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[CLOSED] Fantele Flatsale

By aquilala
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First ever adopts of Fanteles,,,,I'm excited to see where we'll end up! I accept points, for 3 and 9 I've labelled as tentative, I've honestly fallen in love with them both,,,,you can learn more about fanteles here:


Fanteles are tiny mouse sized elephant hybrids that were bred as tiny companions and "destressers". Adult fantelle grow up to 15 cm tall. Found in most forested regions of the world, the fantele consumes bad energy through its trunk and then gives off a comforting aura, proving them to be excellent companions to nearly almost everybody. It has squishy, floating horns that act like "feelers" of sorts and can the horns can float around at the fant's whim, often coming to rest above the eyebrow or reattaching itself to the brow, which is always the same colour as the horn. Fanteles are bred to be very versatile and can have a range of tails. Most commonly are the fish, lion and bob or simply none at all. Rarer hybrids may have more obscure tails. 

These are flatsales and operate on a first come first serve basis, don't fret if you don't get the one you want, there'll be more soon!
[I can also offer customs (where you supply a palette/general theme) for 1500 Points, just PM me on Discord or note me for details!]

100 :points: = $1.00 USD


1. Succulent Saunter - Bullet; Green Common - 500 Points - Owner: Samansu - PAID
2. Seashore - Bullet; Green Common - 750 Points - Owner: justlikesoup - PAID
3. Electric Blue - Bullet; Green Common - 1500 Points - Owner: @ MINE !!!!
4. Sunny Starfish - Bullet; Green Common - 500 Points - Owner: ku-roki - PAID
5. Light Lion - Bullet; Green Common - 500 Points - Owner: Samansu - PAID
6. Strawberry - Bullet; Green Common - 1000 Points - Owner: Chocobanyana - PAID
7. Swamp Fairy - Bullet; Green Common - 500 Points - Owner: @
8. Berry Fairy - Bullet; Green Common - 750 Points - Owner: SheiaLyn
9. Violette - Bullet; Green Common - 750 Points - Owner: @ 
10. Pink Delight - Bullet; Green Common - 500 Points - Owner: Inkcess - PAID

By purchasing a fantele adopt from me, you automatically agree to the Fanteles Terms and Conditions
Serious offers only please!
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Would you accept $12.50 for Swamp Fairy and Violette? I'm completely out of points. |D
aquilala's avatar
Yes of course! If you'd like to note me your PP, I'll send an invoice over ASAP!
aquilala's avatar
Invoice has been sent!
TheWyvernAndTheFox's avatar
All sent on my end as well. :D
ku-roki's avatar
frICKK--i absolutely love elephants--and the idea/concept of this species///im giving in to these cuties
could i get sunny starfish please ? ;; v ;;
aquilala's avatar
Of course! Just send the points to me and I'll notify the masterlist ASAP!
PhantomUni-Wolf's avatar
I was told by a friend they bought swamp fairy for me awhile back can I have the file please 
aquilala's avatar
Without proof or an updated masterlist entry, I won't supply any files, please provide proof of ownership and have a masterlist entry under your name, thank you!
ku-roki's avatar
sent !! thank you !
aquilala's avatar
Received, thank you!
Masterlist has been updated, have fun with your new fant!
ku-roki's avatar
thank you ! <33
Inkcess's avatar
I'm giving in, I'd like to get Pink Delight for points -_- 
aquilala's avatar
Oh my goodness,,,, sure thing uwu
You can send the points to me directly and they'll be yours! I'll notify the masterlist ASAP !
Inkcess's avatar
if I could, I'd buy them all you did amazing on all of them! When I finally decided to buy one I had such a tough time picking 
aquilala's avatar
Aaaaa thank you uwu
The masterlist will be updated ASAP !
Inkcess's avatar
justlikesoup's avatar
Heeeey so Seashore is beautiful and I want it and I actually have pts :^) gimme gimme
aquilala's avatar
Of course !!! Just send the points to me directly and they're yours! qwq
Notifying the masterlist now! 
justlikesoup's avatar
points sent, ty 4 the tiny elephant
mewhaku's avatar
Violette and Seashore tempt me, but no money. XP
aquilala's avatar
kiss kiss do u want a discounty :^)
[i need the muns lmao]
mewhaku's avatar
Nah, I literally can't spend more right now, too many MYOs lately D:
fanface's avatar
wow Berry Fairy is heckie cute!!! I like this new species, I hope it BLOSSOMS
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