and simple work soon had Rarity just going along with it, until she reached the end of the first row – surprised at how quickly things had gone.

She glanced up at the plaque of the piece she was cleaning, which denoted it as being presented by 'Lord Piddlepants'. The name barely registered, certainly not as unusual, but a moment later Rarity shifted uncomfortably as she felt the need to go to the bathroom.

She looked for a sign that might indicate one, but the whole floor seemed to be nothing but one large room of china pieces on pedestals – so she went back to her work, not wanting to waste too much time, and saw the plaque again.

This time she'd barely finished reading the plaque before her bladder let go, and she gave an embarrassed whimper as she soaked her diaper.

Her padding swelled up as she wet it, growing squishy as she waddled to the next piece of porcelain. She tried to push the thoughts out of her mind as she continued her work, though the occasional squish from her padding made that rather difficult. She had moved on to polishing a large trophy, one that read ‘#1 Puffbutt’. No matter how much she rubbed and polished the trophy, however, it absolutely refused to grow any cleaner. She levitated over her feather duster, rubbing it swiftly across the gold surface. Still, the trophy remained dirty.

Rarity gave a bit of a huff, looking down at her rag. It was far too dusty, of course! No wonder it wasn’t working! Rarity looked around for someplace to shake out her dusty cloth, but there looked to be no good place to do so without dirtying up another piece. She looked over her shoulder at her thick padding, pausing before giving a soft shrug. At this point, she didn’t really think she had a choice.

She began to rub the cloth over her diaper to wipe it clean, but, rather than the diaper gathering up the dust, the padding simply grew shinier, as if she was removing more dust and revealing a silvery mirror coating beneath.

After what had quickly turned from cloth-cleaning to polishing, Rarity found herself with a mirror-bright diaper possessed of quite a slight curve – largely due to the sheer size of the padding.

She admired herself in it for a moment, or what felt like a moment, before shaking her head and returning to her cleaning. The cloth at least seemed to be cleaner now, which didn't really make sense, but Rarity dismissed her worries and got to work.

The amount of time she spent working on the room's huge assortment of porcelain plates, fragile china and assorted very dirty things was… unclear. The cleaning was easy, simple and monotonous, and Rarity was so used to it that when she knocked a plate off the shelf the smash made her jump.

“Oh, no!” she said out loud, wincing. “Madame Bloompers is going to be terribly mad at me!”

Looking around desperately for some way to sort the situation out, Rarity saw one of the last uncleaned pieces of china – which included a plaque describing it as being produced by Infiltration Quality Industries.

Suddenly, Rarity realized what she had to do – she was supposed to be in here to sneak around and find out something important, not to clean plates! Though she'd mostly finished with that anyway, looking around…

Shaking her head, and resolving not to get distracted again, Rarity summoned her wardrobe and replaced her maid's outfit with something better suited in her mind to going without being noticed.

In her conviction to not be distracted, Rarity entirely missed that she'd just put on a quite literal cat suit – one with cute paw gloves and a white-tipped feline tail – without actually changing her still-damp diaper.

She was about to waddle her way back to the elevator, when it suddenly struck her that was likely a very un-sneaky thing to do. She was supposed to stay hidden, and anypony could see somepony take the elevator! There had to be some other way…

As Rarity pondered, she felt a cool brush of air on her suit, causing her to look over her shoulder. A vent that had most assuredly not been there before was blowing a cool breeze over her diaper. She wandered over to it, bending down to peer in. It looked as if the air ducts went through the whole building…

Her horn began to glow as Rarity undid the screws to the vent before bending over and wriggling herself in. It took several minutes, with her thick diaper requiring an extra amount of struggling to squeeze it through, but soon she was scooting through the air ducts. The crinkles and squishes from her padding echoed around her as she pushed her way through the ventilation, trying to find some way up to the hidden floors. She soon approached a vertical shaft, looking up to see it travel up into seemingly nothingness. Lacking a better option, Rarity squueeeeezed herself through, hanging from the edge of the vent as she looked down.

Her diaper pressed into the vent walls as her hooves kicked to gain a hold. No matter how she wriggled and squirmed, she couldn’t stay put. Her face turned a bright red as she began to slip, her diaper crinkling again. She slipped a bit further, almost losing her grip on the vent. A bit further… futher… and…

Rarity began to slide down the vent, her horn flaring up instinctively as she tried to think of a way to stop her descent.


