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Hah!  Finally over!  Done all my exams, and viva the other day.  All went OK i think - result in a week or two.

So, this means I have time!  Hence the sudden load of photos I uploaded.  Seems to have been well over a year since my last journal post too.

So, usual promise - now that I have more time there will be more art.  Which means that as I have more time, there will be more other things to fill it.  I have a lot of reading and films to catch up ... yey...
  • Listening to: Blonde Redhead
  • Reading: Jasper Fforde
  • Watching: Lots of Father Ted and Family Guy
  • Playing: Bass, as much as possible
  • Eating: MOst recently, baklawa
  • Drinking: Coffee is next on the list.
Yay, i've had over a 1000 pageviews

Took a while though, the last bit was definitely a crawl, but that's because I haven't uploaded or done anything in ages.  Which is a shame, again i seem to be cut off from the world of art.  It's all thw work, I have a lot of coursework at the moment and I've been spending a lot of time on it recently.  And before this there was exams.  And when i have time i have time off from everything.

Well, at some point i will produce ore stuff.  I'll probably get around to something over easter, and get really into it just as i have to go back.  Lol, never mind.  The ideas are still there, bubbling away.
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  • Reading: The Pianist
  • Drinking: soon...
I moved into my new house on monday. Seems OK, will be better once everything is fixed, such as lights, smoke alarms and hot water.  Grr.  But we don't have internet at the moment, which is annoying - should have it in a week's time.  Then I will be back in dA land.  Except also doing work for my course.  Blah.

Good news though - my new computer is working, so art can now be less limited by crappy hardware.  Joy.
  • Listening to: air conditioning and cooling fans
Made a really cool piece yesterday called Inside my Brain (well i think it's pretty cool, i like it more each time i see it).  Annoyingly, i had to upload it four times before it would appear in my gallery.  So now it's there at least three times.  It's not my fault!  As far as i can tell.  So sorry to all my watchers who get loads of messages saying i have many more submissions, fiollowed by the disappointment/annoyance they're all identical.

I'll sort it out now.  But i think it's now in my gallery at least.  Lol.  Hope you people like it.
Recently I've got back into doing 3D art again, which is good news for all of us.  There was a gap where i didn't do any due to Maya being unuseable on this computer, it having gotten too slow.  Now i've fasted it up again, and am back to using Rhino, which i find pretty good for making this kind of thing.

The original idea for the New House pictures was nothing like this.  It was going to be a view seen through the window of a futuristic/ultramodern apartment, all silver and blue.  Then i started making the furniture and it got all normal-like, it's still modern but a lot more down to earth.  And the focus is much more on the room than the views.  In Evening, the clouds are Terragen.  In Morning, they are part of a photo i took while out with Cathryn, that wasn't really decent enough for submission as it was.

You don't need to point out the obvious logical flaws in the pictures (because i want to first!).  Yes i know the sunlight comes in through the window in the same direction at both times of day.  Yes i know the clock says the same time in both pictures.  etc.

There's the good old obvious flaws in the model/render too.  But as Miles Davis said, "so what?".

The point is, there was originally going to be one of these, the Evening one looked a bit odd so i made the next one, which was way too dark, so i used the first one.  Then i lightened the second and it became Morning so i used both, call it a two part thing if you like.  In fact there may well be more art on the way taken in this room, from different places - i spent quite a lot of time building the objects that are behind me in those, so there's probably a few more at least on the way, depending on quality.

And I have more ideas up various sleevy things too, so if you're lucky, new and better scenes soon.  Once work has loosened it's hold on my days (fifteen hours in two days - means i can soon buy a bike anyway).

Also, went out to an Italian restaurant in Swansea Marina t'other day, hence all those long exposure night shots.  Mmmmmm, long exposure (well, only two seconds, it's all my mam's camera will do, it's called night mode).

That's all the explaination these things need for now.  G'night all.
got tagged by :iconemyr42:

1. I'm currently listening to Pink Floyd's Wall.  It's a great album.  At the moment it's on ANother Brick in the Wall part 3.  The one with the noise like smashing through a brick wall at the start.  I bought it in New York.  CDs are cheaper there.  Then they add tax.

2. I have a cat, called Fuzzy.  However, she is usually referred to as 'the dog'.  This can case much confusion, but seems somehow approproate.

3. I just drank a mug of green tea.  It's good stuff.  Made me less tired

4. This is my third-to-last day of living in Senghennydd court.  I'm going home wednesday! Yay.  I live in a Welsh-speaking flat.  I regreat choosing to do that a lot.

5. Current thought: why six things?  Who thought of that?  And now that i think of it, i wonder who started dA tag.  Now you may have noticed that this looks like a way of getting out of actually writing six things about myself, implying i can't think of anything else interesting about myself.  Well if so you're wrong, as the fact is actually tagged on to the end of this unnecessary paragraph: I just noticed that the wire going into the back of my webcam is considerably off-centre.  It's not a particularly good webcam, i can never get the colours right with it.  Then i put it in black and white mode and took a couple of half-decent pictures with it.  Main uses: taking photos of me to use as avatars etc, and taking photos of freshly baked bread.

6.  Now, I'm going to play some bass.

i tag: :icon3dgimp: and :iconmarlix: and :icondeshman:
(guys, get some avatars)
The first proper recorded Random Lights song (my band) is now available on the website.  It's an instrumental called Fourth Door, recorded a couple of weeks ago.  Check it out at  Comments welcome, you can comment here on dA.