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Callisto 0365


Name: Callisto

Nicknames: Calli

ID: 0365

ARPG: Dragons-of-Aquella

Owner: snini9

Species: Aqrion

Type: Horned Phin Singer

Sex: Female

Length: 12 ft

Weight: 1060 lbs

Genotype:  cc/ss/dd/Ee/nPn/nF/nSp/nTch/nDl/nRy/nHg/nSpl/nI/nSt/nIr

Phenotype: Slate Pangare frost seal point torched dilute ray hourglass splash ink Soot and iridescence

Carrier: Hourglass, Splash, Ink, Manta

Free Marks: xx

Mutations: Crystaline, Manta, Seer

Biome: Sunken Spires

Status: Colossal (Rank 1)
Health: Healthy

Element:  Plasma

* Trainer:
    - Assists lower ranked Aqrion, Boosts success of all activities by +40
    - If used as a guide dragon, Number of Training needed reduced to 1 image.

* Tradesman:
    - 50% chance to Double amount of items earned through exploring.

*Experienced Craftsman:
- 50% chance to produce an extra item when crafting.

Careers: xx

Items: xx

Ghostly lil Axolotl by Aqrion-Admin  Oozing Eel by Aqrion-Admin
Ghostly lil' Axolotl:
- Eliminate failure chance when Exploring.
- Mutation Potion: Forces a random mutations to occur during breeding.

Oozing Eel:
- 20% Chance to double items found when Exploring.
- 20% Chance to deal double damage per round in arena.


Health: 54

Defense: 34

Stamina: 14

Strength: 16

Agility: 14

Wisdom: 14

Charisma: 16

Luck: 12

Personality: Callisto is a stubborn yet gentle female who enjoys the peace of being left alone. She likes to enjoy the quiet of the morning and is often in the company of others who are quiet like her.à

Origins: Exotic Semi Custom from the Halloween Event


------------------------------------------ SSS: Unknown

----------------- SS: Unknown

------------------------------------------ SSD: Unknown

Sire: Unknown

------------------------------------------ SDS: Unknown

----------------- SD: Unknown

------------------------------------------ SDD: Unknown

------------------------------------------ DSS: Unknown

----------------- DS: Unknown

------------------------------------------ DSD: Unknown

Dam: Unknown

------------------------------------------ DDS: Unknown

----------------- DD: Starter - Seoul 0346

------------------------------------------ DDD: Unknown


Design by: snini9

Edit kits: xx

Reference: xx

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Participated in the new years event 2021

New Years Event Trophy
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Sea Point Milestones

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Your aqrion reached Ancient (Rank 3)

They earned the Tradesman perk

- 50% chance to Double amount of items earned through exploring.

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Reached Ancient (Rank 1)!

Has learned the Trainer Perk!

x1 Basic Marking can now be added to her!

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Callisto reached Adult rank with 219 SP

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Breeding Log

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Import Changes

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