Rarity's fall was arrested all of a sudden by her diaper growing to a much greater size – wide enough that it filled the shaft, and tight enough against the walls that the force of gravity alone could not make her slide any further.

Blushing, Rarity looked down a little to see the fabric of her outfit – lit by the glow of her horn – squidged into the metal walls of the pipe. She breathed a sigh of relief, then began wondering how to get up to where she was aiming for.

An attempt to lift herself telekinetically didn't work, because she was so tightly wedged. She considered shrinking the diaper again the same way she'd expanded it, but dismissed that idea automatically – she didn't feel like reducing the scope of her poof… and she wasn't really sure how she'd done it in the first place, anyway.

Wiggling about, Rarity winced as one of her hooves hit the side of the pipe – but instead of producing the clang she was expecting, it just produced a faint squeaky noise.

Looking again at her hooves, Rarity saw they were in slightly-inflated plush paw mittens. That confused her, making her wonder why she'd been wearing them, but that worry too quickly went away as she realized she could use them to climb up the shaft!

No wonder she'd put them on, Rarity decided, and began to use both her telekinesis and her 'climbing equipment' to ascend the shaft – a process which produced an occasional squeak and squish from her outfit, and which took quite a long time per floor.

The missing floors were… thirty-one to forty, she remembered. This might take a while…





Rarity hoisted herself slowly up the shafts, panting a little from the effort. She had been climbing for… some time. She really wasn’t sure what that time was, but it was certainly a while. And she had lost track of the floor she was on. She had passed the 16th, she was sure of that but… was she at the 25th yet? 30? Did she go too far?

Rarity pushed the thoughts out of her mind and began to climb again. Surely, she hadn’t overshot it yet, she hadn’t really been climbing that long, she thought. She came up to another vent leading out of the vertical shaft, looking down it to try and spot what was happening on the other side of the grate. She heard some faint muffling of ponies talking, and curiosity spurred her to squeeze her way into the vent and crawl towards the grate. She peered out of the air duct, spotting a few ponies sitting around a large circular desk, each sporting thick padding under their fancy suits.

“Gentlemen… behold!” A particularly thickly padded pony at the front proclaimed as he pulled down a projector screen. The lights dimmed and suddenly a slide showing some overly complicated device appeared. “The Puffinator 3000! With this, it will become trivial to trap ponies in their own diaper fluff, allowing us to take over Equestria with ease!”

Rarity gasped – demurely, of course – and adjusted her position a little so she could see and hear better.

This was just what she'd come to find out! The true plans of the ponies behind this nefarious plot, who were… apparently all just finding about this now, in a very convenient way.

Still, it was exactly the information she needed, so Rarity watched closely as the padded-up pony proceeded to proclaim the padding-pursuant plot.

Apparently the first step was to ensure that everypony in Equestria – from the smallest foal to the Princesses themselves – was so used to being padded up that they would barely be able to think of a situation where that wasn't the case.

The stallion explained this by showing some of their latest TV adverts, which Rarity watched avidly – though part of her mind was wondering whether she'd seen them before.

They blurred into one another…

... and when Rarity jolted back to full awareness the pony was already explaining how step three was to activate the sleeper agents hidden in the population.

Realizing she'd missed step two, Rarity shuffled a little closer to the vent to hear better as the pony explained how step four would be to launch the coup itself – trapping the Princesses and all their guards in their own padding, so they could just take over unopposed.

“Now, to demonstrate the effectiveness of the trigger commands,” the stallion went on, “one of you has been implanted with a trigger word. Don't worry, it's harmless, and the result will simply be to show how effective the commands are.”

He cleared his throat. “Who's a puffy diaper butt?”

The words echoed in Rarity's ears...

“Ooh, ooh, I am, I am!” Rarity suddenly heard herself shouting out, as if she was hearing some other pony say it for her. Her mitted paws immediately slapped over her muzzle, making them squeak along her own whimper of surprise. Everypony looked over to the vent, spotting Rarity lying there motionless. “Uh… um… squeak, squeak! I’m just a mouse!” Rarity tried to convince the conference fruitlessly.

