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Hi People! 

I'm getting lately more and more curious about how Patreon is used by artists here on DeviantArt...
As far as I know you need a pretty large fanbase that is willig to support your work in turn of some helpful stuff like tutorials, critics, videos etc.
But, is it worth starting a Patreon account with the relative small watcher base I've got right now (1300 Watchers)?
Would be interesting to know your opinion on that topic.

Why am I even curious about that topic? Well, I'm about to register a game development studio here in Moscow.
Together with the help of some other talented artists we are now working on a project of which some concept art has been already shown by me in the past (some examples under the main text).
The problem is that it's pretty hard to keep everybody on board purely on an enthusiasm basis - work for experience/portfolio only - so to say.
Before we can even launch a kickstarter we have to do a lot of work for the public demo version of the game.

Would it be somehow possible to connect the goal of achieving the demo version of the game with patreon financing?
Would it even be interesting for people to help here out?

Thanks for reading and taking the time!

Some examples of the project we are developing:

Project FOG - Matvey's House by AranniHKProject FOG - Matvey's Kitchen by AranniHKProject FOG - Matvey's Room by AranniHKProject FOG - Abandoned Scrapyard by AranniHKProject FOG - The Village by AranniHKProject FOG - Sporarum by AranniHK
Hello People!
I'm glad to announce that I'm open once again for some commissions. If you'd like tp have something Science Fiction related, let me know. 
I'm providing everything from environments and weapons to characters and more.
This includes not only concept art and illustrations but also bookcovers and wallpapers.

Rate: 150-200$ per illustration or 12$/H

Some quick examples:

My darling, the dreamer - Bar Exterior by AranniHK Cyberpunk City by AranniHK Outer Veil - Immigration Office Entrance Hall by AranniHK  
Outer Veil - Cyberpunk Building Concept by AranniHK Project FOG - Abandoned Scrapyard by AranniHK   Outer Veil - FSA SMG Concept Art by AranniHK
Project FOG - Matvey's Room by AranniHK Sketch - The Desert Raid by AranniHK S2150 - Industrial Slum District by AranniHK

Best Regards,
Hello Folk! 

I guess it's finally time for the third Scifi feature. This time we've got even more submissions than last time. So I like to thank everyone who participated! 

I've seen a lot of new ideas and inspiration in these paintings and drawings, that's the reason why you should really do even more art! 

Congratulations to everyone and keep drawing! Enjoy!

One Giant Bite for Mousekind (AC #131) by PolymerWantACrackerWingHummer Wallpaper 2 by AltairSky

Twisted Future, Tanya by RajoviarbuSnowTech by ZetsumeiIeyashiHutt Chamber by vf02ssThe Queen and the Counsellor by MaggiefromSpace

Layer Fight by JillLenaDKAITO by CicisArtandStuffDixie by HystericalMellotron
Defending the Castle by NanconSci-frica by NightebaSpace Case by NexusDXSteve by VarjopihlajaPgs12-13 by CaptJackZodiacAlien Tsung [2015 version] by xXSerena-CrosseXxNightmare terror by TheeartistkidFish Underwater? by zraisedto4

Thanks again for all the cool submissions!
I'm open for commissions. 

What I provide:

- Environments (Interiors/Exteriors/landscapes/etc.)
- Book Covers and other promotional material
- Characters (Normal presentation and T-Poses for 3D)

Rates per artwork: 149-200$ (depends on the given task)
Hourly Rate: 12$ per Hour
If you are interested in my services and want to discuss details, please email me at:
Payments are made preferably trough my PayPal: .

For my portfolio visit my website or artstation

Sample work:

My darling, the dreamer - Bar Exterior by AranniHK
Cyberpunk City by AranniHK
Deep Labs by AranniHK

Dark Plains by AranniHK
Project FOG - Workshop by AranniHK
My darling, the dreamer - Bathroom by AranniHK
My darling, the dreamer - Lounge Seating Area by AranniHK
Hi Guys! 

It's again time for a journal feature of some talented peoples artwork. This time it's scifi themed. The forum wasn't too busy, so I also will include some other recent scifi artwork that I've found! 

Here we go! Hope you like it!

A big thanks to the forum people: 

  The Martian Animation Poster by chinchongcha Vortex Rikers, Unreal by KeeNahMee

Burning Skies by TheNaughtyPirate Sci Fi Girl by SK-Vela Broken by 0-oka  TKs Salvage Mech by ScottaHemi Odem by Vechx

Neon Soldier by ChoFerry Cyber Soldier - Sci Fi Challenge by VictorNeveu Renown Class Command Cruiser by Andared

Some other scifi artwork:

 Kasumi Goto by NonPlayer2 Lost Planet by C-JR

Moon33 by Deniboy1314  Stargate Guardian by telthona 

Once again thanks to all artists for making such amazing art. Keep up the good work!

