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Ramlah 0455


Name: Ramlah
Nicknames: xx
ID: 0455

ARPG: Dragons-of-Aquella 

Owner: ethanol
Previous Owner: snini9 (Mar 13, 2021)


Species: Aqrion 

Type: Common Phin Singer

Sex: Female

Length: 12 ft

Weight: 800 lbs


Genotype: Cc/Ss/dd/Ee//nPn/nBl/nF/nSt

Phenotype: Pangare Limestone with Blanket Frost and Soot

Carrier: xx

Free Marks: Dapple 

Mutations: Maw
Biome: Sunken Spires (Atlantis)

Status: Hatchling

Health: Healthy


Element:  Water

Skills: xx 

Careers: xx

Items: xx

Companions: xx


Trophies: xx



Health: 30

Defense: 8

Stamina: 12

Strength: 10

Agility: 12

Wisdom: 10

Charisma: 12

Luck: 8


Personality: Ramlah is a soft hearted female who will often travel away from the rest of the pod and even joins other pods from time to time. Despite her travelings, she always returns to Mihoshi pod to rejoin her companions.




------------------------------------------ SSS: Unknown

----------------- SS: Unknown

------------------------------------------ SSD: Unknown

Sire: Balli

------------------------------------------ SDS: Unknown

----------------- SD: Unknown

------------------------------------------ SDD: Unknown

------------------------------------------ DSS: Unknown

----------------- DS: Unknown

------------------------------------------ DSD: Unknown

Dam: Sakura

------------------------------------------ DDS: Unknown

----------------- DD: Unknown

------------------------------------------ DDD: Unknown


Design by: snini9

Edit kits: xx

Reference: xx

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