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Birth of a Star

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The big glowy part is rendered in Apophysis.
Star background was made in Paintshop and GIMP, with the aid of a helpful tutorial ([link]) on creating starfields.
Comments and critiques appreciated =)

Edit: Earlier I said it was rendered in Terragen. My apologies, I meant to type 'Apophysis'. I'd like to see the Terragen model that can do that!
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So pretty, good work dear!
The starfield collides a bit, though. They could be a bit more colourful somehow (you know, like those Hubble pictures of nebulae or such?)
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=D If I knew what I was really doing with this I might make it more colorful, but as is, I simply made them white (I used a noise-generated starfield), and applied universal coloring because I don't trust myself to brush it well enough. Brushing is one thing I just don't know how to manage. But I can't work on it anymore because I don't have Paintshop or Photoshop for this computer :(
But thanks anyways, iippo, I appreciate the comments :D
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ooo, pretty! this one gets a fav :D
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:D Thanks a lot. I actually am only half-pleased with this one, so hopefully I'll mix up something better for next time!
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ganbatte, templar! everything you do is cool, tho :D