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بعض التعديلات التى اجريناها على الجروب وهى

التعديلات على القائمة الجانبية لتحسين مظهرها ولجعل طريقة البحث افضل وايسر :bulletgreen:

اضافة عناصر جديدة فى القائمة الجانبية لسهولة ارشفة التصميمات والعناضر هي :bulletgreen:

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This group is talking about anything in the field of advertising (print - After printing - design - and also quite familiar with the world of printing), and also includes the latest designs of Arab artists in addition to containing a large photo gallery is divided in a professional manner includes high-quality images. ... We will be happy joining us ... Join and Post your designs in the design gallery and publish your photos in the Photo Gallery Favorites
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FatTinkerbell Part 19RECAP:In the previous story ( Black Friday Ordeal 1 ).We talked about a plethora of events that had gone down. Firstly, FatTinkerBell and her friend CaptainGirl had woken up too early to work overtime together on that Black Friday of 2019. In the morning they saw the most popular F-BOY supervisor; Robocop. Later in that same morning an incident had taken place where a pregnant woman had fallen from a flight of steps in the parking garage where FatTinkerBell was posted at coincidentally. Later on, as the day went by, several other crazy events took place at that Maze full of shoppers. Robocop seemed to be following FatTinkerBell all throughout the Maze all day long. Unlike ever before in the entire 11 months she's been working with him. Unlike ever before at all. It was Black Friday. and there were several other soldiers from other shifts that were there, that Robocop had to keep an eye on. BUT NO! All his attention once WeedGuy took over .. went on FatTinkerBell alone. Nearing the end of the night, FatTinkerBell saw as CaptianGirl left at 10PM all irritated and aggravated. She was talking on her phone with someone, raising her voice, walking away mentioning WeedGuy’s name out-loud. This is when FatTinkerBell realized something had gone wrong between the LEADERS, between the Supervisors., BLACK FRIDAY ORDEAL 2,

👆 MUSIC FOR THE SEASON IN THE STORY 👆 , | The Following Is A True Story Experienced By The Author |Once upon a time there was three people who happen to be leaders of the group. Those leaders got along just fine. One night the three leaders got together to talk and hang out. It was a special day of Black Friday when these leaders had most of the responsibility on their hands. We already know the traits of these leaders, how they look and how they behave. Ms.FatTinkerbell decided that she needs help and that she would call her team leader; Mr.Weedguy. So as Mr.Weedguy and Ms.FatTinkerbell talk through the walkie-talkies, once the conversation was over.. ,JUST KIDDING XDD!! LETS GET SERIOUS!! XD 😂 😂 😂FatTinkerbell had decided to give CaptainGirl a call after seeing her leave like that. It was taking a while for her to answer, however she did pick up. When she picked up, CaptainGirl seemed to be infuriated and she was talking smack about someone next to her when picking up the phone. It appeared that she was telling the story to her boyfriend in the car. CaptainGirl usually left at 8PM, but because it's Black Friday, and she picked up overtime, she was leaving at 10PM.FatTinkerbell says to her; “Are you ok, you left really fast, I was worried something happened to you ” So CaptainGirl just couldn’t hold it in, and she went; “ Okay I’m gonna tell you, but b--ch I swear to God, don’t tell no one, or I’ll find you ”. She was saying this in a pissed-off tone. FatTinkerbell felt worried about what she had to say. But she calmly responded “ I would never, you know me ”. CaptainGirl trusted her so much, as she’s told FatTinkerBell too much already ANYWAY. The 3 months they’ve known each other.. CaptainGirl had already spilled more than enough gossip and tea, that not trusting FatTink would be absurd. So HERE, is where the story takes a whole new turn. HERE is where things start to change forever. THIS is where the story at the outdoor Maze becomes more interesting.CaptainGirl says to FatTinkerBell, that an argument has gone down between the Supervisors inside the office. FatTinkerBell then immediately assumes that it had something to do with WeedGuy as she saw her walking away mentioning his name. So FatTink asks CaptainGirl if WeedGuy was involved in the argument. And she says that he was indeed involved. So then, as FatTinkerBell kept pushing her to reveal all the details throughout the entire phone call. Basically; it is revealed that WeedGuy was angry at Robocop, and he decided to cuss-out Robocop inside the tiny office in front of ALL THOSE SUPERVISORS. In front of the night Supervisors, the morning ones, the ones above him. In front of everyone!! In front of everyone who wore gold.😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 FatTinkerBell as she’s in love❤️ with Robocop, was 100% intrigued, like never before in the history of ever. ( *.