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May 26, 2010
Deadpool vs Deathstroke by ~Aracubus is fantastic! the dinamism of the picture makes you feel like a part of the scene, and all the little details make it that much better! This work is filled with action. Enjoy!
Featured by elicoronel16
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Deadpool vs Deathstroke


Who will win this epic battle?
I go for Deathstroke.

At least he could kill Deadpool so many times untill Deadpool Go crazy chasing a Dog or forgeting all about.

This is for submitting for Dc and Marvel Publishers.
I hope to find the way that the right guy view this.
Maybe if I show it to Rob Liefeld first. he seems like a very cool guy.



Quién Ganaría esta batalla!?!

Seguramente Deathstroke podría matar a Deadpool tantas veces como se enfrentaran hasta que MuertoPiscina se olvide o se vaya a perseguir un perro tal Homero Simpsons.

Viendo la manera de que algún editor de Marvel o DC vea esto..

Espero les guste!

_______________________________________________Pencil sketch + PS + Wacom

Edit: Whoa!! DD! Thx to :iconelicoronel16: for the kind words. I will try to respond every comment! thx!
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Deathstroke has the japanese mirakuru inside of him. Deadpool is just a failed experiment. I bet my money on deathstroke.
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Mirakuru is more powerfull than deadpool´s healing factor?
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Not quite. It's just a WWII Japanese Super Soldiers program that only exists in the show Arrow. Cannon Slade's enhancements are the results a US Military program to create an immunity to truth serum. Only there were some unexpected side effects. Though I'm unsure which of the two Wilsons is superior superpower wise. I find myself putting my money on Wade, mainly because of the Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe series.
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My money's on Mister Wilson.
I see what you did there
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I love the positioning of the characters
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thx!  it´s off the standart poses. thx for notice.
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Epic. And drawn in an awesome style.
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many thx Maria!
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Excellent drawing. The lines are hidden in the colors, like a painting. Great style.
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Yep. I play with that, sometimes I leave it more. and sometimes I cover it up with strokes. it depends on the time I have. and maybe... comic with lines. illustration without them. =)
I hope my english is good enough.
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Deathstroke is better designed as a character
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No, In everything. Deadpool's power allows him to never die, leaving no room for suspense at all, and Deathstroke has to solely depend on his combat and intellect in order to get any use out of his healing factor.
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Awesome. I like Deadpool, but I always preferred Deathstroke.
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same here. I think. I keep switching between them
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Deadpool will win.
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=)   glad you like it
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