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Tashi Delek by arachibutyrophobic Tashi Delek :iconarachibutyrophobic:arachibutyrophobic 1 24
The Dream who Stopped By
This morning I caught a dream in the little web I leave hanging on my bedpost. #$%@! What do you think you’re doing?! Whoa. I stepped back. The dream threw a handful of porcupine needles at me. Let me go! The frayed threads of my web were thrumming with an otherworldly sound. It assaulted me with magnetic disco cubes, and a plague of flying piranhas, – I covered my head – ten thousand screeching toenails on a chalkboard, and a gale force vacuum cleaner. I backed towards the door in fear. The dream was swearing without restraint, threatening me with an iron wok and seventeen sharpened HB pencils, singeing my eyebrows, and, in essence, trying to take my entire home apart. I reached for the doorknob. It exploded in an impressive display of fireworks. So did my bedside lamp and my cat’s tail. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the little fiend revving up for another attack, and ducked just in time to miss a spurt of foul green phlegm, which caught my poor
:iconarachibutyrophobic:arachibutyrophobic 6 99
Ruthenium 101 by arachibutyrophobic Ruthenium 101 :iconarachibutyrophobic:arachibutyrophobic 6 52
The Winning Loser
London of the fifteenth century. Cobblestone alleyways, flickering oil streetlamps, elongated shadows. A tentacled fog, spreading ink, running like wine through the streets. Yet in the midst of this enigma, the great Renaissance was spreading.
In a shuttered little barber shop, two surgeons were bickering over the bald head of the customer.
Said the skinny one: “But I’m sure it’s ginger you’re supposed to mix in! I just read a new pamphlet about how it stimu– ”
“You lie. It’s clover and cinnamon. Parkins is a doctor and he said so himself. Clover makes the hair grow and ginger makes the hair turn white. Now just get to work,” said the large one.
“You yellow-bellied imbecile! It’s ginger, I tell you! That’s what makes it –”
“We’re not going to settle it this way, idiot! Why, I challenge you to a duel. You’re such a bag of bones, just wait till I get my hands on –”
“Slash it out, then! Dra
:iconarachibutyrophobic:arachibutyrophobic 4 53
A Well-Practiced Gesture
" and they lived happily ever after."
He gently put the book down and kissed her forehead, brushed aside her glazed golden locks; he tip-toed outside, and was about to close the door when
"Daddy, that doesn't make any sense. Why would the miller want to lie to the king? And I thought that the ground is hard. How can you stick your foot in and get ripped in two? The story's all wrong. I thought he was the good guy. How come he doesn't get to live happily ever after?"
The man scratched his head sheepishly, looking like a pickpocket caught red-handed. A stream of flour cascaded from his straw-like hair. " who?"
"Rumpled-stilts-tin. How come he doesn't get to live happily ever after?"
"oh, him. Honey, it's past your bedtime. We can talk about this later. Sweet dreams." The father made his exit, taken aback but pleased by his daughter's sharp mind. Was it not just last night that she had fallen asleep before Cinderella could even meet the prince? What was it that made her devour thi
:iconarachibutyrophobic:arachibutyrophobic 6 40
For the Love of Swimming
A highlight of any gymnasium tour is the swimming pool, a formidable area that attracts all types of creatures: students, seniors, health inspectors, coaches and a multitude unicellular organisms. The pool at Jericho community centre can be reached via two separate change rooms, which are afflicted by shower-head leaks, rusting, and fuzzy black growths beneath the mats. The entrance to the pool itself can be blocked by an ominous portcullis-style gate, but the aroma of sweat mingling with chlorine has crept into the room anyway, unmindful the safety and sanitary precautions plastered to the grating. Past the padlocked fence, the cement floor of the pool room is perpetually moist, and it is a complex task of picking your way between puddles to one end of the pool, serene as usual. As you mount the diving block, it is not hard to notice that it has an uncanny resemblance to a head-chopping structure, with its crimson rust stains and imposing position. A cannonball dive is an effective wa
:iconarachibutyrophobic:arachibutyrophobic 4 5
If You Mess With Us
The girl tugged hesitantly at his frayed robe, wondering what mysteries laid behind those wrinkles.  The monk, quivering with the effort, turned around and smiled toothlessly.  "What is it that you desire, young one?" His voice was cracked and yellowed.
"I want to know what karma is."
It was a beat-up old Ford that the man drove, one of those dumps that had nothing working right: the steering wheel was clammy,  styrofoam was sticking out of the seats, the tank was leaky,  and the radio was busted.  Never mind the radio.  His little brother, the musician freak, was strumming a guitar, chanting "if you mess with us lalala if you mess with us ". Rubber tires padded thickly on the black road, the headlights' whitish glare illuminating the next two feet of path ahead. The engine panted violently, breaking the stifling silence that had settled over the road.
The antique man lowered his eyelids and gave a rattling sigh. "Little
:iconarachibutyrophobic:arachibutyrophobic 2 29
Wolves in Wonderland
A child, who does not know by heart such tales as Cinderella and The Boy who Cried Wolf, seems to have missed something in childhood. But after we grow too old for "make-believe", do we stop to consider the differences between these stories their origins, their roles in our lives, their darker sides? Take Alice in Wonderland and Little Red Riding Hood, for example. Both Alice and Red, the protagonists of the stories, are innocent girls who venture into an unknown realm and are (in most versions) rescued, and yet they are also distinctly unlike.
Firstly, these tales originated in different times under different circumstances. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was written by British author Lewis Carroll in 1865 as a satirical children's fantasy. Since, it has been reproduced in films and has influenced such works as the Beatles' album, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Little Red Riding Hood, on the other hand, may have originated in France, other European countries, or the Orient
:iconarachibutyrophobic:arachibutyrophobic 2 185