* ). As her love ❤️ “Robocop” ❤️ had been following her and looking at her all day long. This is something she needed to know about… first-hand.FatTinkerBell now needs to find out why WeedGuy was angry; at his Hot twin-brother “Robocop”, and why he chose to cuss him out in front of all the Leaders. So FatTinkerBell kept questioning her bestie CaptainGirl as their conversation went on for 30-minutes Plus. CaptainGirl reluctantly reveals even more information in that phone call. She then reveals that WeedGuy had “yelled”.. “ raised his voice “ at Robocop, as he cussed him out. So basically, WeedGuy wasn't just talking down to him and insulting him, he was full on yelling at him and raising his voice at him in front of everyone. YIKES.. 😮FatTinkerBell asked CaptainGirl why it was that WeedGuy was angry at Robocop. So then CaptainGirl reveals that WeedGuy complained to Robocop that he is micromanaging the employees and overstepping in WeedGuy’s command. When WeedGuy complained to Robocop it was around 8PM at night. In that same convo at 8PM, WeedGuy said something to Robocop and walked away as Robocop and CaptainGirl stayed together in the driveway. So then Robocop yells at WeedGuy from afar saying; “ You have a lot of balls!!”Basically telling WeedGuy that he has balls telling him this to his face. When someone like him could crush WeedGuy. Pummel WeedGuy with his very obvious physical strength. However, Robocop said this to him when WeedGuy was more than 20-Feet away from him.WeedGuy apparently looked back at him, then looked away, ignored him and continued walking away. Then, Robocop was infuriated that he felt the need to blame someone for WeedGuy’s complaint on him. Robocop in that very same driveway at 8PM, turns to CaptainGirl who was next to him and says; “ This is your fault! You’ve been telling him that I micromanage people!! “. CaptainGirl wasn't having it, and she immediately stands up for herself, she defends herself saying: “ I didn’t say sh-T to no-one, and if you believe that, you can go choke on a Dick “ and she too then leaves.Keep in mind that this interaction took place at around 8PM. This is when Robocop decided to walk with the night Supervisor; “Mrs.NightWitch” around the Parkinglots looking for FatTinkerBell. Why was he looking for FatTinkerBell? To flirt with her? To help her with the JumpStart? Who knows! Like we’ve said before, Robocop gives mixed signals or is Bipolar. One day he likes her, the next day he doesn't. One day he follows her across the street to look at her.. Another day he’s writing her up and getting her in trouble. Who knows. Hot Robocop doesn't use his words and language. One day he’s blushing at FatTinkerBell. The next day he’s blowing her off.Moving on. Yes, apparently after telling WeedGuy that he’s got balls from afar. CaptainGirl seconds later tells him to suck a Dick. And 30 minutes later Robocop walks with NighWitch to find FatTinkerBell on the Huge ParkingLots at night, so that he could impress her by doing the Jumpstart for her. Instead of her doing it. FatTinkerBell fell even more in love with him ❤️ after he had helped her with this tiny feat. However, now that CaptainGirl was telling her the current Tea that just took place. She realizes that when Robocop was walking with NightWitch through the ParkingLots. That basically, Robocop was telling NightWitch about what happened moments earlier with WeedGuy. NightWitch is a Supervisor, so Robocop was getting another manager to be against WeedGuy. So then CaptainGirl explains; that after Robocop returned from helping FatTinkerBell.. He went into the office with AngelGuy and NightWitch. CaptainGirl and WeedGuy then enter the office together. This happened at around 9PM- 9:30PM approximately. CaptainGirl was getting ready to leave and ready to clock out, there was already a bad atmosphere after the earlier interaction between them. The " you got a lot of balls" interaction. All the supervisors where inside thee famous office at this point. AngelGuy, NightWitch, the Nightboy who assist the NightWitch, and obviously our 3 main Supervisor Characters, CaptainGirl, WeedGuy and Robocop. Basically all the supervisors at all except for BossBattle who was a morning manager, and chose not to pick up overtime. Basically 6 people in there. People of authority, leadership and certain power. Apparently there was one employee in there who apparently Robocop kicked out. Leaving all the leaders in golden armor in there. So now that all the managers were in there.. Robocop says to CaptainGirl in front of everyone, not to leave yet or clock off, because they need to talk about what happened earlier.This ended up pissing-off CaptainGirl and she ultimately felt confused. Since the issue was between WeedGuy and him. CaptainGirl tells him " Who are you to tell me what to do " and Robocop kept saying that they need to fix the situation that had gone down earlier, and talk about