She felt magic surround her, squeezing her into the grate before it popped off and she was tugged out of the vent and left hanging in the stallion’s magic. “Well, well, well, I don’t suppose this puffy diaper butt would mind helping out with the rest of our plan, then?” He smirked, looking her up and down. Rarity struggled to free herself, but it was no use. The stallion began to monologue, Rarity not paying much attention to what he was saying as her horn glowed brightly. Her wardrobe appeared and a thick diaper floated out, levitating itself behind the stallion’s head. It suddenly smacked into him, a puff of foal powder causing him to cough and splutter.

Rarity dropped to the ground as his magic faded and began to sprint towards the window. Everypony looked about in confusion as she attempted to make her escape. With a resounding crash, she charged through the window, leaping out into the air over ponyville. She began to fall down, tumbling through the air as the others looked out of the window at her diving down.

As Rarity fell towards the street, she realized that perhaps this hadn't been her smartest plan.

She looked down, wincing at the sight of the ground so far away, then twisted around – her kitty-tail moving as she swished her real one inside it – to look back up at the broken window she'd left through.

The hole was shaped just like her – well, like her with her costume and diaper, anyway – and there didn't seem to be any dangerous shards of glass, so she should be safe on that front.

Rarity thought about how to get out of the situation, noticing that she was falling oddly slowly. She certainly wasn't going to complain, but it seemed strange… though that was quickly overridden by trying to work out what to do.

She could try and find a glider in her wardrobe, perhaps, or something that would work as a glider costume. Or she could see if she had a grappling hook, or something to stick to the side of the building and arrest her fall.

Perhaps she should just land diaper-first and have that absorb the impact?

Rarity thought and pondered and contemplated, weighing the pros and cons of each method, and attempting to combine them together in a way to possible eliminate said cons. She tapped her chin as her mane fluttered wildly around her, unsure of which she preferred. She supposed the grappling hook would at least be a good place to start. Should it not work, she should be able to find the hang glider in time. As she opened her wardrobe mid-air, dresses, hats, diapers, and every bit of clothing imaginable began to fall out, being swept away by the rushing wind. Rarity didn’t really mind, though, she simply kept an eye out for the hook.

As a particularly large diaper swept by, though, she felt the tapes snag on her costume, the back fluttering in the breeze before…


The diaper caught the air, expanding to a rather silly degree as she began to slow her descent even further. She drifted away from the building as the diaper acted like a parachute, allowing her to slowly guide herself towards the ground.

When Rarity finally landed, after what part of her felt was an exhilarating few seconds but the rest of her insisted had been something closer to ten minutes, she packed what bits of her clothes she could find back into her magic wardrobe before waddling away from the scene of the crime as quickly as possible – lest she be charged with cause to affray, generalized loitering, or even littering!

Glancing behind her in case there was any pursuit, Rarity rounded a corner and promptly bumped into somepony.

“Oh – I am sorry,” she apologized, stepping back a pace, then got a look at the pony she'd run into.

It was a unicorn with a black suit and a pair of sunglasses, accompanied by another unicorn dressed more-or-less identically.

“Come with us, madam,” the first one said.

“Wait – what – who are you?” Rarity asked, feeling quite aggrieved.

“We are the Mares in Black,” the second one informed her, holding up a tube-shaped thing with a light on it. The light flashed, and Rarity suddenly wobbled a little on her hooves – feeling very dizzy.

“Come with us,” the first one repeated, and this time Rarity couldn't think of a good reason to say no.

Behind her, dresses and blouses and all manner of items of clothing rained down over the main street.

Rarity’s mind was all befuddled as she trotted behind the ponies, her padded rear swaying back and forth as she mindlessly followed along. The two ponies stepped up to a discrete carriage, one stepping inside while the other motioned for Rarity to get it. She climbed up onto the steps, her padding getting stuck in the door for a moment before the second pony shoved her inside before clambering in after her.

The carriage began to roll forwards, Rarity bouncing lightly along inside. She vaguely wondered where she was going, why she was with these ponies, and wasn’t there something she was supposed to be doing earlier too?

