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.my river of gold. Fawnling Bid

:new: Edit: I won her! :happycry: Thank you so much Rae, and everyone else, I'm just so so so happy to be able to own her! I'll be working on her new and official reference soon, and I'm going to change a few minor details about her. Just, AHHH!!

:star: Please download for best quality! :star:

Hooray, she's finished at last! I was given this huge spurt of muse yesterday, spent 5 hours straight to get this finished. I saw this one fawnling and I knew I had to try for her: she would be perfect for me. First time trying to re-color a deer, so after a bit of experimentation, I think it went alright!
Thank you to everyone who came to my! :iconcocoloveplz:
I really hope I win her, I've already started making numerous doodles of her thorough my sketchbook.



"One touch of nature makes the whole world kin."

Name: Apiun
Name Meaning: Poppy, Opium
Gender: Doe
Age: 4 Years (At Current)
Height: 11.1hh (Upon full growth)
Breed: #Fawnlings
Type: Medium; Small, figured, rounded body. Tail is soft and luscious, but not as full or flowing as others. Born with a split horn that developed into an antler-like structure, of which is now decorated with a feather and beads to flaunt her feminine side.
Phenotype: Seal Bay Fawn
Genotype: Ee/Ata/fwfw/rzrz
Use: Western Isles as a main goal, then just as something to doodle around in my sketchbook's for fun when the time arouses, or I have a specific muse to draw something fun. If I am to win her, I will apply for her to join the Glenmore herd, and she will be played along there for in the future. A main character, and one who has meaning to me.
Personality: Apiun is an extrovert to the extreme. Always outgoing, always pushing to move ahead...unless it involves her doing chores or work unwillingly. She has a kind and sweet attitude, and even apart from herself being an extrovert, contrary to what you might think, she loves wandering off on her own just to relax and explore. She tends to confuse others a lot, by her actions, both on purpose, and by accident. Overall as far as a personality goes, Apiun has a heart and soul that will bring her to great lengths, and she knows it, if she could ever find the muse to go that far.
History: 4 years ago, the miracle of life was brought to the eyes of the spirits once again, as they watched in honor as the doe gave birth. A rouge, that's all that many ever thought she was. A wanderer. Someone who didn't belong, someone who shouldn't be allowed to set hoof on the grounds of ancient kings and queens of Glenmore. But she didn't care. The sight of the lands and the forests within it brought happiness to her eyes, and for the years that she lived, those years where the ones she cherished most. She stepped down slowly on the moss, hoof, by hoof, squishing into the moist ground.

Although she appeared alone, she felt in her heart that she was not. Her mate may have passed, but his presence was near, and it felt just as though his pelt was brushing against her own. The spirits of many others lurked about, and from thsi, she knew her time was near. 'Please keep my child safe.' Her words may have been said in her own mind, but the spirits about heard it loud and clear as it echoed through the forest. She had thrown herself onto the ground, her body thrashing, pain rippling every muscle, until she saw her own foal. Her body stopped dead, and her heartbeat slowed down, but she pushed her head around to look the baby in it's eyes. "Apiun." she trailed, as the darkness came, and she finally crossed that bridge to the other side.

Apiun's mother had passed away the moment she was born. The spirits through that had been watching over Apuin and her birth had alerted one of the other mothers whom still had milk of her own, and Apuin was instantly taken under the wing of another. Glenmore was said to be an ancient place, and only by magic had her family been able to survive. Apuin's mother had been a rouge, living within the boundary's of Glenmore but only deep on the forest. It was lush with nutrients, of which had kept her mother alive for the many years she lived. Although, due to the fact that Apuin was found with a Glenmore mother, an official herd member, she had been welcomed warmly and had no idea that her mother was a foster for many, many years.As she grew up, her foster mother and her moved along with the herd, teaching her all the valuable skills a young doe would need to learn. How to graze, how to fight, and more importantly how to respects her King and Queen, and how to become an honorable member of the herd. Even if her rank within the herd may not be so high, she was still to show the same amount of respect that every other member in the herd placed on them. Thankfully, she learned it the right way, and became a respectful young doe.

Until one day, when she reached the age of 2. Her mother had went off to and talk something to another, and Apuin got her first glance at the woods. Thick, luscious... and with a drawing pull. Her hooves just seemed to move by themselves, galloping in a swift motion into the depth's of the forest. And it was mesmerizing, better then anything she could have ever imagined it could be. Dark, with light patches, the perfect combination of mottled lighting. Creatures that lurked up in the trees, and eyes that watched her every move. But Apuin was never scared, instead she loved it. The feeling of being alone, in a place where only the creatures of the woodland could see you, and you never had to worry about what you did. She
knew though, that her mother would be surprised by her ideas, but respect them nonetheless. Apuin knew that she wasn't her real mother, but she loved her just as much as she would have been.

Apuin then returned back to the herd, and up until her days right now has wandered off into the forest to follow the many tales her mother has told her, and continues on to explore more and hopefully one day, find the exact place where the spirts lead her mom.

.story of the scenario.

Apuin yawned, opening her mouth so wide you could see her rows of glimmerous, shining teeth. The herd had been traveling for days, and hoofbeat by hoofbeat she was beginning to tire. Apuin knew of many other does and stags within the herd that upon this traveling had just wandered off, rested, and returned at a later date. Usually she was up near the front, pushing, and motivating others to go on, but this time it was different. Forcing all of her energy together, she trotted up to the front to go and talk to Glenmore's king. "Sir." she addressed formally, "I'll be taking a temporary leave. I need a rest."

