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princess serenity

done!!!!!my sailor moon fan art woohoo!!!and im not miss naoko takeuchi XD

i really tried my best to mimic miss naoko's a perfectionist i still have personal comments on this one..the only 'not' miss naoko here is the hair and the moonstick...most moonsctick i saw is in the newer series and also the coloring....

so i want to create mix looks for this one...i want it to look serene and romantic yet in action..and that is not the crescent moon..that is the earth...

in water color

bishojo senshi sailor moon by naoko takeuchi

and let us continue to pray for japan..
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Wait, they drew the original? I thought it was just some original manga cover art so I was redrawing it. Oh man I’m so sorry. I’ll do more research next time. They had me fooled 😓
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It's very-well-done, though.  And yours is more 'Neo Queen Serenity' then 'Moon Princess Serenity'; any plans for portraits, likewise, of Moon Queen Serenity and 'Neo Princess Serenity'/'Princess Lady Serenity', too?  

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Wow it’s crazy how well he was able to recreate the original style.
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Like with Marco Albiero and all of his artwork for the re-dub of the first/original 1992 "Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon" Anime?………

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This is breathtakingly gorgeous. Well done!
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It looks just like her style
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Can I say Ah-mazing?
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Wow!!! I thought it was the original artwork until I notice the Moonstick. So pretty and spot on detail!!!
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Beautiful depiction of the true sovereign of the cosmos:)

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This is one of the most fantastic pieces of Sailor Moon art I have ever seen! You are so talented. 
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It really is like Naoko Takeuchi's drawings, it must have taken you lots of time to complete it hard work, very nice job, but two things are kind of off in it, first is the little sword drawing over parts of your drawing, it somewhat covers a little of your nice drawing, second is the front of her dress it looks just a little hanging. Well, otherwise your drawing is very detailed, especially her eyes and hair, and the lines, it looks mysterious, kind, clear, and she looks alert and worried about something. Well it is a very worthy and good drawing,have a nice day.  
 Clap Handshake Snowflake Snowflake 
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oh this is fan art?  It's so good I thought it was from the art book
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I also thought it was from Naeko-sama. o.o It's so gorgeous, I favorited, I hope that's ok? Also was wondering how many days you must have worked on this piece? I'm not able to draw by hand like this, but I can assume you worked isnanely hard for at least a week all day every day on this! Your effort really paid off though I literally thought this was a colored manga! I like that you made her hands a bit smaller than Naeko does, it makes Usagi look even MORE stunningly elegant and princess-like!
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Wow, this turned up on a Google search and I assumed it was an vintage Naoko piece that had somehow escaped my notice.  Beautiful work!
The most awesome SM fanart I've ever seen. It looks 100% like Naoko's piece of art. Im sooo impressed. I want moaar. :)
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That´s a great drawing!!!
I thought it was real and her hair looks brilliant, and I love the colors you took!!!
It looks like an official art from the original Artbooks

Neko Emoji-42 - (Kawaii Admiring) [V3] Neko Emoji-42 - (Kawaii Admiring) [V3] Neko Emoji-42 - (Kawaii Admiring) [V3] 
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I thought that was Naoko's drawing 0_0
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