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why dont you do right

here's my new jessica rabbit piece...well this one is from multiple reference picture like xtina for the pose, veronica lake for the hair, marilyn monroe for the make up...and the orginal jessica rabbit...

well i did a little help from photoshop..for the glitz on her dress gonna take a break from jessica rabbit..i have to browse for another inspiration :D

what's with roger rabbit??!!lol
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Excellent use of Noir setting. Nice work.
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jawdrop revampShockedAhoooga! Hubba Hubba! Howwwwl! *heart pounding in and out like a cartoon*Stupid Me!
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Face reminds me a bit of Ann Miller
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you could do a play boy BUNNY thing, like roger as hue hefner
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By the way, is there a way to get this as a desktop wallpaper?
Her face is my favorite part. You captured it perfectly. Awesome work from you, as usual.
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reminds me of marlin monroe
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Very,very beautiful.
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You've been featured in my journal :D [link]
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woah-nilly! how long did it take you to do the shading? and how do you do that?
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very saucy!!!
This is great!
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You made her look both impossibly hot, and incredibly realistic, and THAT is saying something. Wonderful job!! =)
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her face is the same shape as lily cole's
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Oh my goodness... She looks absolutely scrumptious! I'm at an absolute lost for words... I'm floored at how marvelous she looks. Wonderful job!
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this piece is great and supersexy...congrats
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me encantaa!!Dibujas de miedo, tío!!Mis felicitaciones!
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