These thoughts were swiftly pushed out of her head as she bounced on her puffily padded rear, the squishes and crinkles distracting and soothing her.

It wasn’t very long… or maybe it was, Rarity wasn’t all that sure, before the Mares in Black opened up the doors to the carriage and pushed her outside. She gasped as she looked up to see the magnificence of Canterlot Castle looming over her, the stones glistening in the sunset.

“Come on, we’ve got work to do, and you don’t want to keep Luna waiting…”

“Right,” Rarity nodded, not wanting to keep a Princess waiting.

She'd never heard of these Mares in Black before, but, then… that was the point, perhaps?

Shaking her head a little, dismissing such questions, she waddled behind the two black-suited mares through one of the postern gates of Canterlot Castle. They went up, down, along, around a spiral staircase, and ultimately came out into a large audience chamber – empty but for the throne in the far corner.

Rarity gasped. That was – Nightmare Moon!

“Is something the matter?” Luna asked.

Rarity frowned, put a hoof to her forehead, and then answered. “Um… no, I just-”

She stopped, not wanting to say it – it would sound crazy. For a moment I thought you were Nightmare Moon?

Dismissing the idea, she cleared her throat. “Ah – you wanted to see me?”

“That is correct,” Luna agreed. “We have something to discuss.”

She produced a large pile of cloth, with a spiral-swirl pattern on the outside, and a pacifier. The pacifier she dangled from a chain, and Rarity suddenly found herself fixated on it.

“We're just going to have a talk,” Luna went on, soothingly, as she swung the pacifier back and forth. “And you're a good agent, so you don't want to disappoint a Princess. Do you?”

“No,” Rarity agreed easily.

“Good,” Luna said, and Rarity didn't pay any attention to the smirk on her face. “That's right. Now, I need you to be a sleeper agent. Do you understand?”

“I understand,” Rarity agreed, finding it just so easy to agree.

Luna unfolded the pile of cloth, revealing it to be a thickly padded sleeper- with attachable mittens, and a flap to open to get at the diaper or diapers underneath. “Then you know what to do, sleeper agent Rarity.”

Rarity nodded again, her horn lighting up as she levitated the sleeper over. She eagerly shoved the pacifier into her mouth without a second thought, giving it a few suckles as the chain clinked softly. She couldn’t help but grin as she suckled again, while she began to unzip the front of the sleeper. Slipping her hooves in, she gave a soft hum as she felt the warm fabric envelop her. She was quickly stuffing herself into the sleeper, the rear bulging out from the thickness of the pampers beneath it. The buttons on the flap strained, though were able to hold in the fluff of her rump as she pulled the zipper up snuggly.

Rarity was too busy wiggling her rear about and suckling on her pacifier to notice the fabric flowing over the metal of the zipper, sealing her tightly into the sleeper.

“Very good.” Luna said, smiling warmly. Rarity’s attention drifted back to the alicorn, who was leaning forward in her throne slightly. “Now, you’re a good puffy agent, aren’t you?” She asked.

Rarity nodded, shifting around to feel her diapers rub against the inside of the sleeper.

“And do you know what good agents do?”

“…f-follow orders?” Rarity guessed. She wasn’t sure why, but it seemed like the right answer.

Luna nodded, pleased with Rarity. “Good! Now, I want you to go and get me Celestia’s diary! She’s been keeping so many juicy secrets in there, I just have to know them!” Luna giggled.

Rarity grinned widely, giving a salute before she began to waddle off down the halls of the castle.

The fashionista-turned-agent paid little heed to the guards in the corridor, simply striding past them with a crinkle-crinkle-crinkle and assuming they would not stop her. She did notice, in a detached way, that they were turning to give her a close examination – but that, once they did, each individual guard just went back to stand where they'd been before.

And was she imagining it, or did they have something puffy under their armour?

Shrugging it off, Rarity ascended the last flight of stairs to reach Princess Celestia's chamber. She put her ear to the door and listened, hearing nothing, and was about to enter the room when she realized she wasn't thinking nearly enough like a proper agent.

Instead of just going in the front door, she trotted up another flight of steps to reach the window one floor above Celestia's window. She pulled a bouncer out of her wardrobe, fastening it to the ceiling, then got in and bounced down a floor to look through the window.