Apuin knew her ranking in the herd wasn't high up. At all. She was a middle class doe, and her horns were part of the reason. Although she never despised her own, she knew many doe's who did, and had tried to break them off in hope that they would never return. But due to all of this, even with her ranking being middle to lower class, she still had to let the King know of her dismissal.

Upon the curt nod of the queen's head, a small smile fluttered upon her face. This is the first time I'll actually be able to go and see more of the Glenmore territory with my own eyes. Away from the herd..oh boy! Apuin's thoughts were racing, and she knew that this might be her one chance to see something she had only heard of in the tales her mother told her. To see a river, shining in gold, with the suns rays freezing time. The dust specs, and little balls of moss, illuminated seconds before their coats turn to a shimmering slice of gold. River. Dust. Moss. Water. Sun.

Her thoughts dragged her hooves forward, and apart from the nagging sleep that tried to pull her down, she wouldn't give up. Not this time, not when she had the opportunity to actually get somewhere. Apuin completely forgot about the herd, for just a split second, and let herself pretend she lived here alone. Surrounded by the beautiful forests, with critters scampering on the was an almost magical feeling. I promise you mama, I won't let you down. Not this time, not like all the other times I dissapointed you...this time I will find that river of gold.

As the morning wore off, and upon came afternoon, Apuin found herself still trudging on through the mossy greens. But she felt her heart tug and pull, as it had been for some time now, in different directions all leading her to a place she knew well from her dreams. But to see it with her own eyes was a whole new field, as she put one hoof forward and her body was over clouded with light.

A stream flickered right in front of her, flowing slowly but surely, in a blue-ish yellow haze. A tear slipped her eye, and faltered to the ground, dissapearing as fast as it came. Apuin slowly tucked in her head, but lifted her ears, as she had a voice she missed to much ring through.

My dear, my dear, my sweet Apuin. You have found the river of gold at last, and here it will drown your sorrows. It will heal you, embrace you, and ready you for the future. So stand still my dear, and let the light overcome you.

Mother, oh mother, you've brought the spirits of life to us once again.

Thank you to all the wonderful stock providers!

This is my bid for #7 in the week 1 auction. <3

Artwork (c) ~trippx // Christen H. 2013
Breed / Design (c) =Ehetere 2012 - 2013
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ofcowardiceandkings's avatar
oh my gooood such a pretty bid :love: congrats!
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Awh, thanks! :la:
I won her. :D
ofcowardiceandkings's avatar
I knooow very not surprised :la: kicks my entry's butts
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YAY YOU WON HER CONGRATS :heart::heart::heart:
Araylen's avatar
Thank you so muucccccchhhh! :'D
mockingale's avatar
I can't wait to see more work of herrrr <3
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Oh wow!! How lovely! =O
bubbIies's avatar
Eeee congrats Trippz! <3 I'm so happy for you dear! :la:
Araylen's avatar
Thank you so much!! :la: I'm so eager to get going on her actual ref!
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Congratulations on winning her :)
Araylen's avatar
Thank you so much Sprite! :heart: Your bid was great too, best of luck for next time! :)
sprite-light's avatar
No worries and thanks :)
Raidae's avatar
Wow, congratulations! :tighthug:
I can't wait to see more of her!
Araylen's avatar
Thank you so much!
I'm actually drawing her right now! :'D
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Absolutely beautiful job! This is marvellous. I've never seen such a Fawnling look so supremely real! Best of luck in winning the bid.
Araylen's avatar
Oh my gosh, thank you sooo much for the words of encouragement! :love: Glad to know I achieved the effect I was going for.
LiveLifeWolf's avatar
You most certainly did ;) Congrats.
LiveLifeWolf's avatar
I knew you'd win her!! :heart:
Tattered-Dreams's avatar
This is beauitifully done and so well put together - great work :)

I love the lighting, and the recolour of the deer with the sharp fawn spotting looks awesome. I like the fawn's expression and the feather's a nice touch too.

At first glance the background doesn't look cold enough to warrant the cloud of air that Apium's breathing out. Looking closer there is a slight coolness to the backdrop though to me the exhaled air cloud still looks a little out of place.

I'm just curious which auction this design's in, since you didn't link to it?

Best of luck with it either way! You have a lovely bid and character developing here ^^
Araylen's avatar
Thank you so much for the comments and critique! This will be of use to the next thing I create. :)

As for the little cloud of air, I was trying to go for a bit of an early to mid spring look. I didn't know how to make it look colder, but I thought that if I added in the cloud of air it would look almost as if it's a "fresh morning" where it's only just starting to heat up for the day. Although I really do appreciate you commenting on that, I'll be sure to take that into consideration!

Aah, I should probably link it. Hahaaa, the 1 Week, #7.

Danke fer yo'! :heart:

Tattered-Dreams's avatar
You're welcome :)

As for getting the background to look colder, I don't think I can help too much, given I've never tried photomanipulation, but as a guess, just very subtly turning up colder hues might work a bit - but then I can see how that would counteract the sharp light from the early/low sun... As I said, to me it looks just a little off, but I still think its very well done and it adds something to the finished piece and the atmosphere ^^

Hope it works out for you!
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