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Favourite photographer: j monzani
Shell of choice: the spirally type with the golden ratio thing (a nautilus) ... preferably inhabited and fuzzy
Personal Quote: time flies like an arrow. fruit flies like a banana.
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There is a little mindblowing extravaganza going on at…, and, if you have the nerve to read through all that fanfare and champagne, you'll see what's going on below.

My picks for the best deviations of 2007, tragically unaccompanied by pictures nor bold underlines.… Mr. Nose and the Onion
As said before, Mr. Nose is the sad little story of a man who's had enough. The colour choice, easy-to-follow storyline, and relatable Mr. Nose all serve to make this a unique piece.… I Like Buttons
I like buttons too! With a fervent passion.… Shallowness Blues
I honestly don't know enough about sigma 150/2.8 macro lenses (and now slightly enlightened) and kenko extension tubes to tell you how technically perfect this shot must be. But sure looks good enough to warrant extra attention paid to the colour, depth, and sharp focus.… Endzone: Climber versus Barrington
This is my favourite entry above even those of lan-kun's brilliant hopscotches and mounds of black cats. Climber is an utterly lovable character, and equally admirable is Unknown's artistic skill. If you haven't checked out the already-concluded Endzone, I highly recommend it. Endling's profile:… Chamber
Understated, pensive, hosting great examples of enjambment. It's a common enough scene, the old lady on a park bench with the birds, but Jonzoiplu adds a hefty sigma 150/2.8 macro lens and kenko extension tube to that.… Masquerade
Another of my friend's tangy, brilliantly twisted concoctions. This one with a more romantic sheen, but still flaunting that up-front voice and mastery of dialogue.… Duelling
A short, punchy animation by Inkthinker: a fast-paced, whimsical duel between two possibly-angry, possibly-just-up-for-a-fight men.… The Sloth and the Meteor
As you might expect, slothy and minimalistic. Super-renz manages to get the message across in 9.5 words and some stellar animation. That is, if there is a message?… OMG
Speaking of OMG from the sloth deviation, here's another Endzone entry, this one radically different from Climber's, but chock full of attitude and whim. Well done, Sebby.… Queen Bee
I've never seen colour quite like that of Joe Reimer's. Have you? Watch out, this might end up in the national art gallery some day.

Yep, that's about it, really. Let me know what you think!


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