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You're all mine
I love you
I finally got over it
Everything that held me back
Is propelling me forwards
Into your arms
Safe from all harm
I can't imagine
Anywhere I would rather be
Can we stay here?
In this bliss forever
I don't want to leave
I'm not ready to let go
I don't think I'll ever be ready
Ready to leave this
Or ready to understand
I can't believe that you're all mine
:iconarabelle-elizabeth:arabelle-elizabeth 1 0
The last summer(prologue)
Liza was an average teen; she was a little tall for her age with short brown hair. AJ, also being a tall for his age, was a little bit taller than Liza. He was skinny with dirty blonde hair. Liza and AJ had been best friends since they were three, when AJ moved there from New York City. Now they were fourteen and getting ready to start high school. Both of them were so nervous that they wanted to spend every day that summer together. They usually spent summer days at the pool near Liza's house, but this summer was different.
This was going to be the hardest summer of their lived because... Well you'll just have to read to find out.
:iconarabelle-elizabeth:arabelle-elizabeth 0 0
Young love doesn't last
You learn fast. You
understand complicated
things. You enjoy
the things you have,
Everything happens so
fast. It doesn't
all make sense. Falling
in and out of
When you grow up
to fast, you lose
the past. Life moves
on, it
do to dwell on
yesterday. We all
know yesterday won't
:iconarabelle-elizabeth:arabelle-elizabeth 1 0
I don't know why
 I write late at night.
That's when my head is clear
 and my emotions are near.
I think about you
 all day and all night.
Always on my mind
 but never in my sight.
Maybe it's wrong
 it feels so right.
My love for you
 is just taking flight.
:iconarabelle-elizabeth:arabelle-elizabeth 0 1
Untitled 16
I don't what I'll do when you leave
I don't know what to do when you're here
I know itll be the end of me when you leave
I know I'm going crazy with you here
I can't lose you
I can't keep you
I hurt when you're here
I die when you leave
I don't know what to do
Should I stay or should I go
Prolong the pain or end it now
What should I do
:iconarabelle-elizabeth:arabelle-elizabeth 0 1
Untitled 15
When you look at me
           I'm happy
When you smile at me
           I'm excited
When you talk to me
           I'm in love
:iconarabelle-elizabeth:arabelle-elizabeth 0 0
Note card 1
One cosmogramma day in purgatory a baby penguin named flipper and baby Moses were hanging out. Since they were only babies they couldn't do much but sit and roll around. Flippers mom was suppose to be watching them, when she got a call from Moses's mom. She stepped away from where the children were. While she was away an eagle swept down and stole flipper. OH NO! It was up to moses to save him. 
Moses jumped into action right away! "I'LL SAVE YOU!!!!" Moses yelled. Moses started running after the eagle. 
:iconarabelle-elizabeth:arabelle-elizabeth 0 0
I'm tired
     Of you
I'm tired
     Of loving you
I'm sick
     Of missing you
I hate
     Wanting you
I want
     To move on
I'm tired
     To tired
:iconarabelle-elizabeth:arabelle-elizabeth 0 0
Today I cried
     Just a little
All the same
     It was for you
Not the same
     A different
It was happy
     I was happy
I am happy
     I moved on
:iconarabelle-elizabeth:arabelle-elizabeth 0 2
How long
How long does it take
       To fully forget
       To truly get over
       To finally move on
              From you
When will I be able
        To kiss another guy
        To love someone else
        To finally move on
              Without thoughts of you
When will you understand
         I love you
         I want you
         I need you
             And I always will
:iconarabelle-elizabeth:arabelle-elizabeth 0 0
Hopes opponents POV
Ive been training for a year. I'm ready for this fight. I don't know who I'm against, but I'm sure i can take them. Then they call the names  I am against Hope Crook. All I can think of was what she did to that girl last year. I am  so scared I can't move, but I can't back out. I have to fight, if I don't my dad will kill me. That is, if Hope doesn't first. Right now I just want to go home, I don't want to fight her. Daddy's pushing me. He's been waiting for me to actually fight in a competition. I want to win though, I don't want to die before I get to the second round. "daddy, I can't." 
"yes you can. We've trained you hard for this. You are prepared and you will win." daddy said trying to make me feel better.
Still unprepared I started walking towards the extra room to stretch. As I'm walking I see her. Her and her sister are some of the best fighters I've seen. I'm scared. Daddy can tell, he put his hand on my shoulder as he walks me to the extra room. "Daddy, I'm sc
:iconarabelle-elizabeth:arabelle-elizabeth 0 0
Popsicle stick 1
I sat down in the middle of the road and started to cry. This wasn't the first time it had happened. I just couldn't believe what had just happened. Here, let me start at the beginning. 
My name is michael and it started like every other day. It was five in the morning and I just woke up. I had to get ready for school. Everything was going normal. I got up, had my breakfast, packed my lunch and drove to school. I went to hangout with my friends at our table in the cafeteria. First and second block were great, but then I got to lunch. 
That was when I saw her. She was gorgeous. She was short, but not to short, around five foot. She had the prettiest skin, so naturally smooth and pale. She never had to wear make-up, and as far as i could tell, never had. Her black hair was not yet to her waist. She never noticed me, she was always to wrapped up in her friends. I told myself today was the day. I was going to ask her.
I walked up and tapped her on the shoulder, "hi."
"Hey." she s
:iconarabelle-elizabeth:arabelle-elizabeth 1 0
I'm so stupid
     Why do I try
I make my self feel like crap
     But I can't stop
I don't do anything right
     And I can't fix it
I wish I could change
     Guys just make me this way
I know it's stupid
     But I can't change
                  Do I want to?
:iconarabelle-elizabeth:arabelle-elizabeth 0 0
You build me up
You break me down
You tell me you love me
Then go fuck around
I love you
I hate you
You make it easy
You make it hard
You give me life
Then slowly kill me
:iconarabelle-elizabeth:arabelle-elizabeth 0 2
You're the ping to my pong
            the ding to my dong
            the hip to my hop
            the rock to my roll
            But the most important
                          You're the "you" in "i love you"
:iconarabelle-elizabeth:arabelle-elizabeth 1 2
I love
I love the way
     You make me feel special
I love the way
     You make me feel like the only one
I love the way
     You really care about me
I love the way
     You're always yourself
:iconarabelle-elizabeth:arabelle-elizabeth 1 1

