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Spontaneous Feature?

Fri Aug 24, 2018, 3:46 PM
Hey everyone!
I haven't done a feature in forever so post some art thumbnails in the comments, yours or anyone else's, no theme required! I'll make a showcase journal in a few days! Go for it :D

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Under 100 Watchers Feature #2

Mon Jun 25, 2018, 3:18 AM
So as you may or may not know, I recently did a feature for new artists, and also decided due to popular demand to do a feature for those with under 100 watchers as well! Turns out this is actually the second one of this theme I've done, I'd forgotten XD 
I'm super sorry that I couldn't reply to everyone on the forum thread - I was busy for a couple of days while travelling back home for the holidays, and when I came back there were almost 180 comments XD But without further ado, here they are! :D

Due to technical difficulties once and accidentally exiting the tab twice (resulting in deleted thumbnails) I've started this over three times, have been doing this for three hours now, and my soul is dead. Apologies if anyone's art is missing XD 

Big Boss - Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker by DarkIceXMK  Pyrite by MarshmallowFluffy123  Hinote-Kaisen Episode 9 Part 1Hinote-Kaisen Season 1, Episode 9: Quarterfinals begin! Gawain shows his strength.
Gawain and Javier had made their way to the arena before engaging in a staredown. While the large swordsman had a look of stone on his face, the much shorter Javier had a confident smirk on his. The MC, as if he knew of the power that these two possessed, stayed off the ring as he spoke into the microphone
MC: Fighters, are you ready?
Both nodded
MC: You may begin!
The gong rang, signalling for both fighters to bow out of respect. While Gawain prepared himself mentally, Javier put a hand around his cloak before throwing it off, revealing a sight that many were not expecting to see. His outfit was unique, a black bodysuit with red details that gave it a futuristic appearance. The removal of the cloak also gave full view of his face, which had a red line going down the left side of his face, including the eye on that side. His hair was black, as were his eyes, which seemed to have a competitive fire in the
  Sniperide: Mission Koda page 14 by Shino344  FluttershyPortraitDrawing by 0w0-Silver-Ember-0w0  Bubble Angel by IsabelAnimates  Cee Semi-chibi by MaxiHearts  Father's Day  2018 Aleksander Rubis by Loki-doodles  Captain Ritchards by Mad-House-Studios  Aang: The Avatar by Jin-Sayo  sun and moon by komarukoune  Trapped by SempaiTheGreat  Mythical Mage by Chilieppe  Long Time No See by Davide-Bondi  It's still your fault 2017 by ILOVEJIMHAWKINS  Eye of the Storm by Snowleaf17  (Kid) Jiraiya ~ Art request by Binouchetruc  Sparpy by Caffynebeenz1901  Stained White Flower by RogiShin  Fancy by carlisshook  Last King by HACHI-HANA  La Dame avec le livre by CoffeePotion  Sunshine by Citrus-Chickadee  Miney 2016 by MineyMirai  Aura by luukassl  All the Way Home by ALilMAd  Witch Doctor by NeoImperia  Trin Oniron - 370.24 ABY by TrinOniron  Travel through Wonderland by cabalobo  {Xynthii} Marina by TheDreamerReality  MaXwell by SnowKiwi2  Bendy is coming for you... by phantomania-master  Mr. Lanque Bombyx by ThePencilRiot  Quick sketch by hellboyashish  Nekotania (Neko Lusitania) by NYSdehkidR5  Ring Around The Rosie by sapphire-in-the-moon  Plebejus Semiargus 2 by endag  Eddy Gordo by JBugg95  Lycanroc by CeliaNightstep  Serenity by HinabKu  Redhead cute by artswmr  Alfredo doodle (new program practice) by Tiredkitti  Snow by sulgao  Penny de goil by ChibiSpitBit  out of place1 (xpro) by sPARROW66  Kakihara by merolvonmet  Arthur redraw by SaraEmoWolf  Let me lick you! by Wuerfelmuffin  Vash the Stampede by OpalAuthor13  My Hate is Stronger than Anyone by DeskLampNinja  Centaur by DikaWolf  Female Character (WIP) V5 (Dark) by GamerKingHarry 

Mature Content

Mermay: Aria by Toonatic1992
  Skull by Killercaro  Demon Boy by Arjura-Edevhir  Witch of the woods by cynicaldjinn  Followed by N0ctrne  Bigger Versions of the last painted panels by Zaxckee  Little Girl - Portrait by Sthenastia  McCree by celdenit  Don't let me fall apart by Hope144  Moonlit Tango by BarrothShadowflame 

Mature Content

'Now you're gone, now you're gone' by QueenWoomyRose48688
  [Old art] The Royal Warlord by Volraknil  Garden Of Roses by Lily-Nicole  Mariana birthday by BenArtsStudio  Tyron Woodley UFC by phenomenom9  Blue tit by Sheepisch  The Woman by AOTSA  Training All-Time by IlleCapello  Sanguine by Quaenam  WIP Dulsey by Zilverstroom  Frost - OC by helen95   Princess Draetia by QuelleTragedie  Santa Maria by SergeantQumbula  Manga version for the old OC XD, but not really :/ by AJGaming125  Ong Bak - Tony Jaa with elephant by Fractalico  Angry Pandora Dragon by UnderWar  Tape by Nickelnicker  cove 1/2 by Turtle-Back  Eyepatch by squidofgiants  Idk man by PastelStarbeam  Spider TF 2 by VjeolPsyckis  Vent by E-E-K-K  Now Everything I Do Feels Right by DJWolfie92  Keiko and Kai by Cheralla  Exocella by NecroMasquerade  Butterflies by chronojessicapple 

Mature Content

Potions Magic - Second in the Magic Cards Series by Skydancer120
  Wintry Bakugou by katrucci  Merry Earth day, Earth chan by SleepingAmbitions <da:thumb id="750177817"/>  C. Delani by Kornderia  Megan by LittlestPorygonZ  BrainScratch Comms: Profile Icon A (Fog and Rain) by Royameadow  Curious Eyes by Kuraikirameki  Princess Mononoke by LEV31  Mira by smash-brethren  Side Profile Redone by Teirren  Kawashitari Ixe Banner by Tattorack  White Noise by dienahHUN  DEADPOOL 2 by JunkDrawings  Mangle (read Description) by drawrainbow2   Raven (coloured) by Annaella  Floating in space by piggies-go-poo  Gastons Cat (study) by tBenjaminLarsen  Leaves? Nah... More like birds! by ZinaZoo  Untitled by Kami-Anna  Devil by killjoykitty1  Deku~ by gh0st-ly <da:thumb id="748768421"/>  Hollow Ichigo by SmartyArtsy1  Lo by Quillustrate  A Person Worthy of that Name - Violet Evergarden by JBasco15  Mermaid by morganearts1  Fading Away - Request for Eintopfpotatosoup by Kafka-Cosmonaut  Wrong Turn by JoeEyeMonster  Cloud's Return by BackwaterXperts  Crooked by sinrium  Nic coloured design by Caspariana  Lunar by SuperGalaxyFox  FUN052 Wooten by beztyart  Joe And Veronica by Quinnsanity-Q  Floral Bulb Mantis by Destotim  OC from Sen-Draw by PumkiMask  Mystery Girl by dood-L  Gaius from tales of xillia fanart  by GiraffeMeow  Psychedelic Themed Encounter by Asteriixm  the strength of the drawing by dDarknezZ  Hair Study by NadiRed  Girl in the Shadows by AcidPringle  Mannequin by soarxisscared  the hidden advantage by sleeping-rainclouds  f a w n by sunsetonic  abstract drawing by beatleslover210  What do you know, DeviantArt?  (new DA ID) by MabilaBudgie  Realistic Face by CrystalBuilder  Bloodstained Forever by FaydenDane  NOODLY RABBIT by PESTFEST  Beneath the Waves by Yonnath  Melody by TheAxael  Shiro ! by nornierart  Sandstorm by Vesrael  Golden by Augusttoaugust  Red and Black of the Cherry Blossom by CyashaRain  Sexy outfit Kathy by Foxtrot-Nation  Dream of Luminescence by LYYnDAA  Hidden Truth by mechanicalvalkyrie  Jon Snow and Ygritte by Serch2  Hat's off by yks-yin  Traveling Band part 4 by Allodoxa85  Floating in the Pond by chuutadesu  Saudade by Mikilla  Pokemon - Mimikyu by Silentdusk475  The water sprite by Dinoeater345  Dark Night - COSAM by LadyAlluvia  Study of Woman by ReKinFeR  Slash! by aribiaobi  Ichigo - Bleach by KoriNoMiko  BST!Taehyung by pilkkiv  Angel With Curly Hair by CurlyKinq 