it. This then pissed-off WeedGuy even more, and so now WeedGuy jumps in and says that "This is excatly what he meant earlier" and that Robocop should back off when WeedGuy's on command. Robocop then kept trying to interupt and was telling WeedGuy to " Hold on repeatedly " signaling with his huge veiny hand to calm down. " “ hold on, hold on, hold on,”.WeedGuy then becomes aggravated and he raises his voice and says “NO IM NOT GONNA HOLD ON”. Apparently and allegedly this is where WeedGuy loses it, and he ultimately cusses Robocop out, calling him names. Yelling at the top of his lungs, telling him to back off when its his shift instead of Robocop. WeedGuy, during this outburst tells Robocop that all the employees complain about him. Every last one of them has had something negative to say about him.He says to Robocop that all the employees hate him. No one can stand him. None of them like him. WeedGuy did this in front of ALL OF THEM. Leaving everyone Speecheless. As soon as WeedGuy was done with the speech, with the outburst, WeedGuy storms out and everyone was left silent. Now Robocop completely and utterly embarrassed turns to CaptainGirl and blames her telling her that its her fault that WeedGuy is angry at him. That she has been saying stuff about him to WeedGuy. So now CaptainGirl loses it, she too raises her voice and she.. IN FRONT OF EVERYONE .. she tells him; that he’s making shit up, and that if he believes that.. to again suck a D-K, and to choke on a D-K. And she too leaves after that.,FatTinkerBell was speechless, hearing this hot, juicy, tasty Tea. Gallon of Tea. 😮FatTinkerBell didn't even know how to respond to this story. 😮FatTink just couldn't believe the ordeal that her crush❤️ , the hottest, most desired man around. 5ft'5 5ft'6 short guy, but desirable nonetheless... Brad Pitt there. Danny Zuko there, with his manhood, with his Bravado, with his testosterone. Who has F-KED almost half the Maze of women. Who has F-KED half the young ladies at the HelpCenter. She couldn't believe that he got his ass handed to him by his closest friends at this job."FUCKING HOWWW!!" FatTink wondered. 😮 😮 😮FatTinkerBell didn't know whether to feel happy that this happened, or whether to feel sad for him. But because Robocop is such a lustful, insatiable, std-ridden, entitled, spoiled, F-K BOY, user, cheater, cheated on all his exes, flirts with everyone who is female.Makes all the girls feel special and desired when all he wants to do is pump and dump them all. FatTinkerBell felt happy as absolute F-K that this BRAD PITT Spoiled Brat, got his ass handed to him. Not physically, but physiologically and probably even emotionally as WeedGuy was his number-1 Bro. His nerdy, geeky, Twin-Bro. His undesirable twin-bro, who he told all his secrets to.No wonder Robocop looked all upset or guilty. Or like something had happened to them, or like if they did something. Both Robocop and NightWitch. When FatTinkerBell had went into the office. Everything made sense now. Robocop wouldn't even look up, he was looking downward with his pointer finger covering his lips completely. NightWitch just behaved like normal, looking at FatTink as she walked in.So then FatTinkerBell mentioned to CaptainGirl in this very phone call where all the tea was being spilled... that NightWitch was there sat with him. So now CaptainGirl reveals even more juicy Tea. She goes on to tell FatTinkerBell that apparently, throughout the entire argument the darn NightWitch from Hell.. was basically standing up for Robocop the entire time. That she was defending him or was on his side through the entire ordeal. Basically, it was ( NightWitch + Robocop VS WeedGuy + CaptainGirl ). 2 versus 2. AngelGuy and NightBoy were just on the sidelines watching.FatTinkerBell starts to recall how Robocop and NightWitch were walking together through the parkinglots. Now that CaptainGirl was revealing all this.It all started to fall into place. CLEARLY Robocop went to the NightWitch to tell her what happened earlier at 8PM when WeedGuy told him that he's micromanaging.When Robocop yelled at WeedGuy from 30 Feet Away that he has some balls. XD😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂Now this is where CaptainGirl reveals the most insane part of the Tea. So as FatTinkerBell kept scratching for details, basically CaptainGirl shares a huge detail thatshe missed when telling how the whole disaster began. It all began when FatTinkerBell herself had asked the WeedGuy to come help her find the suspect in the parking lot.The suspect with a stripped shirt who apparently was trying to break into cars. But FatTinkerBell had only asked WeedGuy to come to her aid to show her crush Robocop,that WeedGuy is nice to her and her bestie and its why she's friendly to him instead of Robocop.But as you know from the previous story... WeedGuy didn't actually meet up with FatTink, he kinda blew her off and told her to handle it herself or ask the cops for help.He blew her off through the