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Trinity Blood - Abel -

old lineart... from half a year ago xD;; (I think)
re-coloured the whole gawddamn thing....

well, it's a fanart of the sacred series of Trinity Blood... presenting to you Abel Nightroad ^^ my second fav. chara from the series...
The manga is holy, I tell you, holy~!!! the artworks is gorgeous *w* and the amount of details... I can just dieee~~~~~ it's too great and thus, a sin to mention it xDDD

quite satisfied with the result ^^ eheheheh...

lineart inked as usual with copic multiliner, colouring in photoshop7 using tablet
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SO beautiful!!!! I love it!! Love him!!! :heart:
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Le Crusnik form~
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Gah, I really love this one ^.^
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This picture made me fall in love with him even more!!!:icon0inuloveplz:
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sooo beautiful<3 he is soo hot but I still can`t belive he`s 20 years old! In the manga I thought he was 25-28 years!! oops but you have made him young and hot thank youu<3
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gorgeous!i love Abel so much!
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Waaaah~!! It`s Father Nightroad~!! I love him~!!! :iconomgsocuteplz:
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good job indeed
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abel wuhuuu !!
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beautiful <33333
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That is a awesome pic of abel.
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I love your Tyki Ava :D
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Absolutely love Trinity Blood, have all manga (that have been released so far), light novels (that have been released so far) and anime, yes its addictive.

This is perfect. I love it!
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really nice work :)
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he is so beutifuly !
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I want one (of him, I mean).
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