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Yeah, I was just messing around with this image until I stumpled opon this effect... looks like something Type O Negative would have used in the earlier days... xD Fun fun! xD

I'm going to show you guys the whole statue one day when I can get a good enough shot of it! It actually a tombstone and a huge angel atop of it... really something!

I've always liked this statue... and now it's GREEN! XD
Sorry... xD I just felt so GREEN all of a sudden!

This shot was taken for a school project first, but after the review I took it into photoshop for some fun...
It wasn't my idea to place the flower in her hands it wa my partner, but the picture was taken by me. ^^

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The power of pray, nice work!
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No problem at all. c;
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Featured in DA news section for our 11th Topical Feature: Green.
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Glad you like it. :)
Nice collection btw!
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Awesome! i love it! hehe and also i love green ;)
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Glad you like it. :) Thanks for the fav+.
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many thanks! ^^
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you're welcome. :]
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Hello! Your work have been featured in my newsletter,

Treasures in Green

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Thanks! Glad you like it! And wish you friend a great b-day from me! :D
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Glad you like it! ^^
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Hi there ;P
Your deviation has been featured on my Journal [Here]
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