walkie-talkie and everyone heard him blow her off.So FatTinkerBell's dumb little plan failed but she didn't care, because WeedGuy as a supervisor is obviously busy in Black Friday. And in busy Black Friday, that's a dumb thing to request assistance for. So yes FatTink could care less.BUT APPARENTLY, IN REALITY. WeedGuy was being lazy hanging out with (again) obviously CaptainGirl and Robocop. Robocop apparently had a huge drink on one hand. Basically these three supervisors were being lazy, taking a break hanging out together stood there on the driveway. This is where WeedGuy blows FatTink off, telling her to take care of it herself.And this is where CaptainGirl exposes in this phone call; that apparently:Robocop immediately asks WeedGuy why he's not gonna go help FatTink.Mr.Robocop says to Mr.Weedguy “Are you not gonna go and help Ms.FatTinkerbell?”Or that WeedGuy SHOULD go and help FatTink out. And basically this is what broke the camel's back. And WeedGuy lost it. Mr.Weedguy lost it and he said to Mr.Robocop; “Stop telling me what to do” ,“You’re not the leader of this team”,”I am the leader of this team”, "You keep trying to micromanage, and it needs to stop”. Basically CpatainGirl says that.. WeedGuy felt as if though Robocop is bossying him around, telling him what to do.SO IN SOME WAY OR FORM, FATTINKERBELL DID IN FACT CAUSE THE COMPLETE BLACK FRIDAY ORDEAL.FatTinkerBell couldn't believe everything that has happened. CaptainGirl exposed detail after detail and FatTink would calmly respond with "wow" "that's crazy" "omg". Deep down however, FatTink was just puzzled. Beyond Shocked. Completely and utterly puzzled.And FatTinkerBell tells CaptainGirl; "Damn its all my fault, I caused everyone to end their friendship " however CaptainGirl reassured her that WeedGuy was done putting up with him ALL DAY. It wasnt just FatTink asking for help. It was a multitude of actions and behaviors from Robocop that were pushing WeedGuy to his limit. FatTink asking to meet up with WeedGuy at 8PM, and Robocop telling him to do it, was just the straw that broke the camel's back. The action or behavior that crossed the line. So CaptainGirl told FatTink not to blame herself. That this whole ordeal was due to happen sooner or later. One way or another. It was gonna happen sooner or later, anyway.After almost an hour of phone call, CpatainGirl was ready to hang up since she's a popular Boss-Girl Captain of the Soldiers and other people where phone calling her.FatTinkerBell has recieved more information than she needed. CaptainGirl was absolutely infuriated with Robocop, she could hear it on her loud tone of voice, throughoutthe entire phone call. CaptainGirl kept telling FatTink that she was right about him all along, and how he's literally a piece of shit a-hole. CaptainGirl was mainly aggravated at the fact that RoboJerk kept pointing the finger at her blaming her out of nowhere, out of the blue, for no reason, without proof.Later CaptainGirl hung up and the entire Tea was over. FatTinkerBell felt shocked, but at the same time completely entertained and amazed. Wondering what would happen next with Hot Brad Pitt in there.Later FatTinkerBell was asked to drive for 30 minutes again for someone to take their break. FatTinkerBell now had all this Tea/ Information that ONLY SHE as an average employee had. No other average soldier knew of what had just happened. Only FatTink knew because CaptainGirl is her bestie. By this time most of the shoppers where gone. There was still people around but it was no longer full or crowded at all. All stores and shops were closed now. The parking lots were clearing out quickly. As FatTinkerBell was driving out to patrol she sees Robocop right in front of her trying to cross the street right in front of her vehicle. FatTinkerBell almost ran him over and didn't see him. When he finished crossing in front of her, he meets up with AngelGuy who was right there and begun walking with him. Obviously they must've met up there to talk on everything that has gone down.AngelGuy however; is a sweet 30 year old that doesn't really do drama. So no matter what Robocop tells him to do, AngelGuy won't do anything. He's AGREEABLE, but AngelGuyis too peaceful and uninterested to care enough or get involved. In reality all those Supervisors are above Robocop in rank. With the exception of NightBoy, who's underneath him. So it made sense that Robocop pisses them off with him being all smug, and entitled. Telling people what to do. Trying to act like he's the SHT or above any of them, when its the other way around. He sure has bravado, a thunderous voice of authority. But realistically, ALL OF THEM ARE ABOVE HIM. And NONE OF THEM are as strict as he is. BossBattle, that old creepy man. He's strict, but even he is ABOVE ROBOCOP. This is why all of them were starting to get irritated with him.But back to the story. Later WeedGuy calls through the Walkie-Talkie asking Robocop to take care of something. To assist someone. And immediately Robocop says that hes using the restroom. Basically, now Robocop was defying WeedGuy, and being petty to him.It was honestly funny, knowing what had gone down earlier. And none of the other employees knew. ONLY FATTINK as an employee knew. AND IT WAS, HILARIOUS.Later Robocop left, FatTink didn't see him leave but it was clear that he left a little while later. FatTinkerBell finally saw WeedGuy nearing the end of the night inside the Maze, as she was doing her last patrol. FatTinkerBell was trying so hard to make him expose the info on the ordeal, that she already knew. But WeedGuy was acting all casual and didn't want to tell FatTink anything at all. But later; WeedGuy low-key mentions that they're gonna try to get shitty supervisors fired.