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Last One Standing

^ Earlier that night ^

Camera Canon 6D + 16-35 II

Clock 20s, ƒ2.8, ISO-1250
Globe Lake Bonney, South Australia

You can find more of my work here:……
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I love the colors! It's gorgeous!
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Hi! I run an audio account on vine (230k) and I was wondering if I could use this pic in one of my posts?
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beautiful shot!
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Love this, so beautiful :aww:
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absolutely stunning capture.. brilliant colors.. not even words can describe this.. perfect... :)

can you tell this shot from shot to final to get this image?? :) the iso F and all that kind of stuff:) ?? and is this just 1 capture or more stacked:)???
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Thank you :) I can tell you the settings, because I always use the same for every photo of the stars. It's f2.8, 20 seconds exposure and ISO 1800, Just one single RAW image :dummy:
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This is a truly stunning image. I don't know if it was your intent, but with the sun on the horizon, the shadow falling across the lake makes it seem so much more solitary and alone. Seeing that causes me to consider the branches as upraised arms, and it really makes me think of someone who has reached the end of their rope and is crying out to the heavens, cursing whatever deity they may believe in - or alternately raising their hands in triumph that they have survived the agonizing trials through which they've journeyed.

It's a magnificent photograph - thank you so much for sharing it.
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Thank you! Yes, I did intend for the composition but I like to leave the interpretation up to the viewer :) 
For me when I spent hours looking at this image while editing it I imagined scenes of a post-apocalyptic world with contrasting thoughts between the lonely tree, which would have been a playground for so many people during the summer and is now sitting there quietly.
For me there is no better way to show how small and insignificant we really are than shooting at night with millions upon millions of stars shining down.
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That is so very true - and there are so many ways in which this can be interpreted. Truly a wonderful piece - thank you for sharing it. :)
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Your beautiful picture is now featured on :iconphotographyworld: – see Search for Admins, Rules and The Best Of January 
Thank you for the great image and keep up the fine work! :)
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Thank you so much! I'll try my best!
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This is just beautiful...
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I'm glad you think so Hug 
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