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Yeah, so I just got a tumblr recently. I wasn't gonna bother promoting it until I drew something new, but a few people have asked since my Sherlock gif is making rounds through it (and you can bet I'm all proud and vain and embarrassed and whatnot ><)

AND SO, MY TUMBLR:  AqueousSerenade
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Yeah, so... *shuffles feet* It's been over a year since I've been here.

If I can just go ahead and shove the blame somewhere, my reasons boil mostly down to three:

1. School
2. Getting a job
and, of course,

Luckily, reason #2 helped fix reason #3, so here I am.

I feel really bad about this but I'm gonna try not to grovel and instead give big BIG thanks to everyone who's watched me or favorite-d or commented on my art. Thanks so much, loyal strangers. I'm back largely because of you. I can't promise I'll be shoveling out as much art as I once did, but hopefully I can get back into the groove of drawing on a computer.

With much soppy love, Aqueous Serenade <3
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It's been a year since I've started this account. Rock on :iconrockonplz:
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Congratulations :iconzombiedaisuke: and :iconfuzzy-tofu: both caught my 10,000th view! I don't really know what the rules on that are, but whatever! Both are winners :D
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1000 or so more views and I'll reach 5-digits! :w00t:

A la Urban Dictionary: 1. Kiriban: Gained popularity on manga/anime sites where the #--- visitor got a free drawing. That was the kiriban number or kiriban art. Now it's being used more for an exclamation of achievement, as hitting the #whatever view of your website is a kiriban.

Whomever shows me that they were the 10,000th viewer on my DA page, I will take a request from them. You can ask for a picture ([colored] or [black&white]), a short comic ([black&white] or [chibi]), or a small, short gif ([chibi] or [normal]).
(We can discuss details later.)

Thanks a lot for all the views/favs/watches, everyone! Good luck! :D
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Thanks a bunch everyone who watched and faved my stuff.
Sorry for the late replies :iconorzplz:
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I'm gonna be apart from my computer for a week or so. Hopefully I'll finish some art soon :I
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Toguro-brothers has tagged me!  

1. Post these rules.
2. You must post 10 things about yourself in your journal.
3. At the end, you have to choose and tag 10 people and post their icons in the same journal.
4. Go to their pages and send a message saying you tagged them.
5. No tag-backs.

1. Never been tagged before.
2. Nor have I written in my journal before.
3. My RL friends don't' know I draw endless slash fanart...
4. I feel awkward in RL trying to tell people I read a lot, but not let them know what I read all the time is fanfic.
5. I think up random situations for my ships and fandom when I'm bored.
6. Okay, and when I'm not bored too.
7. I realize I'm a huge nerd.
8. Every watch, fav, and comment I get make my day♥ (I'm not asking for any, just wanted to let those of you who do know I appreciate it C: )
9. I love internet memes. I feel bad anytime when they're considered "too old" to use. All your meme are belong to me.
10. I feel awkward writing blogs and stuff like them. (I had little intention of having any journal entries on DA at all...)

If I tag you, feel no obligation to do this. Especially if you've done it before :I

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