Mature Content

  Highlights by Dragonloveris  Junkook (2018) by breeportraitart  Rainbow Delight by SakkiAmai  The Distracted Girlfriend by PortrynGraphics  Instagram - Dose Anyone know him? by KDrewM  Rose In The Middle by Jizzabel  Hiyori - Katana Maidens by JINOUCHII  Day 15 - Mysterious (this is so overdue ahh) by DigimonLilith

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New Artist Feature

Thu Jun 14, 2018, 3:14 PM
It can be really difficult to get started on a deviantART account (I still remember!) and I know I have a fantastic community of watchers who'd love to help out some newbies :D So without further ado, here are some of them! :la: Good luck to all of you guys featured in the future! Don't forget, we all started small :D

Gift for a friend by Wondrous-Wolfy  Img-20170521-wa0004 by UKAssassin  Bad Influence - Marie by artswmr  Radial Paper Relief Sculpture by IsabelAnimates  LadyLionesstheReaper by merolvonmet  Hedley Rubis Reference Sheet by Loki-doodles  Queen Bee by LittlestPorygonZ  Siren Remake by KaylaWatkins  Tb and sketches by RandomFNAFDeves  jellyfish knight [mermay + metsona] by reenoceros  Lilo Hotaru by AchtIconoclast  The Witch And Her Demon 3 by AKikkaKikka  Sexy Fish by Caspariana  Penguin Parade by UschiMalt  Monster by JennyDyn  It's Her Birthday! by Cheralla  Shanya (Animated) by Nastya-Lehn  Lacria by Akashuri  i hate animation by takoyanii Chibi Adora Dress by Adora-Lil-Lita   the raven by darlingelle  You'll Float Too by GladrilReem  YCH #7: Minty-Mouse by ARTuReady  Gotta Blast (WIP) by Mixed-Soda  Rihanna by Sthenastia  Burning Horizon by EzBray  Samaya, Unplugged by AmemePaddle  Mandarin Fish Canine Adopt Auction by kiayaaa  OMG Z! small by C-G-B  Athena In The Shadows by MalloryFox  Forest of the Unknown by NekoPrintProductions  MUSIC TO MY EARS by eViL-nErD  Punk Vamp Girl by AurielPhoenix  My soulrin hikari by faithcoates99  JayJay Don't Starve by ArtlessDesigns  The Dark Path by CrownDigitalArt   I put my art on T-shirts! by Raissaprincessa

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'If We Could Keep Only One' Feature

Tue May 22, 2018, 10:20 PM
A few days ago I put to you guys 'the hard question': if you could keep just one piece of art from your gallery, which one would it be?
And this is what you said! :D
I totally agree with you all - these are lovely works! ^^ Give it up for these brave souls who answered a tricky question with the absolute right answer :D 

It's Okay by RainbowsPuking435  Night Fury | Traditional Art by dDarknezZ  Sassy Euclase by MissIrefulSeraphim  Opa by YaggyDigital  SCRAP by NeonFrags A Ghoul and Half an Hour:More.
Mind. All that is left is the sense of loss and the need to fill it, although he knows not what with.
Skin, tough as hide, yet so smooth and soft. The color bone-white and flushed red with blood.
The smell: he seeks the scent of food. Fresh prey or old meat he doesn’t care.
Eyes. All they see is food or the lack of it. He sees none and moves on.
Legs. Running to the next meal, always running. So strong, but should they move like that?
Feet with nails grown long enough to click on the cavern’s floor.
What he seeks. It still moves and tries to do so quickly, but that doesn’t worry him. He no longer has worries.
Arms. Are they longer, or do they seem that way to the one he reaches for? They end in hands, claws long and sharp, and fingers ready to grip. Bones break without effort.
Ears. They hear the screaming, but don’t understand the meaning. The noise stops soon after.
Teeth blunt and sharp alike tearing
   Hi there by ZuzoHyuu  Mural by mb67  Genocide by BubblySunEliena  Final Phantasm (stronger form of Phantomania) by phantomania-master  Silhoux by NeoImperia  Star Guardian by Merilfaen696  Big Mac's Little Girl by Thr3eGuess3s  Untitled Drawing by CaffeinatedRush  Solar System as Women by KingaQwerty  Midi Chibi by MineyMirai  Pandoreum's Exilla by Zainora  The most unlikely of friends by Zontickles  Tekening Pgn by AhBlepO  Img 20180519 084504 2 2 By Lilyjameson29-dcbxnu3 by LilyJameson29  Chibi Ibuki by Thefemaleraytoro  Sss18 by LunarEstrella  Subdued Reflection by LYYnDAA  Luna fanart by Lunadrawsfoxes  By Night by AmarantaYuuki  Owl by ICPeace  First Ever OC Drawing by StrayDemi1700  Self portrait by Velitiane  Jareth Blackwell by MalkavianOne  Pokemon - Tri-Lycanrocs by Fractalico  Cappuccino by SnowKiwi2  Eden and the Clear Blue Sky by DeskLampNinja  A little hint of what's to come by Vivyi  ~Nothin' but Disappointment~ {Drawing Practise} by SamIamLuvDov  A new Daylight by Stamios  Quiet Night in the Library by AlannaHarpsong  Galaxies inside her by fullcolour-canvas  I wonder what will happen if.. I took this off? by SarahMaiden  ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL: Rainnkyun by cutebots  Onward to Stormblood by FloatySkye  Jacksepticeye Study 2 by NekoB00  Quilled by kiki5576  Getting Patched Up by GazGirl10

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Are You Procrastinating?

Tue May 8, 2018, 4:45 PM
Raise your hand if you're procrastinating. If you have something you should be doing, but you're not. If you keep saying, I'll start it in ten minutes, which quickly becomes more. Or even if, like me, you want to work on something, maybe an art piece or story, and you just can't bring yourself to do it.

