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Dragon Horn Types Part1
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Published: May 10, 2011
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Here is the next part for Arokai: dragon horns!
There are 11 different types of horns and everyone has two different variations and a front view. You won't believe how difficult it was to draw a dragon head in front view... hope it looks ok. They all have the same head type, it's the official one Arokai showed us here: [link]
Sorry if it looks lame to you 'cause the heads look all the same but I would have killed myself if I had drawn for every horn a different head! And the focus of the picture lies on the horns. Instead they have special markings on it what should be also helpful for Arokai.
Part 2 is already in progress I just need to color it.
There will be again 11 more horn types on it.
Well, enjoy :)

Horn Types:

1. Standard
2. Crown
3. Icicle/Blade
4. Curved
5. Curled
6. Scaled
7. Razor
8. Skull (my favorite again)
9. Webbing
10. Broad
11. Spiked (2. favorite)

Part 2 is ready^^

Visit her, please!
She's amazing: [link]
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hypebenderHobbyist Artist
#9 is my favorite one by far, thank you for posting these types of pics
Zerg-Dragon's avatar
Bone Horns and Ice/Blade Horns ftw! (I'd like the horn on Ice/Blade #1 to be on #2 xD)
Warrior101Wolfhowl's avatar
Awesome! My favourite was the last one <3
Leira15's avatar
Leira15Student General Artist
Dragonmaster62835's avatar
Dragonmaster62835Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome! Variations 2 are more awesome, but still awesome! The same base swown is so many awesome ways... awesome! :D
Laharl95's avatar
I believe the Curved horns look best~ :3
LordStarsCreamy's avatar
LordStarsCreamyHobbyist Digital Artist
die sehen echt hübsch aus ^-^
MeadowSage's avatar
MeadowSageProfessional General Artist
This is really cool! Quite inspirational too, may I add, and quite helpful. It's hard coming up with different concepts when it comes to dragon horns.
Stefanoxvh's avatar
StefanoxvhHobbyist Traditional Artist
Im going to try this out! thanks for the dev ;D
tereza2011's avatar
tereza2011Hobbyist Writer
I really like the Icicle / Blade and the Curled one.
The rest is beatiful aswell ^^
Airmead's avatar
AirmeadHobbyist Digital Artist
This is awesome I love the idea of the Ice horns, They would fit PERFECTLY with the char I'm going to make. Now all I need is a face kinda like this dragons face [link]
JokerrLaughs's avatar
JokerrLaughsHobbyist General Artist
I observed both Part 1 and Part 2 and discovered some very creative types of horns.
But.. the curled horns

Can't wait to use some of these, you're just too awesome.
Curious-kim's avatar
Curious-kimHobbyist Artist
This is soooo helpful..I've been wanting to try and draw dragons -__- at least its something else than faces only....
bluelagoon037's avatar
Geez, where do you get so much imagination from ?! Very nice! :D
Araless's avatar
AralessProfessional Digital Artist
It's all in my head I guess XD
And I get so much inspiration from all kind of things like music, nature, clouds or even just a mood.
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MiirikHobbyist Digital Artist
This. It's amazing, along with part two! Definitely referring to these horn designs a bit in the future! Before, I found it a bit difficult to come up with horn designs, but I suspect that this will help me. :) Very helpful!!!

Very inspiring! Faved, along with the other part! :D
Araless's avatar
AralessProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks a lot :)
I was thinking about making more dragon part designs in the future... but I guess that will not happen in the next time. There is too many other work I have to do XD
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AwesomePonyTailHobbyist Digital Artist
Added this to my tutorial collection because I will most definitely be referring to this in the future.

Awesome work. Thanks!
Araless's avatar
AralessProfessional Digital Artist
No problem! Hope it does help you.
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WildWolffieStudent Digital Artist
´These might give a unique form for the head on a raptor. I´m somehow bad at drawing dragons, but raptors goes pretty good with this form of head :D
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