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Little Piece of Hope - Ch 1
Chapter One
A thin woman dressed in a conservative, all gray dress places a beef filled dumpling and a half-full bottle of water on my tray once I reach her in the long line. Everyone is hungry, but it’s first come, first serve here, and I can’t help but feel selfish about some things, so I don’t even look behind me as the woman tells me what she tells everyone everyday: “Sorry, rations have been low lately. This is all I have to give you.”
Mechanically I leave the line and look for the girl with the striking, orange hair. She tells me she was born blond, but I have trouble believing her with how much the color of her hair reminds me of carrots. I find her sitting in the same spot that she’s sat in every day since she arrived to our outpost only a month ago.
I quickstep over to her and slide in beside her on the bench. My face immediately drops when I realize she doesn’t have a tray in front of her, and I turn to look behind me – t
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Little Piece of Hope - Prologue
“Alaska?” I whispered, stepping slowly, warily, toward the small-framed girl before me. I once remember my mother telling me that Alaska used to be more than just a name; that Alaska was once a place. Something called a “state.”
Alaska didn’t move. She didn’t even seem to have realized I’d spoken to her. Worried, I took another step towards her, but hesitated before I stood close enough to reach out and touch her. What if she was right? What if she had been chosen? If that was the case…
…then this would be the last time I would see her ever again.
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Mature content
Untitled Monster Hunter FF - Prologue :iconarayia:Arayia 1 0
Mature content
This I Believe - Draft 1 :iconarayia:Arayia 1 3
ENG1101 Journal 1 - You gotta believe me
‘Swamp Man’ Wants Pizza
I shook my head and puffed out my cheeks. “Just don’t laugh. It’s pretty hard to remember all the details; it all kind of runs together. Just… You gotta believe me. Okay?”
My friend, Skylar, just rolled her eyes and shook her head. “Okay, okay. I can’t help that all these things that ‘really happen to you’ sound so farfetched, though.” She cocked her eyebrow and smirked. “Admit it. They do.”
I frowned. “I already admitted that it’s crazy. Anyway… I’m telling my story, now.” I took a deep breath and dove right in.
“So, I was at work, right? Well, this guy comes in, and I swear he must have just crawled out of the swamp. He was just so wet and muddy, kind of like a real-life Swamp Thing.” I glanced over at Skylar to see if she was following so far, but all her green eyes said to me were ‘Really?’ Irritated, but determined to sha
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Mature content
ENG1101 Journal 3 - Wake up as the Opposite Gender :iconarayia:Arayia 0 0
ENG1101 Journal 2 - A Funny Kind of Thing
Scraps the Dog
I just can’t place my finger on why my girlfriend had wanted this dog so badly. It was a funny kind of dog. He was just kind of…dopey looking. All he did was stare at us when we took him into one of those little…cupboard things where they let you visit with the dogs. Despite his distant nature “He was the one.” She insisted. I couldn’t say “No.”
So, here I am, now. Home alone looking at our funny dog – Scraps – trying to figure out some way to get him to do more than sit. I’m pretty certain he doesn’t know how to be a dog. I guess when she gets home I’ll have to inform her that I am now one-hundred percent certain that he never got the memo on what exactly being a dog is.
:iconarayia:Arayia 0 0
ENG1101 Journal 4 - Anything for a Drink of Water
Fever Dream
‘So thirsty…’ The thought kept running through my mind, over and over again. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t even begin to think of anything other than how thirsty I was.
Slowly, I opened my eyes to see that I was chained to a brick wall. Despite how cold the chains were against my wrists, they weren’t. In fact, they burned. Even the cold ground burned my flesh, which I realized was sparsely covered by a torn and dirty piece of cloth; a poor excuse for a dress.
I glanced about the room, assessing the situation. It was obvious that I wouldn’t be able to escape, and I took notice that my mouth was dry, as well. My tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth almost painfully. I couldn’t believe how thirsty I was, almost as if I hadn’t had a drop to drink in days.
Desperation taking over my weakened body, I decided to attempt to pull the chains out of the wall. I knew quite well that that wouldn’t help a thing, but I j
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Communion by Arayia Communion :iconarayia:Arayia 0 0
Arayia - One-shot
A foolish mind might think of magic as a little bit of wand waving here and there. Chanting silly words or mixing up lizard eyes and bat spit.
A literal mind would think of magic as a mere fantasy. Silly little things similar to what the foolish person would think, but only in books or other means of telling tales.
I bet you want to ask “Well, which of them is correct?”
Neither one.