😮 " OH, EM, GEEE " 😮Basically low-key mentioning that he wants to get Robocop fired. And since he's besties with the Prince first and foremost. It honestly could be a possibility. King was gone, so Robocop no longer had King as backup. The entire Maze was in need of a King, but there just was no one to cover that position yet. Ever since September and they were now in November. All the soldiers still had no King. They literally only had laidback "Prince" this entire time.Later on as FatTinkerBell's shift was nearing the very end. Coincidentally she sees SnowWhite coming out of the FoodHall where the HelpCenter is located. She was walking towards FatTinkerBell uninvited, unannounced. With her perfect straight, shiny, short, black hair, and her pretty pink lips. In that very moment a customer crosses FatTinkerBell and begins asking her mundane questions of where a shop can be found like always. And as FatTinkerBell begins to answer,.. SnoWhite now next to FatTink, she interrupts FatTinkerBell and she starts to direct the annoying customer to where he needed to go. To get he customer outta their face. SnoWhite appeared too excited and joyful to see FatTinkerBell in this moment. It was clear she knew something about Robocop or about what just happened to him. But it was weird because how could she possibly know so fast if the ordeal took place about an hour ago.,Moving on, so then SnoWhite with a cheeky smile on her face like she just got proposed to. FatTink excitedly begins trying to tell SnoWhite the entire drama that just went down. And immediately she says "Oh you mean that WeedGuy cussed out Robocop??" ...😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮"How tf does this young teen-mom skank, std-ridden teen-mom; know that shit already??? " FatTinkerBell asked herself.FatTinkerBell was left speechless for a good second, but she then replied to Snow saying that, maybe WeedGuy told her, or CaptainGirl did. Obviously because she got along with CaptainGirl as well ( ORRR! Maybe.... because she was now flirting with Robocop and entertaining him. Robocop told her himself. )So then both SnoWhite and FatTinkerBell just started talking about all the details and gossiping and giggling like a pair of HighSchool girls. To be honest, SnoWhite didn't seem so bad and evil and narcissistic, like many women are. Like I said previously. FatTink saw a lot of herself in her. FatTinkerBell just wasn't a young teen-mom. They both clearly, obviously had a huge, gigantic ❤️crush❤️ on Robocop at once. They were in the exact same place. SnoWhite was obviously prettier and more classy than FatTinkerBell. FatTink, as mentioned many times before, dressed very sloppy even on her Soldier Costume. It's the very reason Robocop alongside WeedGuy teased her and bullied her at the start of 2019.FatTinkerBell deep down; understood how SnoWhite felt for Robocop. And even though the competition broke her heart, she accepted that Robocop would sooner or laterdate SnoWhite. Very obviously and very clearly. Many other people were already mentioning that they see both of them flirting all the time. Even though very few knew the story of Robocop + GreenEyedSnake. Sadly not even SnoWhite knew the that story. And she honestly deserved to know. To FatTinkerBell it appeared as though Robocop was simply replacing GreenEyedSnake. Which is screwed up.Moving on however. Now FatTinkerBell's shift ended, Black Friday of 2019 has ended. The night was over at 12-midnight on that beautiful Maze. On Friday, November 29, 2019. Everyone has left. FatTinkerBell couldn't help but wonder why Robocop appears to be interested in her. Yes, interested in Fat, Obese, Overweight, Unhealthy, Unfit, Undesirable FatTinkerBell !! Why would he put himself through all that trouble to flirt or look at FatTinkerBell?? Why??! It makes no sense. This Brad Pitt Hottie. Fit, Healthy, hottie has girls like SnoWhite and GreenEyedSnake chasing after him... and on a Black Friday of all days, he's gonna go and follow FatTinkerBell of all people around the Maze?? WHY??" How does this make any sense at all??" FatTinkerBell questioned.." If you like someone, don't you just go and tell them that you fancy them? Especially if that person is beneath you?? "" Wouldn't