Lately I thought of a kind of lack of content of me. Even though I'm currently in the development of my own homepage for my artwork, I would also like to expand even more, this time into the "universe" of youtube. What's interesting in this particular topic , is the fact that I've never really made any videos regarding art. 

I wonder if you have any tips for a youtuber that starts out. What are the best programs for video editing? I know of Sony Vegas and Adobe After Effects, are there other variants? 

It's been quite a while since I've been doing some serious commissions for people and I'm willing to do some again. I'm open for different projects - from concept art up to book cover illustrations. I've leveled up quite alot since last time and I'm ready to level up even more. 

What can I draw/make for you?

Alone standing Environment Concepts/Illustrations: 50-150$ 


Alone standing Character Designs/Illustrations: 40-125$

Sketch - The Desert Raid by AranniHK   

Also doing sketches and other projects. Price rates are discussable. 
If you are interested in this type of work please send me a note here on DA or an E-Mail to:
Payments are made preferably trough my PayPal: .

So there's a money/point raffle on DeviantArt. Let's participate!

<da:thumb id="553299057"/>
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Blog for my Daily Value Sketches

Full Value Series Gallery:…

The principle of "One drawing a day" seems to work...

08.06.15 - #1
The Ivory Wraith

09.06.15 - #2

10.06.15 - #3
Star Knight

More to come...
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Hello there again, friends!

I've seen some really fascinating artwork and many more over the past recent weeks and I've decided to share these pieces with you!

  • Starting of with some landscapes:

Fantasy Landscape V by Concept-Cube  Fantasy Landscape by RaymondMinnaar

Snow Fantasy Landscape by jjpeabody Forma 02 by korbox

Gonna hunt me some sand creatures by HideTheInsanity Silver Hour by LukasBanas

  • Characters and monsters:

Biomech Hazard. by duster132 HELMET TEST by MathiasZamecki REDEMPTION - THE HUNTERS by DanLuVisiArt

  • Photographs and Stock Images:

Combat Soldier STOCK XI by PhelanDavion Combat Soldier STOCK XII by PhelanDavion Female Universal Soldier STOCK II by PhelanDavion

  • Tutorials and Tools:

Speedpainting tutorial by vesner Fenris_Brush_Pack V02 by Fenris31  Vin Character Tutorial by JasperSandner Painting Snow by HrvojeBeslic

Thanks to you fellow artists! I appreciate your work and input to the community alot! 

Have a nice day!
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Hello Ladys and Gentlemen,

Some time ago I did a forum post regarding Science Fiction Artwork, where people could post their recent SciFi pieces. I've found out that alot of people are really talented and I wanted to feature here some of their artwork


 The time watcher by artmarcotal Steppin' Razor by LizzyChrome
Original Character - Iona by Avriae Security Force concept by ScottaHemi Bruticus Shooticus by StaxMaye
Sliver by CrimsonDaeva Ulder Mechs by Vechx Logical Look by Charle-magne
 mecha wolverine by jeffchendesigns Alien Tsung [Battle Mode] by xXSerena-CrosseXx Limited Transcendence by NemoTheGoblin
Akacya: The Bounty Hunter Page 31 by Shinkalork page 180 - Back - Suzumega Medabot by AltairSky 
Coexist by AngoraART The Pyro by WildPencil Lost In The Future by TEAofeyes
Scouts by Anclrevv Hangar Inspection(redone) by EyeballEarth
Sci-fi Space Pilot Concept by CrimsonSword03 Genesis by HoriaBlanda
Darth by Varjopihlaja from  an other  dimension by ilinea

I will be featuring more in the future! 
Good evening, Ladys and Gentlemen,

Since I need alot of practice in terms of speed and quality I decided to make these so called "Speedpaint Sessions" where I take 20 minutes to 1 hour time to draw digitally in Photoshop and maybe make something great.
I'm thinking about recording it and sharing it afterwards to you. 
I'd really appreciate it if you could critic and comment on these Speedpaint Session pictures I will post, so I can learn.
While drawing these "speedies" I don't have alot of time to think about mistakes and other things it's actually a nice challenge. 
I will update this journal from time to time to keep track of my progress:

  • Speedpaint Session #1:

  • Goal: Create atmospheric lightning and a backstory without telling it. 
  • Description: First Speed Paint. About 30minutes with coffee breaks in it... Yeah, I know - I should'nt take breaks while drawing xD.

