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Watari - Yami no Matsuei

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second piece in my YnM rampage xDDD yutaka watari the funny guy X3

aaaagh...I knew it..I know that his hair would be hella tedious to draw...but I still did it anyway...becos I like it ^^;;

now onto the 3rd piece ^o^V... (haven't started yet..patience,dear^^ )
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<3 Omg epicly pretty portrait of watari the blonde weird ass but cute scientist guy!
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*tackles Watari* So cute!
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I loved this guy too in the anime~
You have made him look really handsome, oh yes indeed.

But isn't that categorizing little off? I can't believe this is done via computer... looks like traditional pictire for me.

Anyway, it's really nice. <3
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PsychoGrandmasterHobbyist General Artist
Mmm he looks so pretty! I love you now!
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I think this is the first fanart of Watari I've seen. I must fav this. ^_^
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Kyaaa!! Watari is the sexiest of all!! I've been trying to draw him, but it's-- so-- HARD!! But I must! He's so kakkoii! I'll do him justice, even if takes me years! Because he's just so cool and I love him some much and there's a lot of exclamation points in this, isn't there!!?

*takes deep breath* Well anyway, I :worship: your ability to draw that guy's hair.
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ah. it's so...watari lol. awesome pic. that hair of his musta taken forever! i for one will never draw him, i'm much too lazy ha ha. really awesome!
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AAAWWWW! He's a cutie!!! >^-^<
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Ayeee! Watariiiii! *glomps him, hugs him, and never lets him go*
You did a awesome job!!! His hair is just so desespairing to draw (gave it up after 10 trys. Drew Oriya instead. His hair isn't better >_< )
Chro-Naritaka's avatar
:omg: <O.O> *ears go straight up as drools over the pic* HE'S SO SEXY!!!YOU DREW HIM PREFECT!!!^^ waiiiiiiiiiiiiii*glomps the hot sexy totally bishie pic of Watari-san* MINE!!*growls at all who come near*snarl growl snort* ^^ lol wuv the pic
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nightcat82Hobbyist Artist
Woop! Loves his soft curly hair!
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beautiful watari~~ *swoons*
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Gah 0-0 [goes off on a Watari worshippign tangent]by the way that is very good ^-^ i love the hair but my mum had to go and spoil this pic by looking over my shoulder and asing "Oh that lady has very pretty hair" 0-0!
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Must... steal... your... talent! It's amazing. The hair is especially impressive... :clap:
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skyrose General Artist
His expression is too cute XD

The hair is lovely... *pets... hair...* All shiny and stuff ^-^
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vkacademy Digital Artist
What a charming portrait! Love that smile!
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greekamazonHobbyist General Artist
^^ Aw. Watari looks really good in your style. His hair looks really good. Very worth the effort. Great work.

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mesiasteHobbyist Traditional Artist
OMG! Watari-sama!!!!!!!!!!! My beloved chara from YnM! Beautifull portrait!

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*applauds to ne end* I love Wata. =^-^= AAAAAND, even though the hair was a pain it looks GREAT! =^--^= *huggles*
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gaiagirl Interface Designer
I am speechless x3 I love this so much! x3 :+fav:
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Kiyaa~~ Watari-kun looks sooo pretty!!! 8o8 I love his hair lots!! The details are sooo kool, plus the fabulous colouring... *o* Kirei da!
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stoic1985 Traditional Artist
Look at te hair! It's amazing!! XD XD
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I like this pic!!
you're very good in using colored pencils!!!!
very nice shadows!!!!
In filipino: GALING!!!!!!! (great)
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bagusnya amit2!! aku bisa mati deh.. bener2 bagus sekali2!!!!!! semua2nya deh! *breathless*
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