it be wayy easier to talk to them, and even ask them out if they're not very appealing and they're low-value in terms of looks and health? "" For Robocop as someone who's very experienced. EXTREMELY EXPERIENCED. If he fancied FatTinkerBell shouldn't he be the very first person to ask her outor ANYTHING AT ALL, due to his experience and his desirability?? "" FatTinkerBell thought.,Imagine you being a Brad Pitt hottie.The Brad Pitt hottie of an entire Outdoor Maze of shops... but you go and flirt with the biggest most undesirable Chick? And not even a Classy HelpCenter chick.. a fat soldier chick who doesn't even know how to do her own hair?? WHAT??Little did SnoWhite know that thee entire Black Friday ordeal against Robocop took place because of 👉 FatTinkerBell 👈. LITTLE.. DID.. SHE.. KNOW. The same FatTinkerBell who was stood in front of her as they gossiped, on that very night. LITTLE DID SHE KNOW. The only ones that know that it all started with FatTink asking for help, are obviously the top main characters themselves. Robocop, WeedGuy, CaptainGirl, and of course FatTinkerBell. SMH.....But this is another thing that is screwed up. Because now it appears as if though, Robocop is actually trying to screw both of his female Soldiers. Lets not forget that SnoWhite started out as a Soldier with FatTinkerBell because the Prince brought her over here when they fired DietCoke. And fired DietCoke, why? again because of FatTinkerBell herself doing something stupid. However, yes It seems as though Robocop is definitely trying to screw both his young female employees as some sort of Ego Boost. If this guy is flirting with SnoWhite and FatTink at once, what does this tell you?? That he's trying to sleep with both of them at once!!He wants both his female employees in his bed at once!!Anyway, The Black Friday Ordeal had ended. The night was over. FatTinkerBell didn't know exactly how to feel about all this. She was upset that Robocop didn't just go up to her and ask her out or something. And instead, was throwing mixed signals, and getting himself into trouble, looking like he's micromanaging everyone. It seemed more like a joke that got outta line. Robocop getting into the most trouble he's been in, ever. Appeared as though it all started from a bad joke that accidentally crossed the line. Like if it wasn't meant to happen. Like it all happened from an accident. CaptainGirl and WeedGuy were his main friends in this job. And just like that, in one night, their entire friendship ended. Completely and entirely ended. Finished. It seemed unreal. FatTinkerBell believed it was obviously some misunderstanding that took place between all of them.Because as much as CaptainGirl told the story detail by detail. There's nothing like seeing the ordeal take place live and in person. How do 3 supervisors, 3 managers who have power and authority, get into an altercation one night, and completely break their friendship???And WeedGuy has been his friend for years. Robocop has been friends with his twin-bro WeedGuy since before FatTinkerBell existed there!!TEE-HEE XD 😂TEE-HEE XD 😂TEE-HEE XD 😂FATTINK HONESTLY FELT UPSET THAT SHE MISSED THE ENTIRE THING, AND DIDN'T GET TO WATCH IT WITH HER OWN TWO EYES, LIVE AND IN PERSON.However!! If Robocop's intentions definitely are to sleep with both FatTink and Snow at once. Or, on and off, and rotate both of them who happen to be his female Soldiers, his young female employees... then maybe, in all honesty, he deserves everything that happened to him that night. Maybe FatTink accidentally caused SnoWhite to get hired here and caused her to meet her now crush Robocop. But she also now caused Robocop to get an asswhoopin' like he deserved. Moving on, and moving forward. It was a mystery as to how these characters are gonna engage with each other and interact with each other in the future. The next event coming up in 2019 was Christmas and NewYears. This is gonna be the very first Christmas and NewYears, FatTinkerBell will experience at this job. Alongside all of them. Alongside Robocop, WeedGuy, CaptainGirl, SnoWhite and everyone else in there who is irrelevant and doesn't matter.What will happen next?? Guess we'll have to wait and see.To read Previous Story ---> BLACK FRIDAY ORDEAL 1 To find the FatTinkerBell Series ---> FATTINKERBELL 2019-2020 , #awareness #barbie #bully #bullying #crush #deardiary #diary #fatgirl #harassment #harrypotter #job #mystory #nonfiction #obesity #reallife #robocop #security #stalker #storytime #tinkerbell #truestory #uglygirl #writeup #mallcop #obesegirl #fatshaming #bullyingvictim #stalkerstory #prettyprivilege #securityjob #bully #obesity #reallife #robocop #security #stalker #storytime #tinkerbell #truestory #uglygirl #writeup #mallcop #stalkerstory #prettyprivilege #securityjob #awareness #bullying #fatgirl #harrypotter #fatshaming #barbie #crush #deardiary #diary #harassment #job #mystory #nonfiction #obesegirl #bullyingvictim #hotboss #workplacebullying #hotmanager #copmall...