I'm betting there are quite a few hands up. Even if you can't see them, they're there. Mine is. So it's nothing to be ashamed of, and I think that's something really important to remember, because beating yourself up about it certainly isn't going to make you want to do it more. 

Maybe you don't enjoy this thing you should be doing. Maybe you're scared of it. Maybe you haven't the foggiest idea why you just can't seem to get around it, and that's okay too.

I've found that lately this has been a problem with a lot of my hobbies. It happens a lot around crunch time for my university work (which is now), but instead of not being able to study, I can't draw, or write, or play video games, or watch anime. 
What I've found helps is to give myself just five minutes.

Do it for five minutes. Whatever it is, whatever you can't do, just do it for five minutes. If you're just starting out with it, maybe you can even set a timer if you want. But remember to say to yourself, "I'll do it for five minutes. Then I can stop."
And you can stop. If you're new to it, you might just do it for five minutes before you feel ready to stop. And that's okay. It takes many steps to walk a mile.
But the more I do it, the more I don't stop. I start getting caught up. Just like when I'm procrastinating on something, five minutes becomes ten minutes, which becomes half an hour, which becomes an hour.
By the time I do feel ready to stop, I usually feel a lot better - and very accomplished! :D

So if you really want to work on something, or know you should - just give yourself five minutes. 
It might just be the time you need ;)

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2018 Adoptable Market!

Fri May 4, 2018, 7:59 PM
Roll up, roll up, for Ari's 2018 Adoptable Market :D Inside you'll find a wide variety of wonderful adopts just waiting to be taken home! I hope you'll find something to suit your tastes :D
The original layout was getting kind of messy so I've divided it into categories by species.
If you're interested in an adopt, just click on it to be taken to its official deviation, or contact the owner to make an offer!
If you have an adopt in here, let me know if it sells so I can remove it from the market!

Here you'll find humans and elves!

Here you'll find humanoids, kemonomimis and anthros of all races!

Here you'll find animals and pets you might find in real life!

Here you'll find mythological beasts and creatures made up by deviants!

Here you'll find outfits, hairstyles and other things!

Here you'll find text links to Toyhouse OCs, adopts with extra art, and adopt galleries I couldn't convert to images (sorry, I did try!)… - $7 each - contact lowcow - $10 - contact lowcow
pandroid-battlefield.deviantar… - includes open adopts for the closed species Pandroid-Battlefield… - includes non-species adopts (and also open YCHs)… - includes colourful animal adopts - contact halgibso
Characters UFT/UFS by lihyan96 - includes plenty of human and humanoid OCs with extra art

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dA Wishing Well Feature #2

Thu May 3, 2018, 1:48 AM
So I used to do a lot of these types of journals, but life got in the way, but I asked on a poll what kind of helpful journals you guys would want to see and a lot of you asked for a return of the Mental Health Awareness series! I've been doing mainly personality disorders so far (unless there was a specific global 'day' promoting awareness of another mental disorder - and if you know of any coming up, let me know!) and on a poll I did aaages ago, Narcissistic Personality Disorder was one a lot of you wanted to know more about. So here it is!
Again, apologies for the PD abbreviation, it doesn't let me type in the entire thing.  

Disclaimer: I do not have Narcissistic Personality Disorder, so some of the stuff I say might be unintentionally hurtful or inaccurate - if you want to make any corrections, or just contribute anything at all to this, please let me know in comments or notes! Any edits requested will be left anonymous unless you ask to be identified :)

What Is Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

Narcissistic Personality Disorder (or NPD) is a Cluster B personality disorder, the cluster characterised by 'unpredictable or dramatic' behaviours. Those with NPD may have an excessive sense of importance, a lack of empathy and a preoccupation with success. It may lead to troubled relationships and social isolation of the sufferer. 

Symptoms include:
- exaggerated sense of self-importance
- exaggerates achievements and talents
- sense of entitlement
- obsession with success, class and status
- lack of awareness and empathy
- attitude of superiority
- may exploit others for personal gain
- severe anger
- expecting constant praise and attention
- difficulty maintaining healthy relationships
- difficulty regulating emotions
- secret feelings of insecurity and shame 
- feeling hurt easily

NPD is usually diagnosed in adulthood and requires longstanding symptoms lasting over a year. As with many personality disorders, researchers are unsure of the exact causes of NPD, but is likely to be due to a combination of biological, social and genetic factors. Studies suggest that the disorder is slightly more likely to be diagnosed in individuals with a family history of the disorder. However, childhood interactions with friends and family also have a great impact on the likelihood of developing the disorder. 

What Does Treatment Involve?

Many individuals with NPD will not seek out treatment for that disorder as they may not recognise the problem, and may be more likely to do so for depression, drug or alcohol use. 
However, successful management is possible with long-term therapy. Cognitive behavioural therapy is a common and efficient method, and family or marital therapy may help to address troubled relationships caused by the effects of NPD. 
As those with NPD are often affected by depression, antidepressants may be prescribed.

What Are Some Myths About Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

- People with NPD are easy to diagnose
Many people may wrongly believe a person is suffering from NPD simply because of arrogant or grandiose behaviour. However, the disorder is far more complicated than this and a professional diagnosis is always needed to be sure a person has NPD. This tendency to diagnose "narcissists" is particularly harmful as it undermines those actually suffering from the disorder.

- People with NPD can't have close relationships
Although those with NPD may have extreme difficulty forming relationships, it is not impossible. While intimacy may be frightening or intimidating for those affected, they are able to maintain some relationships and are often more successfully able to do so with therapy. 

- NPD isn't actually a disorder
Mental disorders are described as behavioural or mental patterns that causes significant distress or impairment of personal functioning. Though people with NPD may not appear to be in distress, their underlying feelings can be extremely difficult to manage and create massive suffering in their lives. 

- Everyone with NPD is loud and flashy
No two people experience a disorder in exactly the same way, and although the cliche of NPD is a brash, grandiose individual, it is entirely possible for someone with NPD to be quiet and introverted. Though this form of NPD is less common, it is equally as valid and can cause equal problems for a sufferer and those close to them.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder is among the more notorious personality disorders and there is a great deal of stigma surrounding it. Though relationships can be difficult, it is important to remember that those with NPD are people too, and are suffering through pains greater than you may realise.

My Mental Health Awareness Series!