You see, magic is a very complex sort of thing. It can be utilized to do many different things, but at the same time you must be extraordinarily careful when using it. It isn’t something to be taken lightly. Not even a little bit.
If you do…you end up cursed.
Like I did.  
μαγεία - ελπίδα – κατάρα
The birds around here are obnoxious. I glare at them for a moment for choosing to land and chirp away in the tree I’d picked to sit under. Reluctantly I get to my feet and s
:iconarayia:Arayia 1 0
You Can't Hurt Me Anymore by Arayia You Can't Hurt Me Anymore :iconarayia:Arayia 1 3
I'm So Over You
I’m so over you!
So why won’t you quit haunting me?
I’m happy with my fiancé.
I watch him play games,
I watch movies with him.
We giggle over stupid things.
I’m so over you!
But you keep snaking back into my life.
Go away!
Quit ruining me!
Didn’t you do enough when we were together?
Your words still rip through my memories.
The memory of your voice belittles me,
Just like you did.
The memory of your fist pains me,
Just like you did.
The memory of your hate kills me,
Just like you did.
I’m so over you!
I’ve moved on in life.
I’ve found my soul-mate.
Get out of my head!
I don’t need to know what you think!
I only care about what he thinks!
I don’t need to know how you feel!
I only care about how he feels!
We collect our own treasures,
And then the ones you and I collected appear.
Almost as if by tainted magic.
Am I cursed to find your things when my heart is near repaired,
Only to have the wounds bleed again?
If this
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Commission for LilyNadesico
Commission for LilyNadesico
A storm rumbled outside, and rain beat down hard on the red roof of the Pokémon Center. For the two young teenagers inside the building this storm was a terrible curse. Their injured forms ached, and all they wanted was to sleep for some reprieve from the pain, but the torrent outside wasn’t about to let them have this relief.  
After seeming hours of listening to the torturous thunderstorm, the brown-haired male, who went by Jonathan, spoke. “This storm couldn’t have come at a worse time, huh?” He gritted his teeth through the pain. ‘It even hurts to talk?’ he thought to himself. ‘Just lying here in pain is bad enough. Now I can barely talk to Abelia?’ He held in a sigh. He wanted to seem be for his quiet, female companion.
“Mm hm…” was her only reply.
He slowly turned his head to look at her and saw that she was looking outside at the weather. The night was
:iconarayia:Arayia 1 7
Sanguinity Ch 2
Chapter 2
I was in an ocean of thoughts. Around and around they swirled, too fast to catch. I felt dizzy within myself, and could barely maintain focus within my own mind. Then, almost as suddenly as the thoughts began to race around me, they stopped.
Before me was a visage of a large building with too many windows. So many that it seemed to be made of them. Over a set of too-tall doors was a sign that read “Sanguine Company: Where all your scientific needs are met!” Despite the honesty the message seemed to portray, a sense of dread came over me.
I took a step forward and instantly found myself inside the building. The inside felt the same as the town; like a familiar stranger. I knew this place, but I didn’t remember it. Why was I getting all of these unusual thoughts? Why weren’t my memories working?
Was this a memory?
No. It didn’t quite feel like one. It just felt like a movie. Something I was watching for the very first time.
I took the tim
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Mature content
Sanguinity Ch 1 :iconarayia:Arayia 0 0
Sanguinity Prologue
Soft rain drops dripping onto my face is the first thing I can remember.
I opened my eyes – which was much more of a chore than I ever expected it would be – and looked up at the ominous clouds that loomed over me, high in the sky. For some reason my consciousness jumped to the conclusion that something about the clouds indicated that the storm hadn’t even really begun. Bewildered by my ability to draw such abstract conclusions whilst simultaneously being unable to recall my own name sent a chilled sensation through my bones, and I couldn’t help but feel like something about this picture was wrong. Very wrong.
I forced myself to sit up, and attempted to ignore the pounding sensation that shot through my skull. The strange – yet, awkwardly familiar – surroundings gave me another reason to question my situation. How could all of this happen? I pondered this as I looked around at my bleak surroundings.
Everything seemed to be void of
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Backshots by feguimel
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Backshots :iconfeguimel:feguimel 886 19
Vagina Toot by mldoxy
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Vagina Toot :iconmldoxy:mldoxy 1,614 134
Just a seagirl. by feguimel
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I have My Academic Plan (MAP) done. I'm going to squeeze ASL classes in there, too, but it's all set up. 

This is a tool that my community college uses to help students literally map out what classes they need to take, and roughly when they'll take them. Since I have this completed, that also means I have my major - and minor, I guess, technically - all decided. 

I'm attending under Art major with a focus on painting. :heart: 
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