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RIP Bambou
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Published: January 2, 2013
My heart bleeds today.

Our neighbor told us the death of her cat Bambou, deliberately crashed into the sidewalk.

Yes, he was not on the road. An assassin deliberately drove over him.

He was an adorable cat, cute, shy, cuddly !

I can not stop crying with my neighbor, we do not understand. Why so nasty ? Hatred towards cats ? I do not accept it.

RIP Bambou

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Vrinda-the-WistfulHobbyist General Artist
Oh, I am so sorry to hear it.  I had just seen photos of your beautiful Bambou for the first time, earlier today.  My heartfelt sympathy!
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Toutes mes condoléances :hug: La même chose est arrivé à ma minette Myrtille... c'est insupportable!
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poor kitty run over by a dumbass asasain so sorry for your loss there was no reason for that creep to do thatgrrr


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Yiya-stylesHobbyist General Artist
Poor kitty.. I'm sure hambou has a happy life in heaven now ^.^
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Oh, I am so sorry, it is really awful, I do not accept such a terrible behaviour by far. My heart bleeds for you.
He was so beautiful! :iconsadhugplz:

On January 4th, a beloved cat of mine passed away after 2 days of illness, it is so difficult to take it but for you it was far more difficult, I know...
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TheGalleryOfEveProfessional Digital Artist
Ohh dear!!! :iconflyingheartsplz::iconsadhugplz::iconflyingheartsplz: ... This makes my heart bleed as well!!! :iconflyingheartsplz::tears::iconflyingheartsplz:
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Wulff-ArtsProfessional Traditional Artist
I,m so sorry! Some people are so evil!
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LovePikaNizzyHobbyist General Artist
How could they..!

And such a beutiful cat
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SarahShirabuki8000Hobbyist Artist
Some people derserve only the death! How lovely cat
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NequeeHobbyist Digital Artist
What a horrible, heartless person who ran over him. Some people make me sick. :(
I'm sure Bambou lived a nice and happy life though. He looks like he was great cat and will never be forgotten. <3
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UlalahHobbyist Digital Artist
how can you do that:(
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skyclan199Hobbyist General Artist
He looks like my cat Tabby, he was orange and white too. I lost him due to an unknown illness he had to be put down ;(. I miss him sooo much. I'm so sorry.
Reka-the-Borzoi's avatar
poor cat TTnTT
but that driver will get some bad karma.
he just got him or her self into some horrible luck
what he or she dished out will come back to them x3
i made a journal for the kitty [link]
Arayashikinoshaka's avatar
ArayashikinoshakaHobbyist Photographer
Thanks for him !
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TheQueenofNerdsHobbyist Photographer
aww poor kitty :(
some ppl are so evil
Arayashikinoshaka's avatar
ArayashikinoshakaHobbyist Photographer
Yes, increasingly...
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marthigHobbyist General Artist
I am so very sorry, all my sympathy for both of you :icongrouphugplz:
Arayashikinoshaka's avatar
ArayashikinoshakaHobbyist Photographer
Thank you very much, I think always of him...
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marthigHobbyist General Artist
AstarothMelu's avatar
Same happened with my cat Minini, I miss her so much. I'm so sorry about Bambou. I'm sure he is chasing mouses on kitties' heaven now.
Arayashikinoshaka's avatar
ArayashikinoshakaHobbyist Photographer
I'm sorry for you lost, it's really terrible... I hope that Bambou is happy with Minini in heaven...
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I'm sorry for your lost :(
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ArayashikinoshakaHobbyist Photographer
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