Mental Health Awareness - Paranoid PDIt's been a while since I've done one of these, because there haven't really been any events that I've heard of, but I decided to do one without it. Again, apologies for the PD abbreviation, it doesn't let me type in the entire thing. So here's a journal to promote awareness and acceptance of Paranoid Personality Disorder.
Disclaimer: I do not have Paranoid Personality Disorder, so some of the stuff I say might be unintentionally hurtful or inaccurate - if you want to make any corrections, or just contribute anything at all to this, please let me know in comments or notes! Any edits requested will be left anonymous unless you ask to be identified :) (Smile)
What Is Paranoid Personality Disorder?
Paranoid Personality Disorder (or PPD) is a Cluster A personality disorder, the cluster characterised by 'eccentric' behaviours. PPD results in an extreme distrust of others and a tendency to interpret their actions as negative or thr
Mental Health Awareness - Antisocial PDSo it's still Mental Health Awareness month, and according to my poll a lot of you wanted to know a bit more about Antisocial Personality Disorder. (I'm actually in the same boat haha, I'm very curious about ASPD and loved doing this research!) (Excuse the abbreviated title, the whole thing was too long)
Disclaimer: I do not have Antisocial Personality Disorder, so some of the stuff I say might be unintentionally hurtful or inaccurate - if you want to make any corrections, or just contribute anything at all to this, please let me know in comments or notes! Any edits requested will be left anonymous unless you ask to be identified :)
What Is Antisocial Personality Disorder?
Antisocial Personality Disorder (or ASPD), also known as sociopathy, is a Cluster B personality disorder. It is characterised by a long-standing pattern of low empathy leading to a continuous disregard for others' rights. People with ASPD may repeatedly break the law, become violent
Happy Schizophrenia Awareness Week! Happy Schizophrenia Awareness Week! This is probably one of the most stigmatised disorders out there so I figured I'd do some research and try to spread a little acceptance where I can :)
Disclaimer: I do not have schizophrenia, so some of the stuff I say might be unintentionally hurtful or inaccurate - if you want to make any corrections, or just contribute anything at all to this, please let me know in comments or notes! Any edits requested will be left anonymous unless you ask to be identified :) (Smile)
What Is Schizophrenia?
Schizophrenia is a chronic mental disorder characterised by a disconnect from reality, episodes of psychosis involving hallucinations and periods of reduced functioning. It can affect people's thoughts, perceptions and behaviour and impacts all aspects of life. It's quite a common disorder, affecting about 1 in 100 people worldwide. It usually develops from the late teens to the early 30s. There are a fe
<da:thumb id="670891982"/><da:thumb id="668262894"/> Happy World Autism Awarenesss Day!In Australia, it's April 2nd - Happy World Autism Awareness Day! Though this disorder is quite well-known, I feel like it is still widely misunderstood and there are a lot of myths going around that simply aren't true. 
Disclaimer: I do not have autism, so some of the stuff I say might be unintentionally hurtful or inaccurate - if you want to make any corrections, or just contribute anything at all to this, please let me know in comments or notes! Any edits requested by notes will be left anonymous unless you ask to be identified :) (Smile)
What is Autism?
Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects the way a person relates to their environment as well as to other people. Social communication and interaction abilities can be impaired, and interests and behaviours might be perceived as repetitive or restricted. Autism may also affect learning abilities. People with autism may have very sensitive senses and may avoid everyd
Happy World Bipolar Day!Hi everyone!
In Australia, it's the 30th of March - happy World Bipolar Day! I've never really done anything like this before, but since 2017 is the official beginning of an ongoing battle with my own mental health, I figured that it would be a good time to start promoting awareness for stigmatised disorders (and some non-stigmatised ones too). Some of these disorders I suffer from myself, some of them affect my friends and family, some of them I might have no experience with at all. The ones I have myself are obviously going to be more personal and accurate than the ones I don't, but I'll do my best to research them all and encourage people to become more aware and accepting of any disorders they might not understand :)
If there are any disorders that have awareness days/months/weeks and you want me to write about them, please let me know! 
Disclaimer: I do not have bipolar disorder, so some of the stuff I say might be unintentionally hurtful or inaccurate - if you want to mak

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Official Mascot and New Logo!

Tue Mar 27, 2018, 6:16 PM
Hi everyone!

I never really thought of myself as needing or wanting a logo, until I saw whitefoxdesigns's logos, and then I did XD 

So I commissioned one, and it's absolutely fantastic, and I'm really happy to be able to unveil it to you guys!

Colour by Arasteia

All credit goes to whitefoxdesigns who did an incredible job and should be endlessly praised :D

I'll use this for future page decorations and journal skins as well as watermarking (I've been feeling for ages I need a sweet watermark and this is it). The coloured version will probably be what I use the most, but there's also a badass black and white version that I'm gonna use and show off too.

Black and White by Arasteia

Because I decided she should be the one on my logo, Aelia (the one on my front page and also in my avatar) who has been kind of an unofficial mascot for a while, is now the official mascot! :la:

So, exciting stuff happening around the Ari page! :D

In other news, I am very close to finishing my latest piece. I've been mega busy with university lately (two major assignments plus three quizzes coming up within the next week, plus preparation for a week-long academic fieldtrip in the holidays - but more on that another time) but I've been fitting in painting in the mornings and evenings. I think this painting just has a fair bit TO it so it's been taking a while ^^

Hope everyone is doing well! :hug: 

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6000 Watchers + CuriousCat!

Wed Mar 21, 2018, 2:09 PM
Hi everyone!

Thank you so much for 6000 watchers! That's so incredible ;3; I always go on every time I hit a milestone about how amazing you all are and how much I have to thank you and that probably won't stop, but honestly, thank you for your support! It's always, always appreciated :huggle:

Now, I have unfortunately been sick with the flu for the past couple days (been pretty much bedridden so no chance of drawing I'm afraid) however when I'm feeling a bit better I hope to get back to doing drawing livestreams on Picarto! :D They were always fun to do before and I'd love to get back into them (will have to download OBS to my computer again though and hope it works easier than last time).

Also, for my next drawing, I hope to do a full recorded speedpaint that I post to YouTube (I'll have to make a channel) so you guys can see my whole process even if you can't make it to any streams ^^

NOW if you didn't read any of that, READ THIS! XD
Since I'm sick and bedridden, I decided to make a CuriousCat at last XD
Have you ever wanted to ask me or tell me something but been too shy? Now you can do it anonymously!
I see a lot of other artists here doing it and I figured that at the very least it's a good way for you guys to give me anonymous feedback on my art or my events or anything I do on this page! At the most you can ask me random questions or anything you want really! :D

Check it out and ask me/tell me anything!

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dA Wishing Well Feature!

Sat Feb 24, 2018, 5:27 PM
Last month I joined dAWishingWell which is an awesome group dedicating to helping people's deviantART related wishes come true! ^^ I've been doing my best to help around where I can, so you might see more of these types of features in the future - I'm making people's wishes for features come true (at least in my own little way) :la: Check them out!

Stars of the Heart“Aight, just a bit further now…” Guzma assured his blindfolded companion as he lead the other teen carefully through the hallways.
Cyrus gave a sigh, but nonetheless continued to walk, thanks to the Gryffindor’s encouragement. “You better not make me crash into anything. Again.”
Keep Reading ➤

  Miraculous Ladybug - Confessions Part 2Miraculous Ladybug – Confessions Part 2
“Cataclysm!” Chat Noir called upon his special ability to destroy anything he touches.  Bringing his hand around to the tree that he was trapped against by one of Ice Queen’s rings of ice, the tree started to rot and crumble.  By leaps and bounds he quickly made it to Ladybug’s side before Ice Queen, who screamed with rage behind him.  The last black spot on Ladybug’s red miraculous earrings started to blink, indicating that she would soon be transformed back into her normal self.  
“Let’s get you out of here, milady,” Chat Noir spoke in a gentle tone as he scooped Ladybug up into his arms and took off at an unimaginable speed to take her somewhere safe.  It wasn’t until the sudden appearance of Ladybug’s Kwami that he came to a stop.  This was it, with a simple downward glance, he would know the true identity of the girl that he loved.

