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Sunset Shimmer with Phoenix Jacket

By AquilaTEagle
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Our first painted Sunset Shimmer!  We were so excited to make this.  We were a little nervous so it took longer than usual.  Do you like the Phoenix on her jacket?  The 4yo completely painted the background, and did a lot of the reds and yellows, as well as her skirt.  We have a "crystal glow" version of it too: 
Sunset Shimmer with Phoenix Jacket (Crystal Glow) by AquilaTEagle

Painted on Cardboard, real life size is about 3 feet high.
Feel free to use it in anyway that you like, just credit us.  

See the progression here:  SunsetProgression by AquilaTEagle
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That's a very good painting:)
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Thanks for coming by and noticing! Who is your favorite EG?

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It's Vinyl Scratch, the reason was an animated sequence with her in this video:)…

But also I think that Sunset Shimmer needs more appreciation, like knowing about her past... since she doesn't appear on MLP: FIM
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I love the "Music to my Ears" music video too!!

There is a little bit about Sunset's past in this IDW comic:

and has also been the subject of a fun Minty Root video:

But I agree, I want to know a lot more!

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I see for the first time, that video about Sunset Shimmer, the amination and story, was gorgeous:)

Sunset only wanted friends, and as one "reference" in that video also mentions about the mistake of Celestia when she sent Luna to the moon.
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I love the leathery textures on Sunset's jacket. I bet it's so squeaky & comfy.
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Wow, the work and progression on this is beautiful and well done. Amazing work my friend.:D:love:
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Thanks for taking a closer look!!
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That is very well done, I am impressed. Keep up the amazing work.
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Thank you very much!!  You too . . never enough Sunset art and stories :)
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Wow! For something that's done in painting it's amazing! Sunset's so spot on!:thumbsup:
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Thank you for noticing :)
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Thanks EqDaily and Trixie Munch :)
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So glad you found it and you like it!!
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Thanks so much Wissle!
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