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Auriel's Ascension

This was a long time coming. It'll probably be my last post before final exams. 
This one is Ragni Starcwulf, my Nord Oblivion OC. I imagine that this image is her leaving Skyrim for the first time, looking out over the border fringing Cyrodiil. She left Winterhold to look for her older sister, who can't possibly be the Nerevarine everyone is talking about, and was mugged just outside of Whiterun. Left blind in one eye, she turned to horse theft to get around, which is what will eventually land her in jail in Cyrodiil's Imperial City...

I had to draw this when I found this gorgeous picture - - which I used as a lighting reference (that lighting... I think I've fainted. )
But I think I've finally done a background I'm happy with! And now that I've found my feet in terms of technique, I can start doing exciting poses, not just portraits! I am a dummy! 

Ragni belongs to me
Oblivion belongs to Bethesda
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Sep 7, 2014, 9:41:20 AM
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Awesome picture, the lighting is wonderful.
This brings back so many memories of the several hundred hours I have spent on Morrowind and in the Cyrodiil and Skyrim provinces as a Wood Elfette…
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Thanks very much :la: I'm glad to hear that! ^^
Ahh... no truer words. Backstories are the salt of the earth, the human foundation that helps you give life and inhabit your creation. Don't get me wrong, I love a good photo, and some are above good, but what you have done here is express feelings through a myriad details, softening an approach, slightly altering a hue to emphasize pain or hope or foster empathy for the character. Anyway: you've done a brilliant piece. Very compelling. Complex yet strangely simple in its rendering. +1 ;-)
Ty for sharing.
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They are indeed! I'm really glad you like it, and that you see so much in it ^^ Thank you so much for your kind and well-thought-out words c: 
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Incredible! Also, really awesome backstory <3
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Thank you! ^^ And aaa thank you, I always work hard on the backstories :D
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Cool! I like to play Skyrim myself and I really like the Elder Scrolls universe, so it's neat to see stuff like this. :D
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Awesome! I'm glad to hear that! ^^ Thank you! 
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Whoa... It's uncommon to see you using more vivid colors, but I like it more tbh :D
Arasteia's avatar
Thank you very much :) My style has changed a lot since this haha XD Yeah, I never really noticed my colours have muted but they have! 
lydia-san's avatar
Lol yeah. In some pictures (like the Marcilyn pict) I think mute colors give certain effects, like strength, classic/vintage/eerie feels, but sometimes can make a picture looks dull. Well, it depends, I still think if would be best to use both style to produce the effect you want :)
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Yep, I think I'll alternate between the two until I find my own style :) Each has its place, as you say. 
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Hehehe right :nod: good luck then^^
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Wow... this is just amazing! I think you're fantastic at what you do... I wish I knew how to draw realism, my realism looks all cartoony! :XD:

(I love your Ragni Starcwulf's background story by the way... I wish I could be that in depth and creative with my skyrim characters, though I haven't touched my game in forever because I'm in need of a new graphic's card that I can't afford. ;_;  )
Arasteia's avatar
Thank you very much! Realism is really hard, I have to strive to get my work coming out looking realistic! Thank you, I always like to give them background stories because I'm a writer XD Oh no! That's awful! My computer doesn't have the best graphics, but it runs it. Still, maybe one day? 
Vivyaii's avatar
No problem. :) I would say you have a lot of dedication and skill at it. Yeah I'm using my back up graphics card from my old computer, and it doesn't run skyrim that well... (though it can run oblivion and morrowind and sims 4 just fine) Before then, I had a super awesome graphics card, but it burnt up on me. But yeah, maybe one day~ I'm sure I'll get a new one at sometime, and *hopefully* it will fix my computer issues all together. We'll see.

On a lighter note: you write too? I would love to see a story from you at some point. I love to write, but I've never thought of coming up with skyrim stories for my characters before (probably because I'm so used to cartoonifying them and making them after my book characters~ ) Maybe one day I'll get serious and just make a skyrim character with a good plot for a story and a few good mods.
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I definitely have dedication, not sure about skill so much, but the dedication is definitely there! XD Oh, yeah, my computer is fairly new (although it's actually supposed to be awful for games. I didn't know that til after I bought it). I've heard of a few people whose graphics cards have burnt up. You'd think with all your great technology nowadays we could at least make graphics cards that work. 
Hopefully it will. Skyrim is too amazing to miss :D
Yeah, I write as well. Actually, I wrote seriously a long time before I drew seriously (not hard, since I only drew seriously a few months back). And I started drawing seriously partly so I could draw my characters. I've got my novel coming up, so yeah, once it's a bit more polished (and finished, haha, I'm building to the climax) I'll put some chapters up. 
All seven of my Skyrim characters have backstories XD It was never something I thought about until I was on about my third character, and I started wondering why she was such an awful person. Their stories all came from there. :D 
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The skill is definitely there, I can tell~ I think you do overwhelmingly good at realism, and you're eager to learn, and those are very good qualities to have as an artist. :D

I think I had one too many bells and whistles on my game. I used to have really awesome graphics, and they were so fun to play the game in. But because my graphic card burned up, I had to rethink fancy graphics and knick knacks. In a way, it got me more focused on my writing.

