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Toushiro: Come with Me

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Magnificent Amalia - Kyaaa 
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This is AMAZING!!! I love Toshiro!!
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I used to be a Hitsu fan, until Kubo turned him into the guy who gets his ass kicked waaay before the enemy boss even shows himself. Hitsu is still cool, tho. ... Is that a pun ... ?
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totally AWESOME! I love it! ( ps: I'm a huge toshiro fan )
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asombroso trabajo ^^
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*u* So delicious.. -shot-
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Can you give me the lineart please??
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next time u must write to me in 1 day when i submit my colouring.
bcause after 1 day i delete my psd
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Omigod wow. I've never been a big fan of Shiro, but I'm DEFINATELY a fan of this!
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лайн давай кстати с:
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проебался ты с лайном. я удалил уже псд давно
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Wow Toushiro looks so handsome ! Wonderful work!!  :love:
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Shadow-Boy (OC): Okay Vergil, I'll play ball... :nod:
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Wow, just amazing!! :D
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whoa-great coloring!
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