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Quickie: Marcie's Mirth

Because I've drawn Finn getting tickled twice, but Marcie has yet to have a turn in the stocks, and that's something I just had to remedy! 

Thus, here she is, getting it good at the hands of her beloved Bubblegum! (Apparently, between Charlie and Vaggie yesterday, and these two today, I've got cute gay cartoon couples on the brain... XD)

Will the fearsome Vampire Queen get her revenge against the Princess of the Candy Kingdom? Stay tuned to find out! 

...the answer is probably yeah, though. Like, almost definitely, at some point. X'D
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Awww~ very nice work! I love seeing my favorite vampire queen's feet tickled! :3 I definitely would lick her feet all night long~ X3

Arachnid95's avatar
Heh, you'll have to get in line behind P-Bubs! I bet your tongue would drive her crazy though! ;D
nicknorris44's avatar

Hehe, well it'll definitely be worth waiting to lick her feet~ haha XD

Kenzoe64's avatar

You can never go wrong with a little Marceline being tickled. ^^

Arachnid95's avatar

Hehe, indeed not! She's just too cute to pass up as a 'lee! X3

How cute! I could see those two having adorable tickle fights all the time!

Arachnid95's avatar
Hehe, oh no doubt! I bet they tickle each other silly all the time and love it~ ;D
So glad you like!

You do request?

Arachnid95's avatar

Not anymore, I'm afraid, just commissions, which are closed for the moment. X3

So no art trade?

Arachnid95's avatar

Only very occasionally, and only with certain people.

I can propone a aart trade?

Arachnid95's avatar
If you want, I suppose, but I'm not really open for trades either.

You can do a foot fetish with velvet (hazbin hotel) with Dalia drift (luxastra)?

nman1983's avatar
Marcy! Yay! Such an adorable lee! 😊😄😍💖 PB sure is lucky to have her! 😊
Arachnid95's avatar

Hehe, I'm glad you like, friend! :D

I agree, they're such a cute couple! Though we'll see just how lucky Prubs feels when the tables turn~ >;D

evilpowers2332's avatar

Heh shes an adorable little lee!

Arachnid95's avatar

Hehe, agreed! Marcie is easily the best gal in all of Adventure Time, and I always love seeing her tickled! XD

So glad you like!

Hmm cute! How about doing the girl from Infinity Train or Pibbles from Planet Panic (just because)

Arachnid95's avatar

I'm glad you like pic, but I'm really gonna need you to stop dropping suggestions in the comments of my pieces. If you want to leave suggestions, leave them at my suggestion journal.

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