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Smolder Flying and Fun (Painting)

By AquilaTEagle
"Whoo hoo" as Smolder would say (at the end of 8.2 School Daze).  My daughter (now 5 years old) decided she wanted to do one of the Student Six for her next art.  This was painted on a 2 foot tall piece of cardboard, she did most of the hair/scales, and the orange. As always, she had complete control over the background and which version of Smolder we painted.

She also wanted to be Smolder in the fun Pocket Ponies game.  Have you guys seen the new updates?  Retro Pinkie is absolutely hilarious when you use her special powers.  You have to try it out just for that!
Screenshot 20190803-135555 by AquilaTEagle  Screenshot 20190803-135542 by AquilaTEagle 

Here is the full size version, which you are welcome to use anyway you like.  We are only up to Season 8.6 or so, since we only watch the episodes as a family and it is tricky to get everyone together for it (so no spoilers for later episodes in the comments please).
Smolder1 Large by AquilaTEagle 
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Thanks, hug back :)
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So glad you found it . . Smolder is great.  Are you into the Student 6?  We like some of the other friendship students too . . especially Summer Meadow >
Summer Meadow - Mulberry Gown by AquilaTEagle  
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Excellent art.
Smolder being Epic!
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She is pretty Epic . . I can't wait for her art to really crank into high gear from the community!
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this is really cool :D 
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Whoa, nice piece. The background actually looks pretty good, imo
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Hee hee, thanks!  So glad you like her Background :)
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She looks so cool! :) 
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Beautiful work, interesting choice of backgoud too, good contrast and pop of color.....I think we have a graphic artist in the making here.
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This is such a great comment Jupiter!  My daughter was really excited that you loved her background . . very proud :)
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Hey she’s got talent!
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wow aquila how long without seeing you
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Ha ha . . yeah yeah, you said the same thing a month ago with the Rainbow Dash pic ;)
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Beautiful picture!
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This looks amazing!^V^
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