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Fantasy Sword

Fantasy sword concept art (combination of scimitar and katana).
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can i get your permission to model this?
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Yeah, you can model this sword from my concept :) If you make it please send me the info - I'd like to see the final result :)
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I really, REALLY love this model.

Although I'll have to agree with some earlier comment, the handle should be a bit longer. Although it MIGHT give it some kind of unexpected unique handling. That's it, I'm getting curious now
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wow, superb work^^, but it's not realy a fantasy sword, because i already saw thing like that, and relativly often, and it's not realy surprising, katana's and scimitar are aimilar if you compare weight, lenght...

but still, realy nice sword =D
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oups lol, i mean they are similar* not aimilar xD
PristineSolice's avatar
i love the color and detail. good job ^^
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looks great!!! from a sword-wielder's view: add 6 inches to the handle to help counter-balance the blade; this will make it easier to handle and allow the use of 2 hands when desired.
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Thx for the comment and all suggestions. Maybe in future I'll change this handle :)
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wow :o jedwabiste :P

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Tylko ty mogłeś coś takiego zrobić ;)
Praca naprawdę super :)
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Super to wyszlo i Ty tak sam?:D
Dobry ,dobry
a ja,zeby nie bylo,ze nic nie dodaje...
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no rewelacja ;)
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No wypierdzieliłeś extra prace, graty wyranej.
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