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C - Victory

This is one of my recent commissions, for sembiance of a 'victory' image for the online card game World of Solitaire! I never win so I have no chance of seeing my image but maybe you can XD This was a huge challenge because I'm not so used to halfbodies like this tbh and especially not with these kind of poses/perspective but I'm pretty happy with the end result :3

I've been feeling kinda disconnected from deviantART and also kinda art in general lately, hence why a lot of messages have gone unanswered in the past week or so (I'm sorry ;3;) and also my lack of activity here. Not sure why. I'm back at college tomorrow so I'll be back on fast internet which is fantastic, and I hope to get back to dA in the fullest sense and get everything sorted here ^^
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It was April of 1869 and a ship set sail from the west coast of New Spain. There was a woman on board named Gabriella De Santos and she was not noticeably pregnant. But by the time the vessel reached the waters of the Caribbean some six months later, her expectancy was undeniable. As was her fate. Ms. De Santos was not going to finish the journey back to the old country. But before she left this earth, she would leave behind an unmistakeable legacy. A young child who would carry on her fortune and fate. A girl. Morgan.

As Gabriella De Santos was buried at sea, the infant child was brought to the captain who took her as his own. But no sooner was she taken under his wing, then a tremendous wind began lurching the ship from its course.

All aboard were ushered under deck. Every hand was summoned to the ready. As wind and waves battered the unprepared vessel, the child cried and was comforted by the baritone reassurances of her adopter.

The night was cruel and unrelenting. But by the time that the first light of morning streaked across the newly pacific waters, it appeared as if everything would be okay. Sure, the captain had no idea where they were now. But soon that would be resolved.

Then… on the horizon… there appeared the masts of three ships, one after another, each with a flag, square and black. A skull and crossbones on every one…

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Sounds good to me so far for sure! :D

I've thought of a name for her. Something different, a bit pirate maybe. How about "Morgan". I think it fits her

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That sounds like a great name to me!

I like Morgan!

I once had a short-lived (real-life) crush on a girl who's last name was Morgan. If there was anyone who personified the character I imagine in this pirate girl, it was probably her! (She was a fairly sarcastic, amateur stand up comedian type...)

I'm not promising anything, but I hope to take up IceDragon's challenge and write a back story for Morgan. If you don't mind!

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I am 71 years old, I play solitaire and my wife says i am obsessed with this young lady. Thank goodness I don't feel 71 years old

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Haha I'm happy you like her! Thank you :D Congrats on the solitaire wins haha!

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The more I look at it, the more I like it. I always prefer a picture you can explore and this is one such. I disagree with below, I think the focus should be on her and the golden treasure itself can stay out of focus, meaning that the viewer takes it all in fractionally slower and dannysez can fall in love with her followed by me and many others as we visit.

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Thank you so much haha! I'm glad you like it XD 

I have to tell you that I came here from the Solitaire site. And this, by FAR, is my favorite "victory image" on there. I'm so in love with her! The thought of being marooned on an island with her is a dream. Of course, even better if it's just where we keep our hidden treasure, and we have the means to get to some seaport where we can spend the treasure in fancy inns and wild pirate taverns!

I've got way too much of a crush on this fictional drawing... Well done!

Does she have a name?

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Aw wow! Thank you so much, that's so awesome to hear! No, she doesn't have a name haha, she's not really anyone in particular, so it's all up to you :D 
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I think Dannysez should name her and write the backstory for her ;)

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Wonderfully done!Heart 
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Thanks so much! :D
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This looks like it could be a Magic The Gathering card o__o 

...And then I just read the description and realized why XD

Brilliant :aww: 

I also really appreciate that you drew her tastefully c:
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Haha thank you :D Yeah, I didn't really want to make it too wild in terms of how I portrayed her :)
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she found the treasure!!!
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She sure did ^^
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She is a treasure lol
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are we the treasure ^^ ? 0 ? so niiice
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Haha maybe we are! :D Thanks so much! 
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