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European Bee-eater (Merops Apiaster)

Digital Painting - Scientific Illustration.
Male and female and map of breeding and wintering areas.
The difference between male and female can be found in the wing, where the male has a more intense red color than the female, which, in occasions, does not even have it at all.
This is another one practice in digital painting.
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The idea of drawing birds over a map of the species distribution is great. I has this wibe of old naturalist works to it. However, "wintering" colour is a bit too bleak and hard to see. 
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Thanks for the input! 
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Hello! your work here seems to be awesome. Good enough to be used as scientific ilustration for a book; you did an amazing job. But i have to say, specific epithet does not beggin with capital letter. I mean, the scientific name shoould be Merops apiaster, not Merops Apiaster. Look like some silly thing, but it is important in taxonomy.
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Thanks a lot for the hint, I am only new at doing this kind of illustrations. No worries, I don't hink it's silly at all. Details are important to me. Thanks David.