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I've stopped working on rainmeter as of 2008. If you want to expand or work on this skin you may, just credit and notify me. If you have questions on how to add support for new audio players or other functions do so in the officials ( [link] ) because I have no idea on how to help you, it has be far to long since I worked on Rainmeter.

Thank you and enjoy the skin as it is - AKH

My very first Rainmeter skin.

I used to play around with Samuraize, but got bored, I can't remember why.

Anyway, now I'm at it again. This time Rainmeter.

I hope you'll like it!
Cause honestly I'm very happy with the result!



I've made it easier to move around and the shortcuts are used by releasing the mouse botton. :) Which also makes it easier to move it around.
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Like your minimalism on the idea. :clap:

I used your themes on a package along with another one for a Double Screen Project (Hope you don't mind).

You can take a look in Here:…
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Glad you like it.
Go wild, just credit and everything is fine. :)
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Hello, I know this is an old deviation but I need a little bit of help with one thing.

I want to create a load line for the UP and DOWN speeds, same as CPU or MEM use.
I have added the lines that I need, and they work, but as I understand in autoscale mode or etc. My plan is to create them lines to work in scale to % mode. For example 0 KB/s - 0% and 10 MB/s - 100%.
Doing this for myself ATM just for fun, learning and so on. Tho if it works out somehow cool looking, I will match it up with my wallpapers, post it to, and give you the credit that you deserve and add this link and so on.

Hope this message will reach you, and you could help me. Thank u :)
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I haven't worked on Rainmeter for so long. I recommend you check into the official forums if you need support.


If you want to turn autoscale off, I dont know if its possible, then you need a value or highest and lowest that you attach to the measurement. And thats where I dont know if its possible to do so. So check with the official forums they will help you.

Also. If you want to post something go right ahead, just credit back to me if you use Simplicity. Enjoy.
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Your skin has been ripped again... [link]
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There, reported. Been busy these days. Once again thanks for notifying me. :)
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LOL he even bothered to copy most of my original comment... I'll fix it as soon as I can use a pc. Can't find the report button on the mobile page... :p
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Your skin has been ripped and uploaded with malware. I've reported it but dA staff prefer the original artist to report it.

Rip - Simplicity 2.1 by cspanick [link]
VirusTotal report - [link]
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Thank you, we've done a report as well. Hopefully it will be removed soon either by the user by my warning on his/her front page or by admins/staff. :)
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I just received a note from dA that it's been removed.
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Yepp so did I. :)
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My favorite, clean and minimalist!
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Thanks! Enjoy!
Mind if I package this with my skin? I just changed the music skin a bit and added a speedfan monitor. I'll be sure to give you credit for the original base I built off of. :D
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Sure you can do that. Enjoy!
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The title makes installing this not simple. Taking me a long time just to set it up. :wow:
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Well, it's rainmeter I would suggest downloading version 2 by Kaelri and Me from here: [link]

It's more optimized for the current version of Rainmeter and is easier to work with.
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Thanks! It was a LOT easier for me to set up!
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