New Wishing Well members! (wished for by iLantiis)
Commission: Cute by Elirio  Lineless test by lintato  Tiger by dominic-barrios <da:thumb id="726147594"/>  Feline on fire by Trojan-Pony  Harthm Lizzad by FabledForest  I speak for da horde... by NekoB00 <da:thumb id="722150941"/>  Angels Outfits- Cure Sapphire by JeansLily  a new year-ningi.
shopping —
sifting the racks
in search of new skin
thinking coyly
of tangerines
and days just as cloying
iii. closing shop before midnight
in yesteryear —
the merchants’ wares 
sleepful visions chastised
by Divinity’s drum —
the hound awakens
the embrace
of familial strangers —
faintly familiar
  Snow Escape by Deadly-Neurotoxin  Green mood by Robin-Redbreast  Coming for you by TinaLouiseUk  Be Strong by Cirrogrond-Lions  Jaxith icon :Gift: by Emiitio  Improvement Meme - Crescent Rose I and II by craftsbyblue  Nanakohearteye by Haruka-Fukuhara  Art Trade: Mariam by artisticallystrange  Hobblegrunt by IridescentMirage

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Thank You!

Thu Feb 8, 2018, 2:42 PM
Hi everyone!

This is just a random journal to say thank you! I honestly feel I don't thank you guys enough, because you are all really fantastic. 

My latest event, the Christmas Critique Exchange, has gone mostly really well, and I want to say an extra thanks for everyone who participated, and I really hope you got a lot out of it! :hug:

I know I've been a bit quiet lately, mostly because I've been doing commercial commissions that I'm not comfortable with releasing until the projects are public, but I have been drawing and you'll likely get to see the fruits of those labours soon! I also wanted to warn you all that my internet has once again run out and deviantART is very slow to access, and it won't get better again until I'm basically back at university. So things may continue to be kind of quiet for a couple of weeks, but I'll be back in force late February!

But mainly I just wanted to say thank you, because you are all AMAZING and honestly just an awesome community to be part of :huggle: 

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Your Art Is Too Expensive

Thu Jan 18, 2018, 6:30 PM
This idea.
I see so many comments and even journals around deviantART with this idea. And in a lot of cases, it's absolutely ridiculous. 

Since I opened commissions, I've been absolutely beyond lucky. Though my art is more expensive than a majority of what I see on dA, I've never had anyone tell me my prices are too much, so this isn't a personal thing for me (and for that I am extremely grateful). Instead I'm writing this on behalf of all the other artists who do get told this, and who are affected by this, because this needs to be heard.

When you commission an artist, it's just like hiring any other service, like a carpenter, or a car mechanic, or a pest control agent. You're hiring someone with a specialised set of skills to complete a specialised job for you. Essentially, you're not hiring the end product - you're hiring their time. With this in mind, let's continue.

This problem of perceived overpricing is particularly bad on dA - in the real world, people pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars for art, and I've seen people say a $5 illustration is too much. I think one of the main contributors to this is the currency of points. 100 points... well I mean, let's be real - 100 of anything sounds like a lot, right? In reality, 100 points is not a lot. 100 points is about $1 USD.
Let's go back to the idea of hiring an artist's time. Say the artist is selling a half-body painting for 100 points, and it takes them 2 hours to do. They are getting paid 50c an hour. It doesn't matter how inexperienced an artist is or how unconfident they are in their art, their time is worth more than 50c an hour.

A lot of people on this site are quite young, or don't make a lot of money, and I understand that in these circumstances, even prices in the $10 - $50 range can seem like a lot. But for complex, time-consuming illustrations, $10 is nowhere near enough. So please don't tell anyone their prices are too expensive, or that nobody will buy anything unless they lower them. Even if you're just trying to give them advice to get more sales, it can seem as if you're undervaluing their work or trying to get art for yourself for cheaper. Their pricing is their choice, and it's probably already less than what they should be getting!

And For Those Who Don't Feel That They Can Raise Their Prices

If you're selling art that you worked hard on for a pittance, remember that your time is worth more than that! If you're spending hours on commissions that are less than 500 points, or even less than 100 points, you're selling yourself immeasurably short. 
You might feel that people won't buy from you if you increase your prices, but if more people priced themselves reasonably, there wouldn't be this idea that 200 points is expensive!
There are always people willing to pay a bit more, and if you haven't found them, you probably just haven't got the right amount of exposure yet. 
Supply and demand is definitely something to take into account, but please - your time is worth more than 10 points! :hug:

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First Work of 2018 Feature!

Sun Jan 14, 2018, 2:04 PM
 New year, new art! I called for people to show me their first work of 2018 and wow you guys have started off the new year with a bang! Check out these amazing pieces, and thank you to everyone who contributed! :la: Sorry I couldn't reply to everyone on the thread, once I got back on there were too many :'D

Dreamcatcher by YaggyDigital  First Upload in 2018 by alenawal  #230 - Kingdra by satsume-shi  strange trails by ellieblues  SilentNinjaCookie by MillyMop585  Hot Mochaccino by Mocha711  Glowing Girl (Art Trade) by LacrimareObscura  Earth-chan by chinchongcha  Specter by Serch2  Find a lover who will look at you this way by TheOddFalsetto  Small Sketch of Me  by PoisonPeas   Tom Riddle by gabrielleragusi  .: Fatal Experiment :. by AmbergrisElement  Happy New Year! by Luna-rii <da:thumb id="724384519"/>   My Smile is My Sword Against the World by StarFishii  Payment 2/2 by AmarantaYuuki  Starcraft - Firebat by SteveNoble197  Yuki-onna by ARTificialphanTOM  Huggles by AltairSky  san pedro by zackosletacos  .:Kawaii Katsumi:. by ScarletAlyssa Butterfly by Leanuka  Gunfight by Davide-Bondi  I am yours... by melanie-r  Little Crying Gaara by Binouchetruc  Rainbow Colored Pencil Zebra Baby by MyArtsDelight  Walt Disney creating mermaids by Stamios  Dragoner by MaryamAswad Tsarevna by Professor-R  Sweet Couple (Comm) by loveedreams  Digital painting 16: Above the Clouds by KQ4rt  Aim for New Heights by RCAmbriz  Cali in color by KawaiiSphynx  Stripe and the bleach head critter by Ava-the-gremlin 

