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Yep, this not a joke or something like that, after thinking for days, I decided to leave DeviantArt.

My reasons? well, the main one is because I lost interest in painting, you may have noticed by how often I upload something these days. At least I did the one thing why this profile was made, and it was to improve my art skills, I look back at my old paintings and compare them with the newest ones, it's just unbelievable how I went from using 3 colors to complete patterns, and how my shading got better, and overall, the quality of my portraits. I also lost all of my excitement for posting, it just became boring to me I guess

Another reason is the community, to me, it's just... toxic, it's full of stuff that I simply dislike, you don't know how many times I've run into fetish art in tags that have NOTHING to do with them, and if you say "Just ignore it!" I tried, but it keeps bothering me a lot.

And talking about people, I met awesome friends in the whole year I've been active, some of them still talk to me and I appreciate that but lately, a lot of friends disappeared from this site, who are awesome artists, and it makes me sad going to their pages, just to find that they haven't posted in months. I remember talking to about 15-10 people before, but now that number is hardly 5.

From now I'm going to focus on school, becoming better at playing guitar and overall, being a better person, and you know, talking about music, I'm going to quickly talk about my evolution on enjoying music. Before I only listened to Nu-metal (If you haven't noticed from my early months XD) I used to think that the type of music I was listening to was better than anything else, I was the typical "Metal is better than anything!1111!!1 \m/) ...looking back, I cringe at how much of a poser I was XD Sometime later, I got into Metallica, and I was amazed at how good Thrash metal is! "Kill 'Em All", "Ride The Lightning", "Master of Puppets" and "...And Justice For All" were my entrance into the incredible world of metal, later I found the classic Heavy metal that everyone has heard at least once in their lives, of course, I loved it, not as much as Thrash tho, then I found Hardcore Punk, Death metal, Black metal, Reggae, Grindcore, Classic Rock and the list keeps on going! If you are up into checking the bands I'm into. I'll leave a list with the best I can think of:
-The Beatles  
-Bad Brains
-Fucking Slayer

Oh well, it was fun, I want to thank all the people who have been supporting me since they found this profile, but now I have to say that DA is not the site for me anymore. Goodbye and good luck! THRASH 'TILL DEATH! -ARandomUser

EDIT: I've decided to put some paintings that were never finished

1.- Unfinished Jim Root and Fender Telecaster from Slipknot 1 by ARandomUserl-l

2. Unfinished The Beatles full group portrait, only Paul is shown here  The-beatles by ARandomUserl-l

3.- Unfinished Jimmy Page with Gibson Les Paul from Led Zeppelin Jimmy by ARandomUserl-l
Hello dudes,it's me again,maybe you noticed that I stopped uploading deviations more often and it's because i'm not a sloth or anything like that,the major problem is S.C.H.O.O.L It starts at 7:30 am and ends in 2:30 pm plus I always have to do homework,and recently I got a job in the afternoon,"but why?" because I'm trying to earn money to buy stuff for my electric guitar(Yesterday just got an amplifier tho.) and I have english class from 7:00 to 8:00 from Monday to Friday,only the weekends I have time to draw ;v (I miss when I used to upload every day ;( ) I hope you understand.
I'm gonna post something today or tomorrow,don't miss it!
08/24/97,Twenty years ago,was the first time that Corey Taylor performed live in the M.F.K.R days.

The live performance was in The Safari Club at Des Moines,Iowa and the members were Anders,Corey,Craig,Josh,Joey,Mick,Paul and Shawn.
The band was still in full MFKR and Corey wore latex face paint instead of a mask.

The next link is the footage of that day:[M.F.K.R Corey's first performance]
Seven years ago (May 24, 2010) a great bassist passed away, the heart of the band :(

Paul Dedrick Gray, was born on April 8, 1972 in Los Angeles. California. He was an American musician, bassist and composer of Heavy Metal, known for being the bass player and co-founder of Slipknot.

Paul Gray (1972-2010).

We miss you Paul