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Let's KILL Someone! (Sketch)

Welp, my computer has crapped out on me, which is putting a bit of a damper on my ability to do digital art. I'm waiting on a new one to arrive, but until then, there's always pencils and paper. XD

Anywho, enjoy this sketch of Cicero I drew while in the throes of Skyrim fever. He's not the best follower, but dammit if he's not entertaining! XD

Sorry it's not fetishy, but eh. There'll be plenty more of that soon when everything is dealt with. X3
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Hehe, it's alright buddy ;3 But that is a pretty neat sketch though, I like it. ^^

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He looks cool! Kinda reminds me of Joker.

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Heh, aesthetically, I can see the resemblance! XD
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Looks like a psychopath ready to put the entire world to burn.

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That's Cicero in a nutshell. XD
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Easily the most uncomfortable follower to have around. XD
Pretty sure I killed him. I gotta get back into Skyrim again!
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Heh, I will say that for an assassin, he really doesn't seem to get the concept of stealth... XD
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I dun wanna be killed. QwQ

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Don't worry, no one's performed the Black Sacrament for you, so you're in the clear! ;D
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