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Quickie: Jenny's New Feet

My new tablet pen finally arrived yesterday, and it's working great! Thank god, I was so sure I was gonna have to replace my whole-ass tablet... X'D

Anywho, to break it in, I bring you a new quickie, this time featuring XJ9, alias Jenny, from the show My Life As A Teenage Robot, which was easily one of my favorites as a kid!

Since she canonically likes to be tickled (at least in the one episode in which she's capable of being tickled), I thought she might like to test her new peds out with a little self-tickling~

Hope you guys like! 
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ticklefan115's avatar
I really like these quickies they look good
Arachnid95's avatar
Hehe, thank you so much! I'm very glad you like! X3
catshoulder's avatar

Seems like a fun ability to have, but not so much when you consider a particularly tech-savvy villain could use that against her.

Arachnid95's avatar
Yeh, I could see that backfiring... XD
FTGenikit's avatar

This is a pretty creative one, for all it takes is to have her arms move on their own and target her new feet design. Nice! :)

Arachnid95's avatar
Hehe, a self-tickling the way only she could perform! XD
So glad you like, my friend!
FTGenikit's avatar
Hehe! True enough. You gotta do, what you gotta do.
KingEnderDevicRadio's avatar

Wow, you’re torturing yourself by wriggling around too much! Or maybe she wanted to do that? Who knows? Cus I certainly don’t :D

Arachnid95's avatar
Oh, I feel like she wanted this personally~ ;D
evilpowers2332's avatar

Talk about being your own worst enemy heh

Arachnid95's avatar

Heh, no kidding! Given how she reacts to being tickled in the show, though, I think she's having fun here~ ;D

evilpowers2332's avatar

XD as long as shes having fun that's what's important

shirrokitsune's avatar

Oooh so cute! Clever use of her hands too ;3 Tuck was always my favorite from this show :3

Still having Timmy Turner planned for a quickie? If so, I can't wait for him! :D

Arachnid95's avatar

Hehe, glad you like it! Tuck was always a cutie too! ;D

I might still try Timmy, but I've sketched him out once or twice, and I gotta say... he's harder to draw than you might think... X'D

nicknorris44's avatar

Oh wow! Hehe, that's pretty cute! ^^

and I wonder how her feet would taste if I licked them? Maybe like pennys? Lol XD

Arachnid95's avatar
Heh, ah, I'm sure she'll find a way to make them tasty! I bet she'd want to try having her feet licked too~ XD
Glad you like it, bud! ^^
neverb4's avatar

X'D Amazing job on Jenny, funny concept and nice little story too~

X'3 her feet look great and and she blends well with your style~

Arachnid95's avatar

Awww thank you! I'm so glad you like! X3

neverb4's avatar

X3 Of course I do and you're most welcome!

Arachnid95's avatar

Np! I have been wondering if you might do more Camp Camp stuff or Owl House stuff

Arachnid95's avatar

Probably not, Camp Camp unless I'm commissioned again. Owl House maybe, though I'd like to actually see the show first.

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