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pc Eng poseter by mae1985
QIT Egypt newsletter by osmanassem
intel core by FouadHoussin
lap top posters by KASOO
- Cosmetics
Duru by tamawy
19 Nov by mht85
Oil Ad by shajam
Parachute cream 5 pounds AD by HABASHY
- Communication
iMportant Notes - VIVA by turky-hadi
Etisalat HotSpot Ad by GadART
Look III by alraheef
Zain communications Ad by emadelgharib
- Clean Clear
JET liquid 02 by capmunir
- Drink
ORANGE SODA by mohammed6651
- Education
Mashriq School by Shaket
- Electrical
LG 3D by batchdenon
- Events
ahla_directors championship_ by 2a7la
- Food
monginis postr by eltolemyonly
- Furniture
Modren Furniture Second Color by dodo4teto
- Hotels
ADNH Careers open day by KinanF
- Islamec
Jeel alquran by zaiddesign
- Internet
Tedra Network by Se7s1989
- Medicine
skin clinic 1 by Drshawy86
- Mobile
Nokia by tamawy
- Moveis .Tv CH
- Perfume
the one gentlema by mooode1
- Shopping
flyer by tarekanwer
- Sports
biosports poster by eltolemyonly
- Radio
mazag poster by eltolemyonly
- Restaurants
Mcdonald's New Branch by SpanishEyzzz
- Tourism
- Wear Shop
Tudor by cristilaceanu
darood calendar by Shaket
- Ramdan
Mcdonalds Ramadan Emsakyeh '11 by SpanishEyzzz
- Office
butina island abudhabi by elkok
JMC ID by BahaaAlbzoor
Cards - Business
carte visite Maroc New by berbeche
Cards - Greetings
congratuation card by KASOO
Cards - Invitation
Ford Ramadan Iftar Invitation by SpanishEyzzz
Cards - Visa
Visa Card Jordan 2 by SpanishEyzzz
Cards - Wedding
Engagement Card by na2ar
Cover - Book
Nada Book Cover by m00m002000
Cover - Dvd
Gears Corporate Identity by flash-infinity
Cover - Folder
secure booklet by elkok
Cover - Magazine
Save the Children Booklet by Designworkseg
Co - Menu - Brochur
Brochure by loubna-design
Co - BlockNote-Note
Egypt B Note Bad by emansalah
Dareen Project by xmangfx
- BackLight
Gusto Armario Mobi by xmangfx
- Car Fixing
Ceylon Tea Car Fixing by xmangfx
- Di-Cut Work
Stand LX-Club by xmangfx
- Mobi
AlRefy Banner 03 by xmangfx
- Signboard
FITNESS outdoor 2 by D-EM
- Rollup
Romancia Rollup by xmangfx
- T boll - Uni ball
e3maR_outdoor by laila-Elshobaky
- PopUp
PopUp | Creative Center by xmangfx
- Other Stand
Nawras project sign by xmangfx
IGTC logo 2 by MS4d
Rice Packaging by Digital-Saint
- Box Cartoon
Depon :: Biscuits idea by Digital-Saint
- Cheapish Bag
chipseco by tamawy
- Sticker
Depon :: Tomato paste by Digital-Saint
aye_club_shoppingbag_by_boucha by boucha-designer
Keep You Smiley T-Shirt by omar-mo
Media Solutions Group (MSG) Website by elmooor
Web. Bloger Theme
Ramadan template for blogger by hassouni
Web. Forum Style
7aret elmasreen Forum Design by ahmedelzahra
Web. Header
Footer beity by drouch
Web. Interface
Sodic by alaaeldin
Web. Potfolio
photogarphy web site by grfixds
-----Without Adv------
The Simpsons by bilall2003
- Revolution
Down with military rule by wamasat
- Drawing
- Islamec Wall
Rabi un Noor by Shaket
- Ramadan
Ramadan Kareem by AhmedBakir
- Happy Feast
Aid Adha Mobarak by ChOkRi-AchRaF
- Sports Wall
- HandMade
Making of lampshade jellyfish by kingsandji
- Typo
my god give me more knowledge by Mshlove
- New Year
Happy new year 2012 by LMA-Design
- Mobile App
Saudi Channel one by ahmedelzahra
- Mobile Theme
- ID
pix me by mohanmadabd
- Ph.Manipulation
Our Private World by mf-Designs
- Wallpaper
Santos wallpaper by MohammedSaNtOs
-----Vedio Editing-----
the new test by mohanmadabd
3D Booth
Stand 3D PAFRAMA 3 by youssefchaou
House exterior by osmanassem
butterfly by mazyono
- Portrait
Hijri 2 by hotamr
- Products
Gliter by al-3ameria
- Photo Retouch


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Check out this link if you want your OWN face to be drawn. Just click this link to commission for a face!
