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Art Meme of D00M and pain.... by Araturiel Art Meme of D00M and pain.... :iconaraturiel:Araturiel 0 5 Fire in the Sky by Araturiel Fire in the Sky :iconaraturiel:Araturiel 2 10 Both Sides of the Sky by Araturiel Both Sides of the Sky :iconaraturiel:Araturiel 0 3 God's Gradient by Araturiel God's Gradient :iconaraturiel:Araturiel 2 16
The Secret World of Sai
Note: As always, please read authour's notes before reading.
WARNING: THIS STORY IS EXTREMELY DISTURBING (to some) and may cause you to never look at Sai the same way again.
Everyone in Konoha was mystified by the mysterious persona of Sai. They couldn't figure out his blank-eyed smiles, or his odd way of speech, or his unique, belly-baring top. Thus, they gossiped about him constantly, and thus, Sai was sad.
He tried not to let it bother him, though. And he had a surefire way to distract himself.
Sai had a secret world.
He was but a wee lad when he discovered this place. Danzou had been harping on him as usual, and he had decided to run away. He had been found eventually, of course, but his retreat had always remained special in his mind.
That is where he was headed now.
He left the Konoha gates discreetly, heading straight through the forest. In his pocket he held his beloved ink and paintbrush, affectionately nicknamed Fuzzy and Wuzzy…the paintbrush being Fuzzy. As he journeyed to h
:iconaraturiel:Araturiel 22 106
Star Wars Muffin - for ToriAno
Note: I suggest you read the Artist's Comments before you embark on this...adventure. ~_^
Once upon a time in the land of SweetSucculentPickles, there was a purple tennis racket named Horace. Horace was deeply depressed. His strings had been snapped by a pair of rogue rubber gloves named Carl and Snarl. This had been painful and caused Horace much misery. THUS: he decided to SEEK THEM OUT and VANQUISH THEM.
"I need a sidequick!" Horace thought frantically. "But who??" As if on cue, his kitchen door opened and with a loud clanking, three objects and Sephiroth walked in.
"Sephiroth's Choose-a-Sidequick Service at your service!" Sephiroth announced loudly, brandishing a sparkly purple microphone. "You can easily choose your ideal sidequick from THREEEEE spiffy candidates—and heeeeeere they are!!"
Horace's kitchen lamp took on a life of its own and swiveled to illuminate the first candidate, a golf club. "Buck is a 5-iron whose greatest ambition is to be a 6-iron!" the disembodied v
:iconaraturiel:Araturiel 2 17
Stephie's Hair
Once upon a time in the country of Texas
There was a girl named Stephie with a mutated nerve plexus
It affected, however, not her nerves but her hair
A problem which began a most unfortunate affair
For starters, Stephie was stubborn as an mule
To her, her follicles were as precious as jewels
So whenever others implored her with combs
And scissors, Stephie would say "Leave me alone!
I don't want my hair touched. Won't you go away?
If you don't you'll be served on a cafeteria tray!"
And thus Stephie's hair began growing and growing
So when she had dandruff it was like it was snowing
It became a long mat, an extraordinary train
That turned into pure frizz when she was stuck in the rain
Objects got caught up into this mass
A Frisbee, a kitten, a Sunday School class
They were all dragged behind as Stephie went places
And showers were difficult, as shampoo in their faces
Caused allergic reactions, and so they did rap
"How can we get out of this flea-bitten trap?
We can't use scissors since o
:iconaraturiel:Araturiel 4 13
Siblings by Araturiel Siblings :iconaraturiel:Araturiel 0 3 Nyurt interacts with a peacock by Araturiel Nyurt interacts with a peacock :iconaraturiel:Araturiel 2 7 TEH GOURD by Araturiel TEH GOURD :iconaraturiel:Araturiel 3 30 Breakthrough by Araturiel Breakthrough :iconaraturiel:Araturiel 1 7
Summer Night 1
night the ocean
soft waves
    of the velvety darkness
       and i can feel
     wash over me.
    the stars glistening
    the whitecaps in
                       the dark
               and the
:iconaraturiel:Araturiel 1 8
Stature by Araturiel Stature :iconaraturiel:Araturiel 4 23 She wants to meet the waves by Araturiel She wants to meet the waves :iconaraturiel:Araturiel 3 16
Me Playing Sports
Throwing the ball up
Into the air, where it falls down
And hits my head. Ouch.
:iconaraturiel:Araturiel 0 6
Bubble by Araturiel Bubble :iconaraturiel:Araturiel 3 10

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Stars in My Hands by Skybase Stars in My Hands :iconskybase:Skybase 628 105



likes to kick walls
Current Residence: BC, Canada
Favourite genre of music: Electronica, trance, dance, J-Pop/anime, soundtracks, Final Fantasy Piano Collections, jazz
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: Mine ^_^ PNY 2GB VIBE
Shell of choice: A KOOPA. 8D
Wallpaper of choice: It ranges from anime to photos to random pictures
Skin of choice: The kind with moles, and hair
Personal Quote: "I'm looking up your table's skirt!" + countless other examples of stupidity
I know no one really looks at this page, but whatever...I'm leaving in three days for World Youth Day in Australia!! I'll be gone for three weeks (one week each in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane), and then I'll be spending four nights in Japan. Thus, I shall return on August 2. So if you have something desperate to tell me or ask me and you're wondering if I died, I didn't; I just ran away to the other side of the world. :D
  • Listening to: Ayumi Hamasaki
  • Reading: The Will of the Empress
  • Eating: Your face


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