Mature Content

The Gloom Wanderer by Phracker
  Feather Magic by Lathienchan  Breaking Life: Mizian by MizianTheDragon  Week 01: Niko and Doc by Starfire-Productions  Rin Kujou [2] (To Love-Ru) by SelflessDevotions  Wallflower x Tomboy!Reader P1
Fandom: The Wallflower
Genre: x Reader
Fic Series: Auntie's New Deal
Chapter Summary: Take one group of gorgeous teenage boys, one gothic horror fiend of a girl and we already had a risky recipe; now stir in one rebellious tomboy reader with no intention of ever putting on a skirt. Let's see if the concoction erupts like a science fair volcano...or if it's safe to stick it in the mansion and let it simmer.
A Brief Note: This is part of a multi-path series. Read the [Introduction] for the prologue.
Reader's Guide
Since its my first time writing x Reader fiction, I may not remember or use all the same codes most authors do. My watchers may not be used to this writing style either. So here's my reader's guide.
[Y/N] = Your first name
[L/N] = Your last name
[Full Name] = Your
  Cat-bat thing by ClipClapCat  Warm Welcomes And Bear Hugs by BranMuffinBri <da:thumb id="724401225"/>  Unnamed Pony OC by LadyDemmona  Beau by Fox-Petal-Designs  My first 2018 work by Virus-Tormentor  Vae | CM by PyonSangSang  Permafrost by Nymonyrya  80s Comic Page by Tonixel  Lunarian Trailer animation by Azurelly  IdiotCorrupt P.O.V
My eyes opened as Pixel adjusted herself in my hold, wrapping her arm around mine as she breathed softly in her slumber. My hands were tangled around her and we were practically stuck in each others arms, but I liked it that way. I looked down at her, stroking her hair lightly with her head on my chest. She was so beautiful when she was sleeping, even the tiniest movements she made were graceful and gentle. I turned around and kissed her lightly on the head with a smile, murmuring a little “I love you” into her ear before resting back against the pillow of our bed again.
I lay there still for what felt like hours, staring at the ceiling as the slow minutes of the night passed by. Pixel groaned tiredly in my arms and I adjusted so she was comfortable. She slowly kissed my hand, which sent a tingle of warmth through my arm and a strange emotion to my mind. I sighed happily.
“How could I ha-a-a-ave lived for so long without you..”
  [SSE] How Can I Make You Mine? by rainbow000pegasus   Just a simple girl by dienahHUN  8XJ Double Split Skirt by AquaticJM  Monika - My Reality by TMiracle  Naughty fairies by AncaXBre   Three Men by LikaKinsky  Starbound: Novakid Character by Arjura-Edevhir  Arctic Defender by ADKKitty  [Request] by ViataMinunata  Jolyne Cujoh: The Rebel by AlainMadHatter  New Year's 2018  by SwordRedheart  Heart of Fear by authenticity11

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New Year's Musings

Sat Dec 30, 2017, 3:17 PM
Hi everyone! 

I had to go back and look at what I wrote this time last year, because I'd forgotten, and curiosity got the better of me. I won't sugarcoat it - 2017 hasn't been the easiest year for me, by any stretch of the imagination. So what I wrote about all the amazing things that happened to me on dA in 2016 makes my 2017 kind of pale in comparison.
So I'm not going to make some huge sweeping statement about how much my watcher count has grown, like I did last year. I'm not going to talk about my Core, my commissions or my events (though my events this year have been super successful, so thank you so much to all you wonderful people for making them possible!). 
I'm going to talk about being happy. 

I won't lie - for most of this year, I was not happy. I think that's something a lot of us on here can relate to. It connects us sometimes, in a way, I think. 
I think it would still be a lie to say that I am happy - or at least, completely happy. But these last couple of months, I've really tried to take a hold of my life and of myself.
The pain hasn't made me happy, but it has made me grow. I have GROWN so much as a person this year. And I think anybody can be happy about that.

So going into 2018, I'm just going to try to grow more. I know who I want to be now, and I'm going to try to become that person. Happiness is great and all, but you can't get to that happiness without doing a bit of growing first :)
Maybe 2017 was a growing year for you too. It might be that it was hard, but I bet if you look back at who you were in January, you'll find that you're a lot stronger now.

So here's your reminder:
You are important. You are strong, you are valid, you are loved, and you can do this :)
Let's go, 2018!

In other news, if anyone is interested, I will indeed be spending New Year's Eve the same way I've spent almost all my New Year's Eves  (except once when I went to an awkward family house party) - asleep.
Happy Ne
w Year!

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Christmas is on the way, so it's time to do some giving (and receiving XD)! This is my Christmas Critique Exchange! :la: The aim of this event is to get you some helpful tips on your art from my other wonderful watchers (and me!) as well as give you some practice writing critiques and helping others :)

How Does It Work?

1. Post a comment with the work you'd like critiqued (just one, to avoid mass confusion XD)
2. I will write at the end of this journal a list of participants including how many critiques they've given and how many critiques they've received
3. The aim of the game is to have each participant give as many critiques as they receive or vice versa

4. You'll be put into a group - every FIVE comments will count as a group - first five = group 1, second five = group 2 and so on
5. Once I finalise your group (will tag you all in a comment), you must critique all four of the other works in your group - this way, everyone will get an even amount of critiques 
6. Once you have finished, you may post another comment with another thumbnail to join a new group 

Writers are welcome too (just post your work in a comment like normal) but instead of being grouped with artists I'll group you separately with other writers  :) 

How Long Does It Go For?

As long as we want, really! I'll stop making groups at the end of January, if it happens that we are still going at that point! You don't have to participate that long if you don't want to though, and you don't have to participate from the beginning either! 
I'd prefer it if you can give your critiques to all your fellow group members within 2 weeks of your group being finalised (I'll let you know when that happens). If something comes up and you can't, just let me know, and I can give you an extension, or you can leave the event if you need that instead.

But I Don't Know How To Write A Critique!

I have some tips in this journal here, just click it! > How To Write Constructive Criticism

Are There Any Rules?

1. No NSFW / fetish / explicitly offensive art for your thumbnail!
2. Your critique must be at least 5 sentences long (somewhere you must say that it's for this event so I can keep track, but this sentence DOES NOT COUNT as one of the 5)
3. It must contain things you liked AND things they can improve on
4. For each thing you say that they can improve, you must suggest at least one way it could be improved
5. Don't be deliberately offensive or unhelpful
6. Don't avoid doing a critique just because you don't like the piece or you're not familiar with the medium/content - give it your best shot, it might be even more helpful for the artist
7. If, for some reason, you really don't want to/can't critique a piece, let me know via note and I'll sort something else out for you

If you have any questions, feel free to ask here >…
:la: I'll get the ball rolling with a thumbnail of my own! 

NOTE: Please don't critique anyone's work until I tag you in a comment finalising your group - people have been critiquing outside their group which is totally okay but it means you'll end up doing more in the long run and if you've critiqued work that isn't mine (I'll always critique back), I can't guarantee the artist will critique you back.

Group 1 - FULL - written / received
Arasteia - 4 / 3
Zontickles - 4 / 4
NekoB00 - 4 / 3
LunarEstrella - 4 / 4
kukkikeki - 2 / 4

Group 2 - FULL - written / received
xHisLittleAngel - 4 / 4 
CatSpaceDesign - 4 /4
Anchiele - 3 / 4
dqube - 4 / 4
MrRemoraman - 4 / 3

Group 3 - FULL - written / received
Vivyi - 4 / 4
omoulo - 4 / 4
Zaloffshat - 4 / 4
tsukihimeonii - 4 / 4
EmilyZapallo - 4 / 4

Group 4 - FULL - written / received
Merilfaen696 - 4 / 3
breeportraitart - 4 / 4
Living-Room-King - 2 / 3
NekoB00 - 3 / 3
Arasteia - 4 / 4

Writer's Group - FULL - written / received
Skater1ooo - 0 / 0
Bealmeister - 0 / 0

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How To Write Constructive Criticism

Mon Dec 18, 2017, 1:03 PM
The ability to write a rounded and effective critique is probably one of the most important skills a creator can have in their arsenal. Being able to identify flaws in a piece and then articulate them in a constructive manner is important to both the creator of the piece and you as a creator yourself. 

