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Quickie: Ticklish Timmy Turner

I really gotta quit picking such weirdly-shaped characters, I swear... X'D

Another fave from my childhood! I don't know what the context is here, but whatever it is that got him into this situation, I'm sure he deserves it... >;D

Hope you guys like!
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Even though I hate his show (I respect your opinion on it), It's rather nice to see Timmy Turner getting his feet tickled.
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Heh, I loved the show when I was a kid, but the latest seasons have kinda sucked... XD
I'm glad you like the pic though!
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Totally deserves it~
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Hehe, I'm glad you agree! It's about time he learned his lesson~ ;D

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Tehe yes hehe again great job I know I commented before but seriously great job
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Heh, thank you! I'm very glad you like! ^^
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X'3 underrated cutie and amazing job~ :clap:

e3e// I agree with you, he prolly deserved it.

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Hehe, thankies! So glad you agree! If you ask me, he deserves moooooar tickle arts! ;D
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X'D so very true, and you're more than welcome~!

e3e also, I know Chloe isn't the best character but she is a special kind of bratty and lil miss perfect. XD I think she would make a good choice if you plan on doing another from the series. Plus she wears sandals too.

ewe or another Timmy one , cause he needs more like you mentioned. X'D ahaha

:v oh, on a side note. I've only seen a few handful of episodes that involved Chloe. X'D

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I've also only seen a little of Chloe, but she already annoys me. Definitely a deserving candidate for tickle torture... >:3
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X'3 I'm glad you agree and good to hear~

XD true, she is annoying. I still remember when she had potential and a mystery around but that was quickly ditched for mary sue-ish plot. Short lived potential but still.

e3e If I remember right, the short lived mystery / cliffhanger was who was she and why did she get fairies. Near the end of her first or second episode, it had a missing poster for Chloe. After she had helped that destructive monster in a peaceful way. It had a splinter in it's foot for context which is why it was rampaging.

X'D good times ahaha

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Awwwww! So cute! X3 And he deserves it too! XD
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Hehe, agreed! Maybe this time he'll learn his lesson... XD.
Thanks much friend! So glad you like!
"I wish to be really happy."

Very cute setup 😄
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Hah, I bet that's how it happened! ;D
So glad you like, friend!

Awesome work

I wish I could tickle Jimmy's feet.

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Heh, ah, well this is Timmy... XD
But yee, same here! X///3
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Heh, but yeh, I bet his little feet are super fun to tickle! ;D

Ecpecially when they curl.

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Hehe, too true! X3
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