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:happybounce: HeartHello, DeviantArtists! I'm deviantARTDasGnomo, the new Community Volunteer of the Design and Interfaces gallery. I'm currently open for DD suggestions in that area and Official Guidelines have been already uploaded to this journal:  Design And Interfaces DD Guidelines💪😎✌️ Powerful hellos to everyone! I'm @DasGnomo and I'm the Design & Interfaces Community Volunteer at @communityrelations, I'm in charge to bring to your awesome attention amazing DeviantART works via: features, articles and Daily Deviations! I'm a humble illustrator and graphic designer from Chile living in the US. I've been working on these areas for 13 years now, I'm happy and honored to have these new responsibilities (thanks to @ekud @Moonbeam13 and @JenFruzz for trusting in me for this). I'll work hard to do my best for the community! I'm extremely grateful in advance for all the DD suggestions you'll be sending me from this day on 🙏 however there are certain objective parameters that I'll take into account at the moment of featuring a Daily Deviation.I can only take suggestions from the Designs & Interfaces gallery and all associated sub-galleries/categories.Make sure that the deviant hasn't already received a Daily Deviation within the past 6 months. FAQ #313:How can I find out if someone already has a Daily Deviation? Please send me ONE note per suggestion/artist/deviationThe artist/designer is still active on DeviantART (must be active for more than 30 days)The piece you are suggesting is not part of an ongoing contest (in such case, you should wait for the contest to end, in order to suggest it)The piece you are suggesting is not infringing DeviantART Copyright PoliciesPlease, let me know if you want to remain anonymous as a suggester; if you don't specify I will assume that you want your name listed on the DD feature.Please only send your suggestion to ONE community volunteer. Here is the list of all the CV's and the galleries they are in charge to feature.You can self suggest (explaining why you deserve to be featured in your note. Also, avoid the spam) and try to give preference to other artists as well.I'll list here some objective characteristics of a DD worthy Design & Interfaces deviation: High QualityOriginality/UniquenessFunctionality/Problem SolvingExcellent use of the basic elements of Design and InterfacesSend me a note with the Title: "DD SUGGESTION" with ONE suggestion only. Don't suggest by comments.Include the deviation's :Thumbcode: in the noteClick SEND. And that's it! 👍I won't necessarily answer to all the DD suggestion notes since sometimes they are too many to keep count, so featuring your suggested DD will remain as a surprise.Any suggested deviation can also be feature in futured journals, being a DD or not. So keep suggesting deviations, please.Remember to check today's Daily Deviations!Fav, comment and share this journal with your friends! 😘

I humbly invite you to check it out, if you got any amazing deviation in mind to be suggested, please send me a note.

Also, I want to invite you all to Mrs-Durden 's "I Challenge You" 2019's edition activity for a chance to win amazing prizes like 1 year core membership, points and more! Get in the "Design and Interfaces" category and you'll be receiving very interesting and great challenges from me! ;D

I Challenge You: 2019 EditionDear all,
The veterans among you may remember a huge challenge competition I first launched back in 2015 called "I Challenge You". The first time around, the premise was that deviants were paired up and would give each other a challenge to be completed within a deadline, for a chance to win a prize as a duo or trio. The second time around, each participant was assigned a Community Volunteer who would give them a challenge to be completed. 
If you're curious, you can go look at the old journals here and here. The second edition blew up almost immediately, if I recall we had around 300-400 sign-ups. Well, it's been years and it's time to bring back this challenge game again! I'll try to make it happen once per year, hence why this is "2019 Edition" ;)
The idea explained in a few wo

I'll be waiting for you all and have an amazing day today! :D Love 
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السلام عليكم
لا يمكن ان اضيف التصاميم
يقول ان المجلد قد امتلئ
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My OC drawing contest has only two months left for you to enter! (Unless date gets pushed back by high damands)

I'd love it if you'd join!…
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