You might be wondering why you need to know this. Proper critiques are pretty hard to come by around deviantART, which can be frustrating for those looking to improve, as well as making it difficult for people to learn to critique effectively. Knowing WHAT to critique is just something that comes with practice and knowledge of your craft, but I'll give you as much help as I can there too. But critiquing the work of others reinforces these elements and helps you look out for them in your own work. 
In other words, giving constructive criticism will help you become a better artist or writer!

So How Do I Start?

Positively! The best critiques have an equal balance of good and not-so-good things in a work. It's important not to sugarcoat, or the person won't know where to improve, but at the same time, you can't be completely critical, or you'll risk just upsetting the artist. 
With this in mind, only give critique if the artist or writer has ASKED for it, or states somewhere that it's okay. You might just be trying to help, but sometimes it can be offensive or upsetting to receive unwanted critique, so be sure the creator actually wants it before you start writing!
My favourite analogy is that a critique is like a sandwich. You start with bread (positivity), then you have your fillings (constructive criticism), and then you end with your other piece of bread (more positivity!)
What I like to do is start with a general statement of what good thing first struck me about the piece. Maybe if the piece is a massive artwork with multiple characters and lots of action, I'll say something like 'This is really epic!' Or if it's an emotive portrait, I'll say something like 'This piece really moved me, emotionally.' Let the artist know straight up that you liked the piece and what about it really stuck out to you. Basically ask yourself, what awesome thing made me click on the thumbnail to see it better?
Then you can go into more detail about the things you like. At this point, it's probably good to stick with the more positive stuff for a few sentences. If you find yourself running into stuff they could improve that ties into your compliments, it's probably best not to launch into the criticism - instead you could mention that you'll come back to it later. But don't forget about it when you do come to your criticism! After you've mentioned all the positive things you'd like to, it's time to get to the constructive criticism. 

How Do I Criticise Without Sounding Mean?

It's actually pretty simple :) I find most unhelpful criticism can be put down to one or any combination of three things - it's unbalanced, it's opinion stated as fact, or it's basically just an insult.
Unbalanced criticism means there is too much focus on the faults of the piece. The best critiques don't have a sentence on what was good and then five sentences on what can be improved. Try to keep an equal amount of praise and criticism, and you won't seem like you're being overly critical.
Opinion stated as fact criticism is when you give your opinion - which will be a majority of a critique - as hard-and-fast law. Unless it's a grammatical/punctuation error or spelling mistake (even then, bear in mind it could be intentional), try not to write definitive statements like 'you can't', 'you should', 'you need to' or 'you have to'. Statements like these will make them feel like they've done something wrong and are being bossed around. Critiques are subjective suggestions, not orders, and it's the creator's choice in the end. I find it best to put something like 'you could', 'I'd suggest trying', 'I think' or 'I find that'. I always like to toss in a lot of 'maybe's and 'perhaps's so they know it's totally up to them to make their own decision in the end.
Insult criticism is basically just when you point out something you don't like and don't suggest ways to improve. This is when critique just becomes insult. For every flaw you point out, I think it's best to tell them a way it could be fixed or improved - otherwise, they can't really learn from it. If you don't feel you're qualified or don't know how to explain, point them to articles on Google or tutorials here on dA that might express what you can't. 

What Can I Talk About?

As I mentioned earlier, knowing your stuff really helps here, and it's pretty hard to write a good critique if you don't know the fundamentals. The most important thing is not to make stuff up!  If you don't know what complementary colours are, perhaps don't talk about them without doing some research. If you're not totally sure what makes a good composition, take some time to look up some info before giving them suggestions.
That being said, here is a list of things in both art and writing you might talk about! 

What You Might Talk About In A CritiqueArt
Composition (is the whole thing visually pleasing? Are there clear and relevant focal points? Is your eye led around the image smoothly or are there lines going everywhere/leading you out of the image? Would it be better suited to the subject being centred, or to follow the Rule of Thirds?)
Lighting (is there a clear light source? Is the contrast between lights and shadows sufficient? Does the light interact with the subject/objects in a logical way?)
Colour (are complementary colours used effectively? Are shadows pure black or are they a shade of colour? Are the colours too intense/dull/clashing?)
Anatomy (does the pose seem natural? Is the physical anatomy correct? If there is a use of 'strange' perspective, is it accounted for in the anatomy?)
Lineart (is it clean? Does the thickness vary? Is it plain black or coloured?)

And How Do I End?

Again, with positivity! Bring it back to what you overall liked about the piece (don't repeat yourself word for word though) and give them some encouraging words to finish up and end on a high note.
Don't worry if you find it hard to write critiques at first! It can be difficult, but like art it gets easier with practice! Don't forget, every time you write a critique, you're helping not only somebody else, but also yourself!

If you want to read more about giving or receiving comments, ProjectComment is an awesome group focusing on spreading good constructive criticism (I was an Official Commenter there for a while) and they have tonnes of great journals you can read here >…

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Need some help coming up with ideas for your next artwork or story?
In my first journal of this two-part series, Why You Should Draw When You Can't Draw Anything, I spoke about the struggles of art or writer's block and why you should push through them to the other side. It's all very well to decide you need to beat block, but sometimes it can be difficult to figure out exactly what you need to do. In this journal I'll give you a few tips that have helped me beat my own bouts of art block, and hopefully they'll help you too!

1. Find Inspiration
I stand by the concept that the best inspiration comes from real life, but other than telling you to go out and live life, that might not be overly helpful. So instead I'm going to suggest something more direct - find inspiration from what's already out there!
For writers, don't forget to read! Oftentimes I find when I'm super blocked, it's because I haven't been reading enough. If you are reading, maybe try something new? If you like fantasy, you could give crime fiction a go. If you read romance, why not pick up some horror? Novelists might try some poetry, or poets might try some non-fiction. Branching out can freshen you up and give you more ideas than you might think!
For artists, look at art! Go to your favourites, give them a look through! So many people fave stuff and then forget about it, but honestly I find my favourites so inspiring in terms of concepts and atmosphere. Go to Popular 24 Hours, go to Daily Deviations, go to Undiscovered - there's a wealth of art waiting for you. And the same goes for branching out - look at styles you'd normally pass over, or browse content categories you've never been into. You might find some motivation in the unknown.

2. Use References

This might seem odd, but hear me out. There are two different ways an artist might use references. The first is to do a study. A study is basically where you copy (not trace!) an image to try to get a better understanding of its visual elements. Go to Google or to the Resources & Stock Images category right here on dA, and just browse stock photos or poses until you find something that catches your interest - then draw it! This is helpful whether you're a realism artist or not, as it gives you valuable knowledge of anatomy, rendering, colour and lighting that are applicable to all styles of art! If you post it, just remember to credit! If you make it clear that it's a study and not your own idea, nobody's going to be mad at you. Loads of artists do studies! I have, and professionals do too - maybe more than most artists!
Secondly, an artist might use many references to inspire a painting of their own composition. Again, browse poses until you find something that inspires you. But don't stop there! Let it create an image in your head - I find that choosing poses that suit the personalities of my OCs is very helpful, so then I can just draw my OC. Keep finding references and combine their elements in your head. An arm here, a leg here, a facial expression from somewhere else, colours from another photo entirely. Build a very unique and personal image out of bits and pieces, that doesn't look like anything you started off with! Again, if you closely reference, remember to credit. 

