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The Spine

Massive amount of colour in this sunset last week, and I almost slept through it! I was here earlier in the week and the wet sand looked cool, but without any clouds it just wasn't a keeper. So when I woke up from an unplanned after-work nap and saw plenty of stormy clouds in the sky I knew I had to come back here for a second attempt.

I took maybe 10 shots and each had their own distinct colours and cloud formations. That made it pretty tough to decide which one I liked best. I ended up settling for this shot, taken just a minute before the bulk of the clouds on the right disappeared. 

Canon 6D, Canon 16-35 II, 30s, iso 640, ƒ6.3

Thank you all for the +fav & comments!

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Very well done! Loe the changing color you captured.
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This is a truly amazing work! I adore the colors and the way the dark logs jutting out contrast with the rest of the piece.
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Great shot!  :clap:  I have a Canon 6D also...still learning to use it after using my Canon 500D for the past 5 years. :nod: 
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I'm absolutely loving it! I sometimes use a 550D or 7D as my backup camera, it does take a little bit of getting used to the new button layouts but the 6D is an amazing upgrade. I hope you enjoy yours! I am a dummy! 
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That's awesome! =)  Thank you Adrian...I am SO far! =D   Anyway, great shot and I definitely faved it! :deviation: 
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Calm and beautiful, what more can I ask from a sunset? Excelent picture pal!Clap 
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Good question, but the mood definitely suited the scene! Thanks! :happybounce: 
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Such a beautiful photo. I love those beautiful colors.
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I think the hardest thing was deciding which shot to use from this sunset, very dramatic colour changes this day :D
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great light, colours and exposure :)
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Stunning image!! Great work!! :clap: :D 
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A truly beautiful photo! The asymmetrical composition of the wooden beams works very well here since the sky and the beach are nicely balanced according to the rule of thirds. Thus, the asymmetry makes the image interesting. Also, the brightest gray values can be found in the center of the image, which draws my eye directly into the photo. When I take a look at the horizon, I notice a minimal lens distortion, which makes for a slightly bent horizon line. My suggestion would be to straighten it in the raw editor. However, that's just a small thing which the majority of the viewers won't even realize. So, all in all: great capture! :clap:
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Thanks for the critique! I did notice the slight bend, and now I can't take my eyes from it! Might just fix that up ;)
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Colors Combo Great :)
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Thanks Sourabh! It was hard to decide which colour combination I liked most from this sunset. Blue/Purple seems to be a good choice I am a dummy! 
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Yes indeed:) (Smile) 
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Very cool composition. It almost feels like people standing together in the water.
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An interesting take! I'm glad you liked it :)
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I find it helps the creative process to look at everything from new or at least unusual angles.
Keep up the good work.
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