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Quickie: Coraline Cornered

Okay, NOW I need to stop drawing weirdly-shaped 'lees. X'D

Coraline is one of my favorite movies of all time, and the heroine herself is adorable and makes for a great ticklee, at least in my opinion! 

Maybe in this alternate version, Other Mother was paying attention when those snapdragons were tickling her before, and now she's decided to take full advantage of that weakness~ ;3

Hope you guys like!
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Does anyone around here, rp? I fully expect that it'll probably have to be moved off pic. But, just asking, because I came up with an idea concerning this.

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Out of curiosity, what is your idea?

I think it could work, what say you? Well, once you actually get to reading it in this comment thread.

Well, the beldam/other mother still feeds on people. Kids especially, cuz innate purity yadda yadda, but instead of the very nightmarish sew buttons on kind we see. She does sweeter things. And feeds especially off tickling and ff type stuff. And, instead of the sewing buttons to claim things, I imagine she gives garments that initially the person wants, but if they try to leave for extended periods... it goes from great fashion to trapping straitjacket type thing, and anything else that would hinder escape. I may yet add more to this, but that's baseline.

whether interested or not, let me know.

(Yep. I'll have myself as the lee. If anyone is interested in this. I'd been debating on whether or not to do rule 63 for this. But, yep, myself as the lee for this scenario.

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Ah, so you want to be tickled tortured by the Beldam? o3o

I wasn't initially okay with male tickling, back when I saw the pic with you as a trophy... but give me like two months to think about it and try the m tickling with someone else in an rp... and suddenly I'm okay with it. Who knew? Lol. As long as the ler is female and, obviously, okay at least on the looks of course.

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Heh, well cool!
If you still want to try this, shoot me a note! ;3
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(And I don't care if I get turned into a kid for the sake of the plot either.)

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coraline was writen by the creator of dc's sandman

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Yeh, Neil Gaiman! Dude's a fantastic writer. ^^

love these

do you take suggestions?

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I'm glad you're liking them! I do have a suggestion post among my journals where you can leave one! ^^
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I like the idea. I do believe, I have to go, write a story now...

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Hah, I'm flattered you like it so much! XD

Well do let me know when it's written, I'd love to read it! ;D

Me too. I'm always up for that kind of literature.

"It's not nice to run away from mommy! So until you learn your lesson, I'll let these snapdragons take care of you." -other mother possibly.

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Hehe, sounds about right to me! Seems like a rather apt punishment, don't you agree? ;3

Well, it could have been worse. But in this case yeah.

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Hehe, thank you! X3

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Oooooo~ very nice. It's been awhile since I've seen Coraline tickled, hehe X3

yeah I loved that movie, it's really good and pretty terrifying at moments lol.

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Heh, glad you like buddy! It really is an amazing movie! X3

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