3. Try Something New

I spoke briefly before about branching out when gathering inspiration - how about taking it to the next level? Create something totally new and unusual for you! Draw something in another style, write a 1000 word story in another genre. Google a list of art movements and paint something that matches one of them - this list is a good place to start! 
I did an event a while ago where I gave volunteers randomly selected art styles to try, and featured the works they came up with. A few of them said it helped break them out of their art block!

4. Use Prompts

This is especially good for writers, but works for artists too! Online generators can be really helpful if you're super stuck for an idea. This first-line generator is one of my personal favourites, mainly because it comes up with some really funny stuff, but some is really thought-provoking too. Think about the sentences you get. What could trigger these events? Why was the truth that he was unemployed mind boggling to Uncle Jed? Why might May stir memories of the tragedy - what tragedy? Asking yourself the 'how, what, when, where and why' is amazingly helpful in creating a story! 
You can use these if you're an artist too. They might take a bit of imagination, but if you're up for a challenge, why not try drawing a scene that appears from a generator like that one? I'm sure there'd be some great ideas in there :D 

One last important thing to remember is - don't despair! Art or writer's block might feel awful in the moment, but it's not the end of the world. Like all things, it'll pass. Quite probably you've been through it before, and gotten out. Remember that you'll make it out again.

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How many times has this happened to you?
You're suddenly struck with an urge to draw or write, but when you sit down, nothing happens? Or you might be scrolling through dA and looking at all these amazing pieces and wanting so badly to do something of your own, but you just can't bring yourself to  begin? You're not alone. 

Every creator ever has gone or will go through periods of art or writer's block. It's just something that happens. For this reason the most important thing, before you do anything else, is to remember that it doesn't mean you're a bad creator.  You're not unskilled, you're not getting worse, and it certainly doesn't mean you're never going to be able to draw or write again. Having block does not invalidate you as a creator :) (Smile) In fact at this point, it's almost a rite of passage! But don't ever think that having block means you're bad at what you do.

So. You're blocked. You're probably feeling pretty terrible, quite possibly about your work. One of the things most likely to cause art block for me is being too critical of my art. I start feeling like I should be making faster progress, like everything I do is fatally flawed, like my skill hasn't got better and is never going to go anywhere. These are probably pretty familiar thoughts, right? But I can tell you right now, they're not true, and probably one of the best ways of proving this to yourself is to look back on your old art.
If you hear this and immediately don't want to because you think your old art is terrible, then congratulations - you've just proven that your art has gotten better.
You have made progress, you are getting better, and you shouldn't be afraid :) If you didn't think this, or you need further reinforcement, then don't worry - it's time to look back at your old work. Anything from a few months to several years, you'll likely be able to see the difference just comparing them side by side. Your newer stuff probably just overall looks or reads better! Then look closer - notice improvements in specifics like colouring, lighting, composition, anatomy, linework, texturing. 
The same goes for writing, but instead look at sentence structure, paragraph flow, imagery, word choice.
You are you, and nobody else, and the only art you can compare yours to is your old art - not something that anyone else has drawn. Your work has come a very long way, and it'll continue to go further if just you keep at it - so there's no time to give up!

Something else that might help to figure out exactly what might be bugging you about your art. I can tell you right now, no matter where you might be in your journey, your work is worth it.
Being able to pinpoint exactly what makes you feel uncomfortable about your work can really help in feeling a sense of purpose - lacking direction can definitely cause art block. It'll be stuff like I mentioned up above - colouring, lighting, composition, anatomy, etc. Last time I had a major problem with my art, I realised it was because I was using colours incorrectly. I was able to work towards amending that issue and it really helped me become more comfortable with where my art is going. 
If you can't see it yourself, you can always ask someone else! Sometimes all you need is a fresh pair of eyes! (NOTE: I'm happy to lend one of these, if you need it! I'm no expert but I'm always happy to give my opinion to those who ask :) )
Knowing exactly what you'd like to improve can really help your confidence in your art as well as your motivation to keep pushing and achieve your goals! Because believe me, you can achieve them!
Pretty much any level of skill in art is attainable if you're willing to work for it. Every great creator - every single one - started off where you are now, and probably had the exact same fears, doubts and dreams that you have. And you can bet they went through art or writer's block, just like you, and probably did it many, many times before they got to where they are today.

So just look at block like another feather in your cap. Just one more step towards where you want to be. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and this block won't be the death of you either.

So, now you know why you should push through your art block, how exactly do you find ways to beat it? I've got you covered in the second part of this series - What To Draw When You Can't Draw Anything

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Looking For Christmas Gifts? :D

Thu Dec 7, 2017, 4:38 PM
This is gonna be big so let's get right into it! Also yes - new journal skin! I wanted a change :D 
Y'all have such great styles! Just click on the commission links below the thumbnails to go to their info!

                 - CapnCrypt                                                                                            - DuckBites
<da:thumb id="718106695"/> Art Trade Chalice Bust For Moony by CapnCrypt  Cheeky Bastard [Commission 1/2 for Garnet] by CapnCrypt                          Hi Hi! by DuckBites  [ BNHA ] Hajime by DuckBites  What Does the Fox Say? by DuckBites
(Open) Point/PayPal Commissions (Sale!)                                                                     Commissions: Open        

                           - NyxRei                                                                                         - VanillatheNeko
  Kyle Bunny by NyxRei  Creative Title by NyxRei  [Cm] Elvaneyl by NyxRei                      Skitty by VanillatheNeko   Relaxing Day by VanillatheNeko  AT: Nailah by VanillatheNeko
                         [Open] - Commissions !                                                               Blind Point Commissions/Adopts (Open)

                                - Vanna2005                                                                                - CopperSpy
Youtubers- Dapper boy // Jacksepticeye by Vanna2005  Video Games- Yuri in a sweater // DDLC by Vanna2005  Youtubers- Coffee Bean!! // Jacksepticeye by Vanna2005                  Averel by CopperSpy [Trade] Coffee Break by CopperSpy Goretober Day 26 - Needles by CopperSpy
                                Commissions! (OPEN)                                                        Commissions are OPEN (Points or $$$)      

                 - Lil-King-Alixander                                                                                     - SprigofThyme
Contest Prizes|| Woof by Lil-King-Alixander    .:[COMMISSION]:. cheers by Lil-King-Alixander  .:[COMMISSION]:. lets go by Lil-King-Alixander           I Suck at Drawing Male Characters by SprigofThyme Rose Bust by SprigofThyme Doki Doki Literature Club: Yuri by SprigofThyme
        .:{Commission Info}:. [OPEN]                                                                       Commission Info (OPEN) 

                            - agatecristal                                                                               - LunarEstrella
Pearl by agatecristal  Run (2) by agatecristal  Meteora by agatecristal                      Goob Sketchy Portrait by LunarEstrella  Do Chickens Drown In The Rain? by LunarEstrella Lunar Fall by LunarEstrellaWidget at Bottom of Profile     Price List For Commissions (Open)

                - ParanoidKitteh                                                                                     - TheGladeOfSeams
Nurse OC by ParanoidKitteh  Gift 1 by ParanoidKitteh  Jaelly Redraw by ParanoidKitteh                           Vivid Rainbow #302 - Amethyst Dust (Upright) by TheGladeOfSeams