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wow! shit, some people only get inspiring when they're available as a work of art :D

Just beatifull, like seriously, so good. Love it

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The best dwarf ever ♥ GORGEOUS!!!

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I am officially in love with how you colour it yet still so realistic. It's so beautiful!

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:clap: Beautiful gallery

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My favourite Lannister. :D

Well done.

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OMG he's amazing!!!

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incredible use of color

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Great pic,coloring,rendering and all. And of course,Tyrion rules! Great job!

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Btw,here's my version,enjoy.

Tyrion Lannister
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Well done... Color is not something I think about when I think about Game of Thrones but this is excellent! Tyrion is my favorite so far.

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Pretty freaking awesome!

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God I love Peter Dinklage.

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This level of detail is astronomical! Phenomenal work! :D
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Your color choices are insane! In the good way lol

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Wow amazing artwork
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👍💫 Looks like Klaus Kinski, German Actor, mostly as an bad character:


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🤭He might have been a good Tyrion

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