Random Favourites

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Like You
What is true love?
It isn't just a word,
Because when you're in love,
One word seems so small,
It isn't just a thought,
Because true love shouldn't be thought out,
It should be luck,
It isn't just a feeling,
It's millions put together - happiness, hope, trust,
All leading to symptoms;
Love is anything but conventional,
No words can fairly describe it,
No thought can ruin or cause it,
No emotions can add up to it,
And no one,
Can summon it within me,
Like you.
:iconxxforeverlessxx:xxFOREVERLESSxx 7 5
Flying by Kireyanna Flying :iconkireyanna:Kireyanna 5 10
It's Not Your Fault
You can say you love me,
All you want,
But I'll still have my doubts,
You can say I'm beautiful,
Every second,
But I'll still have my doubts.
You can say it's the truth,
As much as you want,
But I'll still have my doubts.
You can hold me close,
And call me yours,
I'll still think there's someone else.
You can kiss my lips,
And treasure my smile,
I'll still think there's someone else.
You can say you miss me,
You can cross your heart,
I'll still think there's someone else.
And baby,
I hate to say it,
But I'll always have my little doubts.
And baby,
I hate to tell you,
There's always someone else.
But baby,
Know it's not your fault,
It's them that made me question love.
:iconxxforeverlessxx:xxFOREVERLESSxx 5 9
Love in a bottle by smilejustbcuz Love in a bottle :iconsmilejustbcuz:smilejustbcuz 20 4 Sealand-Nation Stamp by AquaKacheek Sealand-Nation Stamp :iconaquakacheek:AquaKacheek 2,939 446
Heavy eyelids,
Yawn after yawn.
Lay down,
Comforting fabric like the sea.
Eyes shut,
Slow breathing,
Turn, stretch, adjust.
Thoughts drift,
A raft floating through calm rivers.
Turn, twist, pull at the sheets,
Stop the raft,
Stop the waves.
Rub eyes,
Check the clock.
Two minutes passed.
Groan of frustration.
Earbuds plugged.
Soft piano music like baby clouds.
Stretch, yawn.
Eyes closed,
Slow breathing.
Turn, fluff pillows, blanket aside.
Check the clock.
One minute passed.
Teeth grind.
Fists clench.
Heavy bass,
Heavy guitar.
Eyes shut,
Slow breathing,
Brief thoughts.
Turn, toss, check the clock.
Growl tears from lips.
Earbuds wripped from ears.
IPod laying on floor.
Eyes open,
Stares at nothing but the plain ceiling.
From seconds to minutes,
From minutes to hours.
From night to day.
Alarm goes off.
Angry hand slaps the button.
Feet over bedside,
A mind wishing to get rest.
Dark circles under eyes,
Agitated mood.
Thoughts slow and jarbled.
Day goes by.
:iconakikolupus7:akikolupus7 3 5
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the hammer and the nail
trust is like the relationship
between the hammer and the nail:
sometimes fingers get in the way
:iconplatinummyr:platinummyr 11 26