Seeing nothing, Rarity carefully used her magic to pull the window open. She had a little trouble getting out of the bouncer again – not only did it feel quite relaxing to just keep bouncing, but the clip holding it shut was hard for her mittens to press on – but managed, before sliding through the window and landing on all four padded hooves inside Celestia's apartment.

And there was the diary on the side! She made a step towards it, but was interrupted by a crinkle – and not from her own diapers.

Rarity turned slowly, only to gasp a moment later. Celestia was laying on her bed, wearing a diaper so thick it stretched nearly past her knees. She rolled over, mumbling something in her sleep. Rarity gave a soft sigh of relief, starting to inch towards the bedside table on which the diary lay. Celestia muttered something again, squeezing her diaper between her legs as Rarity slowly approached. Rarity caaaarrreeeeefully lifted the diary off the desk with her hooves before starting to waddle backwards towards the window again. Her padding puffed as it hit the windowsill, and Rarity let out a soft sigh. “Piece of cake…” she said quietly.

It was at that moment that Celestia’s eyes shot open and she sat bolt upright in bed. “Did somepony say cake?” She asked, licking her lips. She bounced up onto her hooves, her horn flashing as she suddenly was wearing a sleeper not dissimilar to Rarity’s. Rarity let out a yelp, Celestia turning to see her absconding with her diapery. “Hey! Stop right there!” Celestia whipped out a water pistol from seemingly nowhere, quickly taking aim and firing off several shots. Rarity yelped and bounced up into the bouncer, tugged up to the floor above her. She looked down at her diaper, giving a soft sigh upon seeing it was still dry. It wouldn’t stay so for long, though, as Celestia jumped out of the window and spread her wings, flying up to try and catch Rarity.

Abandoning the bouncer, Rarity began to waddle her way to the door. She reached it just as Celestia arrived at the window, and the enraged alicorn brandished her water pistol again before firing a burst at Rarity.

Some of the droplets splashed onto her sleeper, and Rarity blushed as they soaked in like magic – making her fully aware of the hit – before opening the door and doing as close to a gallop as she could manage in her sleeper.

She dove for the balustrade of the nearest stairway, sliding down one floor, and got off again with a faint squish sound from her diaper. Celestia could be heard following her, calling something about 'thieving unicornses', and Rarity racked her brains for what to do to slow the alicorn down.

An idea came to her, and Rarity ducked into one of the nearby rooms. She picked up needles, thread and blankets in her magic, and worked as fast as she could.

The door slowly creaked open as Celestia pushed on it with her horn's magic, and after it was halfway open she lunged into the room with her water pistol ready.

Firing at the first unicorn-shaped target she saw, she got it soaked – but then saw it was just a decoy, made of wool knitted together.

Before Celestia could react, Rarity unleashed the other thing she'd put together – a giant sewn-together soft toy tiger, which pounced on the sleepered Princess in the grip of Rarity's magic.

Exiting the room while Celestia was preoccupied, Rarity headed for the next staircase.

She leapt upon the bannister again, spinning about as the stairs spiraled downwards.

Celestia quickly managed to throw off the plush and began to chase after Rarity once more. Her own horn lit up as she conjured up several pillows. She tossed the pillows towards Rarity, one managing to hit and sending her flying onto the floor – but Rarity’s horn lit up as she cast a spell of her own, the floor turned suddenly soapy and sudsy.

Rarity slid along on her diaper with a prolonged squeak, Celestia leaping down and skating after her. Several more pillows flew past the unicorn, who, in an act of desperation, fired a shot of magic at some.

The pillows puffed up in a cloud of powder, suddenly stitched and decorated to look like fancy cakes. Celsestia slid by one, giving a soft “ooh!” as she became momentarily distracted. She picked up the large plush cakes, licking her lips again as she bit into them, only to spit out the mouthful of fluff a moment later.

“Why, that terrible tricky pony! I'll show you!”

Celestia’s suit began to puff up, stiches and seams running along her body as she became just as plush as her snacks. She began to gobble up the cakes, running after Rarity.

