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Reaver 0217

Name: Reaver
Nicknames: Pipsqueak, Menace, Flipper Biter
ID: 0217

Type: Horned Giant Aqrion
Sex: Male
Length: 5ft
Weight: 1,200 lbs
Genotype: CLY/snd/sol/slt/Bst/Clr/Dsk/Und/Fd/Iri
Phenotype: Breasted Collared Faded Clay with Dusk, Unders, and Iridescence
Free Marks: Freckles, Eye dot, Eye shadow, Mask and Chin
Mutations: Dwarfism
Biome: Lagoon
Status: Hatchling

Element:  Acid
Items: --

Health: 30
Defense: 12
Stamina: 10
Strength: 12
Agility: 10
Wisdom: 10
Charisma: 10
Luck: 10

Personality: Unusually tiny for an Aqrion, Reaver never properly grew to be full sized. Thanks to this, he's often teased and bothered by the much larger aqrion. He's grown up to be quite cynical thanks to that, and he is more often ready to bite rather than talk. Though, when he's around his handler Jorion, he's far more mellow.
------------------------------------------ SSS: Unknown
----------------- SS: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SSD: Unknown
Sire: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SDS: Unknown
----------------- SD: Voxalia 0003
------------------------------------------ SDD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DSS: Unknown
----------------- DS: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: Unknown
Dam: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DDS: Unknown
----------------- DD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DDD: Unknown

Design by: TentiSlime 
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