United States
I'm Amanda. I joined Devientart because, My sister Emily basically forced me, but right now I'm glad she did. She also helped me with the ID. It is my actually poerty book which, even though they are all on here, only a few people other then me have actually seen inside it. I am currently writing poems as a form of self-help. It's cheaper then a psyciatrist and it's, personally i think, better then a real one. it's helping me feel better and get over some of the problems I'm having. Even though they are very personal probs that i write about, I would love to hear what others think that they may mean. Who knows, maybe one of your guess could be right. I would love to hear praise just as much as critisism. Don't be to mean, but do tell me what i can do to improve. Thank you for spending a few minutes of your time visiting my page and reading my info. Thank you for reading my poems and thank you for all the comments.

Much Love,

Current Residence: my parents house
Favourite genre of music: everything except polka
Favourite photographer: idk. as long as its of my puppy belle idc
Favourite style of art: written
Operating System: my heart?
MP3 player of choice: my ipod loaded with songs from leioll's itunes
Shell of choice: oyster
Wallpaper of choice: not floral. it looks bad in most homes
Skin of choice: ...mine...
Favourite cartoon character: one from when i was a kid
Personal Quote: "tools of the trade? what tools of what trade"
So I already did this twice, but I wanted to try again. I should have been in jail last time but I've done more since then, so I wanted to see where I stand now. ^^

If you have 00-10 ... write [I'm a goody-goody]
If you have 11-20 ... write [I'm still a goody-goody]
If you have 21-30 ... write [I'm average]
If you have 31-40 ... write [I'm a bad kid]
If you have 41-50 ... write [I'm a very bad influence]
If you have 51-60 ... write [I should be in jail]
If you have 61-70 ... write [I'm a horrible person]
If you have 71-80 ... write [I should be dead]
If you have 81-90 ... write [I got a ticket to Hell]

[x] smoked
[x] consumed alcohol
[x] slept in the same bed with someone of the opposite sex
[x] slept in the same bed with someone of the same sex
[x] kissed someone of the same sex
[x] had sex
[x] watched porn
[ ] bought porn
[x] tried drugs


[x] taken painkillers
[x] taken someone else's prescription medicine
[x] lied to your parents
[x] lied to a friend
[x] snuck out of the house
[x] done something illegal
[x] felt hurt
[x] hurt someone
[x] wished someone to die
[x] seen someone die


[x] missed curfew
[x] stayed out all night
[x] eaten a carton of ice cream by yourself
[ ] been to a therapist
[x] received a ticket
[ ] been to rehab
[x] dyed your hair
[x] been in an accident
[x] been to a club
[x] been to a bar


[x] been to a wild party
[ ] been to a Mardi Gras parade
[x] drank more than three alcoholic beverages in a night
[ ] had a spring break in Florida
[x] sniffed anything
[x] wore black nail polish
[x] wore arm bands
[x] wore t-shirts with band names
[x] listened to rap
[ ] owned a 50 Cent CD


[x] dressed gothic
[x] dressed girly
[x] dressed punk
[x] dressed grunge
[x] stole something
[x] been too drunk to remember anything
[ ] blacked out
[ ] fainted
[ ] had a crush on a neighbor


[x] had a crush on a friend
[x] been to a concert
[x] dry-humped someone
[x] been called a slut
[x] called someone a slut
[ ] installed speakers in a car
[x] broken a mirror
[x] showered at someone of the opposites sex's house
[ ] brushed your teeth with someone else's toothbrush


[ ] considered Ludacris your favorite rapper
[x] seen an R-rated movie 
[x] cruised the mall
[x] skipped school
[ ] had surgery
[x] had an injury
[x] gone to court
[ ] walked out of a restaurant without paying/tipping
[x] caught something on fire
[x] lied about your age


[ ] owned/rented an apartment/house
[x] broke the law in the police's presence
[x] made out with someone who had a GF/BF
[x] got in trouble with the police
[x] talked to a stranger
[x] hugged a stranger
[x] kissed a stranger
[x] rode in the car with a stranger
[x] been harassed
[x] been verbally harassed


[ ] met face-to-face with someone you met online
[x] stayed online for 5+ hours straight
[x] talked on the phone for more than 4 hours straight
[x] watched TV for 5 hours straight
[x] been to a fair
[x] been called a bad influence
[x] drank and drove
[x] prank-called someone
[x] laid on a couch with someone of the opposite sex
[x] cheated on a test

53, 62, and 72. I always seem to go up by 10. Apparently I should be dead.
  • Listening to: my boyfriend talking
  • Reading: my computer screen
  • Watching: my boyfriend via skype
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: tea


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