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Egypt is OK
Wish I wish you were here paris, france
OH HELLO THERE from Russia

Occasionally I still come across one or two good things in the internet, and today as a friend gave me a new song to obsess about, I found "pictures for sad children". It's not a funny comic, not sad either, it's an untold story. Gary and Paul are OK characters, and I wish I could have written that. I probably would have if I wasn't so focused on driving myself crazy first. Where's my Gloria or Sherri Solvig or Melissa Toad or chinese fingertrap or Hagia Sophia or Elijah or Zoroastra or the Messiah or the Buddha. I'm too sober to find it, or to even care about it. I talked with Prof Ramos about the two planes of Parmenides and if anything was worth it. I said even if Sophia was real and showed up, we'd somehow find a way to kill it, just like in the book. And if Hagia Sophia were to be real, and died, and if the dead cat is stupid and was meant to die because he was so fucking stupid, what does that make of Knowledge itself. He said if I was really thinking that much into it, then everything would be pointless anyway.

And then there's Bleed The Freak.
"Name your god and bleed the freak"

Diogo said everything is a wank. People are wank, what they think is wank, feelings are all wank, doing stuff is wank. Wanking is wank. That beer wasn't wank he said.
People are fucking stupid. I could get along with people if everything wasn't so awful.
Cold sunrises in the plains are beautiful enough to keep me going. Like I said to someone then, it was white, then yellow, then orange, then red, then pink, and a bluish sky. The clouds weren't clouds, they were shades in the horizon.
Maybe I need a camera.

"Giving up the ghost" makes me think of a while back when I was in this city just getting lost myself. It was the song I was listening to at the time. Everything went back as it was before then, and a while ago, and I keep running into people. This Summer won't be any different, maybe more Alvinas and more beer, but it's too hot just to think about Castro Verde. Don't wanna go there.

There's a gap in between
there's a gap where we meet
where I end and you begin.

There are people, but I don't know what they want. I get confused. Don't know what they are to me and what I am to them. And every night for the past few months it's been like that.

it's morning out now

or for his LJ with other comix
I think the wedding one is my favourite thing ever now.
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Submitted on
June 27, 2008