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Stormtrooper armor evolution

-Republic Trooper
-Clone Trooper (phase 1)
-Clone Trooper (phase 2)
-Imperial Stormtrooper
-First Order Stormtrooper
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Republic troopers: Old but practical design

Phase 1 Clones: Highly Mandalorian inspired

Phase 2 Clones: More closely resembles troopers from the old republic

Stormtroopers: The face of Imperial propaganda

First order Stormtroopers: Smoothed out design that is worse than the original.

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Thats true. The design from the Disney trilogy is not very successful. Like the rest of the stuff in these movies.

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Well actually i think i kinda like the first order stormtrooper design. it looks more modern version of the stormtrooper

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The concept versions were pretty cool.I liked some of them a lot more than the final FO stormtroopers from the movie.

Looks Great!

Love It!

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Anyone else think the First Order trooper looks like an Apple Store clerk?

What are you talking about?

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Exactly that. They look like something made by Apple; slick, shiney, rounded and way too clean.

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Look, you don't have to agree with me. My personal taste is rustic with sharp angles and contrasts, not smooth and sleeked out like a machine part.

Havoc Squad=Best

Tis a shame how the clone armor, the bridge between freedom and diversity of the republic and the uniformity and sameness of the Empire fell so far frim the light so quickly. Then again, the republic doomed itself with the clone wars, trying to treat it as a war from the old republic.

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Pretty sad, you know. Defenders of the freedom and democracy to the pure symbols of the tyranny.  

Where they ever the "Defenders Of Freedom And Democracy"? Because in all honesty republics are just oligarchies with a different name.

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Defenders of Galaxy :-D 
From the Old Republic to the First Order.
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Is there a lore reason as to why none of the Imperial Stormtroopers have elbow guards?
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phase 1 trooper is best trooper
Are you refering to the one with the yellow on? I like his look but favorite is phase 2 i beleave the 3rd guy left to right
Th3FallenKnight's avatar
Eyyyyyy this guy gets it
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Eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Everyone love phase 2, but idk why, I just think phase one has a cool and unique aesthetic compared to the others. It's the only one that doesn't look quite like the others, is close to Jango's, and is honestly very nostalgic.
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finally someone who understands! lol
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