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Your Turn, Princess~

Because of course I had to let Vaggie get some payback after the last one! Laugh, Vaggie!

My, how the turn tables! Now it's Charlie's turn for some playful tickle torture! Not that I think she minds, of course~ ;D

I've been planning this follow-up pretty much since I drew the first one, and I'm pretty pleased with how it came out, so I hope you guys like it! 
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Thanks! I'm glad you think so. ^^
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this reminds me of that charlie tickle gif that other deviant made

Arachnid95's avatar

Oh? What one was that? o3o

max15205's avatar

it was by ceaser3o or something

Arachnid95's avatar

Oh yeah, that video! Yee, I commissioned that actually. X3

max15205's avatar

your shitting me!

Arachnid95's avatar
Nope, that was me! XD

Niiiice masterpiece

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Hehe thank you! I'm glad you like it! ^^
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Tickle silly game.... Vaggie x Charlie.

Arachnid95's avatar
Ah, yep, that's what's going on...! XD

The next can be vanvet and mollie?

Awww!!!!! Cute!!!!! And of course Charlie, being the adorable cutie-pie that she is not only loves tickling her girlfriend, but loves being tickled by her as well!

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Hehe, so glad you like!

There's no way a bubbly cutie like her doesn't love tickling and being tickled by her girlfriend! Vaggie though... I feel like, given the choice, she'd choose this position over the alternative... XD

Yeah... but I think she would be willing to be on the other end for Charlie's sake!

Mrtyhghh's avatar

I like this sequel

Arachnid95's avatar

Hehe, I'm very glad you do! ;D

Finalmente su novia tuvo su venganza 😈

Arachnid95's avatar

¡Por supuesto! No podía dejarla escapar sin consecuencias, ¿verdad? ;D

A comparación con el dibujo de Vaggie, este dibujo no bajó un poco su calidad 🤔?

Mi intención no es insultar a tu dibujo solo estoy dando una observación 😅

Arachnid95's avatar

¿Eso crees? Pensé que este era mejor, personalmente. o3o

Está bonito y todo pero si tuviera que escoger creo que eligiria el dibujo de Vaggie 😅

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