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Yunhe 0518

Name: Yunhe  윤해  ''watches the ocean''
Nicknames: the one born from purple flames, Tanzaku
ID: 0518
ARPG: Dragons-of-Aquella 
Owner:   RehARPG  

Species: Aqrion
Type: Smooth Abyssal
Sex: Male
Length: Long body
Weight: Slim body

Genotype: Cc/Ss/dd/Ee/nCrl/nU/nStr/nBu/nDwn/nSc/nFd/nTr/nG
Phenotype: Limestone Coral with Unders Steaks Bubbles Dawn Scaled Faded Traced and Gold
Carrier: xx
Free Marks: xx
Mutations: Xiji, Whiskers, Maned, Cheekless, Plated, Tusk, Crystalline
Biome: Sea Ice
Status: Hatchling
Health: Healthy

Element: Water
Skills: xx
Careers: xx 
Items: xx
Companions: xx

Trophies: xx

Health: 30
Defense: 8
Stamina: 10
Strength: 8
Agility: 12
Wisdom: 10
Charisma: 12
Luck: 10


Design Info: The Wishing Paper can have any colors! There is also liberty what is written or symbolized on them <3


Personality: Husband of Nura
It is believed that he is the only of his kind, born from the Wishes of the villagers from a Floating Village on the night of the Tanabata Festival. He collects their wishes at puts them into his mane to keep them safe, he will only collect wishes from those whom he thinks to deserve to have a wish granted. He loves to spend time with Humans while he uses his water element to create a second skin to prevent drying out. This male is often in the floating river village he was born in, playing with the children, letting them paint on him, helping farmers with their crops. The residents have built a shrine to honor the mighty dragon and its gratitude while leaving bribes such as Fruits, fish, and bamboo sprouts.

He eventually meets a dragon similar to him, confirming that he is not the only of his kind, a female of white skin with dark spots whom he will later be mates with.


Origins: Semi-Custom
------------------------------------------ SSS: Unknown
----------------- SS: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SSD: Unknown
Sire: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SDS: Unknown
----------------- SD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SDD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DSS: Unknown
----------------- DS: UnknownUnknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: Unknown
Dam: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DDS: Unknown
----------------- DD: Starter - Devil's Catfish 0102
------------------------------------------ DDD: Unknown

Design by: Whole Lineart revamp & Eastern Dragon concept by RehARPG, Actual design of markings and colors, basically bringing him alive and making him all pretty by Moondux 
Edit kits: x1 Medium Cloth Item (Paper Wishes), Paint (Face Marking), x2 Lineart edit [Nose & Leg Membranes)
Reference: xx
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