I've been taking writing a lot more seriously lately as well, I've been studying a lot of writing books and trying hard to improve my skill. The story I am currently posting on here is nothing compared to the way I write now. Just in the time spent writing that story, I learned so much about what it takes to be a good writer.

Skyrim is amazing~ I loved playing it when I had the chance. I tried to play as earnestly as I could (I shiver at the days I was 14 and played oblivion with a bunch of anime mods and cheated to make my characters more powerful. XD ) and my game was so beautiful, I became so immersed in it's surroundings. Now a days I'm playing Sims 4 when I get the chance (a totally different game). Fun game, but I miss Skyrim. :(

I can't wait~ It'll be awesome. :)

That sounds like a lot of fun~ I want to grab the journal mod for skyrim and make journals of all of my characters when I make new characters. I'm sure they all have stories to tell.
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Thank you! I'm pretty eager to learn, I just want to be good already!
I don't mind about graphics as long as the game is good, so I never had fancy graphics or mods or anything like that. I mean I had a few mods, but nothing for graphics.
I go in and out of writing sprees. I had a time a while back where I could not write a thing. I was so upset because usually I can't get the words down fast enough. It got so bad I was actually considering just writing a Skyrim fan-fic. But then an actual idea came from that and turned into my novel XD 
Oh, I definitely understand about learning while writing. Looking back over the novel (novella? 110 pages is no novel) I wrote when I was 9, and then all the others I've written since, I've improved insanely (thankfully). My aunt edits everything I write (though not lately) and she's two books behind where I am now, and I'm like 'I don't write like that anymore, I swear!'
I did the same thing XD I played Skyrim earnestly, loved it, all that. I got my hands on Oblivion a few months later and cheated my way through. I played on zero difficulty the entire time, though I play on legendary in Skyrim. I didn't like Oblivion as much, so cheating was the only way to get through, for me. 
I used to have the Sims 3 and I quite liked that, but it took up too much room on my laptop and I deleted it for other games XD
I always wanted that journal mod, but my internet's too slow to download it. I had to get my mods off friends. 
Vivyaii's avatar
I had a graphic mod, so I think that's why my graphics card went kaput. :P

I had a lot of mods actually... I love them. I got a pretty fast internet connection, so I ended up downloading a bunch of things. Super easy to install too, I remember the days of oblivion and how hard it was to install mods...

I wish I had your mentality at age 9. At age 9 I was busy drawing vampires~ :XD: I had a head start on my art skills (in fact, I  recall being one of the best artist in 6th grade, already having a good grasp on anatomy), and got into writing when I was in 6th grade. Well, I was writing original stories, and drawing original pictures but my skills in both art and writing sort of dwindled for a bit, because my childhood friend got me into anime, then for a very long time I was into fanfics, fanart and all that jazz... /sighs i took a little  detour in my improvement, but now  I'm back on the road to improvement~ I am highly motivated now as it is.

I had a mod in skyrim which is not a cheat mod, but it makes it so you don't have to grind as much. I don't remember the name of it, but I really loved it. I did play Skyrim as earnestly as I could: I couldn't help but love it. Oblivion, I still cheat on, because I did like Skyrim more too and the way things were done. I'm not  good enough to play on legendary though I do play on slight difficulty half the time. I'm also a morrowind player sometimes, surprisingly. That game can be pretty freaky sometimes too... :XD: (I recall one time my main character had a nightmare, and I thought the game was over. I nearly jumped out of my seat, because of the bells... and I realized I had touched the bells earlier in that cave I adventured... it was crazy... )
Sims is a good series, though I liked Sims 2 the best for it's storytelling abilities~
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Yeah, that might have had something to do with it XD I mostly got Skyrim mods for new questlines and places etc. Most of the them didn't work. My favourite one that was graphics was one that made snow appear on your character whenever snow was falling. It just looked so cool. I haven't got any Oblivion mods but I'd imagine it'd make it more fun for me. I really enjoyed the Skyrim DLCs though.
I was all things creative very young - writing, drawing, all that. That's probably the only reason I progressed in digital art so quickly - I've been drawing my whole life. My stories... bordered on original. The first couple, the ones I wrote at age nine and then eleven, were probably the most original I wrote for a while. From thirteen, my stories were kind of based off other stories that I loved XD At thirteen it was Maximum Ride, fourteen it was The Hunger Games, fifteen it was kind of a cooler Twilight, sixteen The Hunger Games again. It's only now I've gone original again. I used to draw my characters in manga. Now my story's original, but my art isn't. 
Motivation is always good :D
I don't mind grinding in Skyrim. That's probably why I have seven games. XD I haven't been able to get Morrowind yet, but I've been hanging over my friend's shoulder for her to give it to me. I hope the Dunmer look better than they do in Oblivion. 
I can't remember ever playing Sims 2, though I probably have. I just remember making funny looking people and, like, the Addams family and stuff on 3 XD
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awesome stuffs looks much more realistic than your other stuff
maintain this level of awesomeness :D
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I'm trying to get back to this level of awesomeness :omgnoes: But thank you very much :)
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