  • Speedpaint Session #2:

  • Goal: Playing with Lights and Shadows. Making some kind of composition. Eye should capture the portal first. 
  • Description: Second Speed Paint. Listened to some strange podcast about aliens (agaaain). This one took me actually about 20 minutes. So pretty quick. I still need to loose this strange habit of making everything blurry. Maybe use the lasso tool more often? Apart from that I like that movie feeling...

  • Speedpaint Session #3 - Sacred Masks:

  • Goal: Designing some kind of creepy mask, that could be worn by occultists or other odd looking fellows, you know...
  • Description: Just messed around with some random face design out of my head. I don't know why but I always start to draw this face. Coincidence? I don't think so. Well, that's a bit creepy. Around 30 minutes of speedpainting. 

  • Speedpaint Session #4 - Landscape Thumbnails:

  • Goal: Practice in doing landscape thumbnails while multitasking.
  • Description: Establishing small scifi/fantasy landscape thumbnails, placing light more or less right, water reflections, perspective. 10 minutes per thumbnail.


To be continued...

Recently I'm getting more and more freelance work in. People are mailing me and asking sometimes for commission here on deviantart. It's been somehow a struggle for me not to take a new commission, because of the challenge it gives me. I really like to work fast, but sometimes it's too much work and that's basicly why I'm lately so upset about not having enough time for myself. Well, I kind of went that way myself... Can you tell me about your experience with clients or your time management? I really like to learn how to improve in this really important stuff. 

"Hey" Ladies and Gentlemen! 

Well, I've started today a rather unique piece I would say, as try different styles of digital painting. This time it's a viking I'm drawing, altough he has an unusual design overall, but it still fits the theme quite well. Almost like some Skyrim warrior xD.

Well, it's easier to show it, than to explain it:

WIP #1:

Still learning to paint metal and scratches. The helm for the example =).
Drawing the actual eye a bit later. I still need to study it a bit. 

WIP #2:

What do we have here? Well, my actual first since a long time to draw the mouth and cheeck area etc + of course scars (How could I forget them). And wow, I actually found use for a brush I didn't really use. It turns out that it's really great for skin painting :D. Still need to study the forms and stuff. 

Ps: Yes, I know - it turns a bit dark fantasy themed out, but I guess I like that style. Reminds me of Dark Souls!!

More to come !


Hello there again!

I'm open for commissions again and I'm willing to do some Sci-Fi Characters for points and money (PayPal)
I will take 5 Commissions for now.
Prices are varying depending on the difficulty of the subject matter. 

The first two people who are commissioning are getting a 20% discount! So hurry!

Some Examples: 

  • Head/Bust: 15-25$ (1500-2500 points)


  • Till Knee/ Full Body: 25-35$ (2500-3500 Points)

  • Story telling illustration: 25-40$ (2500-4000 Points)

  • Doing also sketches for 5$ each.

Commission Slots:

1. - Client - Artwork
2. - Client - Book cover

Feel free to contact me and discuss details.
Hey Guys,

as it seems I always write something when it's pretty late, but here I go...
Well, I saw alot of videos on youtube on how to render metals etc. Now I want to try that too. The next couple day will be probably me trying to render different metals and their forms. Once I know how to do that, It will be so much easier to make more art for my soldier folder xD... Okay, good try =D. Let's see how it turns out...

Cheers, AranniHK.
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  • Watching: How to render metal xD
  • Playing: Photoshop

A small teaser image of my next project - “The Gloom Ghost”. Already 2 hours into it. The next step will be fixingthe textures and light placing

Still needs alot of fixing, detailing and colouring. Let’s see where this takes me.

  • Listening to: Ivan Torrent (Reverie) – Before I Leave This
Hey Guys! 

I've been lately working with some clients and we understood each other from like the first word.
What experience did you had with your clients? Were there some "wishes" that were impossible to accomplish? 
It would be great to hear something about your experience :) I hope to "level up" myself in that manner :P

Cheers, AranniHK.
Hi Guys!

Since I need to make money really badly I started an account on RedBubble to make some money on the side. I've got there some really nice designs for phone cases and mugs and I'm hoping that you can find some interest in them.
Be sure to check it out!…

Good (Underground) Day!

It have been a long time since I did something new for my "Under the World" series of drawings and that's why I'm finally ready to do some more of it.
And now it's time to go deeper into the earth realm that hides all sorts of wonders...

The series so far:

1. Cave Lookout

2. The Elven Catacombs

3.Underground Portal

AAAnd now...
I will write down a plan on what to expect next:

1. A dark cave with giant mushrooms/fungis, that are glowing, along the path
2. An goblin hideout with some real scary slopes
3. An underground sea with ghost ships on it
4. A temple of the old gods (I don't even know which gods xD)

If I get more ideas, I will write them here down, but for now that will be enough, I guess.
Be sure to follow alongside my path in the underworld!
Cheers, AranniHK