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Quickie: Bubblegum Giggles

As if you didn't know this was coming. XD

As much as I'm sure Marcie loved getting tickled by her lady love, she couldn't very well not get some revenge, now could she? ;D

I wonder if her feet taste like bubblegum, too~ 
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nman1983's avatar
Yay! PB's turn! :D The revenge came and I like how Marcie is using her fingers and tongue on those (hopefully) bubblegum flavored soles of hers too! X3 Though I wonder, which girl is more ticklish? 😏
Arachnid95's avatar
Hehe, I figure if either girl is is gonna be fond of lickling, it'd be Marcie! Though I'm sure Prubs does it too here and there... X3

As for who's more ticklish... Well, I couldn't say. More experiments are needed, I think~ ;D

I'm glad you like, friend! ^^
nicknorris44's avatar

Hehe, revenge is always sweet~ X3 and what else is sweet? Her feet~ I'm sure her feet would taste like bubblegum~ haha XD

Arachnid95's avatar
Hehe, glad you like friend! I bet between your licking and Marcie's, the two of you would really do a number on the princess's sweet feets...! X3
nicknorris44's avatar

Oh I bet! Hehe X3 I'll also would time to time lightly nibble her toes~ XD

Fortunately I think Bubblegum loves it as much as Marcie does!

Arachnid95's avatar
Hehe, almost certainly! The only real question is which one loves it more~ ;D
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