Rarity dared to look behind her, only to see nothing. Her dash was then suddenly brought to a halt as she ran into something with a large pomf! Looking up, Rarity let out a gasp as she found herself running into Celestia’s thick diaper, the plush alicorn now so stuffed with fluff she blocked the hallway! Celestia chomped eagerly down on more cake, wiggling her own fat rump as she bounced up to prepare to squish the small unicorn…

Rarity tried to turn and run – to waddle – to crawl away, but Celestia's bulky diaper loomed overhead as she stumbled. Then the crinkly mass of the Poofy Princess Padding came down on her with a flumph sound, trapping her completely beneath Celestia's rump.

“Ah, much better!” Celestia announced, shifting back and forth a little to make sure Rarity was completely trapped. “Now, agent, who sent you?”

Rarity's only reply was a mumble.

“Not going to tell me?” Celestia asked. “Well! There's only one punishment for lese-majeste in Equestria!”

Rarity tried to protest that she wanted to say who it was, but when she tried she suddenly stopped – finding herself sucking on her pacifier instead. Whenever she tried to tell her captor that Luna had done something to her, the pacifier became the most important thing in the world…

“ it Magic Kindergarten?” Rarity asked, suddenly remembering her predicament.

“Of course not!” Celestia replied. “You're going to… The Playpen!” (crackathoom)

Even in her predicament, Rarity had to admit that that had style.

Rarity wriggled about beneath Celestia, trying desperately to tug her way to safety, but the princess of plush atop her was simply too heavy! “Oh, and before I forget…” Celestia’s magic tugged on the diapery, attempting to pull it out of Rarity’s grasp. Rarity gripped it tightly, being tugged out from under Celestia as she did. Unwilling to let go of the book, however, she was levitated in front of Celestia, who simply shook the book until Rarity was dropped into her hooves. The fat plush grinned as she pulled the waistband of her padding open and dropped the diapery down in to keep it safe and snug. Satisfied, Celestia stood up, waddling down the hallways as she gripped Rarity in her hooves, like a foal with her plushie.

The two soon came to another set of spiral stairs that Celestia waddled down down down down down… the air grew slightly cold as they found themselves in the dungeon, Celestia grinning widely as she tried to pick out the best place to put the thieving sleeper agent…

“Aha!” the Princess announced suddenly. Rarity looked up, startled, but only had time to catch a glimpse of a set of brightly-coloured bars before she was being levitated into the air by Celestia's magic.

After a few dizzying seconds, she landed on a floor with a rainbow-coloured pattern on it. Her diaper crinkled (and squished, a little) as she got up, and looked at her prison in greater detail.

There were piles and piles of soft plushes in one corner, and a set of bars for a foal gate in front of the door. The floor was soft and springy, and a few toys were scattered over it – though Rarity noticed the nature of the pattern on the floor, and lost her train of thought.

It was made from a great big four-armed spiral coming out from the middle of the floor, going through the rainbow three or four times before reaching the outer edge of the room. Each of the arms of the spiral had plenty of smaller spirals coming off it, and the background colour was a simple black to highlight the spirals better.

“You're staying in here until I decide you've been reformed,” Celestia told Rarity, then giggled. “But I think you're going to be a silly baby agent for a long time!”

Silly baby agent, Rarity's mind repeated. Silly baby agent...

Rarity began to search around for some way out of the playpen, her eyes tracking along the plushies, the spirals, the plushie… the spirals… the spirals…

This mission might be a bit of a tricky one…
Dream Cycle - Rarity
Rarity's out for a day's shopping, just a part of her normal routine. But one of the ponies she's buying from says something which makes her feel strange compulsions, and soon she's caught up in a complex plot of diapers and mind control and hypnotic triggers...

This is something a little different. It's a story I've done with Mintycandy, and is part of a series - but each part is focused on a different character (or characters) and will be posted as a separate story.

The cover art is by Mix-up… , AKA Amalgamzaku

It features diapers, odd logic, and things like that.
I don't submit everything to Deviantart, for a number of reasons - mostly about what's acceptable here.

So, if you've liked my works on here, there's some things you might enjoy on FurAffinity:

Containing Hypno and AB/DL:
Luigi's House (for :iconluigirocks84:)…
Party Wipe:…

Containing hypno and suiting:
Pokemon suit infection (for :icontails230:)…

Not containing hypno:

...sorry, how did you come to watch me again?



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