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All great painting

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Beautifully done! The reflections from the body and water drops really create that depth just as a camera would. :clap:

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Oh my god, beautiful colors!!

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Wonderful the giant dew drop makes the lady bug more adorable, and the colors possess a please vibrance to them. Excellent work!!!!

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All of your art is beautiful :wave:

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Beautiful! I once saw a ladybug just pacing around on my bedside table. I decided to put a little droplet of water near it. It walked over, put it's lil head near the drop, stayed like that for awhile, then left. I saw the waterdrop get abit smaller, so i think the ladybug was drinking from the water droplet i gave it!

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It's a Beetles reunion! I hope they find some strawberry hills, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

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so beautiful!!!

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Ladybug is so beautiful! ❤️

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I think this is the first time I've seen you draw an insect.

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✨G O R G O U S✨

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